Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 058 No Creating Without Destroying, No Living Without Dying

Yuan Lie did not have the heart to listen in class recently, but instead turned his eyes frequently to a beautiful girl in the classroom.

In fact, he had already seen countless peerlessly beautiful women before. Although the girl’s aura and appearance were all superior, in fact, she was not the most outstanding, but he still couldn’t help but watch her.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He had already learned her name, and her name was Ji Mingyu.

Ji Mingyu, a person who possessed such a powerful fortune, and he also heard that the daughter of Kun-Lai’s Sect Leader was also called Fairy Mingyu…..

Is this his daughter?

Why does he have a daughter, doesn’t he dislike women?

But now, when he looked closely, he realized that this girl named Mingyu was actually quite similar to him in appearance.

It was just that her aura was not as gentle as water as his was in the past, and there was none of that bright confidence and open-mindedness either. At that time, Yun Lai shone into his world like sunshine.

The aura of this girl couldn’t compare.

But back then, Yun Lai once brought back a baby girl whose parents had passed away from the clan, saying that this girl looked like him and could be raised as a daughter in the future. He then asked him if he would like to be her family member.

Unfortunately, because of the misunderstanding that Yun Lai was the Great Priest, he threw the baby girl who had just learned to call out ‘father’ into an ice well, and angered him so much that he vomited blood…..

No, no, these were all things from a previous life.

Stop thinking about it.

He took revenge. Back then, his Overcoming Evil Sword slashed his soul into pieces. If he hadn’t acquired a rare treasure, he wouldn’t even be able to reincarnate. Even so, he had died prematurely due to the wound in his soul in several lifetimes. He must definitely have put aside these past events.

Otherwise, how could he accept a direct disciple again.


What was so good about that Feng Qingxiu? How could he have earned his favor?

Back then, he used Daxuan’s many years of spell techniques to provide him with a lot of inspiration, which made him think that he was a natural talent, and even communicated with him on an equal footing during discussions.

That kind of personality fit was the reason why they finally came together.

He was willing to accept me at that time, so who cares about that Feng Qingxiu!

He was just an ordinary disciple!

As long as he showed his ability, he would definitely let him see how good he was, and then he could become his direct disciple again.

But, how could he show his ability?

This outer sect was simply his shackles!

Yuan Lie couldn’t help but glance at the girl who looked like a fairy.

Ji Mingyu, this name did not actually roll off the tongue very smoothly, Li Mingyu sounded better, even Yuan Mingyu was not bad…..

He had been thinking about this issue, even thinking about it until he went to bed at night, and even absentmindedly spoke the new name with a smile.

Then he was beaten violently by Ye Han!

Ye Han didn’t like this guy for a long time, and now he discovered that this guy actually wanted Mingyu to have his surname!

This guy should pee and look at his reflection! As if he was even worthy!

Although Yuan Lie fought hard, he was too weak now physically, and he was not Ye Han’s opponent. Soon after, one of them went to the Mountain Patrol Bureau and the other went to Qingdi Peak.

Yimeng Qingnu took a lot of effort to wake Yuan Lie up.

And she liked this patient case very much. She decided to let him stay, telling him that he didn’t have to work too hard, and she could tutor him for the upcoming exams.

Now, Yuan Lie was almost grateful to Ye Han who nearly beat him to death.

He finally reached the inner sect.

Maybe, he could even catch a glimpse of Yun Lai from a distance?


On Qingdi Peak, Yimeng Qingnu returned to het tower as usual, and quickly dealt with some miscellaneous matters piled up on Qingdi Peak.

Then quickly browsed the recent patient’s situation.

Finally, she took inventory of the things on Qingdi Peak again to see how much money was left.

“Can our Flying Peak be used again?” Qingnu asked in a low voice.

“It should be fine for short distances, but not for hundreds of thousands of miles,” someone next to her replied, “About 100,000 miles in, there will be a major failure. Our Flying Peak was one of the first batch created, and it has already been used for hundreds of years. The spiritual vein core has approached its limit, and it may break at any time.”

