After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 157 Birthday


With Director Xu shouting with satisfaction, the entire set fell silent at first. Immediately afterwards, there was a solitary applause from the direction of the monitor. The crowd of celebrities who stood on the sidelines also began to applaud. The staff looked at the applauding people, and then looked at Tao Mu on the rooftop, and they all joined in the fun and applauded.

Even Yan Sheng, who was playing against Tao Mu, even though he felt a little regretful in his heart, still applauded in appreciation.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

There was no other reason, it was truly that Tao Mu’s performance just now was too wonderful. Anyone with some filming experience in the industry would know that this scene would surely become one of the most classic shots in the entire film.

If he was some veteran actor with a deeper scheming side, in order to suppress the newcomer, he might discuss with the director and remake this scene in the name of having not acted well on his part. He would then continue until his performance surpassed that of the opponent, or the opponent’s performance in front of the camera no longer stole the limelight of the protagonist because of the numerous NGs having affected their originally stellar performance.

But Tao Mu’s identity was not that of an ordinary newcomer. With as a publicity tool in hand, no one would dare to play tricks on Tao Mu even if it’s just for the sake of one’s own image and reputation; secondly, Yan Sheng was not that kind of shrewd and unscrupulous character, and was not petty enough to disallow newcomers to perform better. Besides, Yan Sheng was quite satisfied with his performance just now. After all, it was a scene that broke his stagnant state and he had performed exceptionally well. Seriously, he might even owe a thanks to Tao Mu for immersing him into the scene with his extraordinary performance.

However, he originally wanted to use his acting skills to suppress Tao Mu’s screen presence, only to be taught by Tao Mu’s acting skills instead. The disparity between the expectations and the reality was such that even film king Yan couldn’t help but blush, feeling a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, the bigwigs on the sidelines did not mention this. Instead, congratulations were given to Yan Sheng on his acting skills getting a breakthrough. Wang Jinsheng sighed with some envy: “I heard from Ah Ti that Tao Mu’s acting skills were very good, and one is easily immersed into the scene. It was also very rewarding watching the two of you pitting your acting skills against each other today. It’s a pity that I have no chances to act with him in this movie.”

Wang Jinsheng played a senior police superintendent in the film, who was responsible for contacting the main lead Yan Qi. There were no scenes with Zhou Yuanting played by Tao Mu. Wang Jinsheng didn’t care about it before, but now that Fang Ruoti and Yan Sheng have achieved a lot after acting against Tao Mu, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

Shen Yu, who had been standing beside the monitor, immediately rushed to Yan Sheng’s side with a mineral water bottle in hand after he heard Director Xu shouting ‘cut’. He and Tao Mu were newcomers who entered the crew at the same time. From personal experience, Shen Yu played the leading role as soon as he debuted, and then played many leading and supporting roles in movies and TV dramas invested by the Shen Group, so he had more filming experience than Tao Mu. And when he filmed before, the directors and other actors often praised him for his potential.

So after Shen Yu entered the crew of “Black and White”, although he never thought about competing with Tao Mu. But he always felt that he would not be too bad against the other either. However, he didn’t expect the reality to be so cruel. Tao Mu, who didn’t have much filming experience at all, could have his acting skills be recognized by so many celebrities and veteran actors. Not only Fang Ruoti, the female lead, was full of praise, but even when he was acting against Yan Sheng, Tao Mu could steadily match Yan Sheng’s performance. Not only was he not overwhelmed, but he performed even more brilliantly.

It could be expected that when the crew filmed the scenes between Zhou Yuanting and Yan Yu, Shen Yu, who had immature acting skills, would definitely be crushed by Tao Mu. This was not a gap that could be filled with a little effort.

Although he said he didn’t mind, Shen Yu also had self-esteem. He didn’t want to perform too badly——Shen Yu noticed that because Tao Mu’s acting skills were better, his big brother Yan would pay more attention to Tao Mu after each scene and even ignore him in the process.

Shen Yu knew that Yan Sheng didn’t fall in love with Tao Mu because of this, but he still felt unhappy in his heart. He also wanted to be noticed by big brother Yan like this. He also wanted to be complimented by everyone.

