After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 160 Zhuo Yan

“So this is the nanny car that those stars use when they go out to film?”

After dinner, Mr. Song, under the strong recommendation of Li Xiaoheng, decided to go see the night view of Hong Kong. The family of five got into the nanny car arranged by Li Xiaoheng’s assistant in advance.

It was the first time for Mr. Song to ride this kind of car. When he saw how it was luxuriously equipped with a refrigerator, a wine cabinet, a single bed and a small TV, he felt that it was not bad. “I should get one for you too.”

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Li Xiaoheng took out the drinks and fruits that had been prepared a long time ago from the small refrigerator, and said with a smile, “This car is my birthday present to Xiao Mu.”

“Oh.” Mr. Song nodded, estimating the price of the car in his heart. Suddenly he asked, “When is Mr. Li’s birthday?”

Li Xiaoheng quickly spoke: “Grandpa, you can also call me Xiaoheng. The elders in my family call me that.”

He replied: “My birthday is on January 1st.”

Mr. Song was instantly happy: “Aiyo, your birth date is a big one.”

Liu Yao and Meng Qi both perked up, memorizing Li Xiaoheng’s birthday for Tao Mu. In case the day came and Tao Mu didn’t remember. As parents they have to do their part and help with the gift.

When mainlanders come to Hong Kong to travel, there are several attractions that must be visited. Such as Ocean Park, Wax Museum, Disney, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Victoria Harbour. Right now was night time, so the obvious place to visit was Victoria Harbour.

Compared with the vast mainland Hong Kong was very small and there were not many places to visit at night. This led to a certain high chance of bumping into acquaintances when everyone was out walking.

For example, when the family of five stood in the crowd watching the night scene and waiting for the fireworks to be set off, Tao Mu heard someone calling him from behind. When he turned around, he saw Shen Yu standing beside Yan Sheng and Shen Yan, waving at him happily.

And the man standing next to Shen Yan…..Tao Mu’s pupils dilated slightly when he saw that familiar face, and he unconciously froze up.

Noticing that something was wrong with Tao Mu, Li Xiaoheng calmly wrapped Tao Mu’s fist with his hand. Before Tao Mu could speak, he frowned and asked, “Did you need something, Mr. Shen?”

Shen Yu was stunned when he heard the words. A little frightened, he glanced at Li Xiaoheng. He had dealt with Li Xiaoheng several times before, but Li Xiaoheng never warmed up to him. Not only that, every time he came into contact with Tao Mu, Li Xiaoheng would always be unhappy. He also often used tricks to teach him a lesson. So scheming, and with such a fierce temper as well. So much so that when Shen Yu saw Li Xiaoheng’s face now, he felt quite apprehensive.

Shen Yan saw that her little brother, whom she held precious in the palm of her hand, trembled in fright as soon as he saw Li Xiaoheng, and she suddenly became angry.

“What’s with your attitude? Our Xiao Yu is just polite. When he sees acquaintances in the crowd, he can’t help but say hello. It’s fine if you don’t respond enthusiastically, but you even question Xiao Yu with this attitude. Sure enough, an orphan without parents is a person who lacks family teachings.” Shen Yan said, glaring at Tao Mu viciously. She reached out and hugged Shen Yu in her arms. That appearance, it was especially like an old hen protecting her chicks.

“Watch how you talk, little girl!” Liu Yao’s temper was hot. How could he watch his precious son being scolded by a shrew: “I think you are the one who has no family education. A father to give you life, but no mother to raise you. When your mother gave birth to you, did your mother not give you a brain, or perhaps all the nutrition went into the placenta? You are already this old, so if you don’t know how to speak, hold it back. Don’t rely on the fact that you’re a woman and go around making unreasonable scenes. Those who know say you don’t have any family teachings, and those who don’t, think it’s a mad dog running around biting random people!”

Liu Yao’s eloquence was definitely built with his times scolding and cursing in the major alleys of the capital. Now that was what you called a venomous tongue. No swear words or vulgarity were required at all. Hearing this almost caused Tao Mu to laugh out loud.

Li Xiaoheng also looked at his Uncle Yao with admiration. This Beijing accent was really pleasant to the ears.

Shen Yan’s face turned green. Instantly, she wanted to rush forward and slap Liu Yao but she was quickly stopped by the man next to her.

Shen Yan couldn’t hit Liu Yao, so she turned around and slapped her boyfriend instead. With a shrill voice she scolded sharply: “Zhuo Yan, are you even still a man. Your girlfriend was scolded by others, and you not only don’t stand up for me, you are even stopping me from doing it myself?”