This kind of thing, one could usually fly it around Kun-Lai Mountain, but if they tried to fly it to the Outlands where there were countless dangers, then it was not taking the lives of the people on the peak seriously, and the elders would not allow it.

“Say, if I fight Bai Liu with my life, would he dare to kill me?” Yimeng Qingnu asked softly, playing with the knife held in her fingers.

The person next to her was stunned silent.

Yimeng Qingnu chuckled and walked out of the tower.

No one stopped her, no one dared to stop what she wanted to do.

After just a few landings, she had already reached the mountainside. Among the layers of forest, faintly revealing the graceful appearance of towers and waterside pavilions, was the other courtyard residence of the Peak Master, where Bai Liu had taken to staying recently.

But she keenly smelled a trace of blood.

It was very fresh. It smelled of cloud turtle’s spiritual demon blood. She could easily distinguish hundreds of different kinds of spiritual demon blood in Kun-Lai by relying on the techniques she cultivated.

Something was wrong.

Yimeng Qingnu pondered a bit, then faded from sight, slowly approaching the water pavilion. She and Ying An have always been friendly, and thus had learned a lot of concealment techniques from him.

In the water pavilion, a young girl looked at a young man with sadness between her brows.

“Recently, there has been less and less spiritual demon blood,” said the young man.

“The blood of the spiritual demons also takes time to boil, and preparations for the expedition have been going on recently, so the spiritual demons selling blood are all asking for a high price. Recently, the resources of Qingdi Peak have been kept a close eye on by Qingnu, and my father is trying to find a way.” Bai Yue comforted him.

“It’s that b*tch Qingnu again!” The young man’s voice was cold, suffused with murderous intent, “My Sky Swallowing Technique has reached a key point, and spiritual demon blood no longer satisfies it.”

“You have already swallowed all the spiritual demon cores in the inventory on the peak, and father is still mustering up more for you, so don’t be impatient,” Bai Yue was also worried, but she couldn’t think of a way. “My father is the Master of Qingdi Peak, Those people will always want to give him face. As long as you break through into the Demigod Stage, father will apply for you to join Kun-Lai. At that time, as a descendant of a cultivator who died in battle for Kun-Lai, you will definitely be able to suppress Qingnu and  regain power. And this time there is no new Flying Peak, so the Qingdi Peak people can only go to other main peaks to ride their ying Peaks, and her prestige will be greatly reduced.”


Qingnu didn’t want to listen anymore.

If she listened to it any more, she would definitely go crazy.

She now knew why Bai Liu took away the resources of Qingdi Peak at this critical juncture, leaving her helpless and forced to ask friends for help.

“Are you very troubled?” Not far away, a black-robed youth was leaning against a tree. The pattern of cauldrons on his black robe was imposing, and he had a smile on his face. He was her nemesis.

“Hmph, I know you have your hand in this matter.” Qingnu said coldly.

“I’m wronged,” Qiu Yuansheng said with an aggrieved expression, “It’s not as if you don’t know how much your Peak Master uncle values ​​his trash, and suddenly one of his trash turns out to not be trash, he must definitely cherish it. “

“That person was an ordinary person with no spiritual roots a year ago. He was humiliated and then jumped off into the Jiuqu River. When he was fished back up, he was dead with no sign of his soul. I diagnosed and treated him myself. There is no mistake.” Qingnu looked coldly at Qiu Yuansheng, “Bai Liu took him to find you, and wanted you to save him with a Soul-Returning Pill.”

“Yes, after I made an offer at the time, you didn’t want to give the money, and you were slapped in the face by the Peak Master. And right in front of us, it was really loud indeed.” Qiu Yuansheng continued with a smile.

“If it wasn’t for your offer, my Flying Peak would have already existed.” Qingnu knew she couldn’t be thrown into a rage by him again, “So, what are you trying to say?”

