These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 027 The Road Back Home

With a cold face, Lei Jin pulled up the trousers that had slipped to his ankles in the struggling, but the sticky feeling on his skin made the expression on his face as black as the bottom of a pot. His and Mingya’s things were still on it, but he only had two sets of clothes, which Roger lent him. One set got wet when he was in the stream earlier and if he took this off as well, he really would have nothing to wear.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thinking of the animal skin tunic that the man gave him when he was still in the mountains, although it was uncomfortable, he could still deal with it. He had washed it and put it at the bottom of the cabinet. Lei Jin thought of this and stood up without looking at the two still standing in the room. He got off the bed with bare feet and dug it out from the closet.

Sure that the two of them wouldn’t do anything to him now, he decided to just take off the shirt and change it here. Inside, Lei Jin was practically exploding in anger, thinking that it was no big deal, he could just leave. Although it was definitely impossible to beat them, it would not be difficult to bring them down with him if he really struggled to the death.

The sky was still bright outside the window, and the light hit Lei Jin. His frame and bone structure were well-proportioned, with a thin waistline, a straight back, and a healthy layer of glow that seemed to shine through his skin. The ambiguous traces of kiss marks and hickeys on his neck appeared even more conspicuous now, causing Xiya’s throat to go dry at the sight.

Xiya still remembered the first time he saw their female, in fact he and Moya discovered him earlier than their youngest brother did.

Mingya went out alone for the first time when he reached the age of maturity. Naturally, he didn’t know the dangers in the woods. Whenever he saw prey, he would just give chase blindly. At that time, when they saw their youngest brother running into the depths of the woods without any care at all, he and Moya hurried after him when they saw that the direction he went off in was not right.

Even the oldest members of the tribe couldn’t tell how this continent came to be, and how the various werebeast tribes came into being. But among the tribes on their continent, there had always been a common mysterious legend. In the depths of the jungle, there was a place where clouds and mists were lingering all year round. Even the Tiger Tribe who have lived in the jungle for a long time dared not approach that area easily. The Feiyu Tribe with the most powerful wings would not fly over the jungle either. They only heard from the elders in the tribe that every cyclic year, the thick fog in the jungle would dissipate, and there had been accounts from werebeasts passing nearby who could see from a distance that there were towering golden buildings inside, and strong and sprawling cities. Outside the city were broken walls lying in grass. Some werebeasts would even hear someone singing in the city at night. It was a tune they had never heard before, the melody sad and echoing over far distances, but they had never seen anyone coming out of it. There were always werebeasts who were daring and went inside, but none of them came out. As a result, it became a forbidden area from then on.

Probably the only thing that could come out from that mysterious place was the exceptionally clear river. It disappeared into a swamp not far from the jungle. Where the river disappeared, wormwood grew everywhere, and the branches and leaves were green and translucent. Small white flowers grew from it, which were the kind of herbs he bought from the Feiyu Tribe last time. Only the Feiyu Tribe with the lightest wings could pick the jade mugwort in that swamp.

The small white flowers at the top of the jade mugwort were used to change the female’s body and increase fertility. The green branches and leaves were mashed into sticky and smooth liquid, and were used as the best lubrication in bed affairs. It could even improve female physique after being used over a long period of time.

He still remembered that when he was five years old, Moya was less than two years old and had not yet transformed into human form, still appearing as a small black panther cub that would insist on laying in Ah Ma’s arms, wide green eyes looking at everything. One day, their dads all went out, and then Ah Ma disappeared.

Their dads took him and Moya to the depths of the jungle. When they reached the edge of the forbidden area, there was only a blurred figure that could be seen in the fog. Their dads called out to him and he stopped, but didn’t look back. So their dads pinched him and Moya, forcing them to keep crying. Little Moya cried so hard he could barely breathe. Ah Ma seemed to want to continue but he could not take a step forward no matter what.

After a while, he turned around and came back, punching and kicking their dads. Then he hugged Moya, hugged him and cried the whole time. He still remembered the feeling of Ah Ma’s tears flowing down his neck. The wind was very cold that night, but Ah Ma’s tears were very hot. Ah Ma cried loudly, it was the first and last time he saw Ah Ma cry like that.

He leaned on his dad’s shoulder as they walked back, and when he looked up he seemed to see fire flashing by in that place.

The night when they got home, he slept in the outer room with Moya in his arms. All night he heard Ah Ma yelling at their dads, and then begging for mercy intermittently in a hoarse voice. For many years later, when their dads went out, one of them would always remain by Ah Ma’s side. He didn’t understand it when he was young, but now he understood. Ah Ma wanted to leave them that time.

The arrival of Lei Jin happened to be a cyclic year from Ah Ma’s. That day they chased to the edge of the forbidden area and lost Mingya. The fog in the forest was very thick and they couldn’t see anything either. He and Moya began to worry about whether their youngest brother had entered the forbidden area.

