After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 151 Budding Talent

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The lights on the dance floor were colorful and constantly changing, and the DJ dance music on full blast nearly made it impossible for people to hear what another was saying even when they shouted face-to-face until their voice broke. Dressed scantily and painted with thick makeup, men and women twisted and shook their hips as they practically rubbed against each other on the dance floor. Captured through the lens of the camera, the entire scene was full of heart pumping desire to the extreme.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans, Tao Mu danced unrestrainedly in the middle of the dance floor. He has a good sense of rhythm, and the proportions of his body were even more superb. He had practically grown up in nightclubs as a child. Even if it was the most simplest of moves to the point of casual indifference, it was still sexy and captivating enough to make people blush.

The few extras who danced with Tao Mu didn’t need to act at all, they all had peach blossoms in their eyes, wishing they could throw themselves directly into Tao Mu’s arms.

“Is the handsome guy alone? Are you interested in inviting me for a drink?” The girl who tried to pick him up had a colorful afro, and her facial features could not be seen clearly under the flashing dance floor lights and thick smoky makeup. But her figure was very good. Beneath the miniskirt that wrapped tight around the buttocks was a pair of long, straight legs, and the plump and perky chest was practically about to burst through the thin camisole she wore on top.

Zhou Yuanting raised his brows slightly with a lazy expression, and curved his lips into a wicked arc. He leaned forward and brought his lips to the girl’s ear. Just as he was about to speak, there was a sudden commotion at the front of the dance floor.

The original dance beat which already had one’s blood rushing suddenly became more sexy and enchanting. Some people screamed and whistled excitedly, raised their arms above their heads, and clapped to the beat while twisting their waists and hips to the melody. A voluptuous and extremely graceful figure was dancing in a sexy and suggestive way on the stage. She was wearing an extremely slim white tube top dress with a hem that hugged her hips, her long hair flowed down to her waist, and swayed in the air with her body, swinging in a sultry arc.

“Wow, so hot!” Zhou Yuanting’s colleague squeezed over from the crowd and threw an arm over Zhou Yuanting’s shoulder and said, “Such a hot babe, do you have the ability to get her phone number?”

In the camera screen, Zhou Yuanting, who was originally lacking in interest, looked at the person dancing on the stage and suddenly smiled. Under the bright lights of the dance floor, the man’s smile was like a glass of whiskey on ice cubes. He pushed through the crowd and jumped onto the stage.

The sexy older sister dancing alone seemed a little surprised. A playful smile appeared on her lips. She let Zhou Yuanting dance around her like a male peacock who had just matured, immaturely showing off his masculine charm.

Xu Musen had long known that Tao Mu danced very well. However, he did not expect that in just one year, when Tao Mu was on full firepower mode, he could be even more handsome and sexy than a year ago. Under his leadership, even the experienced Fang Ruoti couldn’t help but become more involved in the scene. Twisting her waist and swinging her hips, appearing even more and more sexy and sultry.

The extras standing under the stage also became affected by the mood brought by the two’s acting and started wolf-whistling, the atmosphere instantly becoming ignited.

The minor boss played by Du Ze and his group of thuggish bouncers looked at each other and were about to squeeze into the dance floor. Only to be stopped in their tracks by Fang Ruoti’s soft but murderous look.

At the end of the song, the mobster sister-in-law played by Fang Ruoti walked off the stage and towards the bar gracefully. Zhou Yuanting followed, and sat next to her with a smile as he tried to chat her up, “Is little big sister alone?”

Fang Ruoti didn’t know that in later generations, there was a character that was very popular with girls, called the ‘little wolf dog’. But she really and truly experienced Zhou Yuanting’s handsome and youthful sex appeal.

When faced with such fresh but fiery pheromones, even a woman with rich experience couldn’t help but smile.

“A little boy who has barely grown up, also learns to pick up girls?” Fang Ruoti crossed her slender legs and stepped with a black high-heeled shoe on the bar chair in front of the bar. She asked the bartender for a cocktail and took out a thin female cigarette. After it was lit, she took a puff, before holding it lightly in between two slender fingers.

The white and tender hands with red nail polish looked more alluring under the light hanging over the bar. The thin cigarette was clamped between her fingers, the light on the end of it flickering softly in the dark. A faint mist of white smoke trailed through the air.