So looking at Tao Mu who was surrounded by many people, Shen Yu pouted, walked to Xu Musen silently, and asked in a low voice, “Director Xu, is there any way I can significantly improve my acting skills in a short period of time?”

Facing Director Xu’s surprised gaze, Shen Yu said firmly, “I want to perform better. I don’t want to hold everyone back.”

Xu Musen looked at Shen Yu for a long time with scrutiny. Director Xu initially rejected this young master who was forcibly stuffed into the crew by the investors. As a professional director who had strict requirements for his works, Xu Musen did not want to be interfered too much during filming. He especially didn’t want the investors to forcibly plug people into the crew by relying on their investment power. Not to mention they had pushed a flower vase with poor acting skills and a lot of stinky problems onto him.

So Director Xu’s first impression of Shen Yu was particularly bad——who told Shen Yu to join the crew with such an image from the beginning.

However, the male protagonist was still the male protagonist, not to mention that the “Black and White” crew was part of the original plot. As everyone got to know each other more and more, even Director Xu and the rest of the crew, who had a great prejudice against Shen Yu at the beginning, slowly began to accept Shen Yu. They even felt that though Shen Yu was a little more shaky in his acting skills, his personality was purer and more delicate. He was also prone to soliloquize at length, and had a bit of a prince syndrome. Other than that, there were no major drawbacks.

The most important thing was that Shen Yu was obedient. Although his acting was immature, he had a good personality. Even though he was scolded by Director Xu forty or fifty times a day, and even when he was scolded by Director Xu to the point of crying, he never lost his temper and threw a tantrum. Instead, he continued filming after crying. Grinding his acting skills little by little until Director Xu was satisfied.

After the filming, his agent would also treat everyone to eat a meal, apologizing for slowing down the filming.

As the saying goes, after you gain benefit from someone, you will have to return the favor to that person. After several times, even though Shen Yu often delayed the progress, everyone couldn’t bear to scold him anymore. There were even some foodie-type staff secretly waiting for Shen Yu to NG. Anyway, after NG-ing they would get refreshment compensation in the future. So the situation wasn’t all that bad.

Besides, Shen Yu was not the kind of real dense wood that could not be carved. As the protagonist of the plot, Shen Yu still had his advantages. He was pretty. His facial features were extremely delicate, and his temperament was also very pure. Although his acting skills were immature, his performance had spirit. Although he could not suffer for the craft, he was very obedient. He did whatever Director Xu would say, and he was also very good at expanding on it as well.

In the previous life, Director Xu hand-picked Shen Yu to play the role of Yan Yu, and he once commented that Shen Yu was playing his true self. Although in this life, the beginning did not start out very good, the great thing about the plot halo was that it could subtly change people’s hearts.

As the number of times increased, even Xu Musen found it difficult to resist. While complaining about Shen Yu’s poor acting skills, he would spend time teaching Shen Yu how to act. In the end, he even enjoyed the pleasure of cultivating a young seedling.

So at this moment, in the face of Shen Yu taking the initiative to put forward the idea of ​​​​training, Director Xu’s heart also spontaneously bubbled with a trace of old fatherly pride. He decided to teach and refine Shen Yu well. At least ensure that the roles of Yan Yu and Zhou Yuanting would not have too serious of a disparity due to the respective acting skills of the actors——Director Xu also did not want the role of Yan Yu to completely fade into the background under the comparison of Tao Mu.

Hearing Director Xu’s promise, Shen Yu’s eyes lit up and he nodded obediently: “Don’t worry, Director Xu, I will work hard.”

On the other side of the set, Tao Mu, who had finished filming that day, was still surrounded by a group of people.

“The performance just now was amazing!” There was a night scene in the evening, so Du Ze, who had been waiting on the set, gave Tao Mu a thumbs up and said with a smile, “You’re young, you look so handsome, and your acting skills are also so good, can’t you leave some way out for us supporting actors?”

Tao Mu reached out and gave Du Ze a high five. He was also very satisfied with his performance just now.

