These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 024 Mingya’s Reveal

“Aki, long time no see, you look good.” Lei Jin’s bad feeling that just arose in his heart was interrupted by Xiya.

“Haha…..I haven’t had much to do at home recently. I’ve gained a little weight.” Aki pinched the flesh on his chin, chuckled lightly, and spoke with a hint of softness. It sounded like he had no strength, but he felt like a gentle person.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“How could there be fat? You still look so thin. Don’t keep standing, come and sit down.” Ivey pulled a wooden chair with a backrest and covered it with a layer of animal skin, and then carefully helped Aki sit down on it.

“I’m not that delicate, Ivey, you are too careful.” Aki, under Xiya’s amused gaze, blushed, glanced at Ivey in annoyance, and complained.

“Aren’t I just worried that you’re tired from holding him?” Ivey was thick-skinned and naturally ignored Xiya.

Xiya ignored how the two of them were acting lovey-dovey with each other and introduced to Lei Jin: “This is my friend Ivey, and this is his beautiful female Aki. Aki is a famous beautiful female in our tribe, alas…’s pity that a fellow like Ivey managed to win the beauty in the end.”

Lei Jin glanced at him and thought to himself, I don’t see any pity in you, but rather you seem quite pleased with yourself.

Xiya pointed to Lei Jin again, and seemed to think a bit before saying, “En, this is our female, Lei Jin.”

Lei Jin’s face darkened instantly.

Xiya tapped the palm of his hand, indicating that he would explain later.

The several people greeted each other.

Ivey took over the little thing in Aki’s arms, kissed it on the forehead intimately, hugged it in his arms, and patted it lightly.

Looking at this bear-like man, he was unexpectedly quite attentive and careful. That Aki should be the female they say? Ever since Lei Jin knew that there were special females in this world, he had always wanted to see with his own eyes what a man who could bear children looked like. When he finally saw it this time, he couldn’t help but take a second glance. His eyes didn’t move, but they did flash twice.

Xiya could see clearly from the side, the corners of his lips slightly curving upwards. To outsiders, his eyes were full of doting, no matter how you look at it, he looked like he was absolutely charmed by this female.

Ivey glanced at his good friend in exasperation. Knowing that Aki was thin-skinned, yet he still teased them just now, but wasn’t he acting the same now?

In all fairness, Aki was described as slender, but that also depended on who the comparison was made against. Compared with that bear-like man, he could be considered as so thin he could be ignored, but compared with Lei Jin, he was still a bit thicker.

On the surface, he didn’t see any difference, and he wondered where their children came from? However, if they were the same as other men physically, then it was estimated that there was only one place for the child to come out. Lei Jin actually wanted to ask, but he also knew that such a question could never be asked so bluntly, so he could only give up.

In his heart, he thought that if he really couldn’t go back, he would find a female to have a baby, and at that time it would not be too late to study just how it worked.

Since they walked through the door, Aki saw Xiya holding Lei Jin’s wrist this whole time, and he knew in his heart that this was probably the beautiful new female that the tribe had been talking about recently. He couldn’t help but be a little curious. After all, Moya rejected him back then, but now he chose to share a female with his brothers. Hearing this news, he couldn’t help but be curious about this new female. Could someone so proud like Moya give up the chance to have a female all to himself, and instead choose to share one with others?

Aki felt that since they were all females, there was no gender propriety to observe, so he looked directly past Xiya, looking Lei Jin up and down without concealing his curiosity.

Lei Jin didn’t like to be looked at like this. Ever since he knew that the people in this world regarded him as a so-called female, he didn’t like it even more. However, Lei Jin’s anger which just rose was like a balloon being punctured by a needle, shrinking all of a sudden when he met the pure and innocent look in the other’s eyes. He was good at fighting and ruthless methods, but he was never very good at being fierce towards such pure and innocent eyes, whether it was a fluffy animal or a human being. Every time he encountered it, he could only admit defeat. Fortunately, those who had such eyes were all harmless.

Lei Jin thought to himself, no big deal, he would just treat the other as a head of cabbage, and just let the other look.

He himself looked at the store. Could this be a grocery store? There were fruits, cakes, salt, some stoneware bowls and plates, and powders in various colors. These were understandable, but there were also leaves, branches, etc. Lei Jin did not know what it was for.

Xiya picked out a bag of tree leaves, a few twigs, a large bag of white powder and a small bag of green powder.

He pointed to the cakes and asked, “Lei Jin, which one do you want to eat?”

Lei Jin had never liked sweet things, but he hadn’t eaten flour products recently. He drank vegetable soup and ate meat every day, which made him really want to eat something else, but when he thought of his current status as a penniless individual. On the one hand, he said that he was determined not to be a woman that relied on others, and on the other hand, he unrestrainedly enjoyed the benefits of others. Lei Jin couldn’t do such a thing.

He shook his head and said, “I don’t like cakes, don’t bother.”

Ivey was a little surprised, glanced at him, and said, “Don’t you like to eat this? The females in the tribe like to eat these sweet and small things.”

Aki also nodded to indicate that it was indeed the case.

Lei Jin’s thoughts, Xiya could understand a little bit. He heard from Ah Ma that his appetite was not very good recently, and it was estimated that he was not used to eating their food here. So this time, he chose to come to Ivey’s store specially.

Seeing him like this now, he decided to buy two packs of mild-flavored ones according to Ah Ma’s taste as snacks. One pack for Lei Jin, and another pack for Ah Ma.

