Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 059 Wielding The Halberd Within The Household, Why So Eager To Harm Each Other

The next day, a shocking news spread throughout the Kun-Lai Mountains within two hours.

Early in the morning, Yuan Lie got up from the ward, went out to practice his fighting form, cultivating spiritual energy at the moment when the sun first rose, absorbing the trace of spiritual energy that was produced every meeting of dawn.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although this Guiyi Method was only Kun-Lai’s most common cultivation exercise, it was extremely effective in strengthening the meridians and building a solid foundation. The subtlety of the Dao intent woven within invoked a sigh from him that Yun Lai had already left him behind over the years.

Every street outside Qingdi Peak was very lively now. Shops for various spiritual fruit basket gifts, parcels, and the hosting of spiritual pets were doing very good business.

Yuan Lie always couldn’t help comparing the Kun-Lai Sect in the Central Continent back then to now, and found that it was absolutely nothing compared to this place——a Ji Yunlai without burdens and shackles could accomplish so many things.

But today, Yuan Lie found that the entire Qingdi Peak was in a panic, many shops were closed, and pedestrians came and went in a hurry, without any intention of stopping.

He also saw two acquaintances in a place marked with the word “Blood Bank”. He was taken aback for a while. He thought about several ways to identify human souls using the Daxuan Magical Technique, and instinctively covered up the flaws that would be seen on his person.

But in the end, he couldn’t hold back, and he walked into the store curiously, looking at them with the curious face of a teenager.

They didn’t pay any attention to just an ordinary teenager who only cultivated the exercises of the outer sect and continued to argue with a middle-aged cultivator.

“Why did you lower the price?” Black Snake was so angry that scales appeared on his face, “Where else could you buy the spiritual demon blood of a spiritual demon at the Demigod Stage? You actually dare to suppress my price?”

“Sorry, it’s truly because we don’t dare to move the warehouse now.” The middle-aged cultivator next to him smiled bitterly, “Two hours ago, Lady Qingnu had already proposed to Baishui Yuan Palace to ascend the mountain. Now the entire Qingdi Peak is thrown into unrest. You must have went to several places before you found my place. Only our place is still collecting blood, but we don’t dare to collect too much either. If you are not satisfied, you can go to Danding Peak and try your luck there.”

Black Snake simply felt that the world had darkened: “So are you saying that we can’t even find a place to sell blood?”

“Qingdi Peak ascended the mountain?” Nightingale grasped the key point, “Yimeng Qingnu is ascending the mountain? I remember that if she ascends the mountain, she can open a new peak, and then all the land on it would be owned by herself…..but she can’t take anyone with her.”

“So now the younger generation has already gone,” the middle-aged monk smiled bitterly, “Now the whole Qingdi Peak people are selling their real estate here, and buy new land on the new peak instead. The people who plan on going to Qingnu to register have already surrounded her tower. It’s completely packed with people.”

“Then what else is there to say, let’s just draw the blood quickly. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap.” Black Snake and Nightingale exchanged glances and stretched out their arms.

Yuan Lie had never been so clearly aware of the fact that the Daxuan Dynasty had died a long time ago. The dignified Daxuan direct descendants, the victorious twin generals of the past, had now been reduced to the point of selling blood?

The middle aged cultivator took out two golden needles, drew two buckets of blood from the two seemingly thin arms, and then paid 300 high-grade spiritual stones which Black Snake swallowed excitedly into his stomach for safekeeping.

“Let’s go, we’ll also go to register.” Nightingale and Black Snake excitedly went up the mountain, “It doesn’t matter if it’s on the edges or smaller.”

“Yes, yes, if we have a house at Kun-Lai, then we can apply for the divine guardian beast position of Qingnu Peak!”

…..Too shameful, for goodness sake, your fiefdom was the entire Western Continent back then!

Shaking his head and sighing, Yuan Lie turned his head and watched curiously as the middle-aged cultivator collected the blood and ordered someone to send it to Miss Bai Yue. He couldn’t help but ask, “This uncle, Yimeng Qingnu ascending the mountain, has something happened? Why does it seem like such a big deal?”

“Are you here from the outer sect to heal your wounds?” The cultivator looked at his outer sect robes, his face was kind, and he didn’t have the arrogance of cultivators when speaking to mortals in Yuan Lie’s memory, “Yimeng Qingnu is quite a bigwig in Qingdi Peak. All these years, the original Peak Master Bai did not focus on the affairs of Qingdi Peak, and add to the fact that Qingdi Peak also encountered Danding’s lineage ascending the mountain from Qingdi Peak, Qingdi Peak seemed like it could not avoid the fare of decline. It was Qingnu who stepped forward to take care of the entire Qingdi Peak, and did a very good job of it too. The entire peak began to just see Peak Master Bai as a brand. Unfortunately, Peak Master Bai had made a big mistake recently. Now Qingnu is leaving to open a mountain of her own, and everyone wants to go with Qingnu.”

