Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 057 Spoiling The Younger Generation, Is Only Human Nature

Outer Sect, Yangshuo Peak.

After Ji Mingyu received the command to have her Net Spell taken away, her face turned pale.

All kinds of pleas and soft words fell on deaf ears.

Ye Han was also endlessly reluctant. Unlike Mingyu who liked to watch gossip, he was very addicted to the various tips and anecdotes of personal cultivation experiences in the study area. Taking it away like this was tantamount to breaking his spiritual roots.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“If you have this thing, would you even bother to study hard? You take us for fools?” The teacher who took it said, not that he didn’t want to give face to Miss Ji, but this order was given by the Sect Leader, and there was no other way.

Ji Mingyu also knew that this was the case, so she could only give in, and she was assigned to the women’s courtyard in the outer sect upon request.

The girl Shui Lanlan became her roommate, which aroused a lot of hostility in her.

She heard that this girl’s wish was to have her head patted by her father?

In your dreams!

Her father never even patted her head!

There were courtyards up and down Yangshuo Peak, and boys and girls were separated. Ye Han was also assigned to a courtyard, and the sick young man named Yuan Lie became his roommate. He seemed to look much better and no longer sported the appearance of one who would fall over with just a blow from the wind.

The two exchanged names and didn’t speak again.

In the silence, Yuan Lie glanced at Ye Han quietly, and after a while, he sighed silently.

He could only be Yuan Lie, and only Yuan Lie could stay here.

Kun-Lai must have seen something to let this student, who had already entered the inner sect, come to monitor him.

So did he know that he had come?

Did he want to kill him, or did he still have some feelings for him left, which was why he didn’t kill him?

Yun Lai, what should I do, I want to go back to your side more and more.

Let’s forget everything and start over, okay?


After his disciple came back, he began to study obediently, and Ji Yunlai also concentrated on other things.

For example, solving the matter that he couldn’t leave the mountain easily…..

Picking up a white jade cube, the color looking almost transparent, and one could faintly see the runes flashing in it, Ji Yunlai played with it for a long time before putting it aside.

This was the first of the three treasures of Kun-Lai, the Main Net Spell.

“Actually, in terms of the impact on the sect, I think this thing is far inferior to the Yunfu Dao Seed and Flying Peak. After all, even if there is no Net Spell, Kun-Lai is still Kun-Lai, but if there is no Yunfu Dao Seed to provide spiritual plants and food, without the Flying Peak providing a way to carry out trade, Kun-Lai’s power would have to be reduced by at least two levels.” So Ji Yunlai said lightly, “I believe Kun-Lai should reduce its reliance on the Net Spell, such as disconnecting the Net for two days every seven days.”

He couldn’t leave Kun-Lai easily. The biggest reason was that the Net would be disconnected as soon as he walked away. Last time he went to deal with a Great Sage, it took only a day to go back and forth, but the amount of chaos Kun-Lai was thrown into was simply unbelievable.

Opposite him, the seven junior brothers and sisters simply lost all color.

“Sect Leader, please think twice!” Bai Shuixian sighed, “You can’t do this directly.”

“Yes,” Yan Zhao said solemnly, “You underestimate the Net Spell too much, without it, Kun-Lai will have no combat power!”

Ji Yunlai frowned slightly: “This is just a local area network, the function is just a forum, how can it be so exaggerated.”

Even back in his world, there was no one who would die or could not live without the Internet?

“Kun-Lai’s money is all in the Net Spell.” Bai Shuixian added, “The spiritual stone points in the Net were originally only used by you to let your disciples subscribe to anecdotes of your cultivation experiences, but for hundreds of years, there is basically no one left who carry spiritual stones personally, everyone’s spiritual stones are put into the Net Spell. All transactions are done using the Net Spell, which is fast and safe, so there is no need to worry about counterfeiting, but if you leave…..Then all the transactions up and down Kun-Lai will grind to a halt!”

So if the Sect Leader was gone for two days, they would have to go begging for food during those two days.

