His Majesty And Ministers CH 02 His Majesty’s Fickle Taste

After lunch, a little palace maid came forward with the medicine. Ye Mao bent over and said, “Your Majesty, please drink some medicine.”

Jing Ye took a sip, it was sweet.

The emperor was very disgusted with bitter medicine. When he was in a bad mood, after drinking each bowl of medicine he would kill a palace servant. So the imperial medical college painstakingly developed a prescription to suppress the taste of bitterness and save lives.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After drinking the medicine, he felt sleepy, so Ye Mao served Jing Ye to lie down, and the latter instructed: “Wake Zhen after an hour.”

“Yes.” Ye Mao felt strange but he bent down into a bow and stepped back.

Jing Ye didn’t sleep well, and he seemed to see a figure swaying around him while in a half asleep half awake state. No, that shouldn’t be right, he lived alone in his apartment…..

No, it was not right indeed. Jing Ye suddenly opened his eyes, he was no longer the bachelor Jing Ye.

The person reached out and touched his forehead: “Your Majesty?”

Jing Ye shifted his gaze to the left, and saw that it was the man he saw that morning, the one he had kicked out of bed, so he toughened his skin and asked, “Why…..why is qing here?” (TN: term used by the emperor for his subjects)

“Your Majesty says this in such a reluctant manner.” The man showed a look of grievance and bit his folding fan, “This subject is just worried about Your Majesty, so this subject couldn’t help but come and see Your Majesty.”

“Zhen is fine.” Jing Ye moved back a little, “Qing should go back to your palace first, Zhen will have someone call you over if there is anything.”

The man stared at him without speaking.

“Lu Qing?” Jing Ye: “Enough, qing shall go back to your palace first…..”

The emperor was at the age where one was on the cusp between adolescence and maturity, with a narrow waist and flexible, slender limbs. It was all wrapped in a layer of snow-white inner robes, of which the loose collar gaped open, revealing the delicate and beautiful undulating lines from the neck to the chest that gradually disappeared into the collar, inciting an urge to tear off that layer of covering in all those who saw it…..

The man’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he knew that his heart was moved. This had never happened before. Maybe it was because this person’s expression was too gentle, or maybe it was because he behaved like a stranger when he woke up that morning.

“Lu Qing, you…..” Jing Ye thought for a while, and wanted to persuade again, “You…..uh, mph! What are you doing?!”

The man had already taken off his shoes and climbed up on the dragon bed. While covering the emperor’s mouth with his own lips, he stretched out his hand to stroke the tender waistline that made him suddenly aroused. He was excited like never before: “Your Majesty’s words are too heartless, if this subject does not express my loyalty now…..” The tongue easily slipped past the soft lips, entangling and rubbing with the other’s tongue.

“…..Your Majesty will definitely forget about this subject.”

Jing Ye felt that his CPU was instantly heated and burnt up! Brother, do your family know that you are so bold and unrestrained!

But…..cough, it did feel good…..

Jing Ye blushed and let his thoughts run for a while, and when he came to he found that the other’s slender hands had already slipped through the hem of his clothes, one hand gently caressing his ribs, and the other kneading his waist.

Jing Ye pushed his face away with all his might, their lips and tongues finally parting, a thin strand of saliva still connecting them. So the man descended downwards and kissed his chin and neck instead.

“Bang!” With a loud noise, the man was forced to hug the earth for the second time today.

“Go back to your palace right now.” Jing Ye hurriedly tugged his clothes.

“Your Majesty…..”

“And you are forbidden to go out!”

“Your Majesty.” The man sat on the ground unashamedly and smiled, “Your Majesty is really willing to not see me?”

“Out, out, out.”

The man stood up and picked up the folding fan: “Then this subject will really be leaving.”


The man walked out with a smile, made a turn out the palace gate, and nodded to Ye Mao: “Ye Gonggong.”

Ye Mao nodded, and the two passed each other by.

Jing Ye sat on the bed in a daze for a while. Ye Mao walked in silently and said, “Your Majesty, do you want to get up?”

“En? …..It’s Ye Mao.” Jing Ye raised his head, “Lu Gongzi can actually come and go in and out of Zhen’s bedroom at will?”

Ye Mao broke into a cold sweat as soon as he heard this: “This…..” He served the emperor all year round for many years now, so he knew all the signs and immediately knelt down on the ground, “This servant deserves death, seeing Your Majesty feeling unhappy after getting up this morning, this servant let Lu Gongzi in without authorization. Your Majesty, please punish this servant.”

“You should be punished.” Jing Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, “But for the sake of loyal intentions, for now you will remember this for…..Zhen. If you commit this wrong again in the future, it will not be tolerated.”

“Yes, thanking Your Majesty.”

“In the future, any place where Zhen is will not be allowed to enter by anyone without permission.”

“Yes.” Ye Mao responded hurriedly.