“Age doesn’t matter, does it?” Zhou Yuanting took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and also took out one: “Do you mind sharing a light?”

Fang Ruoti chuckled and pushed the lighter on the bar to Tao Mu.

Tao Mu bit the cigarette on the one side of his mouth, picked up the lighter and played with it, only to suddenly lower his head and move the butt of his cigarette to Fang Ruoti’s right hand. His lips stopped very close to the inside of Fang Ruoti’s right wrist. Then, he slowly raised his eyes and smiled.

In an instant, like a pebble thrown into the calm lake water, or like a drumstick hitting the drum surface lightly. The heart instantly began pounding faster.

“Cut!” Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, shouted ‘cut’, carefully watched the video twice, and said, “Next scene.”

“Thanks.” Zhou Yuanting was still holding the cigarette using the side of his mouth, smiling handsomely and proudly. He also didn’t forget to be a tease: “Little big sister is very pretty…..”

This kind of title had already become overused in later generations, but few people knew to use it now. Now a handsome boy with bright eyes and a dazzling smile was sitting in front of her, calling her little big sister at every turn, speaking cliched but sincere flattery. Even if Fang Ruoti knew it was just acting, she couldn’t help but be elated and also followed along with a smile.

The camera followed close, and Du Ze, who was at the side, brought his group of thugs into the picture at that moment. He walked behind Tao Mu, and patted Tao Mu on the shoulder: “Damned brat, don’t mess with the wrong woman, this is our sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law?” Zhou Yuanting glanced back at Ah Ze, who looked shady with a bald head and a body covered in tattoos, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you married?”

Fang Ruoti smiled and shook her head.

“Then it’s fine. If a man is unmarried and a woman is unmarried, the laws of Hong Kong can’t control me.”

As soon as Zhou Yuanting finished speaking, Du Ze picked up a bottle of beer with a grim face and smashed it down towards Zhou Yuanting’s head.

Zhou Yuanting raised his arm subconsciously to block. The beer bottle shattered. The golden colored alcohol mixed with the bright red of blood meandered downwards. Director Xu shouted, and the makeup artist came over to touch up the makeup.

Taking advantage of the break, Du Ze said with a smile, “Is everything okay? Did I scare you just now?”

“It’s a good performance.” Tao Mu looked at Du Ze with a smile. Still a harmless expression on his face.

However, Fang Ruoti, who had just acted with Tao Mu just now, looked at Tao Mu’s figure with a complicated expression. She deeply realized that Tao Mu’s acting skills were not bad at all——he had actually managed to bring out her emotions and immersed her into the scene.

Fang Ruoti didn’t know whether it was because her feelings of attraction had affected her normal judgment, or whether Tao Mu really had the ability. So she decided to observe some more.

On the other side, Du Ze, who was praised by Tao Mu, smiled and said, “Us Hong Kong actors, if nothing else, acting and dedication are definitely no problem.”

The implication was that he looked down on the professional ethics of mainland actors. Tao Mu vaguely remembered that in a previous life, Du Ze also commented on mainland actors that they were not professional in their work, not knowing to practice lines and just playing with their cell phones instead, as well as using stand-ins and body doubles so often. He also complained about the protection policy of mainland film production, requiring that one of the leading actors in the joint venture crew must be a mainlander. He believed that this approach was suppressing the Hong Kong film and television industry.

Tao Mu didn’t want to comment on Du Ze’s point of view. It was just that he was underestimated, so he still had to prove the other wrong.

The makeup artist finished touching up the makeup, and exited again. The cameras and lighting were in place. The clapperboard was hit.

Du Ze stood across from Tao Mu with a grin, thinking about how to perform even better in this scene. The next second, his face suddenly changed.

Zhou Yuanting slowly put down the arm that was used to block the beer bottle. He looked at the cut on his forearm that was scratched by the beer bottle shard. Slowly, he bowed his head, stretched out his tongue and licked the cut. The tip of the tongue swept away the traces of blood, and the coppery taste mixed with the taste of beer filled his mouth. He raised a brow and suddenly flashed a smile.

Sharp and savage like a sword unsheathed, the intense aura burst from between his brows, Zhou Yuanting picked up the glass of whisky on the bar and smashed it hard at Du Ze’s temple——

Only to miss!

Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, flicked the script: “cut!”

