Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 060 The Road Ahead Is Uneven, Seeing The Scenery For Yourself

“How can you think such a thing?” Peak Master Bai’s elegant voice carried a hint of chill, and he would never have thought that the children he raised would have the intention of harming fellow sect members.

Yes, Qingnu had ignored them over the years, but she was their protective umbrella. They have grown up together since childhood. Over the years, his serious injuries had yet to heal, and only wanted to make up for the mistakes of the past. As a result, the affairs of the peak were left to the wayside. The reason why Qingdi Peak did not completely fall into decline from the ascension of Danding Peak was all due to the efforts of Qingnu over the years.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Regardless of whether she ascended the mountain or stayed, no one could criticize her in terms of logic and law, so how could they want her life?

“Father,” Bai Yue seemed to understand her blunder, and looked at him with some grievances, “I, I’m just impatient, look at the chaos of Qingdi Peak now.”

“That’s my fault too.” Peak Master Bai’s expression was cold, and his words were even more severe than ever. “You both should reflect on yourselves here for the next few days, don’t go out for the time being. As for the matter of Qingdi Peak, I’m not dead yet.”

He turned around and left, not seeing the hesitant appearance of his daughter.

Later, he went to Zhaoyue Peak.

There was the last chance to stop Qingnu.

However, when he arrived at Zhaoyue Peak, Bai Liu was blocked by the magical arrays, and with no proper reason he couldn’t go see the Sect Leader——but what reason could he even use…..

After thinking hard for a long time, finally, he left silently.

If one really couldn’t keep something, then it was best to let it go, so as not to use up any remaining good feelings and become enemies instead.

His younger sister, the mother of Qingnu, was like that back then. As a human, he opposed her being with a spiritual demon from the Outlands. Later, he killed the spiritual demon in the conflict and forced her to marry his junior brother.

As a result, it brought about the great disaster in Yuntian Domain, and almost all the senior and junior brothers and sisters of Qingdi Peak were buried in the chaos.

At that time, the two lineages of pills and poison in Qingdi Peak were also severely damaged, and Danding Peak ascended the mountain in a fit of anger. If not for Qingnu, Qingdi Peak would have already declined by now.

Who would have known that a passing spiritual demon would have come from such a big background…..

If they hadn’t persisted until the Sect Leader arrived, the consequences would have been terrifying.

He heard that this expedition would also pass through Yuntian Domain. In the name of the Peak Master, he took away the resources allocated to Qingdi Peak for building a Flying Peak. In addition to helping the children, he did not want Qingnu to go to Yuntian Domain, and instead stay behind to take care of Qingdi Peak’s affairs.

But now, he was afraid that everything had become difficult.

It had been almost a hundred years, and he wondered if he could still go there.

It is always difficult for the things in this world to follow your will, it cannot be helped, better to leave it to the will of the heavens.


On Zhaoyue Peak, Ji Yunlai lightly swept over the scroll handed over by Qingnu, and then attached an imprint of his divine consciousness as usual. This was his special seal and could not be forged or changed.

Qingnu bowed gracefully in thanks.

Ji Yunlai nodded and the other took her leave tactfully.

Feng Qingxiu was still using the invisible sword to engrave a rune, next to him were twenty Taiyi Peak disciples who were helping him.

Recently, Feng Qingxiu’s status in their hearts had increased greatly, almost surpassing their senior brother, one of the Kun-Lai Seven Elites, who was still in Seclusion. If it wasn’t for their senior brother being in Seclusion to break through to the Synthesis Stage for many years, there would have been no room for Qingnu and the others to be so arrogant.

Because this Senior Brother Feng was too nice, if they ask him anything they didn’t understand, he would try his best to explain it clearly for them. If he didn’t understand it himself, he could also help them ask the Sect Leaded!

Ah, it couldn’t be too wonderful, but it was a pity to go back and rotate other people over. Truly, it was too much, they were selected in the first round, what right did the peak master have to force them to take turns!

In addition, the comprehension skills of this senior brother Feng Qingxiu was too terrifying, no wonder the Sect Leader couldn’t help accepting him as his direct disciple.

Learning runes was as easy as a sponge soaking up water for him. After looking at it, he could copy it and after listening to it he could understand it, which often made them doubt life.