“Also, all kinds of reward quests in Shangong Hall are directly received on the Net Spell. If you go to the main hall personally, you have to wait in line for a few hours.”

“Many students rely on their cultivation tips and tricks to earn some pocket money,” a junior brother added. “The last time you called for anti-Net addiction it made many students feel much pain.”

“Sect Leader, could you think of a way to make the Main Net Spell work even if you leave?” Bai Shuixian asked tentatively.

As if he hadn’t, Ji Yunlai gave them a cold look, and lowered his head to think deeply.

But the problem was that this kind of large-scale remote data exchange basically fell in the scope of communication engineering, which he didn’t understand much of.

So the problem of not being able to go out together on this expedition was really annoying.

After dismissing them, Ji Yunlai found that he couldn’t find anything to do.

His offensive methods were enough for the time being, and even if he calculated another method, no testers could be found for the time being. His disciple was very obedient, and Kun-Lai was busy preparing for the upcoming expedition.

What he needed to do was to sit in the rear, find talents for the sect, and maintain the sect’s foundation…..

But this kind of thing should obviously be done by an old man with a white beard, even if he was inhumanely busy as an engineer for the last few years in his last life, he would still save up enough vacation time to go out for a long trip as a treat once in awhile.

…..Speaking of which, would his disciple go on this expedition?


On Tianshui Peak, there were clear springs surging on the top of the peak all year round, and all kinds of puddles and creeks could be found on the mountain and an even more beautiful lake formed below the mountain.

The Kun-Lai Seven Elites invited Feng Qingxiu to come along.

You Jia’s finger touched a boulder under his hand, and gradually the finger turned into a tentacle, almost coiling around the stone.

The girl in yellow landed on the stone and turned into a gorgeous yellow bird. The whole bird laid down on the boulder like a piece of flat cake, almost burying her face in it.

“Huang Wei, the yellow paint on your body will be rubbed off.” Yimeng Qingnu laughed, “This kind of paint is difficult to mix, you should be careful.”

“This is?” Feng Qingxiu looked at the huge stone with a length and width of 30 feet which was floating in the water, and asked in confusion, a little curious about what kind of treasure it was that could make them all so addicted.

“This is the core of the spiritual vein. The most essential part of a spiritual vein. The quality is so much higher than the so-called top-quality spiritual stone.” The black-robed boy, Ying An said excitedly, “Of course, when we extract it, only a quarter is used, so that the spiritual vein would not dissipate, and it could be restored in a hundred years. Only this kind of thing could support the spiritual energy of a whole Flying Peak. It is the source of energy on a Flying Peak.”

Feng Qingxiu waited for them to get to the point.

“Senior Brother, are you interested in joining the team?” Yimeng Qingnu smiled and asked Feng Qingxiu softly, “We are going to build a Flying Peak.”

“Isn’t the time too short?” Feng Qingxiu frowned slightly, “I remember that the expedition is less than a year away.”

The construction of a Flying Peak would definitely take a long time. He heard that it was normal for it to be ten or twenty years.

“That’s because the guys from Taiyi Peak are too good at procrastinating.” Huang Wei sat up from the stone, “As long as they work together and work overtime, it will only take three months.”

“That’s right, they have various conditions and various reasons, and they also take a lot of bribes in the name of creating the magical arrays,” You Jia almost stretched out four tentacles to protest, “Insisting on resting together for a while, then insisting on researching the magical array for a while, then insisting on cutting down on the materials. They not only divide into dozens of teams to build a Flying Peak for ten or twenty years, they even insist on taking ten years for internal testing, and in those ten years they practically use the Flying Peak for free!”

“They would then charge for the internal testing fee after using it!” Ying An looked at Feng Qingxiu with the bright eyes of a teenager, “But as long as you join us, Senior Brother Feng, I promise that within three months, they will do their best work wholeheartedly.”

“So we don’t need you to pitch in monetarily. As long as you add your name, we will directly give you half of the rights and interests.” Yimeng Qingnu smiled, “When a Flying Peak joins the expedition, so long as you come back safely, in addition to resources, it could also bring you countless contacts and connections, what do you think, Junior Brother Feng?”

