After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 148 Smack Talk

“I…..” Shen Yu picked up the microphone and looked with a lost expression at his agent who was standing under the stage.

This question was not in the script given by Wen Shijin. He didn’t know how to answer.

Wen Shijin frowned and looked at the host on stage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The host had plenty of experience. When he heard this kind of question, he knew that Shen Yu must have offended someone. Someone had deliberately bribed the reporter to ask this kind of question.

But with Shen Yu’s way of speaking, it was not surprising that people would be offended by him.

But as it was the launch press conference of “Black and White”, the host couldn’t let the reporter take the lead——even though he really wanted to listen to gossip.

“This question has nothing to do with the film. We hope that when you ask questions, please remember to ask questions that are related to the film and crew.” The host said with exasperation and called on the next reporter directly.

Unexpectedly, the next reporter also wanted to ask Shen Yu: “Mr. Shen, since your debut, you have been criticized for using a lot of stand-ins during filming. I heard that you are very close to the film king Yan Sheng who even taught you how to act in private. So this time in “Black and White”, will you still use a lot of stand-ins?”

Damn, this question contained a lot of information! The host looked subtly at the reporter who asked the question, and even though Wen Shijin’s eyebrows were twisted into knots, he didn’t open his mouth any more. Because this question was indeed related to the crew no matter what.

Fortunately, there were similar questions in the question outline prepared by Wen Shijin for Shen Yu.

Shen Yu replied obediently: “Actually, stand-ins are also part of filming. Actors are not all-rounders. In order to ensure that the action scenes or scenes related to specialized skills could be filmed without problem, and look more attractive and more convincing, proper use of stand-ins is also not a problem. But when filming “Black and White”, I will try my best to do all the scenes myself. I also experienced life in the police academy before, and I hope my experience will allow me to play the role of Yan Yu better.”

Shen Yu’s answer was quite proper and conservative. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that Shen Yu’s answer was memorized in advance. However, this situation was also very common in the entertainment industry. Many management companies were very strict in the management of their artists, and did not allow artists to speak casually in public to prevent an image collapse or a loose tongue that may cause trouble.

Shen Yu was the young master of the Shen family, and the film and television company opened by the Shen family was dedicated to serving Shen Yu. Logically speaking, Shen Yu should be the leader of the entire management team. But Shen Yu had to listen to Wen Shijin’s about how he spoke and acted. Every word and deed had to be written in advance by the management team. This kind of puppet-like control towards an artist’s life was of course dismissed by more rebellious people. But in the eyes of parents or certain people, it was seen as quite obedient and lovable.

So much so that after the press conference, Shen Yu gained the love of many elderly fans with his well-behaved and submissive image. Many family members took Shen Yu as a positive example to teach their children to be good and obedient to their parents and teachers. So many children turned against Shen Yulu because of this——all children, without exception, would hate being compared to other children especially if they were the ones to come up short.

Of course, after seeing this interview, there were more girls who had their hearts melted by Shen Yu’s cute and docile image. A self-proclaimed mama fan of Shen Yu even established a fan club for Shen Yu’s mama fans on the Internet, referring to Shen Yu as “Our Baby”. Some of these fans were Koreans, so they were full of passion and their combat effectiveness was outstanding. Every time when it came to fight for their idol, they would jump at the front, and as a result attracted a lot of antis for Shen Yu.

For example, during filming, they would always be criticizing Tao Mu and film king Yan Sheng. The reasons for bashing Tao Mu were always the same old things, always complaining about Tao Mu’s cold rejection of Shen Yu, not giving Our Baby face or whatever. They would only quiet down for at least a while after being ridiculed by Tao Mu’s fans. But their reason for criticizing Yan Sheng was a bit funny.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that in the entire “Black and White” crew, only Yan Sheng treated Shen Yu the best. He would often take care of Shen Yu’s daily life, and when filming, he would teach Shen Yu how to act. And in order to make Shen Yu happy, he would even take Shen Yu to tour Hong Kong sights at night after work.

He had already gone to such an extent, but Shen Yu’s mama fans still thought that Yan Sheng did not take good care of Shen Yu. They criticized Yan Sheng for wanting to use the opportunity of pleasing Shen Yu to get close to the Shen family, yet couldn’t manage to do it right. It looked totally fake. They also criticized Yan Sheng’s poor acting skills, that there was something shady about his winning of the awards and it was all thanks to his powerful PR team. Although he was also a film king, he was far from heavenly king Zhou’s level.

Yan Sheng’s fans were so angry that they began scolding Shen Yu’s fans on the three platforms, FlyNews, Tieba and Weibo. It was clear that Yan Sheng’s star position was much larger, and the status of the Yan family was not at all lacking when compared to the Shen family. But it was because the Yan family had always been low-profile and ran in political circles, while the Shen family was in business and was especially showy recently. Therefore, it ended up with Yan Sheng being mocked by Shen Yu’s brain-dead fans for deliberately trying to gain popularity using Shen Yu.

