These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 023 Premonition

If he couldn’t beat them, then of course he had to run. He was not some kind of a hero that had to pay attention to his integrity and dignity. Only those who want to die would fight to the death with others. At this time, he had fully understood that the fighting skills he used to take such pride in were nothing to these so-called werebeasts.

Lei Jin’s mind was full of thoughts at the moment that revolved around how he must leave this dangerous village, as he could find his way back slowly, but the most important thing right now was not to be dragged into bed by these werebeasts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Otherwise, with the physique of these people, he had no doubt that one day he would be f**ked to death in bed.

Of course, Lei Jin was thinking too much here. There were already few females in this world. There were not only one or two families in which male werebeasts share one female. Although those male werebeasts have strong desires, they would not really be so unrestrained.

From the corner of Lei Jin’s eyes, he secretly looked around, hoping to find the best escape route, but Xiya seemed to have sensed his intentions, and quietly blocked all possible ways of escape.

Lei Jin looked at Xiya, and at Qi Luo, who had turned into a leopard, thinking that one day, Xiya could also become such a leopard. And thinking of Xiya, he naturally thought of Moya who had disappeared for some time. So it seemed that in this way, Moya…..

“Moya too?” Lei Jin pointed at Qi Luo in his beast form who was still squatting and blinking, waiting for him to answer his previous question.

Xiya nodded, even though he had clearly seen that Lei Jin’s face had gone faintly pale, he still told the truth. Lei Jin had to pass this hurdle sooner or later, not only did he have to accept the fact that they were werebeasts, but it also must be understood that they would be his future companions, his male werebeasts, while Lei Jin would also be the female shared by the three brothers, destined to accept that the four of them would be together.

Of course, he was not in a hurry for the latter things, because it was useless to be anxious. When he was a child, Dad taught them to hunt, and he said that if you want to hunt successfully, the first step was to learn to wait calmly, and the second was to move when opportunity presented itself.

“Don’t you want to see our tribe? Let’s go, I’ll take you out for a walk.” Xiya decided to continue with the previous plan.

Lei Jin actually wanted to say, I’m not interested in your tribe at all right now, but after thinking about it, he decided that it would not hurt to go and have a look and study the terrain, so that when he left he would not get lost.

“Okay, let’s go.” Lei Jin happily agreed when he thought of this.

“Hey, what about me.” These two people completely ignored his existence. After all, he was also a strong male werebeast in the tribe, and his wings were also very majestic. But this female looked at him with no joy in his eyes just now.

Seeing him following them step by step, Lei Jin didn’t know why he thought of the little guy, and something flashed in his mind, but then he shook his head, trying to get rid of the thought that suddenly came up just now.

In fact, if he put aside the fright he received just now, Qi Luo’s beast shape was still quite majestic, with beautiful lines, sleek grey fur, and a pair of large wings that matched the fur color. Qi Luo saw that Lei Jin finally took a look at him, causing his long tail to subconsciously wag fiercely, the wings also flapping vigorously.

“Cough cough…..” Lei Jin covered his mouth, please slow down your flapping, brother, the dust is flying all over the place.

However, seeing him like this, a bit dumb-like when he was in human form, and now also not much smarter when he was in beast form, Lei Jin’s wariness lessened a bit.

He patted the big head and couldn’t help rubbing it twice, the fur was quite smooth.

“Okay, hurry up and change back.” Lei Jin showed a friendly smile.

Wi Luo was still thinking about sticking a while longer to Lei Jin when he felt the cold chill in the gaze that Xiya cast towards him. So he could only turn his back and first wrapped his body with his wings. When the wings opened again, he was back to human form, the wings disappearing last.

Although Lei Jin had watched it once, he still felt very shocked.

Xiya pulled him, pursed his thin lips, and said unhappily, “My beast form is much more beautiful and stronger than his.”

Lei Jin rolled his eyes and thought to himself, it’s none of my business how you look like.

“Okay, let’s go, if we dawdle any longer, it’ll be time for lunch.” Xiya turned around and glared at Qi Luo who wanted to follow them again.

Qi Luo rubbed his nose sheepishly, said bye to Lei Jin, and turned to go home.

When Lei Jin came, the path he took was a small road. Besides, he didn’t have the mind to look carefully at that time. When he was with Moya, it was always to the wild, so he always thought it was a small village. This time, he followed Xiya and turned onto a main road. Only then did he find that this tribe was actually really big. Without exception, they were all big bluestone houses with golden thatched roofs. The road was wide and flat but not straight. There were trees in front of each house, and leafy trees on both sides of the road, creating shades. The sunlight shone through the leaves, the wind blew past, and the warm-colored mottled light flecking the road jumped occasionally with the movement of the leaves. The creek under the trees was gurgling merrily and where the sun shone, wild flowers bloomed and butterflies fluttered.

Xiya explained to Lei Jin while walking: “Our Leopard Tribe is built on the edge of the water source, and these streets are also paved along the flow of the stream. It is the rainy season of the grassland now, and the rain is abundant, so these small streams are very watery. When the dry season comes, many of these streams will dry up, but the stream behind our house has a lot of water. During the dry season, it becomes a bit shallow but will not stop flowing. You can rest assured that there is absolutely no problem with taking a bath.”

