These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 022 The Truth About Werebeasts

Lei Jin walked in front and opened the door first with Xiya following behind, the heat of the grassland sun instantly hitting him in the face. Lei Jin’s right foot had already stepped outside the threshold, while his left foot was still inside, when he felt a shadow crossing overhead. Lei Jin’s first thought was a dark cloud, but have you ever seen a cloud brush the top of your head while floating by? This wasn’t watching the sea of ​​​​clouds in Mt. Huang, right?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking up, the sun was still dazzling, the big sun was hanging high above his head, and it was not midnight. Since he was not dreaming, who could tell him that the thing that landed at the next door, with their back to him on which a pair of wings sprouted, suddenly turned into the young man called Qi Luo. And even turned around and winked at him.

“Qi Luo…..” Xia shouted warningly.

“Alright, alright, I know already, he’s your female, I won’t tease him.” Qi Luo slumped his shoulders, the male werebeasts from the Xiya’s family were all very jealous, he couldn’t even tease a bit. Seriously, it was not like he was going to snatch their female. He heard from his dad that Uncle An Sen and Uncle An Luo were also like this back then. He didn’t expect this to be something that could be inherited.

“Could it be that that is…..” Lei Jin was stunned by this scene. Who can come and explain to him what kind of strange world this is? He didn’t even notice the strange word usage by Qi Luo——your female.

Lei Jin pointed at Qi Luo, turned around and asked Xiya.

“En, he is what Ah Ma mentioned…..” Ah Ma had already told him everything about that day, so he had already prepared himself before today’s outing to show this female what kind of world this was. But before Xiya’s words were even finished, Lei Jin’s words had already blurted out.

“It turns out that this is the birdman of legend.” He didn’t expect that they really exist in this world. Lei Jin expressed his curiosity, and took two steps forward, wanting to observe more closely. It was not easy to come to this world, but it was indeed insightful.

Just as Qi Luo was about to raise his arm to show this female his strong muscles, when he heard this, he stumbled and almost sat directly on the ground in front of his door.

“What birdman? I’m not a birdman. Those from the Feiyu Tribe are the birdmen. I am a strong male werebeast from the Leopard Tribe, a werebeast. I am a Leopard Tribe werebeast like Xiya and the others.” With big eyes, he emphasized again and again that he was proud of being a strong leopard werebeast.

“Leopard Tribe? Male werebeast? You?” Lei Jin raised his slender eyebrows.

Xiya also nodded.

Lei Jin would know about this matter sooner or later, it couldn’t be hidden. He thought differently from Moya, Moya was always worried that Lei Jin would choose to leave because he couldn’t accept this fact. While he felt that since Lei Jin was gifted to them by the god of this earth, he would not let go and give Lei Jin the chance to leave. Even if Ah Ma told him the way back, he would not let Lei Jin go.

“What? Are there no male werebeasts in your tribe?” Seeing that the female was interested, Qi Luo quickly approached. Then he said, “If there are no male werebeasts, who would protect the females like you?”

Female, female, you are the female here, Lei Jin thought to himself. As a dignified man he actually ended up being treated as a woman who could give birth to children after coming here? Now Lei Jin would always get irritated when he hears the word female, but he couldn’t explain anything either. It was not like he could always shout at people ‘my belly doesn’t have that function, and no baby will come out no matter what’.

So hr could only rely on Roger to slowly spread the news. After all, Roger had lived here for many years, and he should know better than him how to say it in a way everyone could accept and believe it.

“Let me see you shift again.” He wanted to know what the male werebeast of the Leopard Tribe was. He instinctively felt that he should keep a distance from Xiya, even though Xiya was not as cold as Moya, and was instead always smiling. But it was exactly because of this that his heart was suspicious. In his previous life, he had seen a lot of smiling faces like this. The more gentle and peaceful the person’s smile was, the more ruthless their knife would stab you in the back. He had grown to become instinctively on defense against this kind of person.

Whereas Moya gave off an icy coldness, but in contrast it actually made him feel more at ease.

So he asked Qi Luo, who he was not very familiar with, rather than Xiya.

Lei Jin was used to being a boss, and he unconsciously had a somewhat commanding tone when he spoke.

But Qi Luo didn’t care at all, his inquiring eyes swept to Xiya and he shrugged innocently.

Lei Jin didn’t know, because females in this world were precious and rare, the more beautiful females were, the more proud they were, and male werebeasts have long been accustomed to their attitude.

“It’s not me who wants to shift, it’s Lei Jin who asked me to shift for him.” He still remembered Lei Jin’s self-introduction of his name that one time.

Xiya’s expression cooled, and the smile on his face immediately subsided a bit. Lei Jin was not from this world and naturally didn’t know it, but Xiya knew that in the world of werebeasts, the strong have always been respected and power meant the right to speak.

When females chose their mates, they were naturally willing to choose a strong and handsome one, so females generally asked the male werebeasts who were pursuing them to shift into their animal shape in front of them.

Although the female made this request, it did not mean that he had chosen this werebeast, but it did express that he once took this werebeast into consideration.

“Shift, what are you looking at Xiya for?” Lei Jin looked at him puzzled.

Of course I have to let your werebeast know, otherwise, your werebeast will be jealous. As if he wanted to be provocative on purpose, he was in no way able to hold up in a one against three fight with the brothers. Besides, he couldn’t even beat just Xiya. Qi Luo only dared to shout this in his heart, as he wouldn’t really say it aloud and lower his prestige.

“Don’t think too much, he doesn’t understand this. He’s just curious.” Xiya spoke these words in advance.

Lei Jin didn’t care what Xiya said now, right now he just wanted to know what kind of world this was, and just what were these people who looked like normal people.

Seeing that Xiya also agreed, Qi Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiya took Lei Jin’s hand and took a few steps back.

“What are you doing?” Lei Jin slapped his hands away. He had never walked hand in hand with another person before even when he was a child. It felt really weird. Besides, it was his hand that was being wrapped in another man’s palm.

When Lei Jin was angry, the ends of his eyes lifted up unconsciously, and the beautiful peach blossom eyes instantly took on a trace of allure, causing Xiya to also be stunned when he saw it.

But he came back to himself quickly.

“The werebeast has very big wings. If you get too close, it will hurt you.”

Qi Luo saw the two retreat and only then did he adjust his posture.

Lei Jin felt that the scene in front of him was like one from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster.

On the back of the originally sturdy young man, first a pair of huge wings grew out. It was indeed really huge. According to Lei Jin’s visual estimation, it was more than three meters in wingspan. Then under the cover of the wings, a huge leopard appeared.

A pair of gray-blue eyes looked at Lei Jin, his wings flapping slightly, and he said, “How is it? I look very mighty, right?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin unconsciously took two steps back.

He originally thought that he needed to deal with a group of extremely powerful people, but in the end it turned out to be a group of fantastical beasts. He originally thought that even if the people here still regarded him as a female, it would not be a big deal so long as he put in hard work and effort.

But in a fight with a fantastical beast, would he even have a chance of winning?

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