Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 052 The Words To Forget Haunts, The Past Will Not Disappear

After teasing his disciple casually, Ji Yunlai turned his eyes to the coast.

This was the first time he had seen the sea since he came to this world.

For a time, his thoughts were flying.

In his memory, when he first came to this world, he was just a five-year-old child who woke up after nearly drowning, and his family lived in a remote town in the inland of the Central Continent, located next to a tributary of a river. At that time, the fiendish beasts were rampant, the national strength was weakened, and the common people had to rely on big families with warriors to survive, and hand over most of the food that was not much in the first place. And he had belonged to such a big family with hundreds of people.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Both the men and women in such big families practiced martial arts. Whenever a fiendish beast invaded, they must go to fight and protect their lands. He heard that his father was chased into the forest by the fiendish beasts while fighting against them, and not even his bones were returned. Hearing the bad news, his mother’s health was damaged due to premature birth and eventually died. After that, he was brought up by someone in the family to learn martial arts. Although he received little love and care, he was not lacking in food and clothing. At that time, he was addicted to learning the magical arrays given by his uncle and attracted a lot of criticism. But after he successfully created the Little Sun Flame Formation to dispel the fiendish beasts, the patriarch, his grandfather, gave him all the extra money in the family and let him find his path to immortality by himself.

At the age of fourteen, he was already considered an adult, and he was very eager to cultivate immortality. After thanking his clan, he carried his belongings and walked towards the road of seeking immortality.

It was only after walking out of the small town that he realized the greatness of heaven and the earth and the difficulty of the immortal path.

After stumbling along the way, it took half a year to reach the Yunshan Sect, which was thousands of miles away——it was also the holy place that the people of Yun Kingdom yearned for.

However, he did not get the protagonist template, and his physique of four spiritual roots resulted in a direct rejection.

He stayed in Xiaofang City at the foot of the sect mountain for a year and a half. He encountered all kinds of right and wrong on the way, and escaped death many times when hunting fiendish beasts. He tried his best to save money to buy a rune dictionary while worrying about the rogue cultivators who stole and robbed…..

At that time, he really wanted to walk around and have a look. He heard that the Southern Sea was full of impressive waves, the mountains of the Eastern Continent were like ladders that reached the heavens, and the snow flew for thousands of miles in the Northern Continent. He heard that the four major academies in the Central Continent were connected to the sacred land of the major sects, which was the place where countless cultivators yearned for.

But he could only think about it. Along the way, the fiendish beasts, rogue and demonic cultivators, encountering many of them was always a disaster. Listening to the stories of those immortal cultivators from the major sects felt like listening to myths.

Then…..he just reached the skies in a single step and woke up on Kun-Lai’s summit.

It had been so long, and he had determined that he did not transmigrate again to a thousand years in the future, but that he just lost his memory after living a millennium.

After all, the choices he encountered were all natural. If changed to his sixteen-year-old self, he would never kill anyone so casually, even if he wanted to save Xiao Qing.

This should be his biggest change.


“Shizun, you have been watching the sea for a long time.” Feng Qingxiu whispered, “It’s getting dark.”

Ji Yunlai took back his thoughts and nodded: “You go back first, I’ll stay for a while.”

Feng Qingxiu nodded and saw that his Shizun wanted to be alone, so he respectfully retreated and left.

Ji Yunlai stepped out and appeared on Listening Sword Cliff.

There were many Kun-Lai disciples sitting on the pine trees on the cliffs by the sea, listening to the sound of the sword energy.

He naturally also heard countless ringing of sword energy, and even knew that this sword was the Taishang Ninth Heaven Sword, and slashing out this sword energy cost at least 80% of his spiritual essence.

And the endless thunder sound among the sword energy was the result of the thunder he borrowed from tribulation of the heavens after he changed heaven and earth to once again slash his out a second sword energy.

Rumor had it that he cut through the main mountain vein with a single sword energy, but how could that be possible, he was not a god. He had at least slashed out a hundred sword energy here, but the speed was too fast, flashing by in a single moment to make people think that he had only released one sword energy.

And now sitting here, he instinctively felt the pain——this kind of pain in the divine consciousness, he couldn’t imagine how painful it had been when the Myriad Tribulations descended on him, such that it left the echo of pain even now.

The sword intent left behind had not subsided even after hundreds of years, and he was afraid that the opening of the mountain was not as easy as imagined.

“The third section of Kun-Lai Mountain, the mouth of Haijing, the Listening Sword Cliff.” Not far away, a Kun-Lai disciple of the Foundation Establishment Stage carved his name at the foot of the mountain and picked up a rock as a souvenir, “Let’s go, don’t be discovered.”

“I want to leave Feng Qingxiu’s name. I wonder if the elders who don’t allow us to leave a name will trouble him instead?” A disciple was eager to try.

“Don’t fool around, if they check the handwriting and find out we’ll be dead, let’s go already, I don’t want to be found out,” the disciple next to him pulled him away, “It feels quite exciting though.”

“That’s right. It’s a pity that I can’t leave a name. Those people from the Mountain Patrol Bureau are really too strict.”

Ji Yunlai laughed involuntarily.

The world had really changed. He did not expect that after a thousand years, some people would also take pride and feel honor to commemorate the traces left by him.

His eyes turned and landed on the bottom of the cliff.

A transparent and huge jellyfish floated quietly under the water, silently, letting countless disciples walk through its tentacles, just quietly feeling the sword intent on the cliff.