Yan Sheng debuted at the age of twenty. At that time, the domestic entertainment industry was not yet developed. Especially in the mainland entertainment industry, there were more professional actors than stars and celebrities. Many audiences purely liked the character being acted and not the actor who played the character. And the main job of the actor was also to film. There was very little hype outside of filming. Even if there was hype, it would not turn into bloody storms like it did in Hong Kong, Taiwan or South Korea. It definitely did not reach the level of fans fighting in groups right out on the streets.

Because the big environment was like this——the older generation of actors were accustomed to low-key filming and separated their private life from work. And especially disliked people who like to sensationalize things. Therefore, since his debut, Yan Sheng had always been the image of a humble person with superb acting skills. He was very popular in the entertainment industry, liked to get on harmoniously with the senior actors, and preferred to help newcomers. As a result, although Yan Sheng had a large fan base, they were relatively Zen. There were not too many fans among them who liked to stir up drama, but there were many elite fans who could afford to support their idol monetarily. For example, when Yan Sheng’s new movie was released, they would buy out all the seats at a single movie theater screening, and when Yan Sheng signed a new endorsement, they would buy an entire series or something.

But when it came to the combat effectiveness of scolding people on the Internet, it was estimated that it was not at all comparable to the hot-blooded loli fans in Shen Yu’s fan circle.

So it emerged that even though Yan Sheng was clearly the film king——and since his debut, he has made countless films and built up a good reputation, winning awards by the handfuls——but he was beaten by Shen Yu’s fans during online verbal fights.

The scolding battle between the two was carried out on Tieba, FlyNews and Weibo. FlyNews had a relatively high presence recently and in order to compete with FlyNews, Tieba and Weibi had been trying to attract the attention of netizens when they finally came across such an opportunity and so naturally would not miss it for the world. Although it did not reach the level where they stepped forward and stirred up drama outright, they did help fuel the flames while hiding behind the scenes. In the end, even though it was clearly just a scolding feud of a small number of extreme fans of the two fan circles, it ended up being pushed to the top of the homepage where all the public could see. So much so that other fans and melon eating netizens were also attracted, and finally even the print media and TV media began to pay attention to this scolding war.

They even wrote a lot of follow-up reports, to the effect of discussing the difference between traditional actors and idol stars, and between A-list actors and idol stars which had more influence on audiences and fans.

Yan Sheng, as the model used in the argument, would be pulled into the discussion from time to time to be ‘publicly executed’.

As an A-list superstar and two time film king, his face was practically stripped away.

But it was not like he could blame Shen Yu. After all, it wasn’t Shen Yu who scolded him. Moreover, after Shen Yu knew the actions of his brain-dead fans, he ran over and apologized tearfully to Yan Sheng. The innocent and delicate looking young man practically cried himself out of breath, the pitiful image of which made people who didn’t know the truth almost misunderstand that Shen Yu was the one bullied by Yan Sheng’s fans. Instead, it was Yan Sheng, the one that had been terribly scolded online by fans, who ended up gently coaxing the other.

Truly, it made Yan Sheng enjoy the bitter fruit of “idols don’t need to pay for the behavior of their fans”.

Many people were amazed by this. The combat effectiveness of Shen Yu’s fans was indeed really superb. If they were in Yan Sheng’s place, it was estimated that they would also be hanged and beaten bloody. The only ones who could fight back were probably heavenly king Zhou’s fans and those fans of Tao Mu’s who specialized in verbal battles.

“The world has really changed!” During the filming interval, everyone was still sighing about it in between chatting.

“There are also fan fights in Hong Kong. However, in most cases, it was the fans of the stars of the same status who ended up getting into fights. For example, the fans of two certain heavenly kings in the music circle would fight every time they held fan meetings. There were also fans being suicidal when their idols made their relationship status public.” When Luo Daming said this, he looked at Zhou Yanqing with a smirk.

Zhou Yanqing waved his hand with a wry smile: “It’s not a glorious thing. Please don’t mention it.”

“What Ah Ming means is that as a star, it is inevitable to encounter some extreme fans. But smart folks will teach their fans what to do and what not to do, so there will be no big trouble.” Wang Jinsheng glanced in Shen Yu’s direction casually. It was a pity that some people couldn’t figure that out themselves, so it was no wonder their fans were so annoying and hateful.

Yan Sheng was a humble person and always liked to make friends with people. Everyone here has had the opportunity to cooperate before, so these big name actors have a good impression of Yan Sheng. Now seeing Yan Sheng being scolded so badly by the fans of an idol star who just debuted, everyone couldn’t bear it.

Fang Ruoti sneered: “I really didn’t expect that the fans of a young newbie who had just debuted for less than a year would have quite the fighting power.”