Zhuo Yan was slapped by Shen Yan under the watchful eyes of the public. Hot pain spread over his face, causing him to also be pissed off. He let go of Shen Yan: “Are you mental? Isn’t it for your own good that I stopped you? Just look at his physique, he looks like a fighter at a glance. And you even dare to pick a fight with him? Do you really think just because you are a woman, no one dares to beat you up? Your surname is Shen, not Aisin Gioro. Even if your surname was Aisin Gioro, the Qing Dynasty has long declined already.” (TN: family name of the Manchu emperors of the Qing dynasty)

Zhuo Yan said the last part for a reason. He and Shen Yan had known each other for less than half a year. At first, Shen Yan came to their company to apply for a job. Zhuo Yan saw that she was good looking and graduated from a famous university, so he recruited her to be the front desk.

At that time, Shen Yan had already resigned three times, either actively or passively. The money on her added up to less than a thousand yuan. She was also unable to contact Mrs. Shen. When people were poor their expectations were low, and naturally she didn’t dare to expose her true nature too much. Although she was not very satisfied with the job at the front desk, especially the salary. But she couldn’t find another job. The most important thing was that the manager who recruited her into the company was too handsome. Shen Yan fell in love with him at first sight. With the mentality of chasing after the male god she had been working hard for a few months. Of course, the most important thing was to catch Zhuo Yan.

Zhuo Yan had just graduated two years ago yet he was already promoted to project manager. It was exactly the point of time in his life when he was feeling most proud of himself. His career was coming along swimmingly, and there was a beauty from a strong family background in pursuit of his affections. Out of a man’s vanity, Zhuo Yan agreed to date Shen Yan.

Unfortunately, Shen Yan got in touch with Mrs. Shen later. With the secret support of Mrs. Shen, Shen Yan was back to her old ways. Even in front of Zhuo Yan, she couldn’t restrain her eldest young lady temperament. After a long time, Zhuo Yan began to feel a little impatient. He hated even more that Shen Yan would mention the Shen family from time to time. He was so sick of it he even mentioned breaking up. This frightened Shen Yan so much that she began to act more submissive. However, after a long time, her old ways always returned. It made Zhuo Yan very irritable.

It had to be said that the fact Zhuo Yan was able to successfully pursue Tao Mu in the previous life, and the two of them even lived through the seven-year itch. It was needless to say that his external conditions and personality charm were huge factors.

In his previous life, Tao Mu only met Zhuo Yan after returning to the Shen family. At that time, Zhuo Yan had already become the regional CEO of their company. The two of them met at a party. Zhuo Yan fell in love with him at first sight, and then pursued him relentlessly. However, Tao Mu had experienced several waves of suitors who gave up halfway and fell in love with Shen Yu, and then turned around and targeted him in dog blood drama fashion. Having been bitten so many times, the psychological shadow could not simply be described as large. Of course, he refused to agree to Zhuo Yan’s pursuit.

Zhuo Yan chased him for a year and a half before Tao Mu gave in. Zhuo Yan managed to catch him after so many challenges, so he was very good to him. Anyway, until seven years later, when Tao Mu learned that Zhuo Yan had fallen in love with Shen Yu who knew when and wanted to backstab him, this person had never been exposed. He would prepare breakfast every morning, quietly climb into bed and kiss him awake, and help him put bath water at night, remembering all his likes and dislikes.

Zhuo Yan had a bad temper, but for seven years with Tao Mu, he never lost his temper with Tao Mu. Every time halfway through the quarrel, he would rush over and kiss him, and when he was extremely angry, he would toss him on the bed. When Tao Mu was tired out, he would hug him in his arms and apologize softly no matter whether it was his fault or not.

Zhuo Yan often joked that Tao Mu liked to be unreasonable so he never reasoned with Tao Mu. And even said righteously: “I didn’t chase you and bring you home to reason with you. I did it to make you happy. To spoil you for a lifetime. But your temper has really become more and more big recently. So we have to study a few new postures. Otherwise I’ll lose out.”

Then, regardless of Tao Mu’s struggles, he would press him onto the bed. When he was abandoned by friends and family, kicked ouy by the Shen family, he thought that Zhuo Yan would also leave him. But Zhuo Yan did not. He treated Tao Mu better. Because he said that Tao Mu only had him left by his side. If he treated Tao Mu badly as well, then Tao Mu really did have nothing left.

Zhuo Yan disliked that everyone in the Shen family prefered Shen Yu who was just a cuckoo occupying the nest. He wanted to avenge him. Therefore, he would make things difficult for Shen Yu just to vent Tao Mu’s anger. He was such a person who spoiled him so much that even Tao Mu himself thought it was unreasonable, so when he turned his back on him it felt like it came out of nowhere without even a heads up.

If Zhuo Yan was bored of him and would like to change his taste. So long as he talked to Tao Mu well, even if it was a peaceful breakup, Tao Mu would not go crazy. But Zhuo Yan just had to fall in love with Shen Yu and even wanted to backstab him.

Wang Ye was right. Tao Mu had already gone crazy by the end of his previous life. When he was kicked out of the Shen family, he still had Zhuo Yan, and Zhuo Yan’s betrayal was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He really didn’t want to live anymore.

He just wanted to die and take Zhuo Yan down with him.

