After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 158 Possessed

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Even though he was very anxious to see his family, Tao Mu stayed on the set and finished the cake with everyone. The celebrities who knew in advance that Tao Mu was celebrating his birthday today handed him gifts one after another. Only Yan Sheng had been addicted to filming to the extent he couldn’t extricate himself, and had no idea that today was Tao Mu’s birthday——to be precise, he, like Tao Mu, didn’t even notice that it was July 7th. So even such an important thing as their Xiao Yu’s birthday he also forgot about it.

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Thinking of this, Yan Sheng looked left and right to find the little prince who was standing in the corner secretly nursing his hurt.

“Don’t be sad, I’ll celebrate your birthday with you after work.” Feeling a warm palm on top of his head, Shen Yu raised his head and saw Yan Sheng standing beside him with a warm smile.

Shen Yu smiled and nodded obediently: “En.”

But there was an urgent thing now, Shen Yu glanced at Tao Mu who was surrounded by the crowd, and said understandingly: “Did big brother Yan also prepare a gift for Mu Mu? I have two gifts here. I’ll lend you one for use.”

Otherwise, everyone gave gifts, but Yan Sheng didn’t. And he had also eaten the cake, how embarrassing.

Unlike Tao Mu, Shen Yu always remembered his birthday. Although there was no grand birthday party this year and the Shen family did not rush over, Shen Yu still bought two gifts in advance. One for himself and one for Tao Mu. Now that Yan Sheng was busy filming and didn’t prepare gifts, Shen Yu was going to lend the share that was meant for himself to big brother Yan first.

“But I am just lending it to you. You have to pay me back two birthday gifts later.” Shen Yu said quietly.

Yan Sheng looked at his little prince with a moved heart. Sure enough, his little prince was always so innocent, kind and considerate: “No. This is a birthday present you prepared for yourself. I forgot your birthday, it’s already a big mistake. How can I use your birthday present to please others?”

“It’s okay, big brother Yan.” Shen Yu looked at Yan Sheng lovingly: “The two of us are already together. What’s mine is yours, why do you have to draw such a clear line about it.”

“That won’t work either.” Yan Sheng held Shen Yu’s hands holding the gift, and said affectionately, “I know your intentions. But I can’t do this. Don’t worry, I will find a way.”

“Big brother Yan.” Shen Yu looked at Yan Sheng, touched.

Having timed it to come meet up with Yan Sheng after work, Zeng Yiheng, who accidentally heard this conversation, shuddered violently. He couldn’t help but interrupt the two people’s affection: “Uh, I already prepared the gift. Yan Sheng, please give it to CEO Tao as soon as possible.”

Yan Sheng turned his head, looked at his childhood friend who was standing behind him while continuously rubbing his goosebumps, and said with a warm smile, “I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

He looked at the birthday present that Zeng Yiheng was holding, and was taken aback: “Is there only one?”

Zeng Yiheng rolled his eyes secretly. He didn’t have much regard for Shen Yu at all, and of course he wouldn’t buy gifts to please Shen Yu. But in front of his good buddy, Zeng Yiheng didn’t want to evaluate Shen Yu. He could see now that Yan Sheng had fallen for Shen Yu’s spell. Whenever he encountered Shen Yu, even his style was different.

He didn’t want to quarrel with his buddy because of this. He could only casually say: “Of course you have to choose Shen Yu’s gift yourself. Why, do you still want me to help you choose a gift for him?”

Hearing what Zeng Yiheng said, Yan Sheng immediately came back to his senses. He smiled and said, “I’m wrong. Of course, the gift for Xiao Yu should be chosen by me personally.”

Shen Yu, who was originally disappointed, also felt that Zeng Yiheng’s words were correct, and immediately cheered up.

Zeng Yiheng was too lazy to pay attention to this abnormal style of his childhood friend: “Hurry up and give the gift. If you dawdle for any longer, Mr. Tao and Mr. Li will be gone.”

Yan Sheng also realized this and went to Tao Mu with the gift. Shen Yu followed behind him and gave Tao Mu the gift he had prepared: “Happy birthday.”

Tao Mu frowned: “I didn’t prepare your birthday present.”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “I know. You forgot that today was July 7th. But I still remember. It doesn’t matter. And I also bought myself a birthday present.”

Hearing Shen Yu say this, some people immediately felt sorry for Shen Yu. Of course, in addition to distress, some people felt embarrassed. Although Shen Yu and Tao Mu had the same birthday, they only knew that today was Tao Mu’s birthday, and they only prepared birthday gifts for Tao Mu. Now Shen Yu also came and gave Tao Mu a gift. He was very well-behaved and sensible, but it made everyone look snobby and stuck-up in comparison.

Someone laughed immediately: “So today is also Shen Yu’s birthday. Why didn’t you tell us in advance. You see, we didn’t even know, and we didn’t prepare a gift for you.”

