His Majesty And Ministers CH 04 Gu Gongzi’s Ponderings

Ye Mao once again took on the important responsibility of escorting the future imperial consort home.

He really didn’t understand, the night was so deep and his face was so red, yet the emperor actually sent him out. Take him away! Throw him on the bed! Press down!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Wasn’t spending a harmonious night a pleasant thing?

“Ye Gonggong.” Feng Ling suddenly said, “His Majesty…..what was he like in the past?”

Ye Mao raised his eyebrows: “Like what the officials said.”

“Is that so?” Feng Ling sighed lightly, “If His Majesty was like what this official sees now, would so many common people still suffer?”

Ye Mao turned his face away: “There is no need to talk about the past, Lord Feng, please assist His Majesty with all your heart.”

“Of course.”

Inside Yiyuan Hall.

Lin Xiaosheng picked up another account book, flicked it, and opened it to take a closer look.

His book attendant Mo Yan brought a bowl of strange ice-blue liquid: “Gongzi, it’s time to drink the medicine.”

“I drank for so many years, but I don’t see it ever having any use.” Lin Xiaosheng put down the account book in his hand, and rubbed the corners of his eyes with his fingertips.

“Gongzi, don’t say that.” Mo Yan took out a small sachet from the cabinet, opened it, and picked out a small round dried fruit wrapped in gold paper, “If it wasn’t for this thing, how could Gongzi end up in the palace?”

After the dried fruit slid into the blue liquid, it seemed to be suddenly given life, gradually stretched, bloomed, and turned into a beautiful ice-blue flower.

Lin Xiaosheng watched quietly, and suddenly said, “I heard that our little majesty is going to summon Elder Gu to return to court?”

“Very so, I wonder what this incapable ruler is thinking of this time.”

“Heh.” Lin Xiaosheng smiled, “Allocating money to the southwest, what a big gesture.”

Jing Ye sat on the brocade couch and looked through the memorials. After a long time, he felt dizzy. It was really not easy to be the emperor.

“Your Majesty, please rest.” Ye Mao bent over, “If Your Majesty wakes up and wants something, this servant will be outside.”


Jing Ye turned around and stepped onto the platform, opened the curtains and went to bed.

Seeing this, Ye Mao blew out the lights outside the curtains, and quietly retreated out.

A good night’s sleep.

The next few days were miserable for Jing Ye.

F**k, I finally know why a good emperor would die of exhaustion!

Everyday getting up at 5:00 in the morning!

Everyday approving memorials until late into the night!

Everyday discussing government affairs in court until lunch was missed!

Especially when in front of a group of officials who were as timid as quails, one had to use a smile like a spring breeze, witty and interesting language and powerful restraint and patience, like those mommy teachers in kindergarten to encourage them to open mouths that seemed as if they had never once opened since the Big Bang.

Some officials who have been scared into peeing in their pants, even if they opened their mouths, they would only say “What Your Majesty said is very true” or “What Your Majesty said is very true indeed” or “What Your Majesty said is very…..very, very true indeed”.

F**k, do you dare to speak human! If not I’ll have you dragged out in front of a firing squad, believe it or not!

Jing Ye couldn’t vent his anger, so he would flip the table in the imperial study every day.

Three days later, for once there were few memorials on this day, and after it was completely dark, Jing Ye walked out of the imperial study with billowing dark clouds over his head.

“Ye Mao, Zhen will not be staying in the imperial study room today, go back to the palace.”

“Your Majesty…..”

“Your Majesty.”

A clear male voice sounded.

Jing Ye was startled and raised his head.

The young man in front of him had long eyebrows on his temples, eyes like black lacquer, and a little cinnabar beauty mark on his forehead that did not add feminine beauty, but instead conveyed the meaning of Buddha. This pure and aloof appearance was really like a god or Buddha who was compassionate to the world.

Made one want to pull him off his divine pedestal.

Jing Ye tried his best to hide his bobbing throat which was currently swallowing drool: “Gu Qing.”

Gu Hong raised his eyebrows and smiled: “This subject has doubts in my heart, this subject begs Your Majesty to clear them up.”

“This…..” Jing Ye couldn’t help but smile as well, “Then Gu Qing can follow Zhen, and we shall talk while walking.”


The weather was fine that day, and in the evening, the sky was full of stars. The two walked side by side on the palace road.

“What this subject wants to ask is His Majesty yourself.”

“Ah?” Jing Ye was stunned, he didn’t expect him to be so direct.

“This subject wants to ask Your Majesty.” Gu Hong turned his head, “Why did Your Majesty’s temperament change so much?”

Jing Ye was speechless.

Gu Hong suddenly stopped walking.

Jing Ye: “Hai, Gu Qing, I’m afraid Zhen can’t…..mmph?!”

Ye Mao and the palace servants tacitly stepped back five feet.

Jing Ye immediately closed his mouth tightly, so Gu Hong stretched out his hand and pinched Jing Ye’s waist. The latter gasped, and Gu Hong took the opportunity to dive in, finding and intertwining their tongues.

There were tears in Jing Ye’s eyes: Big brother, you are really ruthless.

“Mmph, mmph…..”

Kissing was one of the most intimate gestures in the world. Two people blending each other’s breaths, exchanging saliva, and entrusting the softest place to each other.

Jing Ye was dizzy for a long time before he finally woke up from the snare of the beauty. At this time, their lips and tongues had long been separated. Gu Hong was rubbing against his cheek, licking and kissing the saliva trailing down from his lips, and also had his hand on his waist.

