Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 053 God Does Not Take, Yet Bears The Blame

Yuan Lie didn’t want to pay attention to where the person who fell into the sea drifted to, oh you naive person, you are but someone else’s pawn. Back then, he had only found Yun Lai’s uncle Luo Qingxiao a long time later. He was not dead at all, so how could you be him!

You people just want to use a similar-looking person to pick open his scars!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How could I allow that.

On the way back, he only felt extremely tired, and the surrounding aura of fortune seemed to blur and turn into countless double images.

He barely managed to return to the Flying Peak. He stopped involuntarily when he encountered the handsome, gentle and jade-like young man.

That was his new disciple, Feng Qingxiu, who was now the head disciple of Kun-Lai.

Kun-Lai’s Head Disciple…..

For a while, he felt as if his heart was being squeezed, and the voice of that man when they first met seemed to echo in his ears again, asking him if he would like to join the Kun-Lai Sect.

“It’s time for Kun-Lai to accept second-generation disciples, Xiao Li, would you like to be my first disciple?” That person asked him, his expression always gentle, like the sun in winter.

He rarely hit or berated his junior brothers, and even if he was irritated at how the old man kept picking up children from everywhere, he would still take good care of him.

How wonderful he was at that time, no matter how much hostility and defense, it would slowly melt away by his care.

Why was I able to be so cruel to him then?

Yes, he had the memory of his previous life, he could deduce the complete Three Lives Three Worlds Codex from the fragments, he had supreme comprehension in the study of magical arrays and formations, he had great fortune, and his birth date was extremely similar to the Great Priest!

But he was not the Great Priest. He had clearly not received the news of the reincarnation of the Great Priest. It was possible for a Human Immortal like the Great Priest to live over 10,000 years. Why did he think he was the reincarnation of the Great Priest?

He had already given him the Three Lives Three Worlds Codex, why did he still hang those Kun-Lai disciples on the mountain gate and let him watch them burn to death?

He even knelt down and begged him, when he clearly had never begged anyone before.

When destroying his cultivation base and crippling his hands, he didn’t even utter a single plea.

Who was it that I want to take revenge on!

How could he have possibly lied to me?

No, he never lied to me——

What have I done.

The Great Priest ruined his everything, so he wanted to ruin his everything too.

But I got the wrong person!

Mistaken the wrong person.

He clearly tried to teach him before, he told him that his temperament was too obstinate, and one day he would hit a hard wall. That he shouldn’t be in a hurry when doing things, to think twice before doing anything.

Think twice!

Ha ha!

I made a mistake, but this mistake can’t be fixed, can you tell me what to do?

You were always willing to teach me!

I am very obedient now, I am like what you want to see the most!

I will be good to all those who are good to me, I will help those who I can help, and I will be good to those who love me.

You can kill me as many times as you want, as long as you can vent your anger.

I will protect you and never hurt you again.

So, I can still go to Kun-Lai, right? I just want to take a look at you, just one look…..


When he just returned to the Flying Peak, he met the sickly and weak boy named Yuan Lie. Feng Qingxiu was about to assume the responsibility of being a senior brother and ask him how he was doing, but found that the other only looked at him in a trance and did not respond to any greetings. Then suddenly after a few breaths, spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground——Feng Qingxiu hurriedly helped him up, and as soon as he felt the pulse, he found that he had the appearance of a dying man with both deficiency in blood and energy, and was instantly frightened. He immediately took him to the pharmacy where he rested him on the bed, and quickly called in several Qingdi Peak disciples who were resident on the Flying Peak.

——A Flying Peak without Qingdi Peak disciples was not a complete Flying Peak, no matter how powerful the magical formation around it was, no matter how many fighters there were.

“Ai? It’s so strange.” The senior brother, who was feeling his pulse, turned Yuan Lie’s eyelids with curiosity, and then used his spiritual energy to probe into the other’s core. Only then did he fall back in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Qingxiu asked with concern.

