Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 056 The Past And Former Happenings, Are All Smoke And Clouds

A huge sea ship docked into the port, and the silver ship bell rang crisply and melodiously.

The hull was slender, the outside like a tortoise shell, and strange dark lines loomed in and out of sight, almost filling the vacancy of the entire port, and everyone who came down from the ship was actually a cultivator.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Dressed in black robes, the hems embroidered with different patterns denoting various mountain peaks, all of them appeared full of youth and spirit.

“Hey, there’s a Flying Peak, what a coincidence, it’s the day for the Dragon and Phoenix Selection.”

“That’s perfect, we don’t have to fly back, just hitch a ride on the Flying Peak.”

“This is the Flying Peak that sends back the disciples from the outer sect. The speed is so slow that we might as well fly ourselves. After flying back on it, the flowers will already be in bloom.”

“What are you afraid of, we have so many goods this time, why not deal with some worthless ones first, otherwise it will cost a lot of money to hire a few more cloud turtles to transport them all back.”

“That’s right, and the tax money that was promised to the Yan Kingdom’s monarch before. The sea clans under him have helped us a lot over the past days.”

The cultivators on the ship walked to the shore while discussing, in twos and threes, some went to a tea house, some went to a restaurant, some went to the palace, meandering skillfully through the crowds like a dragon entering the sea.

And many people on the shore who looked shrewd at first glance almost rushed towards the huge sea ship, and only more came after, almost filling the road to the port.

“What kind of ship is this?” Feng Qingxiu asked the mermaid who was trying to sell sea corals to him.

“This is a sea expedition ship.” The beautiful mermaid glanced at the big ship with admiration and envy, “The ship is made by the King of Da Yan, who spent a hundred years of domestic savings, and was reinforced by the great immortals on Kun-Lai Mountain. Every forty years it will go out to sea, traveling to the various countries surrounding the Southern Sea, stopping at the Southern Continent, the Eastern Continent, and even the Northern Continent, to exchange for all kinds of treasures. The things they bring every year are good and cheap, but unfortunately I am not qualified to go up the ship.”

“So it is like this.” Feng Qingxiu walked up with the equally curious Shizun.

As he expected, Kun-Lai disciples did not need any qualifications.

“Not lacking even compared to a luxury cruise ship.” Ji Yunlai looked at the people coming and going on the deck and was a little impressed.

On the huge deck, all kinds of goods and garbage were piled up there, surrounded by a bunch of people everywhere, bidding higher than the next, and the sound of buying filled the ears.

Before Feng Qingxiu came back to his senses, he was almost squeezed out of the deck, but fortunately an octopus guard stopped him.

“How could Kun-Lai guests see this kind of street stall goods? The lower floors are where the good things are.” The octopus brother stretched out a tentacle and pointed to the entrance of the stairs blocked by guards, “This year we went the farthest to the Northern Sea and exchanged a lot of ice crystals, earthsea spiritual water, ancient coral core…..almost hollowed out the sea clans over there…..”

“Those things are all over the Northern Sea, alright,” a human guard next to him sneered, “A few rolls of siren muslin and you can exchange a pile.”

“Can your long-distance cloud turtles reach the Northern Sea?” The octopus gave him a cold look, “Our ship’s speed can give even the tuna a run for its money, and even so, it took more than 20 years to reach the Northern Sea. Do you think the humans and sea clans in the Northern Sea are stupid? Who else could they trade with except Kun-Lai?”

Then he said to Feng Qingxiu: “This time, us Haijing cultivators propose to add an expedition ship. Remember to support us in Kun-Lai, and we will give a 20% discount for each supporter.”

Feng Qingxiu: “…..”

Ji Yunlai was dumbfounded for a while, these spiritual sea demons were quite the talents, even skilled in canvassing for votes.

They wandered around at random, but neither of them bought anything because they didn’t need it.

So they left.

The matters that followed were all left to the Flying Peak. Haijing’s household registration was extremely strict, but it still couldn’t stop many people who wanted to pay for another’s identity. The rights and wrongs could practically fill a book.

Fortunately, everyone had experience, and the little bit of trouble was easily taken care of.

Nothing major happened.

Not long after, the Dragon and Phoenix Selection was successfully completed, and the Flying Peak began to fly back to Kun-Lai with the new batch of students it received.

After stepping on the main peak of Kun-Lai, Feng Qingxiu’s jade figure turned into just a normal white jade carving, as if it had never been able to move before.

Feng Qingxiu couldn’t help but started to carve a lot more, of different sizes and shapes. He also used paint to color. At the beginning, the color was not very good, but he seemed to be very artistically talented and it soon began to improve.

When he returned to Zhaoyue Peak, when he saw the solitary figure of Shizun who was as aloof as the moon, he felt as if they had been a world apart for a while.