“My offer was not too high at all, that was a medicinal pill that could heal powerful cultivators at the Synthesis Stage, and there were only three left on Danding Peak.” Qiu Yuansheng said with a smile, “But the effect is also very good, look at that person, after he ate it, it was like he had been reborn, and even his spiritual roots were revealed. Not to mention, it has only been one year, but he is now already at the Nascent Soul Stage. Although half of the good things from your Qingdi Peak were swallowed up by him, in the end you still managed to build up a expert master cultivator right?”

Qingnu turned around and left.

“I can give you a chance and give you the Flying Peak.” Qiu Yuansheng said indifferently, confident that everything was as he predicted, “You don’t really want Qingdi Peak to fall into his hands, do you?”

Qingnu paused.

“Now, I’m here to work with you.”

“You would have good intentions?” Qingnu didn’t believe it at all.

“I received news that the Sect Leader’s head disciple has already promised to cooperate with you,” Qiu Yuansheng said slowly, “I also want to have a share.”

“Hmph,” Qingnu gave him a cold look, “I don’t allow it.”

Qiu Yuansheng was stunned, this was different from the plan.

“I’m already preparing to take my people to ascend a mountain and establish a Qingnu Peak.” Seeing his expression, Yimeng Qingnu laughed mockingly, “I’ll just leave this Qingdi Peak for him to toss about with. At that time, I will no longer have any shackles holding me back. Let’s see who will win then!”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Qiu Yuansheng stood for a while before scratching his head in distress.

Damn, it turned out that the greatest pig teammates would not only pull the back legs of friends, but also the hind legs of the enemy…..

However, it was no big deal that this method did not work, he could just change the method. At that time, Qingdi Peak might be the first main peak of Kun-Lai to decline in a hundred years.

Witnessing history!

Tsk, I’m a staunch villain, and I can’t let myself be shaken anymore.


Ji Yunlai was drawing a frame with his disciple.

“Xiao Qing is so smart.” He praised as he drew. Ji Yunlai found out that his disciple was really talented, learning everything instantly with just a brief explanation from him. He even wondered if he should open a public class.

Recently, Taiyi Peak’s runic arrays were all stacked, and there was no simplified algorithm innovation.

By changing many different places, the consumption of spiritual stones could be reduced by at least 10%, which was an astronomical figure.

And the fact that he was helping his disciple to make Flying Peak had already spread all over the inner peaks——the Sect Leader took out the materials for making a Flying Peak but did not give it to Taiyi Peak, so it must be that it was being made by the Sect Leader himself!!!

Many people from Taiyi Peak had already been queuing up to come and learn.

“How many gifts did my disciple receive today?” Ji Yunlai looked at his disciple with a smile.

Feng Qingxiu took out a pouch and threw it.

All kinds of beautifully packaged gift boxes instantly filled the small courtyard, and then his disciple looked at him with a little grievance: “Shizun, I am too stupid, I couldn’t find a way to refuse.”

If he didn’t accept it just now, the people outside the courtyard would have swallowed him with their sorrowful looks, let alone allow him to enter Shizun’s dwelling.

Ji Yunlai smiled lightly: “Then let them come in and also learn, just twenty people.”


With the divine words of the Sect Leader, Taiyi Peak lined up all kinds of conditions to pick 20 people like a beauty pageant in four hours, and entered the Sect Leader’s courtyard with the devout mood of a pilgrim.

Ji Yunlai lectured carefully at the same pace he used to teach his disciple, and Feng Qingxiu tried it while listening.

And those few people quickly began taking notes, but they soon began to doubt life.

“We have also studied for hundreds of years, why is it so difficult to understand?” someone asked.

“Yes, how does Feng Qingxiu learn so easily?”

“Stop talking nonsense, we must make the most of our time.”

“When we go down, we must ask Senior Brother Feng to explain to us.”