“His soul, it is estimated that only Boss Qingnu can cure it.” The senior brother looked at Yuan Lie greedily, but shook his head, “It looks like it was torn to pieces and then glued together, and even worse it is still incomplete. That he could live to this day, I consider him a true man.”

“Is it a congenital deficiency in the soul?” This could almost be considered one of the most difficult to cure illnesses among cultivators. Feng Qingxiu glanced at the young man regretfully. His aptitude was not bad, so it was a pity to give him up for a lost cause, “Prescribe the medicine first. Stabilize him for now.”

“I can prescribe him some Soul Nourishing Pills to make him feel better, but you mustn’t say it’s the medicine I prescribed.” The senior brother didn’t want to reject the head disciple, so he took out a bottle of medicinal pills from the medicine box, “This kind of special patient is the favorite of Boss Qingnu, if you let her know that if he was already treated by others, she will rip me a new one.”

“Of course, this is the medicine I bought to protect Kun-Lai disciples.” Feng Qingxiu nodded and thanked him and handed over the money.

The senior brother left with satisfaction.

Feng Qingxiu helped the child tuck the quilt in and was about to leave, but the invisible sword energy from his fingers suddenly drifted to the boy’s face, as if he was looking for something, and the boy seemed to feel something as well, screaming out softly in his dream.

Feng Qingxiu immediately called back the sword energy, but keenly found that the sword energy seemed to have a little extra something to it, and the young man seemed to be much more relaxed.

Could it be that this child was also injured by the Overcoming Evil Sword energy, and his soul was accompanied by the demonic energy, so it was difficult for his soul to heal, but his own sword energy came from the same vein, and instead pulled out a trace of the sword intent left in his soul?

That’s too much, who would harm such a small child, it’s just depraved.

Should he go and ask Shizun?

Feng Qingxiu pondered, returned to his room, and found that Shizun had not returned.

#Sit and wait for Shizun#

After a while, he looked at his empty desk and felt bored, so he took out the shells he bought today, picked out the largest shell, which was about a foot long, and cut the excess part below so that it could stand upright on the table. Only then did he begin the carving.

The invisible sword seemed to be more and more easy for him to use, his fingertips did not tremble, and the speed was a hundred times faster than the initial construction of the model house. In less than half an hour, a shell cottage decorated with pearls had already been made. The first floor was covered with white sand, and some small starfish and snails were strewn on it as embellishments, and then he used small stones to pave a road. In the center, a small door that could be opened and closed was carved out of a shell. On the second floor, there was a small window, and a small shell table with shell chairs was placed in the middle. A small tea set was also placed on top of the desk. A clam shell was used to make the bed directly, with small pearls to fix the back of the clam shell. Inside was covered with brocade filled with cotton, a small pillow, and also a carpet underneath. He then engraved brushes, inkstones and paper for ornaments, oh and there should also be paintings on the wall…..

“You don’t look it, but you are quite artistically creative.” An indifferent voice sounded beside him.

Feng Qingxiu immediately showed a slightly shy and well-behaved expression: “Shizun, you are back.”

“Naturally.” Ji Yunlai landed on the table, glanced at the small house calmly, and said, “You are very leisurely.”

It’s so beautiful, Xiao Qing would definitely be an excellent designer in modern times——but he can’t say that he liked it, Xiao Qing had become more and more cheeky with him recently, and he must maintain the character of the cold and aloof Shizun.

“Being attentive to Shizun is what this disciple should do.” Feng Qingxiu said firmly, “Although it is simple and crude, it can somewhat be worthy of Shizun as a temporary abode.”

Something seemed a little off…..but Ji Yunlai couldn’t say anything, so he changed the subject: “Yes, your rune carvings have become more and more advanced recently, but you can’t just practice connecting runes, you must not forget to practice other things.”

“This disciple understands.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, and then asked some questions about cultivation that he couldn’t understand.