Fang Ruoti has had a grudge against Shen Yu ever since he mentioned her old age. Even if Wen Shijin apologized in place of Shen Yu later, Fang Ruoti couldn’t let it go. But due to the attitude of the Shen family, Fang Ruoti could not target Shen Yu too obviously. Though she did instigate the reporter to make things difficult for Shen Yu at the press conference earlier. That question that asked Shen Yu if he intended to find his biological mother in the question-and-answer session was what Fang Ruoti had the reporter ask. Because it did not go overboard, even those who guessed Fang Ruoti’s actions didn’t say anything.

Wen Shijin later investigated the reporter, whose magazine was originally a famous gossip tabloid. They loved to report on the privacy of some celebrities to attract readers’ attention. But Hong Kong paparazzi were generally of this sort. Although Wen Shijin was a top-tier agent, most of his contacts were in the mainland, and Hong Kong was also unfamiliar to him. In the end, after checking and searching, he couldn’t find any result, and could only swallow the insult.

Fang Ruoti vented her anger. But towards Shen Yu she still did not have a good attitude. It was easy for women to be petty when it comes to age and looks. Especially female artists. Fortunately, Fang Ruoti’s role in the film had nothing to do with Shen Yu’s role. The two have little interaction in the crew. Fang Ruoti took on the out of sight and out of mind approach, but Shen Yu was clearly aware that everyone didn’t have good feelings about him, so he didn’t dare to approach them.

Fang Ruoti glanced at Shen Yu who had tearfully thrown himself into Yan Sheng’s arms, turned her head and asked Tao Mu, “I see that your fans often fight with Shen Yu’s fans. And you win every time. Then your fans are also very impressive. How do you usually manage them?”

Tao Mu’s fans were rather strange. There were fans of many attributes, and it was only when they were scolding and fighting outsiders, would they work together. The rest of the time, they did their own things, and even fought with each other. But the most important point was that Tao Mu, the idol of these fans, would often smack talk those very same fans.

And Tao Mu’s only way to manage fans was: “Don’t let them get too arrogant.”

Just like one’s own unruly child, although most of the time they were very cute. But there were times when they were absolute terrors. So one should not hold back on some tough love.

The large group of people were currently sitting in the open space of the studio discussing their experience in managing fans. Shen Yu, who finally finished hiding in Yan Sheng’s arms and crying, came over with red eyes and begged Tao Mu to use his access to’s privileges to silence all fans who scolded Yan Sheng.

Tao Mu had long been accustomed to Shen Yu’s self-centered thinking mode. He said directly: “ has no such precedent. As long as the topics discussed by netizens do not involve violations of law and discipline and smear the country’s image, will not hinder the normal speech of netizens.”

“But they went too far.” Shen Yu said indignantly: “If this goes on like this, I will be embarrassed to face big brother Yan.”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about.” Tao Mu reached out and touched the photo of Li Xiaoheng, and replied to Shen Yu’s words: “Didn’t you say it yourself. Fans’ actions don’t represent idols, and idols don’t need to pay for their fans’ actions. Then you don’t need to apologize to Yan Sheng for your fans’ mistakes. Everyone is a colleague here, so you don’t have to be so stingy. Film king Yan is such a magnanimous man, he won’t take such trivial matters to heart. If you care too much, you will affect the atmosphere of everyone’s cooperation. Can’t you happily pretend that nothing happened, why must you make the atmosphere on the set so tense?”

Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming, who kept getting the feeling that these words were familiar: “…..”

Shen Yu was speechless by Tao Mu’s response: “Why are you like this? You are too unsympathetic!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Isn’t this what you persuaded me back then?” Tao Mu said unceremoniously and directly smacked back, “Last time you were quite righteous when you persuaded me to do this, so how come when it is yourself it’s unsympathetic of me. So it seems that your words depend on the person and not on the situation?”

“But——” Shen Yu thought about it, but still didn’t know what to say: “That’s different.”

What was the difference? All the bigwigs in the crew raised their eyebrows in unison, secretly eating melons and watching the show.

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  1. I feel like the plot halo is affecting me too, I feel like Shen Yu is just so unlucky to be this foolish that he looks pitiful to me! Help, help! I also need Li Xiaoheng’s picture to get rid of this evil influence!!

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    1. I’ve long been already affected by the plot halo, because I never think Shen Yu at fault for having such brain, mouth, and character. I keep thinking that Shen Yu is not created to become a villain or cannon fodder, but the author’s punching bag.


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  3. SY *when criticised Xiao Mu with something Xiao Mu didn’t do*: Oh, I’m such a righteous hero! As expect of a perfect white lotus I believe myself to be~

    SY *when Xiao Mu used the same criticise on him with the different that SY really did what he was criticised of*: Why are you like this? You are too unsympathetic!

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I represent you the attitude of ‘You can’t do it because I said so, but I can do it because it’s ✨different✨,’ at it finest once again. Please enjoy!

    And SY’s followers really have the audacity to scold Xiao Mu for being profit-seeker while their prince is right there unashamedly disregard people’s rights as a person of their own and acting like it is everyone’s obligation to cater to his every whim.

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