“This…..” Feng Qingxiu pondered for a while, knowing that the others just wanted the name of his Shizun, and at the same time show goodwill to himself, but it was difficult to refuse. After being in Kun-Lai this long, he already knew of the high position the Kun-Lai Seven Elites had in the hearts of ordinary disciples.

The head disciple of Qingdi Peak, Yimeng Qingnu, was less than a hundred years old, but her cultivation base was already at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. If she hadn’t suppressed her cultivation base, she would have already entered the Demigod Stage long ago, and the Synthesis Stage was just a matter of time. She was also a master of spiritual medicine. Of those who fall into her hands, although they would die several times, they could still come back to life fully healed in the end.

Wenjian Peak’s head disciple, You Jia, this squid was also at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, and it was not once or twice that he had managed to successfully cut down enemies who were already in the Demigod Stage.

Lingyin Peak’s head disciple, Ying An, it seems that this black-robed youth was bright and cheerful, but in fact he was cultivating the path of killing, and according to rumors, his techniques in stealth and assassination already surpassed the Peak Master of Lingyin Peak.

Huang Wei was the head disciple of Liangyi Peak. Although she was a spiritual demon, and her reputation was not the greatest, she was cultivating the Divine Ziwei method, astrology and fortune-telling. She was extremely unpredictable, and on the topic of killing with curses, she was the first every year.

It would obviously be inappropriate to reject their good intentions. He asked curiously, “With your means, even without me, you should be able to let Taiyi Peak help you, right?”

Qingnu snorted coldly.

“Senior Brother doesn’t know but,” You Jia smiled, “This time…..”

“This time I ordered first, they just want to use your name to make trouble for me.” A black-haired boy walked over slowly, his features were delicate and elegant, and his voice was soothing and moving, “I am Qiu Yuansheng, temporarily living on Changsheng Peak. You might be more used to calling it the Danding Peak.”

“This is the head disciple of Danding Peak, one of the Seven Elites, Qiu Yuansheng.” Ying An whispered to Feng Qingxiu, “Boss Qingnu hates him very much, and has always been at odds with him. Be careful not to get involved.”

“You are quite daring.” Qingnu smiled, but raised the lancet knife in her hand.

“On healing, I always have to ask you for advice.” Qiu Yuansheng said with a smile, “Junior Sister Qingnu, regarding the price of medicine, my Danding Peak has always competed fairly with you.”

“You dare to have the face to take out those cheap pills that are as good as trash!” Qingnu tilted her head, “I will treat you on the operating table one of these days.”

“Since the price is low, there will definitely be some unsatisfactory small effects. I tire of discussing this issue.” Qiu Yuansheng’s smile was as flawless as porcelain, “Good or bad, people will choose for themselves, by the way, in the last month, the income from Danding Peak has been good, and there is no problem in building another Flying Peak independently. If you can’t convince Peak Master Bai to take out the waste that he subsidizes, much of your manpower will be sending applications to transfer to my Danding Peak for this expedition instead.”

This fatal jab was too ruthless, and the battle was almost instantly about to break out.

Eight tentacles stretched out from behind You Jia, grabbing his few fellow disciples with him as he jumped out of the way.

Feng Qingxiu thought about the squid he ate in Haijing, and asked curiously, “Senior Brother, doesn’t the squid have ten tentacles?”

“I need to walk on two legs, don’t I!” You Jia calmly put them in a safe place, “They shouldn’t be able to finish the fight today, Junior Brother, please go back and think about it, and give us an answer tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Feng Qingxiu agreed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Back at Zhaoyue Peak, he met Shizun and asked if he could.

His Shizun was counting the petals in the yard. Hearing this, he smiled lightly, touched the white camellia in full bloom on his fingertips, and said leisurely: “Why not, it’s just a Flying Peak, you don’t even need to look for Taiyi Peak, Shizun can teach you to make one yourself.”


Feng Qingxiu once again felt that he would be spoiled rotten by Shizun.

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