Ji Yunlai answered them one by one.

Then Feng Qingxiu mentioned the matter regarding the sickly boy.

Ji Yunlai was also curious and followed him to take a look.

The young man’s face was thin, his face was pale, and the flame that was his life and soul was as fragile as a candle flame in the wind, but the trace of sword intent left in that soul was indeed in the same vein as his celestial demon sword energy.

“Remnant souls can also be reincarnated?” Ji Yunlai was extremely curious, and his spiritual sense swept the boy up and down before he said, “This is a soul scattered by the Overcoming Evil Sword, and it is likely that he had reincarnated several times before slowly piecing his soul to its present state and can be considered to have quite a firm will. The Overcoming Evil Sword intent has already been removed by you, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to continue living. Just let Qingnu have a look at him when we go back.”

“The Overcoming Evil Sword, could it be that he was your enemy?” Feng Qingxiu frowned slightly.

“It’s of no consequence, the previous life is the previous life, the present life is the present life, my Kun-Lai doesn’t care about this.” Ji Yunlai waved his hand, and said lightly, “Since he came here through the right and proper means, the rest shall depend on his good luck.”

“This disciple understands, but Shizun,” Feng Qingxiu looked at the sword energy at his fingertips, a little puzzled, “Why is my sword energy so friendly to demonic energy and me as well?”

“It should be due to your status.” Ji Yunlai said naturally, “If I guessed correctly, you were a very powerful demonic being in your previous life. After reincarnation, the sword energy refined by the essence of the celestial demons would naturally bow to you…..”

Feng Qingxiu’s expression suddenly became disappointed.

“It doesn’t matter, my Kun-Lai doesn’t care about this.” Ji Yunlai floated up to touch his disciple’s forehead, “I hate those reincarnated and reborned most, as long as you don’t harm others, Shizun will take care of it for you in this life.”

“But I…..” Feng Qingxiu was still a little worried.

“But nothing, you are Feng Qingxiu, my, Ji Yunlai’s, disciple, so who cares about what you did in your past life. For humans, being able to manage this life well is already something to be impressed about.” Ji Yunlai said lazily, “Don’t think too much. Let’s go, the Dragon and Phoenix Selection is still being held tomorrow.”

“You’re right!” Feng Qingxiu nodded, who cares what he did in his past life, taking care of his life in this life was more important——en, he kept feeling like he was going to be spoiled rotten by Shizun.

Ji Yunlai went back to perch on his disciple’s shoulders. His eyes swept over the boy on the bed, but got no impression, so he turned his attention away.

But his disciple——he was almost ninety percent sure that twenty years ago, the one he protected in reincarnation should be a peerless great celestial demon, now known as his Xiao Qing.

In this way, it could be explained that a strand of sword energy from his Overcoming Evil Sword could be easily bent and used by his disciple.

Speaking of, that great celestial demon was quite pitiful. The spiritual soul magical array that he used back then was actually based on the logic of a code used to kill Trojan horse viruses. He had extracted the seven emotional states from his soul to create a fake soul replica (virtual machine), expressly to attract celestial demons (trojan horses) after which he then began capturing and using them for his own purpose.

The Overcoming Evil Sword, to put it bluntly, was the essence of killed celestial demons. Back then in order to get vengeance, establish his sect, or whatever the reason, he deprived himself of his seven emotions, formed a magical array within his soul, and fished for celestial demons every day. Having reeled in so many to the extent that there were celestial demons he had not used up still imprisoned at that place.

In the end, he likely caught a peerless great celestial demon, extracted his power for his own use every day, and then sent him to reincarnation after he was completely drained.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Eh, why did he feel like he was quite a scumbag?

But that was all in the past, and it had nothing to do with Xiao Qing.

So long as he was his disciple then it was fine.

He petted his disciple’s neck again, feeling that his disciple was the most well-behaved.

Celestial demons or whatever, as if he knew anything about that!

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