After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 149 Plot Radiation

The first person to notice the movement on this side was Wen Shijin, Shen Yu’s agent. The agent in suit and tie hurried over in a few steps and looked at Tao Mu with a complicated expression.

Just a year ago, Tao Mu was just a little martial arts body double with no background and no support. When he first arrived in H Town, he served as a stand-in for Shen Yu. At that time, Shen Yu was still the young master of the Shen family. Because he pitied Tao Mu’s background, he even tried to convince him that he wanted to sign Tao Mu under the company.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At that time, Wen Shijin could see that Tao Mu had potential. But he never imagined that Tao Mu would gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry in another way that he could never imagine. Not only that, but also created and and became a partner of Xiaoheng Capital.

Whereas Shen Yu ended up driven out of the Shen family by Mrs. Shen because of his lack of blood-related status.

The young master who was once pampered was driven out of the greenhouse and had to face the sufferings of the world alone. This was already a very sad reality. However, what was colder than reality was the human heart.

Wen Shijin never understood why Tao Mu rejected Shen Yu so much. When Shen Yu was at the top and offered goodwill to him, he refused to accept it. Now when Shen Yu was at the bottom and asked him for help, he refused to give it.

With Tao Mu’s shrewd and sophisticated behavior, only Shen Yu was treated differently. Wen Shijin pondered it repeatedly, but in the end he could only infer that Tao Mu was jealous of Shen Yu.

A year ago, he was jealous of Shen Yu’s excellent background and pure temperament, but a year later, he was jealous of Shen Yu’s deep familial ties. Even if he was not the biological son of the Shen family, he could still be loved by his father, brother and sister. Compared to Tao Mu, who was an orphan, he was much luckier.

Maybe it was because of this good fate that made it difficult for Tao Mu to let go of, so he was always so harsh and indifferent to Shen Yu.

Of course, no matter what Wen Shijin guessed in his heart, he wouldn’t show it on his face. He just patted Shen Yu’s shoulder and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to beg Mu Mu to help me block the abusive remarks from extreme fans, but Mu Mu didn’t agree. He also said some unrelated things to choke me.” Shen Yu complained in an aggrieved manner. He then repeated Tao Mu’s previous remarks in their entirety.

“…..But our situation is fundamentally different. Tao Mu is only angry because big brother Yan’s fans scolded him. I’m worried that if my fans scold big brother Yan, big brother Yan will be angry. Tao Mu clearly knows what I mean, but deliberately distorted my thinking.”

Tao Mu looked at Shen Yu with a dumbfounded expression. Even though he had dealt with Shen Yu for ten years in his last life, and could boast to know Shen Yu better than everyone else. Hearing these words at this moment, it was still difficult to understand Shen Yu’s brain circuit.

——Maybe there was something wrong with his way of thinking. Was there any difference between the two?

Tao Mu turned his attention to the bigwigs who were secretly eating melons.

The bigwigs were also very confused. They really didn’t see any essential difference between the two.

Wen Shijin immediately understood Shen Yu’s brain circuit, and explained with a smile: “Xiao Yu means that he asked you to mute some extreme netizens because he didn’t want those fans to scold Teacher Yan on the Internet using his name. He will feel very wronged. And feel very sorry towards Teacher Yan.”

Back then Tao Mu was angry only because Yan Sheng’s fans scolded him. One was thinking from the perspective of others, for fear of hurting others. The other was to consider it from his own perspective, and was just simply angry.

So what was the difference?

All the bigwigs blinked blankly. It was so laborious to eat melons when one’s logical thinking was not strong enough.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but miss CEO Li, who had very clear logical thinking and could analyze the core of the matter clearly in just a few words.

Tao Mu understood. He couldn’t help sneering: “Mr. Wen means that Shen Yu made this request to me, not for himself, but for Yan Sheng’s consideration, worried that Yan Sheng would be hurt. As for the cyber bullying by Yan Sheng’s fans back then, I shouldn’t be angry. Otherwise, I am being petty?”

Wen Shijin frowned: “Mr. Tao clearly knows Xiao Yu’s pure heart, he doesn’t think this at all. Why do you deliberately distort the facts?”

What fact did he twist?

In his last life, he couldn’t debate sense with these plot characters at all. So that no matter what he did, it was wrong. And must be scolded by all. Whatever Shen Yu did was right. Even if the two were clearly doing the same thing. In the end, different results would be obtained.

Tao Mu was too lazy to explain after experiencing it many times. No one would listen anyway. He could struggle to defend himself until his mouth was dry, and in the end he would still have to be labelled as not knowing right from wrong and being unrepentant.

But now he wanted to quibble until the bitter end. He insisted that things be crystal clear.

