After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 161 First Kiss

“That person just now was Shen Yan’s boyfriend named Zhuo Yan. Do you know him?”

Tao Mu was obviously affected by the quarrel with the Shen family just now. During the rest of the sightseeing, even though Tao Mu tried his best to hide it, everyone could still feel Tao Mu’s absent-mindedness. So it didn’t take long for Mr. Song to excuse himself to go back to the hotel to sleep with the excuse of being old and lacking energy.

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However, Mr. Song just took a nap in the hotel for an afternoon.

Tao Mu felt very guilty. Everyone came here to celebrate his birthday only for the birthday star to be such a mood damper.

“Why don’t we go to the Ferris wheel? Or go to Disneyland.” Tao Mu psyched himself up and suggested with a smile, “I’ve been busy filming for the past few months since I came to Hong Kong. I haven’t been to Disneyland yet.”

Seeing Tao Mu’s eagerness to to pretend that everything was well, Meng Qi smiled slightly. He said, “Then let’s go to the Ferris wheel first. We can sit on a high vantage point and enjoy the night view of Victoria Harbour. It’ll be a break from walking.”

A Ferris wheel could seat four people in one capsule. So Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng sat in the same capsule, while Liu Yao, Meng Qi and Mr. Song sat in another. Mr. Song didn’t want to be a third wheel, and wanted to sit alone but no would agree.

Meng Qi said with a smile: “The two of us are different from those two young ones. How old are we already? We don’t care to be so romantic.”

Liu Yao, who wanted to be romantic in fact, also nodded in agreement. Although it was a bit regrettable, there were still opportunities for romance in the future. But they couldn’t let the old man ride the Ferris wheel by himself. After all, the old man had never sat on this thing before. In case he became afraid of the height, uncomfortable, or scared, with them sitting together they could take care of each other.

As for Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu, they obviously didn’t need to worry about them.

Before getting on the Ferris wheel, Li Xiaoheng bought all kinds of snacks for everyone to pass the time while waiting for the Ferris wheel to rise slowly and leisurely. While peeling the chestnuts for Tao Mu, Li Xiaoheng suddenly asked a question. The question was straight to the point and did not let Tao Mu even have a chance to escape.

“Why do you ask that?” Tao Mu hesitated for a while, and then replied, “This is the first time in this life that we’ve met.”

“I just felt that your attitude towards him was very particular.” Li Xiaoheng held Tao Mu’s right hand, which was unconsciously clenched into a fist, spread out his palm, and put the peeled chestnuts on it: “You seem to care about him very much.”

The plump chestnuts were still steaming and looked quite chubby. The warm residual warmth spread across the palm of his hand. Tao Mu stared blankly at the chestnuts, not knowing what to say.

It was not like he could say that he was reborn and that in his last life, he was with Zhuo Yan, and even spent a total of seven years together day and night. Only in the end, lovers turned against each other and became enemies. He put Zhuo Yan in jail and committed suicide by jumping off the building himself.

“It’s not that I care much about that person. I just don’t want to see that person. I don’t even want to mention that person’s name. It’s best to stay away from him in this life.” Tao Mu frowned and looked troubled. He didn’t want to mention Zhuo Yan in front of Li Xiaoheng. He didn’t even want to mention the bad things in his previous life in front of Li Xiaoheng. But he didn’t know how to explain the changes in his emotional state when facing Zhuo Yan.

He was worried that a little carelessness would cause Li Xiaoheng to misunderstand.

Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu’s troubled and hesitant look, and suddenly said, “I want to kiss you.”

“Ah, ah?” Tao Mu regained his senses and looked at Li Xiaoheng blankly. The topic was changing too fast!

“Although we’ve been officially dating for a very short time and it’s not even more than a month.” Li Xiaoheng leaned in front of Tao Mu and stared into Tao Mu’s eyes gently, their breath mixing: “But I want to give you my first kiss. Would you like it as an additional birthday present?”

Tao Mu looked into Li Xiaoheng’s eyes and suddenly felt a little nervous. He pursed his lips subconsciously, his gaze evading a little: “You can just kiss if you want. We are officially dating. This is your right…..”

Before he could finish speaking, he was blocked by Li Xiaoheng bowing his head and touching his own against his lips.

Li Xiaoheng wrapped him tightly in his arms, one hand hugged Tao Mu’s back and caressed gently, while the other hand cradled and protected the back of Tao Mu’s head as he pressed him into the corner of the seat.

Tao Mu’s lips were soft, but not warm. His whole person huddled within his arms obediently, motionless.

Li Xiaoheng moved back slightly, carefully observing Tao Mu’s expression.

Tao Mu had no expression. His whole person was still cautiously and thoughtfully looking at him: “If you want, tonight I can——”

“No hurry.” Li Xiaoheng gently stroked the back of Tao Mu’s head, wrapped the person in his arms and adjusted into a comfortable posture. He kept feeling that the question he had just asked had upset Tao Mu. Although he didn’t know how upset he was. But he didn’t want Tao Mu to make any decisions on impulse.

Anyway, they still have a lifetime ahead of them, and there was no need to rush on any details.

“Confessing, holding hands, and kissing, I will follow the procedure step by step. I hope that when we are together, every detail will come naturally. Instead of you forcing yourself to accommodate me.” Li Xiaoheng played with Tao Mu’s hand, the chestnuts in his palm had already cooled. Li Xiaoheng lowered his head, plucked the chestnuts in Tao Mu’s palm, and ate them himself. Then he peeled a fresh one for Tao Mu: “Eat this while it’s hot.”

