These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 025 Teach A Lesson

Lei Jin’s fists clenched and tightened until his nails dug into his palms, and only then did he resist the urge to kick this little guy who was still glomped around his legs.

Mingya naturally didn’t know that Lei Jin wanted to skin his fur at this moment, and he just blinked his big blue eyes with anticipation, lifted his two front paws and waited for Lei Jin to pick him up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all, it was his own kid brother, and Xiya didn’t want to see the other die without even knowing the reason. He had the heart to alert him, unfortunately, his eyes were almost cramping but his little brother only looked at him blankly in response.

But Lei Jin noticed and threw sharp eye daggers at Xiya.

Xiya immediately put on a big bright smile, his violet eyes glittering as if sunlight reflected within, and he said, “Hehe…’s weather is really good, en, it’s really good indeed.”

Seeing Roger’s figure appear in the kitchen, Xiya quickly ran over with the things slung over his shoulder, and shouted from a distance, “Papa, I bought you some snacks.”

Disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this, Lei Jin snorted coldly.

An Sen came out of the room and saw that Mingya and Lei Jin were still at the doorway, so he asked naturally, “Why aren’t you coming in? Wash your hands, we’ll be eating soon.” He already regarded Lei Jin as part of his own family.

Lei Jin bent over, patted Mingya’s head, gave him a cold smile, and said in his heart: Seeing that your family members are here, I’ll let you go for the time being, as it’s not too late to deal with you after going back to the room after dinner.

Mingya was taken aback.

The several people sat together, and An Sen distributed the roasted meat to everyone’s plate.

Lei Jin looked at the oily grilled meat on the plate, and his brows furrowed. But he still reached out and grabbed it, bringing it to his mouth.

Xiya took out the snacks he bought today, and naturally the few werebeasts didn’t even spare a look.

Roger picked up a few cakes and handed them to Lei Jin, saying with a smile, “It’s not anything valuable, it’s all made from the fruit picked from the trees, so have a taste. Maybe when you live on your own, you can also try making some, after all these werebeasts eat meat every day, it’s really unbearable. I don’t know anything about cooking, otherwise I’d be happy to cook something myself.”

Although Lei Jin refused, when he heard Roger’s words and thought about it, if he really couldn’t go back and had to live here, he really did need to learn more skills. Eating meat every day was not a solution, so at least the problem of diet must be solved first.

Lei Jin tasted one, and the taste was very mild, with only a hint of sweetness. It was more like a steamed bun than a cake, but it was much looser than a steamed bun, and it flaked in the mouth when bitten.

“This is made from a kind of dough fruit in the forest. Ripe dough fruit can grow to the size of a basketball, and once you pick it, put it in under the sun, cut it with a knife, and it’s full of white flour inside. Then all you have to do is mix it with wild honey, put it in a pot and steam it.”

While explaining, Roger handed some more to Lei Jin, and soon the two packets of snack cakes were eaten by the two of them.

Xiya gave Ah Ma a look of admiration in private, in the end only Ah Ma had the solution.

Roger smiled bitterly. Like Lei Jin back then, he thought that if he learned more skills, even if he couldn’t go back, he would be able to be self-reliant in this world without relying on others. Now he naturally understood how he should phrase it so Lei Jin would listen.

“Then next time Xiya and the others go hunting, I will also go to the forest to pick some back. I won’t add honey, just add water to make some food.”

Lei Jin was excited when he heard that he could solve the problem of a balanced diet, and his mood finally improved.

Mingya was lying next to his bowl, peeking at Lei Jin from time to time, his heart beating wildly, thinking about whether he should sneak out with his Dads later.

After eating, Xiya hurriedly gathered the dishes with Roger, and left quickly without staying for a moment.

An Sen and An Luo also went out. Just as Mingya was about to follow, he found that his tail had been stepped on with Lei Jin’s foot.

“Dad, wait for me, take me out with you.” Mingya scratched his hind paws on the ground twice, then fell down, and under Lei Jin’s gentle smiling eyes, he opened his mouth several times but in the end he could only swallow in trepidation. As soon as he lowered his head and found that there was still a piece of meat on his plate, Mingya immediately crawled back to the plate and muttered in his heart, what happened to Mingya’s female, why did he go out and come back so scary? He was smiling at Mingya, but why does Mingya feel so cold?

Lei Jin waited and waited, waited until his forehead began throbbing in impatience, and decisively took the plate from Mingya’s mouth, saying angrily, “Don’t eat anymore, you’ve already been gnawing on this single piece for half an hour.” Seeing Roger look over from the kitchen, he then smiled: “Seeing that your paws are covered in oil, I’ll take you to wash your paws, alright~”

Mingya took a step back. Although he was slow, as a werebeast, it was their nature to foresee danger. He felt that the last few words said by his female sounded more like the gnashing of teeth.