“Then why didn’t Qingnu just seize the authority of Qingdi Peak and directly take charge of Qingdi Peak?” Yuan Lie couldn’t understand. After coming to Qingdi Peak for a few days, he already knew what a huge family business was here.

“That kind of vision is too small. How could Lady Qingnu care about a little family business on Qingdi Peak. So long as she is willing, everyone on Qingdi Peak will go with her. In fact, leaving might also be better, at least there will no longer be so many useless trash bringing trouble.” The middle-aged cultivator shook his head slightly, “Child, you must be prepared when you go up the mountain in the future. The seventy-two Kun-Lai peaks are not all equal in standards, and if you enter the wrong profession, then that will be quite the headache.”

Yuan Lie nodded and asked curiously: “Lord cultivator, you are not at all like the cultivators I imagined.”

“Don’t be deceived by those storytellers. The image of an aloof cultivator who sees mortals as nothing more than ants are not Kun-Lai cultivators.” The middle aged cultivator’s face told of his experience. With kindness for the younger generation in his tone, he imparted advice without holding back, “Us cultivators have seen the vastness of heaven and earth and will not kill people for just a little bit of treasure. We also know how big the world is, how small life is, and the only way we can better enter the foundation of cultivation is to have respect for life. Those so-called tales about high and mighty cultivators who live carefree and did as they pleased are just that, stories. There are many Kun-Lai cultivators, but we must also cooperate peacefully to go on expeditions to find new paths of cultivation from heaven and the earth. What you have to do now is to study hard at the outer sect, and lay a solid foundation for the bumpy road in the future. Only then will your path to Dao lead you farther.”

Yuan Lie was a little surprised, was this really just an understanding that a Gold Core Formation cultivator should have? Clearly, it should be an understanding that only the elders of the Demigod Stage, who have no worries about cultivation resources in the major sects of the Central Continent, should have realized!

Shouldn’t this kind of Golden Core Formation cultivator with mixed spiritual roots toady for personal gain every day, work hard to get a strong backer within the inner sect, and leave more spiritual treasures and resource opportunities for their descendants?

He hesitated for a while before asking, “Then you, will you also go with Qingnu?”

“My immortal journey has basically come to an end, and I have taught many younger generations over the years. Peak Master Bai was also good to me back then, and I won’t leave for the time being. At least I must stay to see if the genius talent supported by Peak Master Bai is worth supporting.” The middle-aged cultivator rubbed his head and injected a strand of gentle spiritual energy into him, “You haven’t recovered yet, and it is windy on the mountain. The next generation of Kun-Lai will depend on you all.”

Yuan Lie left after thanking him.

He was still a little confused, was this just the occasional person from Kun-Lai, or was this the case for the entire sect? If it was the former then that was understandable, but if it was the latter, then with cultivators who possessed such cultivation and enlightenment, so long as Kun-Lai accumulated some more time, powerful and prosperous cultivators would inevitably spring up like mushrooms after a rain.

How had he managed this!

On the way back to the ward, he was still pondering about it, but when he returned to the tower, he was still stunned.

He only came out for barely two hours, but now the ground, sky, and water had already been occupied by various humans and spiritual demons.

People from all walks of life were shouting.

“Is there anyone that sells the number in front of the queue, I will pay with a high price!”

“Is there any replacement plan for shops? The three buildings of Qingdi Peak on the most prosperous street, to be replaced with one mu of land on Qingnu Peak! As long as it is within ten miles of the new Qing Tower!”

“Low-cost shop, price negotiable, who wants?”


Yuan Lie even began to suspect whether this was really a sect of Dao cultivation and not that he had strayed into the vegetable market in the town where his mother often took him to visit.

And there were only more people on the way.

He thought of how he was now the current Sect Leader of Kun-Lai, and then thought of how he was now without cultivation and penniless.

Yuan Lie suddenly felt that it was better to stay at the outer sect first.


Jinping Peak, Baishui Yuan Palace.

As the residence of Bai Shuixian, one of the seven elders of Kun-Lai, this place was in charge of the authority to divide peaks within Kun-Lai.