Tao Mu looked at Du Ze who had jumped three meters away like a rabbit, and was very speechless: “…..What are you running for?”

According to the script, Du Ze should also raise his arm to block. Then he should have pushed Tao Mu and said another line, and the two groups would then break out into a fight.

Du Ze, who was still in shock, looked at Tao Mu who was smiling harmlessly again, and his body still remembered the intense threat and fear that he felt when Tao Mu picked up the cup and smashed it at him. The reason why he jumped out so far was entirely a conditioned reflex of the body faster than any conscious thought.

Tao Mu’s aura when he raised the glass cup and smashed it at him gave him an illusion. He completely forgot that the cup in Tao Mu’s hand was also a prop. Subconsciously, he thought that if Tao Mu smashed it at him, he would at least half-kill him.

At that moment, Du Ze even thought that he went to a bar for a drink and accidentally got involved in a gang fight. When the two leaders cut people, it was with this kind of expression, this kind of momentum.

Not bad at all. No, it should be said that Tao Mu was more ruthless than they were. So he was frightened.

Du Ze secretly swallowed his saliva, his Adam’s apple squirming up and down. It felt like his heart was jumping out of his throat. He looked at Tao Mu thoughtfully, resolutely refusing to admit that he was timid. He couldn’t help but quietly ask, “Have you…..have you been part of the life before?”

Tao Mu looked at Du Ze and chuckled softly.

Tao Mu grew up in an orphanage, although he wandered through the alleys and streets when he was a child. But when it came to fighting and emitting an intimidating aura, of course, he couldn’t compare to Liu Yao, who made a name for himself with a bunch of brothers when he was young, and then gave up the life to do business in an honest way. Moreover, in addition to Da Hui, Liu Yao’s subordinates also consisted of several veterans who had been on the battlefield and killed the enemy with their own hands, and were now working as security guards at Night.

Tao Mu had asked Yao Dad, Da Hui and the others for advice on how to fight on the streets, and from the war veterans for advice on fighting skills that involved life and death, as well as the momentum when killing the enemy. And add to his superb acting skills that he had honed for ten years, it was not surprising that the miscellaneous fusion could scare Du Ze in just the first scene.

“What are you thinking about?” Tao Mu patted Du Ze’s shoulder: “I think my acting skills are okay. I didn’t scare you, did I?”

These words seemed a little familiar. Du Ze looked at Tao Mu with a strange expression. After a long while, he rubbed his nose with an embarrassed expression: “Brother, if you have an opinion on me, just say it directly! No need to be so petty. A gunfight movie will even be turned into a horror movie by you!”

“Did I really?” Tao Mu looked back at Xu Musen with a grin.

Director Xu studied the monitor for a while, then rubbed his chin and said to Tao Mu, “Still have to be more restrained. When Zhou Yuanting first appeared in the movie, he was still a policeman from Hong Kong who had not fully graduated. His life before was very comfortable and sunny. Don’t be so hostile. But your camera shot is very explosive and can be used in the later scenes.”

“I see.” Tao Mu nodded obediently. He was underestimated before, and he felt uncomfortable. So he deliberately showed off his acting chops. Now that he had shown his strength, of course, he must not go too far.

Explosive acting also depended on the timing. Good actors don’t overdo it. They must know how to combine their acting with the plot. Instead of solely thinking about how to act in a way that would show off better.

Tao Mu had always had the problem of overacting before. He studied in Beijing Film for a year, and filmed with the “Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew for a period of time, and accepted the teachings of a group of old veteran actors. So now this problem had been corrected a lot.

So for the next scene, Tao Mu just filmed honestly and properly. Under the guidance of the stunt coordinator, Jiang Jingwen and a group of police officers adopted the fighting skills of the police academy, and fought with a group of extras for a full day and half an evening, and finally filmed the scene of the bar fight.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the other side, Yan Sheng sat with a blank head on the big bed in the hotel, looking at Shen Yu, who was sleeping very contently under the covers. The diamond chandelier above his head exuded a yellowish warm light, shining down on Shen Yu’s smooth back. The youth’s skin was like fine white jade. His whole person was curled up under the sheets, like a satisfied kitten. The delicate and pretty face also spoke of spring colors and scenery.

Yan Sheng’s mind flashed through with messy scenes of the two of them turning clouds and producing rain, his face ashen.

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