Later, the fog on the edge gradually dissipated. Lei Jin appeared in front of him and Moya out of thin air, dressed very strangely, with just a white cloth wrapped around his waist and a pair of white shoes on his feet. He had never seen a female wearing so little and looking so beautiful. At first he thought it was his own hallucination, but seeing Moya’s eyes looking in the same direction, he knew that it was not a hallucination, it was a real female appearing in front of them.

The female seemed a little dazed at the beginning, looking around like a lost cub, and then suddenly seemed a little annoyed.

Then they saw a half-sized dragon pig galloping over not far away, Moya was about to go save him, when they saw the female neatly tie a knot in the cloth around his waist, quickly ran to an ancient tree, grabbed the tree vine, and climbed up to the branch in a matter of seconds.

Later, the dragon pig kept ramming at the tree trunk below, but they didn’t worry anymore, because they saw the figure of their youngest brother on that very tree.

However, it must be said that he really couldn’t compliment their youngest brother’s first move when he met a female.

Along the way, they followed behind and saw that the female did not speak their language, and seemed to know nothing about Mingya being a werebeast, so he felt a little puzzled.

Later, Moya hesitated for a long time before saying, “Brother, do you think he and Ah Ma come from the same world?”

He also had an epiphany in his heart. After all, for so many years, although no one had said it openly in the family, they still vaguely knew that Ah Ma seemed to have been picked up by their dads on the edge of the forbidden area.

As Xiya recalled up to this point, Lei Jin had already changed his shirt, and the animal skin tunic reached his thighs, so then he took off his pants. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Mingya pouting, staring at him with an expression of wanting to come closer but not daring to.

Mingya carefully scooched over, took Lei Jin’s arm and said, “Mingya’s female, Mingya no longer dares to in the future.” Although he didn’t know what he did wrong, Mingya knew that their female was angry.

Lei Jin frowned and avoided him. He said: “Don’t call me that, call me Lei Jin in the future.”

Mingya thought to himself, you are obviously our female, why can’t I call you that, but he still said obediently, “Lei Jin, don’t be mad at Mingya.”

Lei Jin turned his face away, not wanting to look at him. Mingya carefully tugged at the corner of his clothes.

Lei Jin was so annoyed by the other but he couldn’t even vent his anger. His slap was not light, and Mingya’s left face was already a little red and swollen. Lei Jin knew that Mingya couldn’t be completely blamed for this matter. He had already hit him and pinched him. But this young man seemed not to be afraid of him at all, and still liked to be close to him.

Lei Jin sighed inwardly. He really didn’t know what to do with him, so he said in a purposely bad tone, “Go and put on your clothes first, parading your naked self in front of my eyes, you haven’t had enough of a beating or what?”

As soon as he spoke, Xiya knew that although today’s affairs would not end so easily like this, it could finally be put to the side for the time being.

Only then did he notice the clothes on Lei Jin’s body. He heard Mingya say that it was given by the male werebeasts of the Tiger Tribe. It was really quite a sore to the eyes, so he picked out a tunic of animal skins from his own closet and handed it to Lei Jin, “Wear this one of mine, and replace the one you are wearing.”

Lei Jin didn’t want to bother with him now, he just gave him a cold look, not intending to accept.

Xiya found an excuse and said, “Dad and the others are all at home. You aren’t just going to dress like this, are you?”

Xiya gestured at the length of his clothes which left his legs bare, exposing most of his skin.

Only then did Lei Jin take it over, pointed to the door and said to the two, “You two go out first.”

Xiya pulled Mingya out with him. Only then did Lei Jin change his clothes, and indeed Xiya’s tunic was really big enough to reach his knees.

Lei Jin’s changed clothes were thrown aside for now, deciding that he would wash them after getting up from his nap.

Lei Jin went back to bed, but when he thought about what happened with Mingya just now, he couldn’t sleep peacefully, and there was still a faint smell on the bed. Thinking that Moya wasn’t here right now, he rolled up the fluffy blanket on the bed and went to sleep on Moya’s bed in the next room.

When Lei Jin woke up, it was already sunset. The room was filled with warm golden sunlight, and he couldn’t help but laze in the golden light. Hearing movement outside, Lei Jin got up and opened the window.

Mingya, who had turned into a human teenager’s appearance, was washing clothes by the stream. After washing one piece, he put it on the rope in front of the house, and then ran back to the stream to wash the other piece. A crow flapped its wings and followed Mingya, making cawing sounds. Mingya blushed suddenly and he chased and beat at the crow while holding the wet clothes in his hand. Lei Jin looked at the clothes on the clothesline which looked very familiar, and when he looked closer, he realized that he had just changed out of them today, and even his underwear was among them, which was currently fluttering in the wind.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Mingya.” Lei Jin called to him.

“Mingya’s female, are you awake?” The brightly handsome young man answered quickly, with a smile on his face, and ran towards Lei Jin in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Behind the boy, the sunset colored the sky in magnificent oranges and purples.

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