His Majesty And Ministers/陛下臣上

By Anecdotes

Raw Link: HERE

A story about an emperor shou with righteous three views being pushed down by a group of gongs.

TN: this translator missed The Cruel Tyrant so much hence this new little TL project ✧˖✧◝(^▽^)◜✧˖✧

If you like the content (or want more ;p) then please consider supporting this translator! ლ(⌒εー)ლ

Table of Contents 20/76 chapters translated

CH 01

CH 02

CH 03

CH 04

CH 05

CH 06

CH 07

CH 08

CH 09

CH 10

CH 11

CH 12

CH 13

CH 14

CH 15

CH 16

CH 17

CH 18

CH 19

CH 20

CH 21

CH 22

CH 23

CH 24

CH 25

CH 26

CH 27

CH 28

CH 29

CH 30

2 thoughts on “His Majesty And Ministers/陛下臣上”

  1. Loved reading The Cruel Tyrant. This seems similar. Enjoying the chapters so far. Can’t wait for more!! Thank you for translating!


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