After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 155 Yan Sheng’s Breakthrough

“What mental case are you on!”

In the camera, Yan Qi impatiently moved Zhou Yuanting’s arm on his shoulder. He stood up staggeringly. Judging from his body language, he was obviously drunk. However, when the camera moved to the close-up of the eyes, the were extraordinarily clear and alert.

He stumbled out of the bar all the way, followed by a long camera shot, capturing the bright lights and people dancing in the bar passage from Yan Qi’s perspective, and then turned the corner and followed the dark staff passage directly to the rooftop. There was no one around, except for the sound of the wind.

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Yan Qi turned his head angrily: “What kind of crazy were you on about just now in the bar——”

Before he finished speaking, Yan Qi felt a chill on his forehead. The cold muzzle of a shotgun was pressed harshly between his eyebrows.

Yan Qi froze suddenly, and then slowly relaxed: “Ah Ting, what do you want?”

In the monitor, Yan Qi was standing on the rooftop, behind him were the dazzling neon lights of Hong Kong and the stars in the sky. Zhou Yuanting had his gun raised to Yan Qi’s head, and his back turned to the tightly closed door. His whole person was hidden in the dark shadows.

Judging from the composition of the picture, the two people were in a state of face-to-face confrontation. The color on Yan Qi’s side was bright, while Zhou Yuanting’s whole figure blended into the night. Between the two was the edge of part of the building. Visually, it seemed that Zhou Yuanting and Yan Qi were divided into black and white.

“My informant told me that the undercover cop candidate selected by the police was clearly Yan Yu. It was you who firmly opposed it, and it was finally replaced by me.”

Under the close-up of the camera, the slender fingers gently clicked open the safety bolt. With a light click, Zhou Yuanting’s voice sounded from the darkness: “Yan Sir, do you have something to say to me?”

The camera froze, and Zhou Yuanting, whose half of his body was hidden in the darkness, only a vague outline of him could be seen, holding a gun against Yan Qi’s forehead. At first glance, the styles of the two seem to be seventy to eighty percent similar. It was just that Zhou Yuanting’s half of the silhouette which blended into the darkness actually captivated the eyes of viewers more than Yan Qi, whose whole body was exposed to the light.


The studio was silent. The staff silently left their places and began to arrange the lighting and cameras needed for the next scene. Xu Musen sat in front of the monitor for a long time without speaking.

For the unprofessional layman, perhaps the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. There would even be some brain-dead fans who would close their eyes and blow rainbow fart on their idols. But for those in the industry who rely on this industry to make a living, it was very clear who was superior and who was inferior.

In the scene just now, it could be said that Yan Sheng’s performance was very much in line with his two time film king standard. Even better than usual. However, Tao Mu’s performance, without exaggeration, was simply amazing.

Hearing thunder from the silence.

Even if there was no screaming desperation, not even a single line that was recited with strong emotion, Tao Mu’s interpretation of Zhou Yuanting still gave people a sense of danger before the volcano erupted. It was as if hot magma was rolling just under cold hard rocks. Just a little carelessness, and he would burn the world down indiscriminately around them.

The makeup artist stepped forward to touch up the makeup of the two actors. Yan Sheng looked at Tao Mu with a serious expression.

It was not his illusion. When he was acting with Tao Mu just now, he really felt a sense of suffocation, like facing an iron fist in a velvet glove or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This Tao Mu seemed to be very familiar with his acting style. Every time Yan Sheng wanted to break out and suppress the other’s screen presence, Tao Mu could always follow it perfectly and calmly. It was like the Taiji move of using the opponent’s force against them. The moves were round and soft, but steel and velvet went hand in hand. Every time it was Yan Sheng’s turn to respond, it seemed to be easy, but in fact only he knew that it was getting more laborious for him every time. By the time Director Xu called ‘cut’, Yan Sheng could no longer care about suppressing Tao Mu. Instead, he could only focus on trying his best to meet Tao Mu’s acting.

And the acting styles of the two of them were really similar.

No, it should be that Tao Mu had studied his performance style privately, so he could calmly grab the rhythm every time he made a move. It made Yan Sheng feel exhausted.

“Brother Yan, you did a really good job.” Shen Yu held the mineral water bottle with the straw inserted, and stood aside with bright eyes, sincerely praising Yan Sheng’s acting skills.

When Yan Sheng heard this, his face flushed. If it wasn’t for Xu Musen calling cut in time, he would have almost lost his reputation just now.

“My performance was just satisfactory. But Mr. Tao surprised me.” Yan Sheng said, looking at Tao Mu with undisguised surprise and admiration: “I didn’t expect Mr. Tao to act so well.”

Yan Sheng was telling the truth. He could never imagine why someone so young like Tao Mu had such superb acting skills. He had seen many newcomers with talent and presence in the entertainment industry, but Tao Mu was definitely the first person he had ever seen to have such skill at this age. Yan Sheng even felt that when he was nineteen years old, he didn’t seem to have the same level of skill as Tao Mu did.

Tao Mu’s stunning performance made Yan Sheng happy and appreciative. It also aroused Yan Sheng’s competitive spirit.