However, he had several explosive scenes in a row today. Although neither was very outwardly emotional with screaming or crying, he needed to mobilize all of his muscles and expressions. After several hours in a row, Tao Mu was also very tired. So he didn’t stay to chat with everyone, he just wanted to quickly remove his makeup and go back to the hotel. Get a good night’s sleep.

But before Tao Mu left the rooftop, the lights on the set suddenly dimmed. Tao Mu was surrounded by a group of people so he looked around subconsciously, thinking there was a power outage. However, the neon lights of the surrounding high-rise buildings were still bright.

Could it be an accident on the set? Tao Mu frowned, and keenly noticed that since the lights went out, no one made a sound. Tao Mu was about to speak when everyone began to clap their hands and sing Happy Birthday.

Li Xiaoheng, who was supposed to be waiting for him at the hotel, was walking over while pushing a cart. On the cart was a large three-tiered cake with nineteen candles on top. And around the cake, there were also 19 delicate, small and delicious looking peaches.

Tao Mu turned his head and asked Du Ze, “What’s the date today?”

Du Ze said with a smile: “July 7th. Don’t you remember your own birthday?”

Tao Mu really didn’t remember. He had been busy filming for the past two days, so he didn’t have time to think about other things. Besides, he was abandoned by everyone in his last life, and no one remembered his birthday.

Li Xiaoheng pushed the cart in front of Tao Mu and said with a smile, “Happy birthday.”

Tao Mu was a little surprised, and also felt a little moved as looked at Li Xiaoheng. This person could always inadvertently think of all kinds of cheesy old-fashioned ways to make him happy. And the longevity peaches around the cake look like old man Song’s craftsmanship.

Tao Mu’s heart moved: “You brought the old man to Hong Kong?”

“It’s not just the old man. Uncle Yao and Uncle Qi are here as well. It’s your birthday, I wanted to give you a surprise. So I brought them to Hong Kong to celebrate your birthday.” Li Xiaoheng paused and then asked with a smile: “You don’t blame me for not telling you in advance, do you?”

“Of course not.” Tao Mu smiled and looked at Li Xiaoheng: “You also said it was a surprise.”

The interaction between the two seemed to be normal, but there was an inexplicable warmth around them that could not be described, an ambiguous feeling rippling in the air. Those who noticed it smiled in knowing. People who were not so attentive were also sighing that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng had a good personal relationship. So a capital tycoon who was worth tens of billions could actually think of celebrating his partner’s birthday. And also even carefully prepared a birthday cake as well as brought Tao Mu’s family to Hong Kong in advance to celebrate his birthday.

Being so attentive and considerate to win people’s hearts, it was no wonder his business was getting bigger and bigger.

Make a wish, blow out the candles and share the cake; the whole crew joined in the fun.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Only Shen Yu stood alone in the corner, unable to tell what he felt as he looked at Tao Mu, who was surrounded by everyone. Today was his birthday too. But the whole crew didn’t pay attention to it at all.

He still remembered that a year ago, when they were filming in H Town, the Shen family also asked for leave from the crew on this day and took him back to Shanghai for his birthday. The whole family was together and harmonious. But now…..

Shen Yu’s eyes dimmed. He also missed home.

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3 thoughts on “After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 157 Birthday”

  1. Pues si es muy triste SY, lo que pasa es que tu familia adoctiva es una familia basura.😔

    Por otro lado me alegra mucho por taotao al fin tiene alguien que lo quiera y se acuerde de él. 😊

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  2. Oh my, I am happy for our Mumu, but pitty SY so much, he is so poor :< I love that our dear author doesn't make SY a terrible bad guy, but he is still a pure, pittiful boy who is just a little silly and lost. I hope that in the future his relationship with our main bebe will improve a lot~
    Thank You for the new chapter (*’∀’人)♥

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  3. It is quite refreshing even if it’s somewhat painful to read: you don’t get the expected catharsis of the original protagonist being thwarted because he isn’t portrayed as being intentionally malicious. He’s just stupid and his brain doesn’t logic properly, but he’s not evil, so seeing him be mistreated is like watching a puppy being abused for chewing on something. But still, it’s an interesting subversion of the trope, so it’s more interesting even if you don’t get that catharsis. It makes you want a happy ending for him, even if you don’t like him. Emotions are hard.


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