“Where are you going, Ming~Ya~” Lei Jin smiled softly, his eyes bright and luminescent.

Without waiting for Mingya to back farther away, he picked him up with his hands, held him in his arms, nodded to Roger, and said, “I’ll take him to wash in the creek behind.”

“Wuwuwu…..” If he could translate it, Roger would hear Mingya shouting, “Ah, help, I don’t want to go.”

Unfortunately not.

So Mingya’s resistance not only didn’t get his Ah Ma’s help, it even backfired. Lei Jin pressed his head with his right hand, pressing it deeper into his arms, and his left hand stretched out on Mingya’s belly, where the fur was soft, from an angle that others couldn’t see where he proceeded to fiercely twist a flower shape in the fur.

“Wu…..” Mingya’s eyes began to tear up at the pain.

In fact, Roger stood by the window and could see clearly. But he only sighed to himself.

Xiya put the wheat flour into the rice jar.

Roger asked: “Lei Jin knows that Mingya is a werebeast, right?” As soon as Lei Jin entered the door, he had noticed that Lei Jin was staring at Mingya differently than before.

“En, he saw little Shuli in Ivey’s house today.” Xiya put the dishes in the water basin.

“Forget it, hearing Lei Jin’s tone, this anger would come out sooner or later. He normally dotes on Mingya so much, so he wouldn’t really hurt him.” Roger could only comfort himself like this.

We can only hope, Xiya thought while washing the plates, seeing Lei Jin like that today, he knew the other was very angry. However, the little brother had eaten so much secret tofu, there was always a price to pay.

Lei Jin came to the stream with Mingya in his arms, raised his hand and threw him into the water with a splash.

Before Mingya could react, water poured in from all directions. He couldn’t open his eyes, he only felt that he was sinking, and then suddenly he was pulled up halfway, hung upside down to have the water shaken off.

Lei Jin’s clothes were still on his body, and he was soaked through. With one hand grabbing the fur on the back of Mingya’s neck, without a trace of a smile on his face, he asked, “Are you a werebeast?”

“Mingya’s female, Mingya’s throat hurts.” He had accidentally drunk a lot of water just now, and Mingya still spoke in beast language.

“Speak human words.” Lei Jin’s eyes iced over.

“Mingya is a werebeast of the Leopard Tribe.”

“Then why did you lie to me?”

“Because you didn’t ask Mingya.” You didn’t ask, so Mingya didn’t say anything. Mingya felt that he was innocent.

When Lei Jin heard the words, his eyes instantly looked on the verge of shooting flames, and he slapped the other directly on the head, thinking, it’s not like I would have thought to ask, are you human?, every time I see a cat or dog.

“Change the question, did you deliberately lead me to your house?”

Mingya behaved well this time and nodded.


“Because Mingya wants you to be Mingya’s female.” Mingya blurted out without hesitation.

Sure enough, he might be young, but his scheming was not any less for it.

Mingya received another slap on the head, and quickly begged for mercy, saying, “Mingya’s female, don’t hit anymore, Mingya hurts.”

Seeing his pitiful appearance, Lei Jin was a little soft-hearted. But thinking of what happened along the way, and hearing how he was being called, his anger rose again.

This time he didn’t bother to hit him, he just pressed him underwater.

“Save me…..” Before the sound even fully came out, only a bunch of bubbles remained on the water surface.

The crow in the forest came to the Leopard Tribe to wander around today, and was about to drink water by the stream. Just when it saw this scene, it choked on a sip of water. It then opened his mouth, letting out an even more hoarse voice than usual, but it still tried its best to shout: “Damn, damn, it’s the first time I see a female murdering a male werebeast, it’s a rare encounter in a century, so I shall resolutely continue watching.”

The crow flapped its wings and hid in the grass, staring with small beady eyes the size of mung beans, watching intently. As soon as the male werebeast floated up, he was pushed back down by the female. After this happening several times, seeing that the male werebeast no longer struggled, only then was he picked up by the female and the two went back to the house by the stream.

The crow hopped out of the grass and wondered, should I continue to watch? Yes or yes? Go see or go see? Would I see something not appropriate? This bird will be embarrassed~ And without much inner struggle, the crow very decisively flapped its wings and jumped onto the windowsill.

