His Majesty And Ministers/陛下臣上

By Anecdotes

Raw Link: HERE

A story about an emperor shou with righteous three views being pushed down by a group of gongs.

TN: this translator missed The Cruel Tyrant so much hence this new little TL project ✧˖✧◝(^▽^)◜✧˖✧

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Table of Contents 20/76 chapters translated

CH 01: Transmigration Gift Bag

CH 02: His Majesty’s Fickle Taste

CH 03: The Harem Of Gongzis

CH 04: Gu Gongzi’s Ponderings

CH 05: Li Gongzi’s Cooking

CH 06: His Majesty’s First Move

CH 07: Lu Gongzi’s Grievance

CH 08: Lord Feng’s Thoughts

CH 09: His Majesty Becomes Drunk

CH 10: Lin Gongzi’s Past

CH 11: The Traitorous Zhao Family

CH 12: Banquet & Night Stroll

CH 13: The Little Princes

CH 14: Bonding & Restitution

CH 15: Prince Yun’s Sickness

CH 16: Thousand Autumn Festival

CH 17: His Majesty Gets Kidnapped

CH 18: His Majesty Fails To Escape

CH 19: Meeting The Captors

CH 20: Pingyue City

CH 21

CH 22

CH 23

CH 24

CH 25

CH 26

CH 27

CH 28

CH 29

CH 30


2 thoughts on “His Majesty And Ministers/陛下臣上”

  1. Loved reading The Cruel Tyrant. This seems similar. Enjoying the chapters so far. Can’t wait for more!! Thank you for translating!


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