In the past few months, although Shizun was by his side, when he saw him again, he realized that he still missed the other, and wanted very much to throw himself into his arms…..

“Then come.” ​​The willful Shizun said.

Feng Qingxiu blushed instantly, not knowing why his words that were barely audible ended up being heard by Shizun.

Shizun just smiled slightly, looked at his embarrassed disciple, and stepped forward to give him a hug.

“Did Xiao Qing have a good time?” Shizun’s embrace was so warm that Feng Qingxiu was in a trance for a while, and could hardly hear what the other said.

“What a dummy.” Shizun chuckled lightly, letting his disciple hug him tight.


Under Zhaoyue Peak, a bird that saw Feng Qingxiu coming back called out three times.

Not long after, someone came over and delivered a large package of dried rat meat and cloud melon seeds, a young man who had always chatted well with them.

“Qiu Gongzi, I heard that an expedition is going to start?” Black Snake swallowed a rat and asked the elegant young man sitting under the pine tree drinking tea.

The boy’s black hair was slightly curly, and his facial features were very good-looking, clean and gentle.

“Yeah, once every 12 years, Kun-Lai started preparations a year ago.” The blue-robed boy said slowly, his voice was like a spring water trickling out, and it was very comfortable to listen to.

“I heard that this time you will be going to the Qingqiu Region?” Black Snake asked.

“Yes, there are seven routes in the Western Continent expedition, and each expedition will go to a different place.” Qiu Yuansheng smiled, “The Sect Leader said that we must give a place time to recuperate, only then will there be a greater harvest, so this time it is the Qingqiu Region bordering the Western Continent on the north.”

The Qingqiu Region was the sphere of influence of the Celestial Fox clan, and it was also the place where the nearby spiritual demon clans had the weakest power. Back then, during the Daxuan Expedition, both sides used a lot of sinister techniques, which caused evil and miasma to flourish there, and it was difficult for non-venomous creatures to survive, but so long as you go over, there was still a small half of Qingqiu Region left. There was also the Wu Region to the north, all of which would yield much harvest. This expedition was to follow this route.

“We can participate too, right?” Black Snake asked.

“Of course, our Kun-Lai expedition is a major event for the human race. Every year, there are humans and spiritual demons from all continents and regions participating. Of course, it is expensive to buy a spot on a Flying Peak. This must be made clear.” Qiu Yuansheng said softly, ” Otherwise, it will be embarrassing to be left behind as a one-way trip passenger.”

“No problem,” Black Snake touched his pocket with a complicated expression, “I just want to have a look. Back then, when Daxuan led an expedition to Qingqiu, I was the commander.”

The young man was stunned for a moment, and his gaze when looking at the other was filled with unclear emotions: “You don’t look like it but I see that you were in a high position back then.”

“Back then, Nightingale and I were the twelfth and thirteenth princes of Daxuan, and our fief was the Western Continent.” Black Snake sighed.

“Eh, so it seems that if we look at it from the laws of Daxuan, the Western Continent and Kun-Lai are yours.” The young man joked, “Would you like to ask it back from the Sect Leader?”

“No no no~~~ Daxuan is already nonexistent~~” Black Snake snorted coldly, “So Daxuan’s law is just a piece of shit, I am very self-aware, and my biggest dream at present is to be a history tutor + antiquities expert~”

“You never thought about reestablishing the country?” the boy asked.

“The fortune of the country is gone~~ How could I restore the country.” Black Snake paused, “If it was the Great Priest, there might still be a possibility.”

“You don’t seem to hate him at all.” The boy named Qiu Yuansheng asked tentatively.

“I still hate him a bit, but I hate the Celestial Fox Su Wan even more.” Black Snake nibbled away a rat in a melancholy way, “In the past  the Great Priest was a very good person.”

“That’s right, at that time, the Great Priest was in charge of Daxuan’s national fortune and the Three Lives Three Worlds Codex. He was gentle and self-disciplined, and never committed a wrong. He taught us royal children with great care. We were all taught by him, including His Majesty. Most of the twelve Human Immortals were his students.” Nightingale interjected, “If it wasn’t for His Majesty’s actions, there might still have been hope for Daxuan.”

“What did he do?” Qiu Yuansheng asked.

“His Majesty already had many concubines and consorts who gave birth to many princes. I don’t know why, but he suddenly became interested in the Great Priest,” Black Snake recalled, “But the Great Priest was noble and powerful, and it was normal to be attracted to him. Back then, the Great Priest rejected His Majesty more than once. And even beat him up to the point he couldn’t show up in public more than once.”

“But there is a stubbornness to not admit defeat in the blood of the Daxuan royal family. His Majesty spent hundreds of years, getting in many dangerous situations, in order to win over the Great Priest,” Nightingale recalled, “At that time, almost the whole nation was against it. But I remember that His Majesty said in front of the world in the great hall of the palace, ‘So what if I like him!’, and I was so shocked.”