This time, Li Xiaoheng directly fed the chestnut into Tao Mu’s mouth.

“You don’t like that Zhuo Yan, you don’t want to see him, and you don’t want to mention him anymore. Then we won’t mention him in the future.” Li Xiaoheng wrapped him in his arms, kissed Tao Mu’s cheek, and coaxed: “I’m not angry. I just hope that you can tell me directly if you’re unhappy. If you don’t want to say anything, I’ll just accompany you quietly. I don’t have to get to the bottom of everything.”

The difference between Li Xiaoheng and anyone else was that Li Xiaoheng possessed a strong confidence in his own ability.

As the eldest son of the Li family, Li Xiaoheng grew up in an extremely favourable environment since he was a child. As the heir of the Li family, Li Xiaoheng received the most strict and rigorous teaching from childhood to adulthood. A strong family background, extremely strong luck, coupled with strong personal ability, ensured that Li Xiaoheng sailed through life without any trouble since his birth 26 years ago. He never believed that there was anything in this world that he couldn’t do. He also didn’t believe that there were people better than him in this world.

So even though Li Xiaoheng was keenly aware that Tao Mu’s mood was different when facing Zhuo Yan, the confident boss didn’t worry for even a moment. There was none of the jealousy that Tao Mu was vaguely worried about.

It was not that Li Xiaoheng didn’t care about Tao Mu. He just believed in his own judge of character and personal charm more——Li Xiaoheng believed that the Tao Mu he liked was definitely not the kind of superficial person who was fickle with his affections. What was more, Tao Mu’s anger, disdain and disapproval when facing Zhuo Yan were not fake.

It was not possible that Li Xiaoheng, who had minored in psychology, couldn’t even distinguish simple emotions.

“I’m not angry. I’m just worried that you will suppress and hold back everything when you encounter unpleasant things, suffocating yourself.” Li Xiaoheng patiently explained to Tao Mu, and then peeled another chestnut and fed it to Tao Mu.

“That Zhuo Yan is not as handsome as me, not as old as me, not as tall as me, not as good as me, not as capable as me, and still has such a bad temper. Before dating, he not only didn’t carefully observe what the woman is truly like, but halfway through the process he regrets it and likes to use breaking up to threaten the woman. At first glance, you can tell he is not a good person at all.” Although he was secretly self-confident in his heart, Li Xiaoheng still habitually made an all-round evaluation of the person who caused his CEO Tao’s emotions to fluctuate so greatly. And secretly praise himself by the way.

“I’m different. My pursuit of you was carefully considered. Before chasing you, I wrote a relevant action plan. There were also a pile of analysis reports on your preferences and temperament. I even got someone to look at our fortunes as lovers. Short-term and long-term plans have been done, market research and interest analysis have been done. I made sure I only want to grow old with you for the rest of my life before I permitted myself to launch an offensive pursuit.”

CEO Li proudly rested his chin on Tao Mu’s neck, and rambled on about his good qualities: “So you see, whether it is as a business partner or life partner, you must find a reliable person like me. Because marriage is a lifetime thing. Since we are dating with the purpose of marriage in mind, we must carefully plan everything when we invest our emotions into the relationship. This includes all the risks that will be encountered after the establishment of the project, as well as the cooperating relationship between the two partners.”

CEO Li gave a long speech, and couldn’t help stepping on a certain someone’s foot again: “One must not be impulsive, deciding to date someone willy-nilly. And afterwards, insist on breaking up because the partner does not meet your requirements.” It was not only a waste of time, but also harmful to others and harmful to themselves. The most important thing was that the risk faced when the project was split, sometimes it was very likely to result in a loss on both parties.

Being hand fed by the boss, while listening to the analysis of the boss, Tao Mu’s cheek bulged out from time to time. He turned his head to look at Li Xiaoheng who was wrapped around his whole body. As expected of a capital boss who had eaten steak for four years, he was tall and broad-chested, and when his arms were firmly around Tao Mu, Tao Mu felt a strong sense of security.

This person seemed to be able to keep a clear mind when encountering anything, keeping calm when encountering any emergencies, and able to settle any bad situation.

Tao Mu had to admit that there was a reason why he accepted Li Xiaoheng’s pursuit so quickly. The main reason was that in his previous life he envied Li Xiaoheng’s way of acting. Decisive, assertive and resolute, sticking to his own opinions in everything he did, and not depending on anyone’s will. Nor would he be affected by the situation at the time. Even Shen Yu and the plot halo couldn’t affect him.

And this man was upright and honorable. Even if there was disagreement in the cooperation, or resulted in a split up in the end, so long as there was no betrayal during the cooperation, Li Xiaoheng would not pursue that matter.

So before Tao Mu began dating Li Xiaoheng, the breakup contract that Li Xiaoheng personally drafted for him had already reassured Tao Mu. He believed that even if one day, Li Xiaoheng would get tired of him and wanted to break up. So long as he hadn’t betrayed the other during this period, they would have been able to part ways peacefully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His lips suddenly warmed. Li Xiaoheng pecked Tao Mu several times on the lips like an eagle pecking at the rice, until Tao Mu came back to his senses and smiled with satisfaction: “Is my kissing skills not very good? That’s because I have no experience before. Moreover, my actions are also very clumsy. So, we must practice more in the future, diligence can make up for the clumsiness after all.”

Hearing big boss Li secretly digging for benefits, Tao Mu smiled: “How long do you want to practice?”

Li Xiaoheng pondered slightly, and said solemnly: “With my learning ability, I at least have to practice for a lifetime.”

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