After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 152 Yan Sheng’s Thinking

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Yan Sheng could only feel a splitting headache. He had clearly recalled the before and after when he ran out of the set.

Yan Sheng vaguely sensed that something was wrong. He felt a little out of control of his emotions. However, before meeting Shen Yu, Yan Sheng had always been proud of his strong self-control.

But as soon as he met Shen Yu, all his restraint, all forbearance, all calm, all weighing of pros and cons no longer worked.

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When clearly, just a second ago he felt that Shen Yu had many flaws in how he went about his life and needed to be taught carefully; felt annoyed that the other was so naive and stupid and did not know how to speak, always offending people intentionally or unintentionally; in fact he even felt that Shen Yu was not as useful as Tao Mu and there was absolutely no need for him to offend Tao Mu in order to befriend Shen Yu.

But the next second, when he saw Shen Yu’s tears, and saw Shen Yu crying and running away from the studio, his heart would actually feel so painful. Even letting this inexplicable emotion dominate the brain and the body, he couldn’t help but say such disgusting words in defense of Shen Yu, and he couldn’t help chasing out of the set. His mind was completely occupied by that little one, completely forgetting his work.

This was not him. This was not the Yan Sheng he was familiar with.

How could he leave all his principles and insistence behind for the sake of a person who he had known for less than half a year. A person so dedicated and professional like him, would even give up his professional ethics for Shen Yu l——actually running out of the studio without caring about anything, and didn’t even ask for a leave during the filming.

In fact, before he found Shen Yu, he even searched and ran through the streets and alleys of Hong Kong like a crazy man. There was a rush of people coming and going around, and everyone walked in a hurry and looked indifferent. He was so familiar with the same scene, yet he felt extremely lonely and panic stricken. Once upon a time his life was like this, until that innocent, soft, slender and delicate boy broke into his life. It was as if a black-and-white movie had finally gotten a touch of color. Yan Sheng couldn’t imagine how he would live in the future if he lost Shen Yu in his life.

Until he remembered the past few days when he took Shen Yu to visit Hong Kong sights at night and went to Victoria Harbour to watch fireworks. He immediately ran there without stopping, and sure enough, he saw the little one, curled up like a stray kitten.

The empty heart was filled in an instant. Yan Sheng, who was lonely and panicked, seemed to own the whole world the moment he saw that figure.

“Xiao Yu.” Yan Sheng couldn’t help shouting out. The crying kitten raised his head subconsciously and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

“Big brother Yan!” Accompanied by the aggrieved and timid cry, the fragile and slender boy threw himself into his arms. Yan Sheng even smelled the sweet scent on the youth’s body. So innocent, yet so charming. Yan Sheng hugged the precious burden in his arms, and the reason he had always been proud of crumpled at that moment.

The memory that followed became wild and messy. Until the turning clouds and producing rain stopped, and the kitten in his arms fell asleep. Yan Sheng finally seemed to have a clear mind again.

He couldn’t even imagine how everything before happened——it was like a scene from a clichéd idol drama that no one bothered watching now.

Yan Sheng sat dazedly on the bed, looking at a dozen missed calls on his mobile phone. From Director Xu, from his agent, and from his good friends in the crew. Some people also sent a text message to ask after calling. Asking him what happened.

That’s right! What the hell was wrong with him? Why did he become so unlike himself when he met Shen Yu?

Yan Sheng rubbed dejectedly at his face with his hands, frowned tightly, and looked at the little one who was sleeping beside him. Could it be that Shen Yu’s influence on him had reached this level while he was unaware all along?

Yan Sheng pondered to himself. It seemed that his gaze was too hot, and the sleeping kitten frowned uneasily. The thick eyelashes trembled like the wings of a butterfly. The youth opened his eyes and seemed to recall everything that happened before. His cheeks flushed crimson with the colors of spring, and his lips were as red and tender as rose petals. He said softly, “Big brother Yan?”

That voice was like honey and candy, like a soft feather tickling and tugging at the heartstrings. Yan Sheng’s heart softened. Forget it, it was clearly because he lacked self-restraint, how could he blame it on the little kitten in front of him.