“Me too.” Black Snake flicked his tail, “Later the Great Priest was finally willing to accept him. It would have been a good story.”

“But after His Majesty succeeded, their ideas began to conflict. The Great Priest strongly opposed taking the fortune of the human race to accumulate enough 12 Human Immortals. He said that once the fortune backlashed, Daxuan’s existence won’t be guaranteed, and it would definitely bring great disaster to the human race. He suggested instead to clean up and manage the government, and those who occupied the fortune of the country should release it, allowing it to return to the human race. Although it takes a long time, it was better to be safe,” Nightingale added, “But at that time, there were too many nobles in Daxuan, and the national fortune was only so much. Most of the people supported expeditions to foreign territories, so long as the empire occupied more territory, there would be endless national fortune.”

“The empress and nobles supported the emperor, and the Great Priest stood practically by himself. The emperor wouldn’t listen to his words, and not only became cold to him, but also repeatedly complained in front of us how extremely boring he was,” Black Snake sighed, “At that time, we felt injustice for the Great Priest, but unfortunately, almost all of Daxuan’s combat power was caught in the battlefields in the Outlands, and couldn’t help him at all.”

“Afterwards, the Celestial Fox Great Sage Su Wan came,” Nightingale said resentfully, “It was me and Black Snake who destroyed the Qingqiu Kingdom, and it was me who also left a note identifying myself as the killer of her family. And that she was welcome to improve her cultivation and come back for revenge~~~ so that she won’t find the wrong person, but I didn’t expect that fox to directly possess Lady Shu Wan’er and enter the palace!”

“As soon as that ten thousand year old fox demon made her move, His Majesty was completely bewitched and fascinated,” Black Snake said angrily, “In the palace she tried all means to incite enmity between the Great Priest and the empress, and even tempted His Majesty to fan the flames of war even more, causing those lone Great Sages to all join in. The war lasted for a hundred years, and the human race was also plagued by plagues, and people everywhere were struggling to survive.”

“The Great Priest couldn’t do anything about it. The Daxuan government he managed had problems everywhere, so he proposed that the Human Immortals reincarnate and bring back some of the country’s fortune,” Nightingale added, “he thought that with a few less Human Immortals, the expedition could basically be regarded as a failure and Daxuan would then retreat back to the human race, and slowly recuperate.”

“What I didn’t expect was that as soon as his suggestion came out, His Majesty actually said that since the Human Immortals must die, then the Great Priest should lead by example!”

“When the poisonous wine was brought up, the Great Priest laughed, raised his hand and killed His Majesty——” Black Snake said painfully.

“Good job!” Qiu Yuansheng exclaimed involuntarily, and then realized that he had lost his composure and coughed lightly, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, it should be, um, the tiger hasn’t shown his power for a long time so…..the emperor thought he was flirting with a house cat? He not just provoked a tiger, he even backhanded the tiger…..”

“Who said it wasn’t so? Later, he directly destroyed the Three Lives Three Worlds Codex, saying that it was originally something to steal the fortune of the human race, and it should have been destroyed long ago,” Black Snake whispered, “So we failed in reincarnation and became spiritual demons. We can no longer have access to the fortune of the human race, let alone say anything about restoring the empire.”

“So we will work hard and go to see Qingqiu Kingdom. If possible, we want to take Su Wan down with us.” Black Snake almost cried when he talked about the past, “Back then when the fortune backlashed, although Nightingale and I were Human Immortals, but we were originally fake Human Immortals created by the accumulation of the fortune, so we were seriously injured on the spot, died, and even our souls almost didn’t escape.”

“I can’t sympathize with you, but if you’re going, I can give you a discount on the cost of medicinal pills on the way.” The young man comforted them, “If you don’t have money, you can put it on the tab.”

“That’s so kind of you…..”


When Qiu Yuansheng returned to Danding Peak, he was surrounded to the point of being unable to move a single step, but he skillfully summoned his junior brothers. As one of the Kun-Lai Seven Elites, he had many subordinates.

Very soon he returned to his room.

After being silent for a long time, he still couldn’t help but light an incense stick.

The smoke was swirling, and there seemed to be a faint sound.

The young man knelt in the quiet room and said softly, “Priest, I’m a little reluctant.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“…..” Another sound echoed back.

“You have no conflict with him. Don’t you want him to know something? Actually, I already guessed it.”


“I’m the only spy that managed to stay in Kun-Lai who hasn’t been eliminated by the exams while in the outer sect. Of course, I can complete the task, but if I complete the task,” the boy squeezed his fingers in distress, “the Net will be disconnected when he leaves Kun-Lai!”

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