Lei Jin didn’t hate Mingya to the point of wanting him to die. He just wanted to teach him a lesson. Of course, he wouldn’t really kill him so he put Mingya, who seemed to have no strength, on the bed.

Seeing Mingya open his eyes, Lei Jin said, “Take your human form, let me see.”

Mingya glanced at him timidly, moved his body, and shrank to the corner of the wall.

Lei Jin grabbed one leg and dragged him back, frowned, and said, “You don’t want to change? Do you still want me to throw you back into the water?”

Mingya said quickly: “Change, change, I’ll change now.”

Lei Jin could see more clearly this time, because there were no wings covering. He saw the little guy, his body slowly being elongated, the white fur gradually fading, and then finally a naked boy with silver hair and blue eyes appeared on the bed.

Lei Jin stared for a long time, then pointed to his back and asked, “Where are your wings?” Don’t werebeasts have wings?

Mingya’s face turned suspiciously red, and he said, “Because I’ve just matured my wings are still small.”

The wings of the werebeasts determined their flight speed, so the bigger the wingspan of the werebeasts, the stronger their ability and thus more favored by females. But Mingya didn’t dare to show his female now as his wings hadn’t fully grown yet.

“Let me see.” Lei Jin would not be refused.

“Don’t laugh at me.” Mingya still remembered Lei Jin laughing at his little ‘matchstick’.

“I won’t laugh, hurry up and change, let me see.” Lei Jin promised perfunctorily.

“Hahaha…..Are these even wings?” Lei Jin laughed unkindly. He had just seen a werebeast’s big wings that spanned a few meters long today, with sharp wing feathers, but the little guy’s wings…..

They were only half a meter long, just sticking out of his shoulders, and it was the same color as the little guy’s fur, snow-white with a touch of silver. Lei Jin touched it, and it felt like soft fluff, in truth, quite comfortable. But he doubted very much if these wings could fly?

So Lei Jin really asked.

Mingya pouted in dissatisfaction and said, “When I grow up, I can fly you on my back.”

Lei Jin was puzzled: “Why would I need you to carry me?”

“Then could it be that you just want Eldest Brother and Second Brother to carry you?” Male werebeasts have always carried only their females.

“Why would I want you guys to carry me? Can’t I walk by myself?” Honestly, when did he say that he wanted them to carry him.

“We fly fast.”

“I don’t need it.”

“My wings will be very large, I will fly very fast, and I won’t let you fall off.” Mingya was so anxious that he almost cried, why didn’t Mingya’s female want Mingya to carry him? Other females were carried by their own werebeasts.

“Whatever.” The wet clothes on his body were sticking to him uncomfortably, and it was terribly unpleasant.

Lei Jin ignored him and found another change of clothes that Roger gave him, and he was about to take off the wet clothes. But then he looked over at Mingya who was still haggling on the bed. A little brat. He turned back around and changed directly here.

Mingya no longer remembered what he was discussing just now, staring at Lei Jin’s gradually exposed body, swallowing his drool.

Lei Jin bent down, and immediately felt a hot gaze razing him from his shoulders and neck downwards, and finally stopping on the cleft of his buttocks. Lei Jin was annoyed, but he put on his clothes calmly, whipped back around suddenly, and faced Mingya who suddenly recovered his senses, quickly covered his lower half, and curled directly into the bedcovers.

It seemed that the lesson given was not enough, his memory practically that of a goldfish’s. Lei Jin rubbed his forehead, how could he make him remember longer? Lei Jin stared at Mingya’s clearly erect lower half, and suddenly a thought came to his mind, since you want it so much, I’ll make you feel good to death.

Lei Jin couldn’t even remember how many tricks he had seen in the field of sexual conquest. Even if he had never done it before himself, it was more than enough to deal with a little virgin like Mingya.

Lei Jin instantly smirked. Climbing onto the bed, half-bent between Mingya’s legs, one hand gently stroking circles on his chest, the other pulling Mingya’s hand and placing it in the cleft between his buttocks. Thin lips curled upwards, and he blew moist breaths on Mingya’s ear, his voice deliberately lowered and tempting: “Mingya, it’s very uncomfortable inside, do you want to help me take a look?”

Back then, when Liu Si used this method on him it always worked, so he did not believe that Mingya wouldn’t respond as well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sure enough, Mingya’s face turned red, his breathing became heavier, and his lower half became even more excited.

Lei Jin’s eyes flashed with disproportionate ruthlessness, and he thought, eating my tofu, let’s see how I’ll deal with you. His legs rubbed against Mingya’s bare inner thighs, and the movements of his hands became more and more gentle, rubbing Mingya’s lower half with pressure neither too light or too heavy…..

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