After getting along these days, he had long known that this female saw bathing as one of the great pleasures of life. He must take a bath every day, and each time was not short. Although Ah Ma also took a bath every day, he was not as eager about it as he was. He really did not understand, there was really no need to wash when one stayed home all day and did not do anything that required washing. But if he liked it then that was all that mattered.

Maybe one day, they could try it in the stream. Under the clear water, their female’s two slender and white legs wrapping around their waists while he could thrust inside wantonly. Xiya realized with sorrow that he was now hard. For fear that Lei Jin would find out and avoid him again, he had to ruthlessly pinch himself hard.

It hurts so much. Xiya looked up at the sky silently, when would his wish come true.

Lei Jin was still looking at the surrounding roads attentively, naturally he didn’t notice the strangeness of Xiya behind him, but he heard his words and pouted his lips secretly, thinking, who the hell would want to become your female. He would leave sooner or later.

The two appeared to be harmonious on the surface, but in fact, they both had their secret intentions in their hearts.

Because it was almost time for lunch, they didn’t meet many people along the way, only seeing a few occasionally. Although they greeted Xiya, they didn’t forget to look at Lei Jin before leaving.

Lei Jin couldn’t control other people’s eyes, he knew what those people were thinking, so he could only comfort himself, just pretend they are just country bumpkins. He was such a handsome man, if you keep staring, it’ll blind your dog eyes. Ah, no, now it should be leopard eyes, because he now knew that these people were leopards.

“Hey, Xiya, you are actually willing to take such a beautiful female out on the street?” A teasing voice came from the side.

The place they came to now, according to Lei Jin’s own understanding, was probably the so-called commercial area, because he saw that there were many shops on both sides of the street, most of them had no signboards, just indicating what was being sold with the product hanging on a pole by the door. Along the way, he counted the ones that sold animal skins, dried meat, clothes, straw sandals, tables, chairs and benches, and some strange knickknacks. Lei Jin couldn’t make out what they were, but a dog was tied to the front of one shop, and he thought it was selling dog meat, but Xiya said it was selling hunting dogs.

This one was even more bizarre. There was only one tree in front of the door. Could it be they were selling wood? He remembered that the wood in the forests were free, so who was going to buy this?

Leaning on the door was a burly bear-like man, covered in animal skins, with thighs as thick as Lei Jin’s waist. He was probably a head taller than Xiya, with slightly curly black hair and blue eyes. At this moment, facing Lei Jin, he grinned wide showing his white teeth, whistled again, and sighed in admiration.

“Truly beautiful, you actually dared to bring him out. Aren’t you afraid that the many werebeasts without females will swarm over and snatch him away?” The man looked at Lei Jin a few times, but quickly shifted his gaze. He spoke in a familiar tone, and was likely Xiya’s friend. Lei Jin, because of being called a beautiful female, did not want to answer, so he just stood there with a cold expression.

“You have good eyes, Ivey.” Instead, Xiya laughed, walked over, and punched a fist to his shoulder affectionately.

“Where’s Aki?” Xiya glanced inside the door.

“Feeding our kid in the back, it’s rare for you to come here, come in and sit down.” The man named Ivey made a gesture of inviting in.

Xiya looked back at Lei Jin with inquiring eyes.

Seeing this, Ivey snorted. Although the females of their tribe were not enough for every werebeast, they were also not too few. If they could have a female alone, who would like to share with other werebeasts. It must be known that the possessiveness of werebeasts was quite strong.

The brothers Xiya and Moya were well-known strong and handsome werebeasts in the tribe. They have always been admired by the females in the tribe. Even his female Aki once liked Moya, but after seeing Moya’s indifference to him, he gave up and became his female. Now the two of them are living well, and they even have one werebeast baby.

He always thought that with the strength of Xiya and Moya, they would definitely each have his own female, but he heard someone say a few days ago that their little brother Mingya, who just came of age, came back from training and brought back a very beautiful female. Looking at the attitudes of Xiya and Moya, it seemed the brothers had chosen to share the female.

It was true that such a thing was not rare, but in most cases, those male werebeasts who share a female were not strong enough to have their own female. Of course, in order to maintain the unity of the family, it was common for brothers to share one female. Xiya’s dads were an example.

Looking at Xiya’s appearance today, he could see that the rumors were indeed true, but such a rare beautiful female, even if one had to share him, it was also a blessing, right? Ivey thought.

Seeing that Lei Jin didn’t speak, Xiya took that to mean he was willing, and besides, he really wanted to buy something for Lei Jin.

Xiya held his wrist and pulled him in. Lei Jin couldn’t be too conspicuous in front of outsiders so he just struggled secretly to signal Xiya to let go. Recently, he was always being grabbed by the hand, it was not like he was a woman and needed to be taken care of by them. But Xiya just wouldn’t let go, and Lei Jin’s strength was not as strong as his, so he could only glare fiercely at the other.

Ivey walked beside them, and just pretended that he didn’t see the small exchange between the two.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Xiya, you’re here.” A slightly slender man with brown eyes that were as pure and moving as doe eyes, and slightly long brown hair appeared, holding a kitten(?) in his arms. It was somewhat similar to Mingya. But unlike Mingya’s silvery white fur, the fur of this one was black.

Not as cute as my little guy, Lei Jin glanced at it mildly.

Speaking of which, was it that every household here kept this kind of pet? Lei Jin had a bad premonition.

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