Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 055 Extra The Days With The Celestial Demon King

1. Integrity

When the main mountain was cut off, Ji Yunlai stood still on the summit for a long time, his robes flying behind him like wings, like a god.

The prying tendrils of foreign divine consciousness lingering in the near area disappeared one by one with fear. The world was so big yet it seemed that he was the only one to exist.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a long time, he said softly, “Thank you.”

“My power is just a primer. The thunder tribulation just now is the true source of the power you used to cut the mountain. Are you tired, sit down and rest first.” A voice sounded in his mind, ethereal, light and serene, like the tones of a flute being played under the moon, each tone whether light or heavy, falling into the depths of the soul like raindrops.

“Is there a difference?” Ji Yunlai asked calmly.

“You said that when humans are tired, they will fall down and rest.” The voice said.

“I’m different.” Ji Yunlai said.

“Oh, humans are so complicated,” said the voice.

After a while, the voice said mildly: “Don’t wait, with you looking like this, those junior brothers dare not come to help you, they have already gone back for the celebration.”

“Shut up.” Ji Yunlai said lightly.

“Is your tone angry, I thought you aren’t able to be angry?” That pleasant sounding voice was puzzled, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Because you are too noisy.” Ji Yunlai’s tone did not fluctuate at all, “Be quiet, or else I’ll lock you back.”

“You said that you have already cut off all the demonic intent from me, and you won’t lock me up again.” The pleasant sounding voice said indifferently, “Aren’t you going to sit down and rest? I feel like you are about to fall over.”

“Qing,” Ji Yunlai suddenly called his name, his tone the same as before, “I’ll tell you about another behavior of the human race.”

“Okay, tell me.” The pleasant sounding voice was a little excited.

“This kind of behavior is called breach of contract.” Ji Yunlai explained to him carefully, “It’s a unilateral act of breaking a promise!”

“Oh, and how is that expressed?” The pleasant sounding voice asked according to his usual studious way of learning new things.

Ji Yunlai calmly locked him back up.

This left quite a deep impression on him.

2. Name

“Yun (cloud), you named me Qing (blue) because blue is the color of the sky, clouds follow the sky, and you hope I will rise straight up in a clear sky?” Qing asked in his mind.

“What book did you read in my sea of consciousness this time?” Ji Yunlai asked while drawing a new Zhen rune.

Outside the window, a storm was thundering.

“I didn’t read a book, I went online for a while, didn’t you put the main Net Spell in your sea of consciousness?” Qing asked curiously, “Last time when you went to the main mountain, the Net went down for a day. Now that it is back on, the disciples all say that you are the god of heaven and earth, and with you Kun-Lai will definitely rise straight up in a clear sky. So I asked what Qing and Yun mean together.”

“Don’t go online in the future.” Ji Yunlai said indifferently.

“…..How could you treat me like this!” Qing’s voice was sad, “I thought you loved me.”

Ji Yunlai stopped drawing talismans and asked coldly, “Where did you learn this?”

“On the Net, here!” Qing pointed to a page in the sea of ​​consciousness.

Ji Yunlai swept it with his divine consciousness, silently took out the Main Net Spell from his sea of ​​consciousness, and found a place to bury it.

3. Forum

Question: I heard that if you don’t understand something, I can ask everyone here. I want to ask, what is the relationship between Qing and Yun?

First commenter: Blue is the color of the sky, and clouds are inseparable from the sky. What do you mean by this question?

Thread opener: He named me Qing, and there is the character Yun in his name, so I wonder if it means anything.

Second commenter: What is your relationship with him?

Thread opener: Well, no relationship. But if you insist on one, he is my jailor and I am his prisoner.

Third commenter: Prisoner, what evil deeds have you done?

Thread commenter: It seems like——I want to have his body, does that count?

Fourth commenter: Eh, then have you succeeded?

Thread opener: No.

Fifth commenter: Then he got your body?

Thread opener: I think so? I can’t leave his body.

Sixth commenter: What should I do, everyone? A lot of content has popped up in my mind…..