Ivey put the little guy in his arms into Aki’s arms, and quickly wrapped Xiya’s purchases in big leaves, and tied a hemp rope around the outside.

The little black-furred guy twisted twice in Aki’s arms, and even opened his eyes, it was brown and round like Aki’s. Turning his head and seeing Lei Jin, he drooled and stretched out his small paws at Lei Jin, mumbling something with his mouth, which sounded somewhat similar to the sound made by Mingya.

When Xiya saw this, his eyebrows twitched and he said, “Damn, Ivey, how old is your precious son, he’s actually already drooling at females.”

In addition to these words that Lei Jin had learned in this world, there was another kind of beast language, which was usually spoken by not yet matured young werebeasts. Ivey’s son was three years old and his beast language was not yet fluent, but his words just now, everyone present except Lei Jin understood. He said simply: “Beautiful female, hug.”

Aki also felt very exasperated, but Ivey smiled proudly, hugged him, and said, “As expected of my precious son, so smart.”

But the little thing obviously didn’t want to see his daddy, so he just twisted his body and stretched his small paws at Lei Jin, his drool dripping.

Lei Jin stood there and didn’t move. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to hug him, but he was shocked by Xiya calling him Ivey’s son. Speaking of, Lei Jin quite admired his own mental fortitude. Today, not only did he find out that this was a world of werebeasts, but there was something that was also about to be revealed.

“This is your son?” Lei Jin found his voice after a while.

“En?” Ivey gave him a slightly strange look, thinking that if not his son then whose son was he? But nodded and replied with a smile: “En, this is my little black panther, Shuli.”

After getting the final confirmation, Lei Jin thought about the incidents after he met Mingya, especially the time he couldn’t move in the cave. His face was darkening like deep waters in an instant at the fact that he had his tofu eaten for so long without even knowing it. He always thought it was the little guy’s affection and coquettishness. At most, he thought it was the little guy’s estrus period and he couldn’t control himself. But after such a long time, this little guy turned out to be a werebeast after all.

At the moment when he saw the beast form of Qi Luo, he was not without doubts, but the beast form of these werebeasts were quite large and they could freely shift in and out, but the little guy looked quite a lot smaller and weaker and had never shifted into a human before, so he had subconsciously brushed it aside. He thought the little guy was simply attached to him, but it turned out that it was a werebeast coveting a female.

When Lei Jin voiced that question, Xiya had a bad feeling, little brother, eldest brother can’t help you now, so please ask God for more blessings.

Ivey felt that the atmosphere between the two was weird, and shot a look at Xiya.

Xiya shook his head with a wry smile. It was really a wave of unrest after unrest.

Shuli didn’t care about the affairs of the adults, he twisted twice in his dad’s arms, and then shifted into a chubby toddler. Using a high childish voice, he called to Lei Jin: “Beautiful female, hug Shuli.”

Aki covered his mouth with one hand and exclaimed, “Oh my God, little Shuli can actually shift?”

Lei Jin asked, “Mingya, is your little brother?”

Xiya nodded.

Lei Jin asked again: “Mingya can also become a human?”

Xiya nodded again.

A baby werebeast can shift into a human form at about three years old. If their physical condition was a bit more superior, he could even shift at about two years old. Mingya was already an adult, so naturally it was possible. It was just that the physical forms of werebeasts who have just matured were still unstable and it was good for their bodies to maintain their beast form.

Lei Jin really wanted to turn a blind eye to that chubby toddler, all drooling and dirty looking. He liked children, but it didn’t mean that he liked all children, but as soon as he turned his head, the little thing let out a “wah” and burst into tears.

Lei Jin was embarrassed by several pairs of eyes looking at him, so he could only reach out and take the child into his arms, and finally escaped after having his face drooled all over.

Xiya took out a red gem-like thing from his pocket and handed it to Ivey, swung the big bag of white powder on his shoulder, and carried the other things in his hands, leaving with Lei Jin.

Lei Jin was close so he noticed that the bag of white powder actually smelled like flour.

It was time for lunch. Although they had only wandered around a bit, Xiya decided that the two of them should go back to eat first, and then come out another time. Lei Jin was completely in no mood now, and his only thought was to go back and commit murder.

They went back on another road, and he could see a row of bamboo buildings on the edge of this tribe from a distance, with werebeasts flying back and forth patrolling.

Xiya explained with ulterior motives: “That’s the werebeasts of our tribe patrolling, because there is the Wolf Tribe living on this grassland, as well as the Tiger Tribe and Bear Tribe in the forest not far away. And these are just a few that are the nearest. As for farther away, there are countless werebeast tribes on this continent.”

Xiya’s meaning was obvious, no matter where he escaped, he could not avoid the fate of being regarded as a female, so it was better not to waste his efforts.

Because he had long seen that Lei Jin was now single-mindedly wanting to leave.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When they came home, An Sen had already cooked, and it was still barbecue meat cooked in the yard. Lei Jin smelled it before he even entered the door. He had just opened the door when Mingya pounced straight at Lei Jin, put two paws on Lei Jin’s legs, and rubbed his head against him affectionately: “Mingya’s female, where have you been? Mingya didn’t see you after getting home, Mingya missed you so much.”

Lei Jin’s fist clenched, knuckles cracking.

Xiya put a hand to his forehead, expressing that he couldn’t bear to watch any more.

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