Shen Yu glanced at Tao Mu, and said with a docile expression, “Everyone has been working very hard normally, I didn’t want to make such a fuss and trouble everyone to celebrate my birthday.”

Now these words made it even more impossible for people to respond to. The group of people subconsciously looked at Tao Mu, who was “making such a fuss and troubling everyone to celebrate his birthday”. The originally lively studio slowly quieted down.

Fang Ruoti sneered. She didn’t know if this little brain-dead idiot said this on purpose, or if it was really unintentional. No wonder Tao Mu had known him for so long, yet the relationship between the two was not as familiar as Tao Mu and the rest of crew.

Li Xiaoheng glanced at Shen Yu expressionlessly, took out his mobile phone and sent a text message.

A few minutes later, Li Xiaoheng’s assistant Jiang Zhe walked into the studio with a bag printed with the brand of a famous Swiss watch. Li Xiaoheng stuffed the gift to Shen Yu, and explained indifferently: “Tao Mu’s return gift, please accept it.”

Shen Yu accepted the gift, feeling muddled. He was not clear why the originally lively studio suddenly became quiet. He didn’t even understand why everyone looked at him with such weird eyes.

Li Xiaoheng patted Tao Mu on the shoulder and said to Director Xu, “For Tao Mu’s birthday, I ordered a few tables of dishes at the hotel, which will be delivered to the crew later. Thank you for helping me celebrate Tao Mu’s birthday.”

Director Xu looked at Li Xiaoheng, who specially said these words. He had long known that Li Xiaoheng valued Tao Mu as a partner. But he didn’t expect that Li Xiaoheng would actually value Tao Mu so much. With Li Xiaoheng’s net worth and status, he would actually take things so solemnly. It was clear that he did not want Tao Mu to bear even a single word of grievance.

Everyone saw it in their eyes and understood it in their hearts.

Xu Musen smiled and said, “Mr. Li is to polite. It is also everyone’s fate that Tao Mu could celebrate his birthday in our crew. The filming is really hard, and everyone is very happy to have the opportunity to relax.”

Li Xiaoheng nodded, and threw an arm over Tao Mu’s shoulders, looking like good buddies: “It’s getting late. Tao Mu’s family is still waiting for us to go back at the hotel. We’ll be going first.”

“I wish you all a good time.” Director Xu said with a smile. Before leaving, he did not forget to wish Tao Mu a happy birthday again.

Shen Yu held the gift that Li Xiaoheng gave him, and looked pitifully at the back of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng leaving together, turned his head and asked Yan Sheng: “Big brother Yan, did I say something wrong again?”

Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. In Yan Sheng’s eyes, no matter what Shen Yu did, he was just too innocent and straightforward, pure and unpretentious. Of course he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Shen Yu.

Zeng Yiheng watched coldly, and shook his head, feeling more and more frustrated. He felt that Yan Sheng was definitely bewitched by Shen Yu. The current film king Yan, where was any of his previous practical nature that day when he said he would keep a distance from Shen Yu.

Now, his heart and eyes were completely full of that innocent and unpretentious idiot!

Zeng Yiheng couldn’t bear to look directly, and at a glance he saw Fang Ruoti who was looking at Shen Yu and Yan Sheng thoughtfully. Unconsciously, he sidled over and asked, “Why does Miss Fang look at Ah Sheng like this, do you think something is wrong?”

“I think your best actor seems to be possessed.” Fang Ruoti had cooperated with Yan Sheng twice. Their personal relationship could also be considered good. Her character was upright, and even in the entertainment industry, she was the type who dared to say what was on her mind. Towards a matter like speaking ill of Zeng Yiheng’s artist in front of him, she wouldn’t have the slightest scruples: “You’d better find a master to give him an exorcism.”

Fang Ruoti even suspected that it was Shen Yu who bewitched Yan Sheng. Otherwise, how could it be explained that a shrewd person like Yan Sheng, every time he encountered something regarding Shen Yu, he would start acting muddleheaded. In fact, she was not the only one who thought so. At least Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming, who had been training at the police academy with Tao Mu and Shen Yu for a while, had similar thoughts. However, their friendship with Yan Sheng was just average. And there was even less contact with Shen Yu. Besides, things like cursed talismans and voodoo practices were also very common in the entertainment industry.

Wang Jinsheng and Luo Daming didn’t want to offend people for nothing, and besides, male stars would never appear too gossipy in front of outsiders. But Fang Ruoti had cooperated with Yan Sheng several times, and they also have some personal friendship. She didn’t want to watch Yan Sheng sink into a mud pit inexplicably which was why she even made so many reminders.

If the person in question did not appreciate it, it was likely that they would even misunderstand her for having ill intentions and being jealous of the good relationship of the young couple.

Of course, Zeng Yiheng was very appreciative. He smiled at Fang Ruoti and asked in a low voice, “I’m not familiar with people in Hong Kong. I wonder if Miss Fang can introduce me to a good master?”

