These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 028 Love Rival

The view in front of the house was wide, and there were no shelters. The wind blowing from the grassland was strong, and the sunlight was good so Mingya’s laundry would dry quickly.

Lei Jin intended to change out of Xiya’s clothes. The animal skin tunic was heavy, but the key thing was that in such hot weather, it was not breathable. It was fine in the cooler night but during the day it was too hot. It seemed that Ro ger’s clothes were more comfortable, cool and breathable. Although it felt too rough at first, and it chafed at his skin when he wore it, it was not a problem after he got used to it. In the past, he used to even wear clothes he picked up from the garbage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mingya was now a snow-white little leopard, lying at Lei Jin’s feet. Maybe he was tired from doing laundry just now, so now he looked a bit lethargic, but wherever Lei Jin went, he still followed slowly with his stomach and four paws to the ground.

Only when he asked him just now did he know that Mingya was not yet fully grown up. It was said that there was still a ritual that Mingya had not undergone yet. He just heard other werebeasts speak of it, while he himself knew only a little about it. When vaguely explained to Lei Jin, Lei Jin was also confused by what he heard, so he simply didn’t bother to listen to the other’s random explanations. He thought that if the day Mingya became a full adult came and he hadn’t left, he would go take a look. Speaking of, this little guy had stayed with him the whole time since he came to this world. Although he was angry at his deceit, he couldn’t be angry for too long when looking at the other’s carefree appearance. He knew he would definitely miss this little guy after leaving.

However, it was impossible to be as unguarded as before. After all, he now knew that this little guy was not a simple little leopard, but a veritable male werebeast, a man who coveted him and had the power to overwhelm him.

In order to avoid unexpected situations, when Lei Jin changed his clothes this time, he directly threw a piece to cover Mingya’s face first.

Mingya raised his paws and was about to pull it off, saying: “Mingya can’t see anything anymore.”

“If you take it down then go outside.” Lei Jin threatened, thinking in his heart that if you could see, then what was the point of covering your eyes.

“Oh.” When Mingya heard this, he laid down and asked reluctantly, “When can Mingya take it down?”

“You can only when I have agreed.”

“Mingya understands.” Eldest Brother said today that Mingya did something wrong, so Mingya should be obedient. Currently, their female doesn’t like to do such things and he should wait until their female undresses himself and lies on the bed voluntarily.

Eldest Brother also said that a good male werebeast must learn to wait. Mingya licked his paws and wondered, when Eldest Brother said this, why did he grit his teeth?

When Roger came in, Lei Jin just happened to finish tying the last knot.

Mingya was still there asking, “Can Mingya take it down now?”

Roger glanced at the two of them strangely, not knowing what they were doing now, but he didn’t want to get involved too much in their affairs, so long as the children didn’t go overboard too much.

“Roger, why are you here? Is it dinner already?” Roger rarely came here. He and An Sen and An Luo lived in the house next to theirs.

“Papa.” This time Mingya acted smart for once and knew that to ask for help from his Ah Ma, he needed to call Ah Ma by his preferred title.

Roger smiled as expected, showing a high degree of approval in his youngest son’s intelligence, and followed Mingya’s intention, “What are you doing? Bedroom play?”

Roger teased without any fear of death. Seeing that his youngest son was still alive, he had nothing to worry about. He could see that Lei Jin was not such a fussy person. Now that this matter had passed, he would not talk about it in the future.

Lei Jin said with a smile, “Roger, your joke is very lame, don’t you know?”

Roger raised his eyebrows and said solemnly, “No one had said this before, I don’t know.”

“People without self-knowledge are the saddest.” Lei Jin said.

“People who don’t know their situation are even sadder.” Roger replied.

“What did you say?” Lei Jin turned around and put the clothes in his hand in the cabinet, not catching Roger’s last words.

“It’s nothing, you’ll find out sooner or later.”

“Pretending to be mysterious.” Lei Jin rolled his eyes at him.

“Whatever you say.”

“By the way, I’m here to tell you, we’ll go out for dinner tonight.” Roger squatted down and touched his youngest son, it really seemed as if he didn’t actually get beaten at all.

“Is there a restaurant here?” Lei Jin asked.

“No, but it’s better than a restaurant, because it’s free.” Roger said enthusiastically.

“Sounds good.” Lei Jin was also intrigued.

“The food tastes even better.” Before Lei Jin arrived, this was what Roger looked forward to every month, because even if he was not a picky eater, he sometimes also had enough of An Sen and An Luo’s cooking.

“Ah, today is hunting day.” Mingya exclaimed.

“Hunting day? What is it?” Lei Jin was puzzled.

“You’ll know when you go.” Roger glanced out the window and said, “I think it’s almost time, let’s go.”

Mingya cheered and led the way.

Lei Jin looked at his attitude and felt that he really was a child, but he was almost f**ked by this very child today.

Sure enough, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

An Sen, An Luo and Xiya were already waiting at the door. It was still not fully dark, but An Sen still held a torch in his hand, likely to light the road when they went back home.

This time the road was different from the way Xiya took last time. After exiting the door they kept walking without making any turns. Lei Jin estimated that it took twenty minutes or so. He soon heard a lot of people laughing and playing in the distance, and vaguely singing as well, very rough, but with a bit of primal flavor.

After walking for a few more minutes, his field of vision suddenly opened up. What was in front of him was similar to a modern square, but much larger than a square, as large as five or six football fields.

Lei Jin thought, sure enough, cheap real estate was good, and everything could be constructed big and wide.

There was a tall building in the middle, and the sky had fully darkened so Lei Jin couldn’t see what it was, but it took up a lot of space.

In front of that building, a huge bonfire was lit, and the aroma of various foods wafted out. Many people were eating around the bonfire, and some seemed to be mock fighting.

Seeing them coming, many people came to say hello.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Uncle An Sen, Uncle An Luo, Uncle Roger, Xiya, Mingya, why did you only come now?” A man with a delicate face ran over and called them very affectionately. Although he was talking to their group at large, he looked at Xiya with eyes gentle enough they could drip water.

But when he caught sight of Lei Jin beside Xiya, those eyes instantly turned into sharp knives.

What’s this situation here?

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