Seventh commenter: A lot of content has popped up in my mind +1

Eighth commenter: +2

Thread opener: So what is the answer?

Ninth commenter: What should I do, such a pure child, come and let me tell you, if his name is Yun and your name is Qing, then you are his sky, clouds follow the sky, rise straight up in the clear sky, he can’t live without you, and loves you very much, you know?

Thread opener: Really? It doesn’t seem right to say that, he needs my body now, and when he finishes using me, he will replace me.

Tenth commenter: What, which scum is this? Say it and we’ll help you out.

Eleventh commenter: Yes, it’s too much. Replace you with another, is that his original words?

Thread commenter: Yes, so I’m trying to become stronger so that he doesn’t have to replace me.

Twelfth commenter: Thread commenter, you are too stupid, what do you want with such a scum?

Thread commenter: Why do you say he is scum?

※※※This post has been deleted —————–

4. Hobbies

“How come you don’t do that to me anymore?” Qing asked.

“Which one?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“Just drag me to the bed and make me change into the image you like…..”

“Enough.” Ji Yunlai interrupted him, “I know.”

“Are we doing it?” Qing asked.

“Not in the mood.”

“Why, clearly when we did it, I felt that you liked it very much.” Qing asked.

“There is no point to fantasies. It doesn’t matter to you, but I have to face the reality.” Ji Yunlai said coldly.

“Face the reality?” Qing, who had no physical body, found it very difficult to understand what was the difference between doing it in the sea of consciousness and in reality, “You humans are so difficult to understand.”

“Then you still ask?” Ji Yunlai replied.

“I want to understand you.” Qing said.

5. Non-human

Haijing was established as a city for a hundred years, and was finally recognized by Kun-Lai.

For a time, the whole of Da Yan Kingdom celebrated.

They went back to the Sword Listening Cliff a hundred years later.

“They are very happy.” Qing was very excited in his mind, “I didn’t know why you wanted to cut the mountain, but seeing that such a big city only took a hundred years to become so prosperous and lively, I now feel like you are too amazing.”

“They are happy, but what are you happy about?” Ji Yunlai said calmly.

“You said that emotions can infect other humans.” Qing’s voice was filled with joy.

“You are not human.” Ji Yunlai said.

“…..” Qing didn’t speak, and after a while, he asked with disappointment, “Yun, your Seven Emotion Swords are all stabbed in me, I’ll be happy for you, okay?”

“You should hate me.” Ji Yunlai said lightly, “I trap you in my body, use up all your power, don’t give you freedom, and prevent you from going back to the Celestial Demon Realm. Hate is the emotion you should have.”

“But I’m not human,” Qing’s voice held a trace of confusion. “Without the demonic intent, I don’t seem to be able to understand the old me. Before you caught me, I would only lead countless celestial demons to search for cracks in the human heart, that world is chaotic and disorderly, we enter the consciousness of lifeforms, invade and take root like parasites, and return to the Celestial Demon Realm after death.”

His voice gradually became firmer: “Although I see with your eyes and listen with your ears, I like this kind of existence where I can control my own will.”

After thinking about it, he added: “I like being with you.”

6. Wishes

They didn’t speak any more, just stood quietly on the mountain, looking at the harbour that had yet to become as big as it would in the future.

The moon rose high in the sky, many people held lanterns and put them in the harbor, some came with the whole family, some were couples, and rarely was it just a single person.

For a while, countless flower lanterns floated on the sea, meandering and flickering, just like a starry sky.

“What are they doing?” Qing asked.

“Releasing flower lanterns.” Ji Yunlai said.

“I know, but why put it in the water?” Qing asked.

“Humans write their wishes on the lantern, and hope it will come true.” Ji Yunlai said.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“…..” Qing didn’t speak anymore.

“You want to try it?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“I want to.” Qing said, “I want to become a human after I die, so I can touch you.”

“You are a celestial demon, you can’t be reincarnated.” Ji Yunlai pointed out the problem.

“It’s just a thought.”

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