“We can use the Hilbert space to demonstrate the Fourier series represented by polynomials. Here, we can substitute the formula…..” Ji Yunlai gently explained to Feng Qingxiu, while using spells to virtualize the space in front of him to draw out the functions that make up the runes, “…..I have studied the phenomenon of space ignorance and continuity here, and the shape and function of this rune pattern can be calculated in the form of Fourier transform…..”

The surrounding Taiyi Peak disciples only heard a buzzing in their ears and saw circles in their eyes, their expressions looking quite constipated. They wanted nothing more than to knock their heads to the ground and shout for help.

Only Feng Qingxiu could keep up with the progress, but there were still many questions to ask in the middle.

He also just forcefully memorized many things, to then slowly digest them later. He deeply felt that his foundation was not enough.

On the other hand, Ji Yunlai was very happy while teaching.

Just like he said, Xiao Qing was just like the group of programmers under him whom he had used to teach. It was hard to learn but they still worked hard learning it. It was normal for a few Taiyi Peak to not understand. They must have a bad foundation!

After talking for a while, seeing that his disciple was a little tired, he let them go take a break.

Feng Qingxiu was surrounded by Taiyi Peak’s disciples again, but Ji Yunlai didn’t stop it.

When Xiao Qing was explaining to others, he was actually also sorting out what he had learned, which helped to deepen his understanding and memory and make his thinking more flexible.

Ji Yunlai began to study the mustard seed technique (TN: named after the Parable of the Mustard Seed, a famous parable of Buddhism). After all, his disciple’s Flying Peak must be special. It was very inconvenient to be on the peak every day. If it could be shrunken and carried only then would it be more special than other Flying Peaks. Moreover, when smaller the protection circle would also be smaller. Though the energy consumption was the same, it would still be safer.

But there were still many difficulties. You must know that large spaces such as Yunfu Dao Seed and Secret Realms were usually connected to another world, and those that could be carried on the person acted as just the coordinate entrance.

If it’s just the storage space element of the mustard seed technique, the volume of a Flying Peak was too large, and there were living creatures on it as well…..

“Theoretically, the Flying Peak’s defense can resist all attacks.” While Feng Qingxiu was explaining, the Taiyi Peak disciples would also exchange their experiences with each other, so Feng Qingxiu also learned a lot. “If the great array on the Flying Peak is turned on, even if powerful Synthesis Stage cultivators besiege us, we would not be afraid, in fact, to speak in a more arrogant way, we can even block out Human Immortals and Great Sages.”

“Doesn’t that make it invincible?” Feng Qingxiu looked curiously at the core that had already been mostly completed. After completing this part, Flying Peak was basically half-completed.

“Theoretically, but the defensive arrays burn through spiritual stones. Even if up against a few powerful Synthesis Stage cultivators, it will only last seven or eight days…..but this is also enough for the Flying Peak to abandon any heavy burdens and return to Kun-Lai at max-speed.” The disciple sighed, “But if it’s a Human Immortal or a Great Sage, it will last half a day at most, all the spiritual stones will be burned through in half a day. Speaking of this, there was a tragic incident regarding this back then.”

“Was there an accident?” Feng Qingxiu was surprised, he already knew that the Flying Peak was not as perfect as he imagined, and there were often some minor problems.

“Well, no. Back then, wasn’t Qingdi Peak on an expedition to the Yuntian Domain. For some reason they came into conflict with the Fuhai Kunpeng clan there. That is a spiritual demon that is bigger than the whole of human territory north of the Outlands. At that time, the Qingdi Peak had four Flying Peaks for each of its four lineages: Medicine, Acupuncture, Poison, and Pill. All of them retreated to the main peak of the Medicine School, but they only persisted for half a day before they used up all the spiritual stones accumulated, but the defensive array cannot be stopped, almost the disciples from all four lineages of Qingdi Peak were on that Flying Peak. So in the end, they had no choice but to have cultivators with a high level of cultivation sacrifice themselves to power the array. It was basically eating the cultivators as it had spiritual stones!” The disciple said this, with a sigh and sad expression, “When the Sect Leader arrived, almost all the high-level cultivators of Qingdi Peak died in that array, if the Sect Leader arrived even 15 minutes later, Peak Master Bai would probably have become a pile of ashes in the furnace of the array just like those high-level cultivators.”

Feng Qingxiu couldn’t help but feel chills in his heart. He had long heard that the Kun-Lai expeditions were extremely dangerous, but he didn’t know it was so dangerous. He couldn’t help but ask, “What happened after?”