“What facts have I distorted?” Tao Mu subconsciously touched Li Xiaoheng’s photo again, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Since Mr. Wen is so determined, let’s get straight to the point and explain it to me. At the beginning, Shen Yu advised me not to take Yan Sheng’s fans scolding me on the Internet to heart. Told me not to be petty and said that idols are not responsible for their fans’ behavior. It can be seen in Shen Yu’s heart that one person does not need to be responsible for the words and deeds of another person. So how come when it comes to him, he insists on forcing me to delete the remarks that scold Yan Sheng on the Internet. And if I don’t agree, I’m not kind and have no sympathy.”

“Let me say something that might not sound so nice. Back then, I was chased and scolded by Yan Sheng’s fans, yet I didn’t act like I had a glass heart and insisted on deleting and banning comments. Now, what position does Shen Yu take to ask me to ban the words of netizens?” When Tao Mu spoke to this point, he leaned calmly on the lounge chair and looked directly at Wen Shijin: “Just because your your young master Shen may be unhappy, and worried that film king Yan may be hurt——no, to be precise, it should be because he is worried about the relationship between the two being damaged because of this. Just because of these reasons, Shen Yu can confidently come and make requests of me to restrict the freedom of speech of netizens.”

“This behavior is too unkind, too self-centered, right?”

Tao Mu felt that his words could be considered to have been spoken with reasoning——Shen Yu’s reasoning. But when heard in Wen Shijin’s ears, he still felt that it was extremely harsh: “I admit, Shen Yu has a child’s temperament. Usually not thinking things through before speaking and doing things. He had never experienced cyberbullying by netizens before, so he couldn’t empathize. Now after experiencing it himself, he knows that this situation shouldn’t exist. Since Xiao Yu knows what’s wrong and is willing to change it, why does Mr. Tao still insists on quibbling and refuses to give him a chance?”

Tao Mu rubbed his chin, turned his head and asked the melon eaters, “Did anyone record that just now? Mr. Wen’s words just now, was there anything about Shen Yu knowing he was wrong, and came to apologize to me?”

All the bigwigs shook their heads in unison. They really couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to smooth things out. It was simply because they didn’t hear any meaning of apology in what Shen Yu and Wen Shijin said before.

——Instead they sounded very righteous. And as the discussion went on, they even gave Tao Mu the label of a petty quibbling man.

The bigwigs have been eating melons until now, and they have been defeated by the brain circuits of Shen Yu and his manager. Even Zhou Yanqing, who was known as an all around good guy in the industry, didn’t want to say anything.

Unaware of what was being discussed here, Yan Sheng, who had come back from the bathroom, saw that the atmosphere was not right, and came over.

Tao Mu was still speaking with Wen Shijin: “…..Mr. Wen’s way of thinking is very strange! Before my question was even answered, you gave me such a label. Alright then, since you have already said so, if I don’t quibble about it, then I would not be worthy of your guess on my character.”

Tao Mu picked up his smartphone and sent a new FlyNews in front of everyone. Telling the world exactly hiw Shen Yu asked him to ban netizens from talking freely. He ended with, “… will not agree with every word that netizens type, but we absolutely defend the right of netizens to speak. I hereby call on every netizen to pursue their idols rationally and not to use cyber violence.”

“What are you all doing?” Yan Sheng frowned slightly. Feeling a little tired. He just left for such a short time, could it be that Shen Yu got into trouble again.

“Nothing much.” Tao Mu shook the phone and said patiently: “Shen Yu wants to fight for justice for you. Told me to ban all the netizens who scolded you. But you know the purpose of our Banning netizens is not possible. As long as they do not violate the laws of the state, it is impossible for them to be banned in this life.”

“But I don’t want to be scolded for being unkind and unsympathetic. So I sent a FlyNews to appeal for you.” When Tao Mu said this, he stood up feeling very refreshed: “Film king Yan, I’m really envious of you. Before, Shen Yu kept saying that he wanted to make friends with me. But when I was scolded by your fans, he insisted that idols should not pay for their fans’ behavior. And even said I was being petty for having a grudge against you. He spoke in such a passionate and sincere way I almost believed it myself. I didn’t expect that when you are the one being scolded, he would feel sorry for you and feel sad, worried that the behavior of the fans would affect your friendship. So he came and asked me to mute the netizens who scolded you.”

Tao Mu paused for a moment and smiled meaningfully: “Shen Yu worked so hard to actually change his principles for you, his words changing just like that. Film king Yan must remember to appreciate this!”

Yan Sheng’s face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that Shen Yu would actually do such a thing. And even confidently asked Tao Mu to mute netizens. To put it in an unpleasant way, no matter how powerful Yan Sheng’s family background was, and no matter how high his status in the entertainment industry was, to, he was just a netizen. When Tao Mu himself was scolded by fans, he didn’t say anything about deleting comments and banning them. So what virtue and what right did he have, just how big was his face, that he should ask to change the rules for him?