“You’re right, I’ll open Taiyi Peak’s warehouse when I return!”

“Did I remember this symbol correctly?”

“Why do we all remember it differently?”


“Is that Feng Qingxiu really human? Are you sure he isn’t some monster from somewhere?”

“Be quiet, the Sect Leader can hear you!”


AN: an extra scene below.


“Yun, it’s New Year’s Eve.” Qing said to him.

Ji Yunlai silently looked at the diagram in his hand without speaking.

“I’ve already calculated this out for you, so no need to be busy.” Qing’s tone was brisk, subtly asking for praise.

Ji Yunlai pointed and asked, “How do you know this?”

“I’ve watched you calculate it every day.” Qing said matter-of-factly, “And you have sorted it out in your sea of consciousness before.”

“Then why can’t Taiyi Peak learn it?” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

“I’ve been with you for many years, so of course I can learn it, but when you talk about it, you naturally slip in discrete mathematics and functional analysis in the runic array, so no one could understand it.” Qing comforted him, “If you teach them everything from basic to advanced mathematics, they will definitely learn.”

“I have to start with the basic quadratic equation involving one variable?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“Shouldn’t you?” Qing asked strangely.

“Should I?” Ji Yunlai looked indifferent, not feeling that he had the ability to teach others calculus.

“Shouldn’t you?” Qing asked strangely, this was not difficult.

Then he was locked in a small dark room again.


When he came out, New Year’s was over.

Qing was very disappointed.

But Ji Yunlai never cared about his feelings.

“Yun, I’ve already written the second half of the logic this time, take a look.” Qing said to him in an eager manner for praise.

“It’s well written,” Ji Yunlai read it carefully, “Just fix the bugs in some places and it can be used.”

“Great!” Qing was very happy, “This is my New Year’s gift for you.”

“En, your divine consciousness is very powerful, but I was negligent.” Yun threw out a bunch of topics for him, “Write well.”

“Yes, milord.” After Qing finished speaking, he suddenly became a little awkward, “Yun~”

“What?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“Can you give me a gift too?” Qing asked shyly.

“What do you want?” Ji Yunlai’s calm tone was as usual.

“Look in the mirror, I want to see what you look like.” Qing said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

“Didn’t you see it in my sea of consciousness?” Ji Yunlai asked.

“It’s different.” Qing objected anxiously.

“What’s the difference?” Ji Yunlai didn’t feel any difference.

“…..Anyway, it’s just different.” Qing’s voice paused and gradually weakened.

He wanted to see the real Yun, he just wanted to see.


“Yun, if I were a human, would you have fallen in love with me?” It was the Qixi Festival again, everyone was flying up and down in Kun-Lai, everywhere pairs of lovers could be seen.

“I will never love anyone.” Ji Yunlai said.

“You can’t use the Overcoming Evil Sword forever. Although I helped you stop the other great celestial demons, there will always be a day when your seven emotions can return to your body, and you will fall in love with another person again.” Qing said reasonably, he also poked at the trace of soul intent on his body, “Yun, your heart is very soft.”

Ji Yunlai said indifferently, “So there’s no need for it.”

Qing was stunned for a moment, only to realize that what he said was that he didn’t need a soft heart.

“Yun, I have protected your heart for a long time, and I won’t let it be hurt again.” Qing assured him.

“No need.”

Qing was sad.


“Yun, I like you.” Qing said to him.

He had been preparing for a long time. Today was a good day, the first snow had fallen, and the person who confessed on this day could grow old with the one they love.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Yunlai turned a deaf ear.

“I figured it out, and I’m not afraid to say it. You won’t shut me in the little black house because of this.” Qing’s voice was full of confidence, “You won’t mind that I like you.”

“Oh.” Ji Yunlai responded.

“There’s actually an advantage to being unable to have any feelings,” Qing’s voice slowed down, with a little self-deprecation, “Even if I’m not by your side in the future, you won’t be lonely.”

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