Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 054 Demons Come For A Reason, And Things Come To Fruition

Although he might have sent a peerless celestial demon to be reincarnated, Ji Yunlai was still undecided about whether to keep the celestial demons locked up in that place.

It was not that he felt guilty. Anyway, it was not like these celestial demons came to him for a benign chat with tea. Even if powerful cultivators in the Synthesis Stage encountered those celestial demons, they would have a difficult time of it. If one was not careful, they would merge with the cultivator’s soul and body and become a monster of catastrophic proportions.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So before he could find a way to open the sea of consciousness temple, it was better to keep them there for now.

When Ji Yunlai finally came out of his diciple’s shell cottage after thinking about it all night, he found that his disciple was actually sewing clothes.

The look in his eyes was so serious and focused, as he wielded the invisible sword energy that could be both sharp and blunt, as a needle-shaped form to do the sewing. Sewing something that appeared to be a dark cloak with fur trims.

The cloak was very small, so small that it was clearly not for a person to wear at all, but it was the perfect size to wear for himself! His disciple was still concentrating on sewing the stylish and beautiful little pearl clasp around the neckline.

Thinking about the jade statue he was currently possessing, and that there were no clothes on it, just the lines of clothes carved into the jade, he found that it was actually quite suitable to wear the cloak over it…..

No no no no!

…..This was not right!

Ji Yunlai was stunned for a while, the image he arranged for his disciple was the domineering king’s route of flying sword energy, not the Dongfang Bubai route of flying needles! (TN: Dongfang Bubai, literally “Invincible East”, is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong.)

No, this corner had to be turned back quickly, the jade man strode to stop in front of his disciple, and finally caught his diciple’s attention.

“Shizun!” The disciple quickly sewed the last stitch, his elegant and handsome face full of smiles, “Try whether the cloak I made for you fits…..”

“Disciple, shouldn’t you be focusing on your studies?” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

“This disciple did not slack in my studies.” Feng Qingxiu was stunned for a moment, then looked serious, and pointed a fingertip to the pattern on the small cloak, “Look, this is a defensive magical weapon, I embroidered the protective rune you taught me on it. Also, Shizun, I found that some parts of the rune would not connect smoothly after shrinking in size, you see, so I made a little modification, can you take a look and see if it’s right.”

Emb-, embroidered on it? Ji Yunlai was heartbroken: “Disciple, this is wrong!”

“What’s wrong?” Feng Qingxiu asked with confusion.

“Come, let me tell you what’s wrong first.” Seeing his disciple’s face begging for praise, Ji Yunlai couldn’t bear to crush his disciple’s hopes, so he could only change the subject, and secretly made up his mind that he would definitely use Kun-Lai’s sword techniques to weigh him down after this, leaving him with no free time to think about needlework.

But not long after, there was news that the head of the Lost Pearl Society that was caught by the Sect Leader had run away.

The Flying Peak was very tense for a while. The other party was an ordinary person who didn’t practice cultivation. If he could escape, then that meant someone on the Flying Peak had helped him!

The entire peak was checked over, but no one suspicious was found.

And the Da Yan Kingdom also sent people to search as well, but they didn’t find any sign at all.

Feng Qingxiu thought that Shizun would start to search with his divine consciousness, but he found that Shizun did not do so.

“If I have to do it all, then what is the point in raising the Kun-Lai Sect?” Ji Yunlai replied to him, “The last time I took action, it was to save the day, but this time is there another country that is in danger of being flooded? If not, why should I take action?”

What Shizun said was very reasonable, but Feng Qingxiu couldn’t give up, so he pursued it for several days, but there was still no gain, so he could only ask Da Yan to send more people.

After all, the Dragon and Phoenix Selection was what they had come here to do in the first place.

On the last day of the investigation, the senior brother from Qingdi Peak came to tell him that the child named Yuan Lie had stabilized, and he might wake up in a few days, which made Feng Qingxiu feel happy for this new disciple.

Although he was born ill, there was always someone to help him in a critical moment. This future junior brother’s luck was not bad.

At this time, his Shizun suddenly lectured his disciple to respect the teacher and respect the Dao!

Feng Qingxiu understood in seconds, that’s right, the last time they went walking it ended only halfway through, so the disciple immediately took Shizun out.


After the lecture, Ji Yunlai put on the newly-made cloak and went out to play with his disciple.

It was only after they came out of the Flying Peak, that he found that there were jellyfish, octopus, eels, turtles, tortoiseshells, starfish, etc. in the sea, and there were all kinds of wild animals on land, from rabbits to eagles, all peacefully surrounding them. If there was anything discordant, it was that they had a wooden sign hanging on their chests with practically the same demands.

“They are old spiritual demons who have lived in Haijing City for many years. They want to give their sons and daughters a chance to attend the Dragon and Phoenix Selection. Every time the Flying Peak comes over, it would be surrounded and asked to give them a chance.” Feng Qingxiu whispered to Shizun, “I encountered it the last time when I attended the Selection and passed by here.”

At the same time, he explained to him that Haijing City could almost be regarded as a huge city second only to Kun-Lai. For hundreds of years, many spiritual demons have settled here. As the only port city in the land of the Western Continent, even Da Yan Kingdom itself did not expect such prosperity. Taking spiritual stones as an example, the spiritual stones produced in the sea every year were already the largest source of spiritual stones in Kun-Lai in the Western Continent, not to mention the huge benefits of the more than 900 kinds of minerals in the sea that have been identified for magical weapon and pill making.

Therefore, a large number of spiritual demons settled in Haijing, exchanged resources, guarded the city, and made countless contributions to this place.