“Uhh…..” Jing Ye shed tears for his low integrity, he was actually reluctant to part from the other! Was it because he had been abstinent for too long?!

Gu Hong let go of him slightly and asked in a hoarse voice, “Your Majesty?”

Jing Ye suddenly pinched his chin.

Gu Hong: “?”

“Why do you get to take the lead.” Jing Ye panted angrily and stretched out his hand to wrap around the other’s waist. “Again.”

After returning to the palace, Ye Mao gently summoned the palace servants to serve the meal. After the meal, he gently served the emperor in bathing and changing clothes.

Because the icy aura emitting from the emperor had almost enveloped the entire Ping An Palace.

What was there to be irritated about. Ye Mao sighed while serving, just because Your Majesty was molested for a little bit, but it was you who snatched people into the palace and reveled every night. Besides, didn’t you also kiss back?

Jing Ye gritted his teeth angrily, why was his initial reaction so weak! To be overwhelmed by another man’s aura, as a man, he couldn’t accept that!

Both master and servant fell asleep with their own thoughts.

The next day, after attending morning assembly, which made his life shorter by ten years and after a noon nap, Jing Ye sat in the imperial study and began to approve the memorials.

After an hour, someone suddenly knocked twice outside the door.

Jing Ye didn’t raise his head: “Didn’t Zhen tell you to guard outside?”

“Your Majesty.” The person outside chuckled, “It’s this subject.”

Jing Ye’s right hand shook, and the brush left a bright red mark on the approved memorial. He froze, but he still held the brush and added at the end of the memorial:

“This was made by accident on Zhen’s desk, in case you would be afraid, Zhen specially left a note.”

Zhen didn’t hear anything!

There was silence outside for a while, and then there was a creak, and the door was pushed open.

Gu Hong was dressed in moon-white robes, appearing tall and slender like a jade tree, and his eyebrows were slightly curved: “Your Majesty.”

“Why did qing come here?” Jing Ye pulled up a smile, “Zhen will talk with you after Zhen has finished approving the memorials.”

“Your Majesty is troubled by state affairs, so this subject is here to accompany you.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

Gu Hong stepped into the study, put down the tea cups in his hand, placed one in front of Jing Ye and the other on the small table on the emperor’s left side, then took out a miscellaneous book from the bookshelf in the room, and sat down to flip through it.

Jing Ye: “…..”

After a fierce inner struggle, he finally kept a hold on his integrity, concentrated his mind and then continued approving memorials.

The room was quiet, only the sound of pages being flipped from time to time could be heard.

Gu Hong turned over another page with his eyes down. Suddenly, he raised his head silently, and looked at the emperor who was writing at his desk.

In the past, those eyes, no matter how beautiful they were, were always murky. Unlike now, they could actually reflect your appearance when they look at you. The edges of his eyes were slanted high, once revealed viciousness and violence, unlike now, which were as warm as spring water.

A few days ago, he asked Lu Baizang, why was he so sure that the emperor had changed? The man stroked the corners of his mouth and smiled like a rogue in the marketplace.


In the end he closed the book and put it on the small table, knocked over the teacup on the side of the table, causing it to hit the ground with a “bang”, porcelain shards and tea water splashing everywhere.

Jing Ye’s wrist shook again, and there was another red mark with a beautiful arc.


“This subject has disturbed Your Majesty, this subject is guilty.” Gu Hong stood up and bowed.

Jing Ye was speechless, twice…..Qing, why are you not staying in your palace and finding a way to escape, and instead running over here to draw attention to your presence in front of this lecherous tyrant with a criminal record! Do you want to be the empress and save the people of this world that badly! If this is the case, I will call Lord Feng over, and you can both play happily together, dammit! @#¥%! ! ! ! !…..&×…..

Jing Ye was too preoccupied with remaining expressionless while cursing in his heart, completely forgetting that the person was still standing there looking at him. When Ye Mao outside the study room heard the sounds, he was immediately energized!

Are you finally going to make a move, Your Majesty?

But why is it still in the imperial study!

In the study, Gu Hong saw that he was just staring at the memorial without moving, so he smiled and leaned down to pick up the shards.

Jing Ye finally came to his senses: “Wait, you don’t have to…..”

But it was too late. After Gu Hong picked up three or four pieces, he was finally cut by a sharp porcelain shard. The wound seemed to be deep, and blood was flowing out, streaking down jade white fingers and creating a shocking visual impact.

Jing Ye was embarrassed by this spray of dog blood drama out of nowhere. He let out a sympathetic kiss of pain, and shouted loudly: “Ye Mao!”

“Ai, Your Majesty…..” Ye Gonggong arrived fashionably late, and when he came in, he realized that it was not what he thought at all, “This, Gu Gongzi…..”

“Scissors, clear water, and silk cloth.” Jing Ye didn’t bother to scold him: “Where’s the medicine?”

“Ai, ai, yes.” Ye Mao hurriedly entered the room and quickly brought it all as ordered by Jing Ye.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Gu Hong watched him use scissors to cut two pieces of silk cloth, one of which was soaked in water to clean the wound on his hand, and then lightly tapped the bottle mouth to sprinkle medicinal powder over the wound, and then wrapped the other piece of silk carefully around his finger.

Jing Ye looked up at him, thought about it and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Gu Hong suddenly felt that these opening and closing lips looked quite delicious.

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