With Yan Sheng’s family background, he insisted on entering the entertainment industry despite his family’s opposition, so naturally he really loved acting. He was talented, hardworking, and resourceful. One movie after another was filmed step by step, and from each movie he learned from experience and worked hard to improve. Years of hard work had accumulated to this day, only then did he have today’s status.

Therefore, Yan Sheng could put aside other aspects, except for his acting skills, on this he must take seriously.

The feeling of being suppressed while acting with Tao Mu made Yan Sheng feel a little excited after such a long time. Outsiders may not pay attention, but Yan Sheng knew himself. His acting had reached a bottleneck stage. In the past two years, he had made movies and TV dramas. However, the actors in the same crew were either Wang Jinsheng, Luo Daming and other familiar faces who he had cooperated many times with, and have long been accustomed to each other’s performance style, so they have become very tacit when acting together. Or like Shen Yu, although he had some potential, his acting skills were still immature and unable to evoke Yan Sheng’s urge to pit his acting skills against.

But Tao Mu was different. After just acting a scene with Tao Mu, Yan Sheng felt the thrill of meeting an opponent. At this moment, his obsession and liking for acting completely occupied the most important place in his mind. Yan Sheng even left the thought of suppressing Tao Mu’s screen presence behind him. The only thing he thought about was how to continue to meet Tao Mu’s acting and how to continue acting the following scenes unrestrainedly and enjoyably.

Yan Sheng closed his eyes and pondered, carefully pondering the script, recalling the lines, accumulating emotions, and preparing for the next scene. Letting the makeup artist touch up the makeup on his face.

Shen Yu stood aside holding a mineral water bottle, originally wanting Yan Sheng to take a sip of water and take a break. Only to find that Yan Sheng didn’t have the energy to pay attention to him at all.

Shen Yu had no choice but to retreat obediently.

Xu Musen called Tao Mu and Yan Sheng to his side and began to explain to them the scene. The following scene was Yan Qi’s breakthrough scene, and Zhou Yuanting basically had no lines. He was there to just cooperate with Yan Qi’s role. Therefore, the focus of Xu Musen’s explanation was still on Yan Sheng.

For the two-minute monologue, Xu Musen hoped that it would be completed in one go. This was quite a test of acting skills for actors. Fortunately, Yan Sheng’s acting skills have always been above the standard. Moreover, Tao Mu’s performance aroused Yan Sheng’s acting addiction even more. He couldn’t wait.

After a while, the lights and cameras were in place. The clapper loader held the clapperboard and shouted “action” in front of the camera.

Yan Sheng suddenly opened his eyes and looked directly at Tao Mu: “Do you know how many years I’ve been in this business?”

Zhou Yuanting’s hand holding the gun remained motionless, Yan Sheng continued as if speaking to himself, “Ten years. How many ten years can a person have in a lifetime?”

“I entered the police academy at the age of nineteen, and was expelled from the police force at the age of twenty-two. After I was released from prison, I joined the mafia under the introduction of brother K. I have been doing it for ten years. How did I survive these ten years?”

“You can’t stand it after just a little over a year. Have you ever thought about me?” Yan Qi laughed at himself: “I was kicked out of the police force, I couldn’t go back to my family, I couldn’t be accepted by my relatives, and my girlfriend broke up with me. When clearly we are all colleagues, yet they could shout “I’m a policeman” in police uniforms, while we would be handcuffed and forced to squat on the ground to give our statements. In the eyes of the police, we are riffraff, but in the mafia, we are asked to keep in mind that we are policemen at all times. We could never be sincere with our brothers. Do you think you’re the only one?”

“That’s right. Back then, when old Hei was exposed, they wanted to find another partner for me. I didn’t agree with it being my younger brother. In the end, they decided on you. Do you think it’s unfair?”

When Yan Qi said this, regardless of the gun pressed in between his eyebrows, he slowly took a step forward, forcing Zhou Yuanting to take a step back.

In the scene of the camera, Yan Qi stepped forward. With the cooperation of the lighting, the facial features became clearer and the micro-expressions were also visible down to the detail. Zhou Yuanting’s retreat made him melt completely into the darkness.

“You asked me if I had something to say. What do you want me to say? Do I feel guilty?”

“I’ve been undercover for ten years. I’ve been abandoned by all my family and friends. Even when my mother died, I didn’t arrive in time to bury her. My brother completely broke off any relations with me because of this incident. He got into the police academy to put me in jail with his own hands. Old Hei was dead, but they want my brother to be an undercover cop like me?”

“I only have one younger brother. Even if he hates me, he is still my dear younger brother. I knelt in front of my mother’s grave and promised that I would protect him for the rest of my life. But now they want my younger brother to be an undercover cop. To live a dark and hopeless life like I do. How could I possibly agree?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Yan Qi said this, he took another step forward and directly forced Zhou Yuanting to lean against the iron door to the roof.

“Even if all the police in Hong Kong are dead, I can’t let my brother follow the same path as me. At least one of us two brothers in the Yan family must be saved to look after my father in retirement.” Yan Qi reached out and held the gun pressed to his forehead. His eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuanting, as he enunciated word by word.

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