“The Sect Leader and the Great Sage fought, and in the end don’t know how it was reconciled. But after the four Flying Peaks came back, Qingdi Peak had two lineages ascending the mountain, now known as Danding Peak, leaving only one Flying Peak that burned countless cultivators to Qingdi Peak——After all, people are not sources of spiritual energy. The core of that Flying Peak had been greatly affected. I have gathered a team to repair it a few times. But recently, there was really no way to salvage it anymore. And as a result, Qingdi Peak slipped into decline, until Yimeng Qingnu stepped forward. Only then did Qingdi Peak barely look like it was in the past.” The Taiyi Peak disciple shrugged and said helplessly, “It was a big deal at that time, but the Kunpeng clan didn’t pursue the matter, and the Sect Leader also didn’t speak of how it was resolved. Besides, who would dare to ask him how it was resolved?”

The Sect Leader never explained himself when he did things.

Speaking of this, he eagerly instigated and said, “Senior Brother Feng, the Sect Leader dotes on you so much, why don’t you ask?”

This was one of the top ten mysteries in Kun-Lai.

“I’ll ask when I have a chance in the future.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, “Wait, we seem to be going to Yuntian Domain this time too?”

“Yes, it’s been over a hundred years, and there are so many good things over there. Besides, which expedition doesn’t involve fighting and danger, if you don’t even have this awareness on the road to immortal cultivation, then what kind of immortality are you cultivating?” The disciple’s expression suddenly changed, and smiled slightly, “Senior Brother Feng, you must definitely need manpower to maintain this Flying Peak. What do you think of me?”

“Didn’t you say that you are one of the six Peak Masters of the Flying Peaks of Taiyi Peak?” Feng Qingxiu gave him a deep look and asked, “Your price seems to be a little…..”

“No no no! This one is for free!” The disciple suppressed his excitement and said, “There is no end to learning. Recently, I have learned a lot by your side and the Sect Leader’s side. Taiyi Peak’s runic knowledge has not advanced for a long time. But after studying with the Sect Leader these few days it felt like hearing the sound of the divine voice every day, my mind is entirely enlightened. Don’t worry, this time, all the labor costs of your Flying Peak will be covered by Taiyi Peak!”

“Senior Brother, your vision is too small,” a disciple next to him squeezed in with his accent from the westernmost part of the Western Continent, “Senior Brother Feng, let me tell you, we are all fighting for the quota recently. Let me give an example, if everyone who comes to your peak gives you spiritual stone points, you can ask for a price, and we will guarantee that we will not bargain down. Giving a written test is also acceptable, everyone came from the outer sect, no one is afraid here.”

“There’s no need for this.” Feng Qingxiu felt under a lot of pressure. “And this time it was originally Qingnu, You Jia, Huang Wei and Ying An who decided to do this together. I can’t make the decision alone.”

“Now you’re joking with us, if even you can’t make the decision, then as if they could.”

“The four of them won’t object. Each and every one of them are cheapskates. We give them a price, and they would try to bargain down in various ways.”

“That’s right, every time we talk business with them, we have to raise the price three times first!”

“That’s right, when wasn’t it them the ones begging us…..”

Looking at a group of fellow sect members who now appeared arrogant and confident when mentioning their expertise, Feng Qingxiu suddenly felt that he knew too little about Kun-Lai. At least in regards to modesty, it was completely unnecessary in Kun-Lai…..

But he felt that he liked this quite a bit—— “Then start preparing, who is coming!” Feng Qingxiu took out a pen and paper.


Ji Yunlai chuckled in the room, his disciple adapted quickly.

He then looked down and continued to look through the new exam questions proposed to be added to the outer sect exam question bank this year.

This was the information prepared by the supervisors of the outer sect in the past 20 years, because Taiyi Peak strongly requested that 24 new mathematics be added to the outer sect courses——all of which they have summarized and applied over the years.

The exam questions of the outer sect were randomly added and randomly increased. Everyone’s exams were different, and there was basically no chance of cheating.

Taiyi Peak had been asking for this for hundreds of years, but if it was really added, the number of people who could pass through the outer sect was estimated to drop by more than half.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe Mingyu would be angry too?

He hadn’t seen her recently, so he should go and see his daughter. He heard that she and Ye Han have been spending a lot of time together recently.

He’ll go to Ye Han’s place to see if it’s true.

The feeling of one’s daughter growing up is quite displeasing…..

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