And Kun-Lai was even more prosperous, so naturally it had become a place they yearned for.

Feng Qingxiu skillfully squeezed through the crowd while talking. A beautiful little beluga even blew a bubble at him from the water, so he couldn’t help but touch it. The little white whale who got moral support became even happier, and stood diligently in the sea with the wooden sign in his mouth, only he didn’t realize that he was actually holding it upside down.

After walking to the shore, the disciple continued to introduce to Shizun that there were 28 waterways in Haijing City, which were designed to make trading easier for the sea clans from the very beginning of the construction of the city, constructed alongside the streets.

Walking on the road, one could see small bridges everywhere, people weaved densely by, and fish also flowed densely in the water.

A group of eagles carrying baskets, their whole bodies covered in burning flames, flew across the sky and towards Kun-Lai Mountain.

A huge whale swam to the port, made a distant whale call, and spewed a ten-meter-high water column. Only then did it open its huge mouth, and under it, a dozen groups of spiritual sea demons walked out, carrying a large load of goods as they climbed up the cliff.

Several fist-sized purple-gold bees were floating in the air, selling honey to pedestrians.

“The purple-gold is not bad,” Ji Mingyu’s voice came from the side, “It’s not as good as the ones on the mountain, but it’s enough to use it as greeting gifts for the little disciples of the outer sect.”

“There is no need to give it to those newcomers, if you’re giving gifts, why not give the teachers instead.” Senior Sister Tu said on the side, “Let me tell you, the law enforcement officer Teacher Yan from the outer sect has a case of severe hair loss, and the hair in a crown on his head is just a wig. This honey combined with spiritual ginger can be made into a hair growth cream, which would definitely make Teacher Yan have a good impression of you!”

“Ah, even cultivation can’t save hair loss?” Ji Mingyu was extremely surprised.

“He was born with wood and fire spiritual roots, and the fire energy in him is too dense, plus there are many troubles in the outer sect. Anyway, this honey is cheap, so buy it.”

“That’s true, three drops of moon essence syrup, here.” Ji Mingyu said with a smile, “Kaka, tell me some more, what gifts should I buy?”

“Come on, let’s talk slowly…..”

Feng Qingxiu looked at Shizun who had become serious, and didn’t know what to say.

“After returning,” Ji Yunlai rubbed his chin and said lightly, “The first thing to do is to take away all the belongings of the new disciples in the lower gates, and they are not allowed to be returned to them until they leave the lower gates, especially the Ner Spell.”

Eh, was this daughter really yours? Feng Qingxiu thought silently and nodded in support of Shizun.

Looking back again, he watched as the purple-gold bees tumbled in the air with joy, picked up baskets ten times larger than themselves, and flew away buzzing.

On the waterfront, several beautiful mermaids looked at their unsold goods and discussed what to do.

At this time, it was close to evening, and the sunset glowed in the sky, covering the entire city with a layer of golden light, which looked calm and beautiful.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” a voice asked.

Feng Qingxiu turned his head and saw the pretty poisonous jellyfish girl, and nodded his head politely.

“This city will be mine in the future.” Miss Shui Lanlan looked into the distance and said softly, “Since I was born, others have told me that.”

Feng Qingxiu listened quietly.

“But I know it’s impossible. Since Haijing was built, it has experienced more than 20 plunders and invasions. In the eyes of many sea monsters, this is a huge piece of fat meat.” Miss Shui whispered, “My father is one of the top figures of Kun-Lai’s previous generation, if he hadn’t chosen to return here to protect Haijing, he could go to any peak on Kun-Lai Mountain. When he left, several people even said that the reason he came back was to break away from Kun-Lai, gain control of the kingdom and to increase prices or something…..”

Feng Qingxiu somewhat admired this kingdom’s monarch.

“But the Sect Leader at that time just said ‘let him go’.” There was a glint of moisture in Miss Shui Lanlan’s eyes, “Since my father told me about this past, I was determined to go to Kun-Lai. Do you know how much I want that? Do you know that feeling of being willing to give everything for something important to you?”

Feng Qingxiu thought about it for a while, and found that he didn’t seem to have such a feeling at the moment, so he didn’t nod his head.

“They all say that the more you cultivate, the more heartless you become,” Miss Shui turned to look at him, “but I don’t think so, the Sect Leader is not heartless, otherwise the Western Continent would not be so prosperous as it is today. The spiritual demons in this city don’t even care where they come from, do you know just how united they are against foreign enemies? Do you know how proud we are of this city?”

Feng Qingxiu was speechless and could only nod his head.

“I heard that you are the head disciple of the Sect Leader.” Then Miss Shui lowered her head and said softly, “Can you touch my head?”

This request was too particular, Feng Qingxiu hesitated for a while.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to,” Miss Shui didn’t force it, and raised her head proudly, “One day, I will have the Sect Leader touch my head and praise me, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t practice in advance.”

“I want to tell you that I am right to enter Kun-Lai! In order to gain the strength to protect this place,” she turned and left, pointing to the city under her feet and proudly saying, “This is my city, and one day, he’d be proud of me! Kun-Lai will be too!”

As the little girl walked away, Ji Yunlai looked at her with praise, and seemed to feel that he even wanted to go over and touch her head and praise her.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Then he turned his head and saw his disciple’s worshipful gaze——not lacking in the slightest compared to that little girl.

“Shizun, I won’t lose to her, and you will be proud of me!” Feng Qingxiu said softly, he couldn’t come up short against the little girl just now!

Ji Yunlai touched his disciple’s head and appeased: “Disciple, don’t say such things casually, it’s easy to set up a flag.”

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