Fang Ruoti paused and said, “The incense in Wong Tai Sin Temple is very effective. Before Tao Mu went to Wong Tai Sin Temple to ask for a fortune, he also asked for a heart-clearing mantra and a talisman to ward off evil spirits. The Daoist priest there is also very powerful.”

While talking, Yan Sheng walked over with Shen Yu and asked with a smile, “What are you two talking about?”

Zeng Yiheng just wanted to say a few perfunctory words to brush it off, when he heard Fang Ruoti reply very bluntly: “We’re discussing the incense effect of which temple in Hong Kong is the best. Mr. Zeng wants to take you to burn incense to exorcise evil spirits.”

“Take me for an exorcism?” Yan Sheng was a little stunned, but also a little amused: “You two think I am possessed?”

Before anyone could speak, Yan Sheng replied to himself, “Maybe. I’m possessed by love.”

As Yan Sheng spoke, he looked at Shen Yu with affection. Shen Yu also stared into Yan Sheng’s eyes with a moved expression.

Disgusted by this unexpectedly pink atmosphere. Fang Ruoti patted her chest speechlessly, and forcibly suppressed the tumultuous roiling in her stomach. She decided to stay farther away from the two of them. Tao Mu’s birthday banquet hadn’t been delivered yet. She had given her gift, and she wanted to eat two more bites later. So she must not have her appetite be spoiled by the stickiness of these two.

After Fang Ruoti walked away, Zeng Yiheng also watched his childhood friend speechlessly, unable to find any words. He felt that Yan Sheng was clearly giving up on himself and didn’t want to take any medicine. To say such ambiguous and disgusting words in front of outsiders.

“You don’t really want to make your relationship public, do you?” Zeng Yiheng reminded with exasperation: “Don’t forget, you are still on the rise in your career track. The entertainment industry is not very accepting of homosexuality. Especially the mainland entertainment industry. If you are not afraid that there will be no filming jobs after the relationship is exposed, you can go ahead and reveal it casually.”

Although Yan Sheng was turned into a sappy fool from the plot halo radiation, he still cared a lot about his career. Immediately, under the reminder of his childhood friend, he restrained himself again.

Shen Yu’s mind was still immersed in the matter of his birthday, and he didn’t think anything was wrong. Mainly because of Shen Yu’s brain capacity, he couldn’t think too much. All he could think about now was his birthday today. Even an orphan like Tao Mu had his adoptive parents and grandfather travel thousands of miles to celebrate his birthday. He obviously also had so many family and friends, but in the end he was all alone on his birthday.

Unwilling to accept this, Shen Yu took out his phone and called Shen Yan, crying and complaining to his sister about his grief.

On the other side of the phone, Shen Yan had been through quite a lot of hard work recently and was now finally welcoming the sweetness after the bitterness. Back then, Father Shen and Shen Chen were not satisfied that her words and deeds smeared the Shen family, and add their anger at her for ruining the business plan of the Shen family caused them to freeze Shen Yan’s bank cards and forced her to go out to find a job to experience the sufferings of the world.

At the beginning, Shen Yan regarded herself very highly, and directly applied for some positions as general manager or department manager because she was the eldest young lady of the Shen family. Those companies valued Shen Yan’s background, and even agreed. As a result, Shen Yan’s snobby attitude in combination to having no help from the Shen family led to her revealing all her shortcomings in less than a month. In the end, she was either fired, or the eldest young lady herself lost her temper and quit her job after two days. When she was at her most destitute, she couldn’t even eat three full meals a day.

It was Mrs. Shen, who was worried about her daughter, sent someone to watch her, and secretly helped her a few times. In this way Shen Yan managed to survive. In the end, she joined her current company by accident and met her new boyfriend.

“I’ll take a leave now and fly to Hong Kong to make up for your birthday.” Shen Yan coaxed her little brother on the phone: “Sister had been too busy recently. I didn’t mean to ignore our baby. Don’t worry, I’ll take my boyfriend, your future brother-in-law, to Hong Kong to see you. Tomorrow we will also go to the crew to visit you. We’ll show everyone.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu, that orphan with no father and no mother, dared to steal the limelight from their Xiao Yu in such a matter. Don’t think that Xiao Yu was not part of the Shen family after being driven out of the Shen family mansion. He was still her, Shen Yan’s, little brother, the adopted son of their Shen family.

If Tao Mu wanted to bully Shen Yu, then he must first ask whether she, as the older sister, agreed!

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  1. Yes celebrate my mumu. He’s the best and deserves love 🥳. I don’t hate shen yu. But I greatly dislike him. I really can’t help it the way his character is written is so frustrating. He opens his mouth without thinking and says the stupidest shit ever. I don’t even blame shen yan and their mother for behaving stupidly, shen yu is really a disaster 😑. Happy birthday to him though.

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  2. [“making such a fuss and troubling everyone to celebrate his birthday”.]
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  3. “Yan Sheng replied to himself, “Maybe. I’m possessed by love.”” 🤢🤢🤢 I got nauseous too, ngl.
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