His Xiao Yu was clearly such an innocent and soft person.

“Are you awake?” Yan Sheng gently stroked Shen Yu’s smooth back, and said warmly, “You must be very tired. Go to sleep first. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go back to the crew together.”

Only then did Shen Yu think of how he ran from the set. Oh, that’s right, he just ran out without hesitation, and they still have to film.

Shen Yu’s face turned pale, and he looked at Yan Sheng with tears in his eyes: “Big brother Yan, Director Xu and other seniors in the crew will definitely be mad at me, right?”

Yan Sheng smiled bitterly and rubbed Shen Yu’s head, softly reassuring: “It’s okay, we’ll face it together.”

Early the next morning, when Yan Sheng returned to the studio with Shen Yu, who still had a face that belied spring colors and scenery, everyone with discernment noticed the difference.

The experienced actors and staff exchanged gossip with their eyes, and there was a strange and gossipy atmosphere in the air.

Xu Musen coldly looked at the male protagonist who disappeared for a whole day, as well as the newcomer who dared to run out of the studio when there was a scene to be filmed yesterday. His face was dark: “Yan Sheng, you’ve been working in the industry for so many years. The industry has always rated you very well. It’s not the first time we’ve worked together. I hope you still remember what an actor’s work ethic is?”

Yan Sheng smiled bitterly, knowing that he was wrong. He could only bow his head and admit his mistake: “Director Xu, don’t worry, it won’t happen again in the future.”

After hesitating for a moment, Yan Sheng spoke again: “About what happened yesterday, I was too impulsive. It hurt everyone and dragged down the progress of the crew. I’m really sorry.”

In the end, he was still an old friend who they had cooperated several times with. Besides, with Yan Sheng’s current status in the film industry, Director Xu couldn’t say too much. After a few words, it was put aside.

However, when it came to Shen Yu, it was not so easy: “Mr. Shen, I know that your family background is good, and entering the entertainment industry is also just out of interest and amusement. You are different from those of us who rely on filming to make money to support our family. But I still hope, since you have chosen this line of work, you must at least achieve the most basic professional ethics. I hope this is the only time that this kind of drama of suddenly running away in the middle of filming happens.”

Director Xu’s words were sonorous, making it clear that he didn’t want to save face for Shen Yu. The Shen Group did have some influence in the mainland, but it did not cover the sky with one hand. What was more, this was Hong Kong, not Shanghai City. Even if the Shen Group was one of the investors of “Black and White”, forcibly inserting Shen Yu into the crew was already Xu Musen’s bottom line. He absolutely could not tolerate Shen Yu’s repeated provocation of his directorial authority.

Hearing Director Xu’s stern rebuke, Shen Yu’s eyes turned slightly red. He looked at Yan Sheng aggrievedly. In the end, they had a skin-to-skin relationship, and Yan Sheng couldn’t bear to see such an aggrieved expression on Shen Yu’s face. He subconsciously stood forward to help Shen Yu: “Director Xu, don’t worry, I will teach Xiao Yu well, this kind of thing will never happen again.”

Yan Sheng’s attitude being so obvious, Director Xu could not say anymore. It was just a pity that Yan Sheng was so shrewd and capable, yet when encountering Shen Yu it was like he was possessed. His speech and demeanor were not half as sophisticated as usual. Sure enough, it was difficult for a hero to overcome the beauty.

Xu Musen waved his hand and simply let the two leave. On the one hand, it was out of sight and out of mind; on the other hand, yesterday Shen Yu and Yan Sheng ran away without saying a word. In order to catch up with the filming schedule, the crew had to advance the scene of Tao Mu and Fang Ruoti. Now that Shen Yu and Yan Sheng are back, of course they have to make up for yesterday’s scene.

He just doesn’t know if the filming of this scene would go smoothly with Yan Sheng and Shen Yu’s current state.

Director Xu hoped that what Shen Yu would affect was only Yan Sheng’s private state, not Yan Sheng’s acting skills.