It seemed to feel Ji Yunlai’s gaze, and it floated out of the water like a ghost, landed on his side, turned into a handsome man with a high nose and deep eyes, and bowed to him.

“Shui Wusi of the Western Sea, pays respects to the Xing Dao Master.”

Ji Yunlai didn’t speak, Shui Wusi, the King Consort of Da Yan, the Spiritual Demon King of the Western Sea?

“Coming here, have you changed your mind?” the man asked calmly.

Change my mind about what? Ji Yunlai was unable to speak.

“The final attribution of Daxuan’s fortune was on Li Xianjing. It wasn’t on the Great Priest or others. They are also investigating. I already found some clues back then, but you didn’t want to pursue it any more.” Shui Wusi’s deep ocean blue eyes stared at him, “You don’t care about Daxuan’s hidden treasure, the same is true for the sea clans, it’s just because of the favor we owe you, we only found one Abyss Snail twenty years ago…..Although I don’t know who you want to protect in their reincarnation, but then you retreated into Seclusion until now, I imagine it was due to suffering from the reincarnation matter.”

“…..” Ji Yunlai was speechless.

“No one from the sea clans disclosed what happened back then, this trivial matter is still possible to be done.” Shui Wusi sighed, “The Ruins are too dangerous, the Abyss Snail had exhausted the material resources of our Western Sea clans, if you want another we are unable to produce it again. If you really want that person to be reincarnated, you might as well try Daxuan’s Code of Three Lives and Three Worlds, it doesn’t have to be as a human.”

Ji Yunlai finally understood a little bit. It seemed that twenty years ago, he had asked the Western Sea clans for a treasure called the Abyss Snail to protect someone’s soul in reincarnation, but they seemed to be unable to find more than one, so this person suggested that he look for and try Daxuan’s method instead.

But he should have solved the problem himself already. After all, he cleared his memory with such carefree unrestraint.

“If you have nothing else to ask of me, Shui Wusi shall take my leave.” The man took a step back before turning around and leaving.


When Yuan Lie took Ying Qingxiao out of the Flying Peak, the young man was very silent.

“I took a look at the guard rune and I remembered how to disassemble it immediately,” Yuan Lie said calmly, “I have watched tonight’s fortune, and the others are not at the Flying Peak for the time being. You are also a mortal, and there are so many mortals on the peak which was why I could take you out. They also didn’t place much importance on you. Tonight, when the tracking spells on your body have failed they have not been replenished in time. That’s why I could release you from your imprisonment. This is the only chance, and I will only send you here.”

Ying Qingxiao clenched his fingers and whispered, “Yuan Lie, come with me.”

He had been running the Lost Pearl Society for many years, and naturally he had been to Haijing. He knew that as long as he got on the whale boat in Haijing, the sky and land was vast and there was almost no possibility of being caught again.

The maritime transport here was extremely prosperous. In order to travel the ocean over a long period of time, many spiritual sea demons were employed to escort the ships. A single route was decades long. In order to transport goods and people, the ships were made out of enormous whale bones. The Haijing people used their lives to connect the hundreds of thousands of miles that made up the route. Once making the sea trip, there would be spiritual sea demons leading out of the harbour and straight into the sea. The ship would then be difficult to find, no one or creature was allowed to get on the ship to make trouble.

And it was as good as impossible to find an ordinary person like him among countless people, unless he met the Lord of Kun-Lai once again.

“I can’t go.” Yuan Lie shook his head and turned to leave, “The ship will leave in a moment, you should have a way to get on it.”

“Ah Lie!” Ying Qingxiao grabbed his wrist tightly, “think about your mother, she is still waiting for you, what will she do if you leave. I know you always wanted to go to Kun-Lai, but you let me go, and they won’t forgive you.”

“You actually remember Mother?” Yuan Lie glanced at him indifferently, “Who she misses most in her heart is you, and what she hopes most is that I enter Kun-Lai and have you come back to her. That’s why I let you go, If you’re dead, she won’t be able to continue living.”

“If you die, will she be able to continue living?”

“Then why do you still insist on seeking death?” Yuan Lie asked him coldly, “So many have been unable to go to Kun-Lai, yet you can’t stand it? Do you think that by abandoning us, and having me take my mother’s surname you could cut away your blood relationship? Do you know how many people have been surveilling me over the years?”

“You don’t understand…..” Ying Qingxiao whispered, “It’s not just this reason.”

“En, so go.” Yuan Lie shook his head, pulled his hand away, and turned to leave.

“Yuan Lie,” Ying Qingxiao sighed, “I don’t have to leave, as long as I reveal the backers of the Lost Pearl Society, there is still a chance to save my life.”

“What you are going to say is a plot, I saw your fortune, you can’t deceive the person you want to deceive.” Yuan Lie shook his head, “Go, don’t cause me any trouble.”

“What if I say, I am the blood relative of the Lord of Kun-Lai in my past life?” Ying Qingxiao whispered, “Do you think I still have a chance?”

“Who told you that?” Yuan Lie stopped and turned to ask him.

“It doesn’t matter who told me, I really am, I remember some things from my previous life…..” Ying Qingxiao’s voice suddenly halted, and he looked at his son in disbelief.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yuan Lie silently let go of the sharp blade in his hand and watched him fall before he said softly, “Remembering your previous life, is that so amazing?”

He didn’t want to remember his previous life at all.

He didn’t want to remember the days when he used to be called Li Xianjing.

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