Wen Shijin did not expect Tao Mu to be such a person. Everyone was just having a discussion privately, but then he uploaded it to when disagreements arose. It was clear that he wanted to guide netizens to scold Shen Yu’s behavior as being double standard.

Wen Shijin believed that with Shen Yu’s personality, he was definitely not that kind of person. But he couldn’t guarantee what those netizens would think under Tao Mu’s inducement. Instantly, he asked with an ugly face: “Mr. Tao, aren’t you being too much by doing this? Was there anything that we couldn’t discuss properly? Do you have to go online to make things worse?”

Tao Mu played with his smartphone in a good mood. In his last life, he always encountered this kind of thing. Even though it was clearly the other at fault, in the end, it would all be blamed on him. At that time, Tao Mu was unable to defend himself because of the accusations of everyone, so he could only swallow down the anger and sullenly grit his teeth. In this life, the people were still these people, and they still liked to be idle and blame everything on him, but he didn’t feel angry anymore.

He even had the idle heart to pat Wen Shijin on the shoulder and persuade: “I have never liked being reasonable. Especially, I don’t like being reasonable with people with different views. Didn’t Mr. Wen say that I quibble about everything? It just so happens that I am such a person, and not only do I quibble a lot, I am also quite vengeful. So I advise Mr. Wen to remember to think before you speak. No matter what, don’t lose the IQ and dignity that you should have as a top-tier agent in the industry.”

“As for now,” Tao Mu pretended to glance at his smartphone, opened the page where netizens left comments, and shook it in front of Wen Shijin: “I think Mr. Wen should do a good job of public relations for Shen Yu’s image as soon as possible. After all, your little prince has just become the ambassador for the Lost Children Gene Bank. Even if it’s just for the image and reputation of the gene bank, it is not good for fans to scold him for being double standard.”

“Mu Mu, you are going too far.” Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu in shock. He didn’t expect Tao Mu to be so cruel and hurt him so much.

Shen Yu’s eyes were slightly red, and he was crying again. Tears fell, Shen Yu tried his best to widen his eyes, not wanting to show weakness in front of Tao Mu, letting the crystal teardrops slide down his cheeks. Such an appearance of raindrops on pear blossoms made everyone particularly distressed.

“I hate you so much. I don’t want to forgive you anymore.” Shen Yu pushed Tao Mu and ran away crying.

“Xiao Yu.” Seeing Shen Yu’s sad and crying appearance, Yan Sheng only felt that his mind blanked, and his whole body also ached. He subconsciously called out Shen Yu’s name, unable to restrain the urge to follow.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to glare at Tao Mu: “You just take advantage of the fact that Xiao Yu likes you, so you dared to hurt him so unscrupulously!”

Tao Mu was almost overwhelmed by this sudden line from an idol drama. Until Yan Sheng and Wen Shijin also ran out of the studio behind Shen Yu, he still had a black question mark on his face.

The bigwigs who were eating melons and watching the show also felt a little caught off guard. Fang Ruoti blinked and muttered inexplicably, “Are they sick? It’s like they were possessed.”

“What the hell is going on?” Director Xu Musen walked over with a bewildered expression and asked loudly, “The filming is about to begin, why did Yan Sheng and Shen Yu run out together?”

The next scene involved Yan Sheng and Shen Yu. In the film, the two brothers met for the first time. Yan Yu, played by Shen Yu, could not reconcile his brother’s involvement in the underworld, so he spoke very harshly to the male protagonist. The male protagonist obviously had a heavy responsibility, but he was unable to explain it to his family, and he was also struggling. In the end, he could only drink alcohol to relieve his troubles, and Zhou Yuanting, played by Tao Mu, accidentally learned the true identities of the two brothers.

There were three characters in the scene, and two of them ran out. How was this scene going to be filmed now?

Everyone looked at Director Xu, who was furious, looking like a fat quail with fried feathers, and didn’t say a word.

Only Tao Mu thoughtfully pondered.

A few comments that suddenly floated in his head made Tao Mu suddenly recall that it was also this time in his previous life. Because he made things difficult for Shen Yu everywhere, Shen Yu couldn’t stay in the crew and ran out crying angrily. Yan Sheng was worried about Shen Yu’s safety and chased after him. As a result, the two confessed their love at Victoria Harbor, and they rolled into bed together that night…..

Tao Mu originally thought that he should be able to avoid the plot radiation by taking the photo of Li Xiaoheng to ward off evil spirits. But the development just now was still in line with the main line of the plot.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Could it be that he was still affected by the plot halo?

But he clearly felt that there was nothing wrong with his clear thinking!

Tao Mutie had a sullen face and thought about it for a long time, but in the end he was still worried. He decided to make a phone call to Li Xiaoheng immediately.

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    [Wen Shijin believed that with Shen Yu’s personality, he was definitely not that kind of person.]
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