Bai Shuixian had a feeling that the child had finally left her womb when she received the request to ascend the mountain from Yimeng Qingnu, which should have been done long ago.

“Absolutely not!” The pale-faced, bloodless Qingdi Peak Master Bai Liu coughed twice, his melancholy look between his brows even heavier, and he pleaded a little, “Qing’er, you are going to destroy Qingdi Peak.”

“I’m only leaving alone, and the supplies in the internal treasury account will not be touched. The follow-up plan for each injured person has also been prepared. I’m not asking for your permission.” Qingnu had a gentle expression and was smiling, “Elder Bai, please seal it, and then I will ask the Sect Leader to seal it.”

Ascension of a mountain was a major event. It required not only the Baishui Yuan Palace, but also the final approval of the Sect Leader. Then the new peak master could choose a favorite peak among the Kun-Lai Mountains and open up a new peak. The seventy-two peaks of today had almost all come about like this.

It also effectively prevented the source of rigidity and hard feelings among the upper-levels of the various peaks——you don’t allow me to rise in position, and I also don’t like you, okay, we’ll go our separate ways, and our good disciples will be the ones to choose which of us they want to follow.

This was also the reason why Bai Liu was against Qingnu’s departure. If Qingnu ascended a mountain, it was a question of whether or not a small half of Qingdi Peak would even stay behind.

Talent was the foundation of a peak. If people leave, no matter how much resources were left, they would be used up sooner or later.

“Qing’er, if there is anything you are unsatisfied with we can just discuss it,” Bai Liu whispered softly, “Don’t leave, Qingdi Peak can’t do without you.”

“True, and that’s why you’re just afraid that I won’t take care of those people when you die, so you want to support a piece of trash to protect them.” Qingnu said gently, “But you’re right, when you die, I will drive out every single one of them from Qingdi Peak, even so, you want me to stay?”

“Qing’er, those people are not trash, they just don’t have spiritual roots or strong spiritual understanding, this is something that cannot be changed by human effort,” Bai Liu sighed, “Their parents built Qingdi Peak back then, and even later died in the Outlands, if we don’t take care of them, how would there be anyone willing to die for Kun-Lai again?”

“Enough, you have said these words countless times,” Yimeng Qingnu shook her head, not wanting to talk to him anymore, and turned her head, “Elder Bai, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“Fine.” Bai Shuixian picked up a gold seal and stamped it on the scroll handed by Yimeng Qingnu.

“No!” Bai Liu suddenly stretched out his hand to block the big seal.

“En?” Bai Shuixian raised her beautiful eyebrows, lifted her hand and flicked her fingers, and in the light almost casual gesture she had already waved the other several feet away, and slapped the scroll with a seal, “Tell the Sect Leader ‘no’.”

Bai Liu’s expression was bleak, and he didn’t speak anymore.

“Thank you Elder Bai.” Yimeng Qingnu bowed gracefully, took the scroll in her hand, and turned to leave.

An unprecedented feeling of ease left her in a very happy mood, she turned to see her cousin Bai Yue who was listening outside the door, and gave her a rare sincere smile.

“You can’t go!” Bai Yue screamed, she never thought that Qingnu’s appeal in Qingdi Peak was so strong, but less than two hours after the news came out, more than 70% of the disciples were ready to leave. If it was like this, even if they really took charge of Qingdi Peak, it was useless. They couldn’t control Qingdi Peak at all. “Your father’s mistakes in those days killed so many people. You must stay in Qingdi Peak to atone for them!”

But Yimeng Qingnu had already left.

Bai Liu sighed lowly and went back with his indignant daughter.

In the water pavilion, the tall young man who was waiting for them to return was still shirtless and looked at them expressionlessly.

“There’s nothing to be done, Elder Bai has already allowed it, and the Sect Leader will definitely allow her request as well.” Bai Yue whispered, “What’s to be done now.”

Seeing the worried appearance of the two, the tall young man suddenly asked in a low voice, “If Qingnu dies, she can’t ascend the mountain, right?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“…..” Bai Yue didn’t speak, but her eyes lit up, and after a while, she even became excited, “Or if she was seriously injured by the spiritual demons, it would be difficult for her to ascend the mountain. I heard that they are planning to work together this time to create a new Flying Peak, if there is a conflict between the spiritual demons and the humans in the middle, it will definitely be no problem, and if Feng Qingxiu can be hurt as a result, the Sect Leader will definitely take his anger out on her, and then she will be even less likely to ascend the mountain!”

Bai Liu looked at them in shock, as if it was the first time he knew these two children who he had raised since childhood.

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