Jing Ye sat on the bed in a daze for another while, then slowly said, “How long has Zhen slept?”

“It has not been fully an hour yet.”

He pondered for a while and made up his mind: “Zhen will go to the imperial study.”

Ye Mao hurriedly got up and called the palace maids to come in to serve. After finishing dressing, he sat on the imperial sedan and the procession made their way to the imperial study.

The arrival of the emperor nearly scared to death the maids and eunuchs who were responsible for cleaning the imperial study. The emperor had only come here once half a year ago because a maid from the imperial study had tried to seduce Li Gongzi, and all the maids in the entire study were buried with her.

The study was cleaned as if it was visited by people every day, and the attendants did not dare to slack off, for fear that one day the emperor’s interest was aroused and he would get angry and kill again. The memorials on the desk were piled terrifyingly high, and when Jing Ye reached out to touch it, it fell all over the floor in an instant.

A little eunuch hurried forward and knelt down to clean up. Jing Ye withdrew his hand, feeling that the matter at hand was not simply any ordinary problem.

He turned around: “Ye Mao.”

“This servant is here.”

“Have someone move the memorials of the most recent seven days to the table, and take the rest down for now.”


Jing Ye thought for a while: “And summon Lord Feng from yesterday.”

“Yes.” Ye Mao stepped back, walked outside the door and took a deep breath, believing to have found the true meaning of His Majesty’s actions.

Sure enough, the new favorite had become Lord Feng? His Majesty even abandoned the harem because of him. He used to think that only talent and appearance like that of Lin Gongzi could hold His Majesty’s heart. But who knew…..

The emperor’s taste changed too suddenly. Yesterday, it was still a taste for peerless beauty, but today it was a taste for quaint prettiness.


Ye Mao personally went to Feng Manor to announce the decree. Madam Feng was so frightened that she fainted on the spot. After she woke up, she hugged Feng Ling and cried bitterly, “My miserable son——”

Old Lord Feng’s beard trembled with anger: “This incapable ruler! This incapable ruler!”

Ye Mao pretended to be deaf on the side, go ahead and scold, please go ahead, you are an elder statesman of the current dynasty, and it is not completely disallowed for you to do a bit of scolding.

Feng Ling was still in a daze: “Why does Mother mourn so much? This son just went to the palace to persuade His Majesty to take care of government affairs…..”

Lord Feng, what the Emperor fell for must be your innocence. Ye Gonggong thought silently.

“Fool!” Old Lord Feng couldn’t hold it anymore, and rushed over to hug both wife and son as he cried, “How many years has it been since the emperor entered the imperial study? Handle government affairs? So long as he doesn’t kill this old man and all the ministers, that is something to be grateful for! Heaven is blind, I’m afraid the Feng family branch in the capital will die out in the hands of that incapable ruler!”

The couple hung on Feng Ling and cried bitterly.

“If that is truly the case, then it is no matter.” Feng Ling was silent for a while, and suddenly his eyes flashed with brilliance, “Even if I really enter the palace harem, I will move the emperor with all my sincerity and save the people of the world!”


This was old Lord Feng vomiting blood.

Ye Gonggong covered his face and couldn’t bear to look directly.

When Feng Ling was led into the study, Jing Ye was looking at the memorials at the desk.

If he had always been like this, then he might indeed be a rare sage ruler of the world. He thought to himself privately.

“Feng Qing.” Jing Ye closed the memorial after he looked up and saw him, “Zhen wants you to help Zhen read these memorials, as you know, ahem, Zhen has not read them for a long time, the process is a little bit unfamiliar…..”

“This official pays respects to Your Majesty.” Feng Ling flapped his long sleeves and knelt before the desk, “It is the blessing of this official to be able to share the worries for Your Majesty.”

“Rise.” Jing Ye walked out from the desk and stretched out his hand to help him get up, “In the past few years, the cabinet ministers have been taking care of the memorials. Qing’s father was a cabinet minister, and Qing is also from the Hanlin Academy, so you must be familiar with this. If Zhen wants to take care of the affairs of the state, Zhen naturally has to be familiar with state affairs first.”

Feng Ling got up and raised his head, seeing the young emperor smiling at him brightly, his expression gentle. Thinking of all the speculations before entering the room, he couldn’t help blushing.

“Feng Qing?”

“Ah?” He came back to his senses and hurriedly lowered his head to respond, “Yes, this official shall follow Your Majesty’s orders.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The two of them inspected state affairs in the study and were busy all afternoon. On the other side, Ye Gonggong led the palace servants to stand far away, and not knowing what was going on, he couldn’t help sighing.

It has been such a long time yet they still haven’t come out…..His Majesty wouldn’t just use force, right?

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  1. Does this imply the original emperor was a gong? It’s interesting to read about how MC is behaving differently from his predecessor.


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