After learning about Zhuo Yan’s betrayal in his previous life, Tao Mu began to suffer from nervous breakdowns. He came down with insomnia and couldn’t sleep at all. He didn’t know how he and Zhuo Yan got to this point. The more he thought about it, the more he didn’t understand, the more he didn’t understand, the more he wanted to get to the bottom of it. The kind of pain that burrowed deep into the bone marrow, the two words that made up this name were the deepest scars on Tao Mu’s heart, let alone the actual person. He didn’t even want to mention it.

“You’re…..the CEO of, right?” Zhuo Yan spoke, the red slap print on his face still visible. He had actually already noticed Tao Mu before now.

Before Shen Yu said hello, Zhuo Yan already saw Tao Mu in the crowd looking up at the night sky and waiting for the fireworks. The crowd around him milled together shoulder brushing against shoulder, and that person stood there quietly, the image of whom he was unable to get out of his head when he fell into his eyes.

Zhuo Yan didn’t know how to describe this feeling. He just felt that his heartbeat had picked up. So when Shen Yan yelled at Tao Mu just now, Zhuo Yan didn’t react immediately. After reacting, he felt very angry. He intuitively believed that he was angry that Shen Yan was acting so uneducated, and looked like a shrew scolding the streets in public which was really embarrassing to him as her companion.

This kind of embarrassed anger even surpassed the slap that Shen Yan had given him. Zhuo Yan looked at Tao Mu with an unsettled heart, he even thought that Tao Mu’s name sounded so nice.

At that moment, Zhuo Yan saw everyone looking over in astonishment. It was then that he suddenly realized that he had actually spoken the words in his heart.

“Zhuo Yan, what do you mean?” Shen Yan widened her eyes and looked at Zhuo Yan in disbelief. She turned her head and glared at Tao Mu fiercely: “I just knew that this orphan with no father or mother is a vixen.”

Shen Yan’s heart was ignited with angry flames, and she was about to slap Tao Mu in the face as well but was stopped by Zhuo Yan. In turn, Shen Yan slapped Zhuo Yan once again.

With so many people watching, Zhuo Yan, who was slapped twice in a row, also exploded.

“You are mental. If you continue to make trouble, let’s break up.” Zhuo Yan pushed Shen Yan fiercely, pushing her directly into Shen Yu’s arms as he spoke impatiently.

“What did you say?” Shen Yu panicked, quickly grabbing the hem of Zhuo Yan’s shirt.

“I said let’s break up.” Zhuo Yan impatiently rubbed the back of his hand against his hot cheek: “How could I have fallen for a shrew like you. Can’t you learn from Shen Yu, be nice and submissive? What kind of man would dare to be with you with your character.”

Actually, Zhuo Yan didn’t like Shen Yu very much either. He felt that Shen Yu’s character was too soft, and did not seem like a boy, but rather a little girl. But compared to the shrewish Shen Yan, Zhuo Yan felt that Shen Yu was not bad. At least he was obedient, sensible and polite, and he knew to greet Tao Mu.

As Zhuo Yan spoke, he subconsciously looked at Tao Mu again. Ignoring the slap print on his face, he asked, “Tao, Mr. Tao, are you alright?”

Tao Mu looked at the two slap prints on Zhuo Yan’s face, but did not respond.

“Let’s go.”

Tao Mu left with his family expressionlessly. Behind him, Zhuo Yan stared blankly at his back until he could no longer see him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Yan rushed over at him with panic, frantically apologizing. She looked in the direction Tao Mu left, and then turned to look at Shen Yu. Just because of Zhuo Yan’s unintentional words, she was now dissatisfied with her little brother.

Yan Sheng, who didn’t say a word from beginning to end, frowned. He directly dragged Shen Yu away. He now also had objections against Shen Yu’s future brother-in-law. He felt that Zhuo Yan’s scheming was too deep, deliberately sowing discord between the two siblings.

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  1. Pffft CEO Li is so cute. What a unique way to be romantic!
    Thank you for all the updates, really hooked on this story and your translations are so easy and beautiful to read ❤️ Really hope Tao Mu and his family and friends have more happiness together. Shen Yu is honestly so terrifying–sometimes I wish he could break free of the plot and be redeemed, but everyone around him becomes twisted beyond human recognition. Knowing that people can be molded like that by a force beyond human understanding or control is some eldritch horror stuff and it’s amazing Tao Mu can fight against that tangible knowledge of fate lol

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  2. I do feel sorry for this Shen Yan character. Without the plot’s main cannon fodder Tao Mu, the sister is working overtime in lowering her own IQ left and right.


  3. Wow, so Zhou Yan had “sincere” feelings for Tao Mu but Mister Plot had to cause chaos. I guess Zhou Yan’s character existed to show that even the man who loved Tao Mu couldn’t stand his wicked scheming against Shen Yu, or something like that. And I wonder if Mister Plot will turn Shen Yan into a villain role against Shen Yu just so certain big events can happen.


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