Yesterday, having frantically searched for Yan Sheng for a whole day, the agent angrily followed his artist into the dressing room. Before the make-up artist came over, he locked the door and asked with an ugly expression, “I say Yan Sheng, Teacher Yan, film king Yan, I’ll call you esteemed elder brother okay? What happened yesterday? I couldn’t believe it when I received the call from the crew. It’s not your first day in the entertainment industry, how could you do such a rash thing?”

Yan Sheng frowned and wanted to explain. Before he could speak, his agent rained down on him like a storm: “What kind of charm does that Shen Yu have. That he could fascinate you this much? Look at you now, it’s as if you were cursed or bespelled by someone. It’s like you’re not even the Yan Sheng I know!”

“Don’t talk about Xiao Yu like that. It’s all my fault, I didn’t restrain myself.” Yan Sheng rubbed his brows, feeling very tired.

“That’s why I feel something is wrong.” The agent said angrily: “Didn’t you tell me before that Shen Yu was only the adopted son of the Shen family, and the value of friendship with him is not great. Compared with Shen Yu, you want to befriend Tao Mu more. In the future, you could also use for publicity. So you said you and Shen Yu would keep the friendship as acquaintances, and there would be no further development. We have also reached a consensus. So why did it suddenly change?”

Yan Sheng frowned, not wanting to listen. He explained casually: “Rationality and feelings are two different things. Now I think it’s not bad to be with Xiao Yu. Although Xiao Yu is the Shen family’s adopted son, Chairman Shen and CEO Shen are still very good to him. The Shen family and our Yan family are well-matched.”

“What?” The agent couldn’t make any sense of this, and rolled up his sleeves angrily: “Yan Sheng, are you out of your mind? How could you have such a thought? And even saying something like the Shen family and the Yan family being a match? You are not even 30 this year, and your career is on the rise. Do you really want to give up your career and marry a man? Also, do you really think the Shen family is well-matched with the Yan family? Believe it or not, if you dare to tell your family the news that you are going to marry a man, your old man could shoot you in a fit of rage!”

Hearing his career plans and his family mentioned, Yan Sheng, who had been in a blank state of mind all day and night, finally came back to his senses and said with a dazed look: “Of course marriage will not be so soon. I’m just saying, we are already together——”

“What kind of place is the entertainment industry? There are many men and women who have one night stands when idle. Do you think they talk about marriage after just sleeping a night together? Is there really no problem with your brain?”

If it was said that Yan Sheng’s agent was just complaining casually when he just scolded Yan Sheng for being under some kind of curse or spell. Then he was really beginning to think so now.

He and Yan Sheng have been playing together since childhood. They both grew up in a large gated neighborhood, and they were both quite rebellious. Yan Sheng insisted on entering the entertainment industry despite the objections of the Yan family, angering opd Mr. Yan so much he beat him several times with his belt. Yan Sheng was not allowed to step into the Yan family’s door for several years in a row. He and Yan Sheng were very good friends so he volunteered to become Yan Sheng’s agent. The two partnered to open a film and television company, with Yan Sheng as the only artist. After so many years, they have weathered the storms in the entertainment industry together. He could even claim that even Yan Sheng’s parents might not know Yan Sheng better than him.

But now, just for such a Shen Yu, all Yan Sheng’s words and deeds began to go against common sense. The agent frowned, suddenly thinking of the news that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng spent a whole day praying and worshiping at temples.

“No. I think you must have fallen afoot of evil spirits.” Yan Sheng’s agent pressed Yan Sheng’s shoulder, pondered for a moment, and decided: “After filming today, we will also burn incense and worship Buddha. If that still does not work we can find a master to get rid of your bad luck.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking at his nervous childhood friend, Yan Sheng disagreed. He waved his hand and shooed him away directly: “Alright already, don’t keep making a fuss here. I have to do makeup and styling.”

Yan Sheng’s agent left angrily. Before leaving the crew, he saw Tao Mu sitting on the lounge chair reading the script. After pondering for a moment, Yan Sheng’s agent walked towards Tao Mu.

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