These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 021 Shifting

Roger was not very worried about Moya’s temporary departure, because he knew that Moya was a very sensible child, and there must be his reasons for doing things. Now he could only pray that Moya could come back sooner.

Roger naturally hoped that Lei Jin could stay, but he still adhered to the principle of letting things take their course naturally. He would not break his promise that Lei Jin could go out. In fact, he himself did not have the intention to detain Lei Jin at home. It was only because Lei Jin just came here to this unfamiliar place and although the males here have always cherished and protected females, the strength of females here was too weak in this world. So if he allowed the other to run around recklessly, it was impossible to guarantee that there would be no accidents.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A few days ago, Xiya and Moya were also not at home. As for his youngest son, he didn’t even need to think about it. While his youngest son could take care of himself, as for the arduous task of protecting females, it was better not to think of entrusting it to him.

Lei Jin now knew that the people here would treat him as a female, so he was not in a hurry to go out immediately, and studied language with Roger at home. Regarding things like language, if you were in that environment and you heard it every day, you would learn quite fast. Lei Jin also felt that he could understand more words now than before.

He still remembered what Roger said about males being men who could shift into another form. Although he did not understand what the shifting meant, vaguely, he felt that this was very important, and he had to remember it firmly.

A few days ago, Xiya followed the other werebeasts in the tribe to the Feiyu Tribe, and the Feiyu Tribe was on the high mountains in the north of this continent. It was a large tribe of bird of prey werebeasts, and they were best at weaving and herb picking.

This time, Xiya brought some prey over to trade, and exchanged it for two plush blankets and a large bag of herbs. The blankets were soft, as if they were woven from the softest and finest feathers under the wings of birds, snow-white and fluffy. The herbs were for when male werebeasts went out hunting. What surprised Lei Jin was that these herbs seem to be quite all-encompassing, including intoxicating medicine, anti-snake/insect/rat medicine, hemostatic medicine, and medicine to accelerate wound healing….. There was also a grass that was crystal clear green all over, slightly short and bears a small white velvet flower, which seemed to be quite precious, and was solemnly wrapped in a layer of protective animal skin.

“What does this medicine do?” Lei Jin pointed to the pack. Seeing that Xiya explained a lot yet didn’t say a word about the strange grass. Instead, Roger followed Lei Jin’s finger and looked over with a look of shifting expressions on his face. From red to black, black to green, practically changing several colors back and forth.

“I’ll keep this with me first.” Roger took the bag of grass into his arms.

“Ah Ma…..”

Roger glared.

“Papa, that…..” Xiya changed the title very wisely, and glanced wickedly at Lei Jin before leaning over to Roger, and saying in a coquettish tone: “Papa, I finally managed to get this after so much difficulty.”

Lei Jin shuddered violently, this Xiya was clearly a handsome and tall man taller than him, and when standing in front of Roger, Roger couldn’t even reach his shoulders. Yet he was able to bulge his cheeks and pout coquettishly at Roger, and even manage to look somewhat cute and childish.

This man was really able to bow and stand when the occasion called for it. Lei Jin thought as he felt the goose bumps on his arm.

“No.” Roger decisively refused.


“At least not now.” Roger relaxed his tone a bit.

“But if we don’t prepare in advance, it will be too late.” Xiya was still thinking about trying to convince Roger.

“Still no, we’ll talk about this later.” Roger made a final decision and tucked the medicine pack in his arms.

“Okay, then I’ll listen to Papa.” Xiya lowered his head resignedly and sat down.

Looking quite like a big cat being bullied.

One of Lei Jin’s subordinates once gave him a cat that was said to be of a very precious breed. Lei Jin didn’t know what breed it was. Seeing that the cat was really cute, he kept it for a few days. Every once in a while he would bully it, and when it got teased too badly, the cat would also hang its head like this, ignoring people.

However, within a few days, Lei Jin forgot to close the window when he went out, and the cat ran away to who knows where.

“Enough already, don’t pretend to be pitiful here.” Roger rubbed his golden blond hair with amusement, and said, “Since you’re back, take Lei Jin out for a walk around the tribe.”

“Okay.” Xiya stood up, his tone was relaxed and lively, and there was no trace of the grievance he had just now.

“Not even women are so fickle.” Lei Jin murmured in a low voice, contemptuous.

Lei Jin didn’t even notice that he actually used the language here subconsciously.

Although Xiya didn’t know what the woman mentioned by  their female meant, he also knew that this comment was definitely not complimenting him. Hr didn’t draw attention to himself, but when Lei Jin lowered his head to help clean up the packs of herbs, a dim light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

“Since you’re here, don’t even think about being able to go back.” Xiya thought to himself as his gaze lingered at the fair skin of Lei Jin’s exposed neck from lowering his head.

“These two blankets, one for Papa and one for you.” Xiya left one and handed the other to Lei Jin.

“I don’t want it.” As if an explosive was lit, Lei Jin immediately withdrew his hand. What a joke. When he didn’t know anything at first it was fine, but now that he knew that these people saw him as a female who could have children and was always making designs on him. Since he was not willing to accept their intentions, of course he couldn’t accept their ingratiating gestures. In fact, it was better to get as far away as possible from it.

“Why?” Xiya frowned. This kind of blanket was soft and comfortable. Females from all tribes liked it very much. If he hadn’t already ordered them earlier the last time he went, he wouldn’t have managed to bring some home this time.

“What why? We’re not relatives, not family. I already feel quite embarrassed staying here for so long. How can I still accept gifts?” Lei Jin waved his hand and motioned Xiya to put away the blanket.

Was this to place distance between them? Xiya narrowed his eyes.

“But don’t you think those animal skins prick your skin? Don’t you have red spots on your body?” Xiya asked.

“How do you know?” Those places were all wrapped under the clothes, how could Xiya know, what, did he also have see-through eyes?

In fact, Xiya knew it on the first night. The male werebeasts of their Leopard Tribe could see things as clearly at night as in the daytime. That day, when Lei Jin walked out of his room naked, he saw the red irritated spots dotting the female’s body. It should be because of the animal skin, their female’s skin was really too delicate, just like their Ah Ma, more delicate than most of the females in the tribe.

There was a soft fleece blanket in their house, but it was on Ah Ma’s bed. He couldn’t ask for Ah Ma’s so Xiya had always kept this in his heart. However, the tribe had to go hunting some time ago, and it was only when he finally got some time did he go to the Feiyu Tribe with everyone and traded for these two blankets, but this female didn’t want it?

“I was negligent about this matter.” Seeing that the atmosphere between the two was not right, Roger came up to smooth things over.

“Lei Jin, don’t think too much, we really can’t compare to their rough skins, those animal skins are nothing to them, but it is really hard for us to bear. This blanket, you can just take and spread it on your bed for use, it’s not like it’s being given to you. If you want to leave that day, and you want to take it away, don’t even think about it.” Roger took it from Xiya and stuffed it into Lei Jin’s arms.

Lei Jin rubbed the blanket in his hand, it was indeed much more comfortable than the animal skin. Although he was a grown man, and he thought that he shouldn’t be so delicate, it was really uncomfortable to sleep on what felt like a layer of thorns every night that pricked him everywhere.

The two finished packing the things, and there was still some time before lunch. Xiya decided to take advantage of this time to take Lei Jin out for a walk.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The little guy went out with An Luo early this morning. It was rare for him to not be stuck close to Lei Jin, following him like a puppy. Lei Jin was still not used to it.

As soon as he went out, Lei Jin finally thought, “Ah, I probably understand what Roger meant by shifting”.

Not even a pie falling from the sky was so coincidental.

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