These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 029 How To Pursue The Object Of Your Affection

Feeling his sight, Lei Jin looked back at the young man. He had half-long golden hair, gray-blue eyes, defined eyebrows, slightly lighter skin, and could be regarded as having a refreshing and clean appearance. Lei Jin found that the eye colors of this Leopard Tribe were mostly gray-blue, green, brown, maroon, and gray, while purple like Xiya’s was rare. Except for Xiya and An Sen, at least he never saw another one with that color the last time he went out. But why was this person looking at him so hostilely? Since he came here, he had always been law-abiding, practically staying cooped up inside all day, so he had no chance of offending him, right?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin glanced at Xiya in confusion. His intuition told him it was related to him. The way this person looked at Xiya just now, it was not like he was blind.

Xiya responded with a roguish smile, but did not speak.

He then heard An Sen greet him: “It’s Kano, it’s been a while, did you become prettier? Where are your Dad and Ah Ma?”

Lei Jin shuddered, praising a man ‘pretty’?

However, the man known as Kano immediately smiled and said, “Uncle An Sen, you are making fun of me again. Dad and Ah Ma are over there at the bonfire.” Though he said this, his eyes still drifted straight to Xiya.

As a person who had lived in modern society for 28 years, it was impossible for him to not have culture shock in this strange world when it had just been over a month, so when Lei Jin saw Kano, his first reaction was that this was a man. But luckily he wasn’t too slow. Lei Jin realized it now, this man was also what they called a female.

Then he understood, he was regarded as a love rival by the other.

But Lei Jin didn’t want to carry this pot, and it just so happened that someone called out to An Sen and the others, so Lei Jin also raised his foot and wanted to follow along.

But before Lei Jin could leave, he was pulled to a stop by Xiya, who pretended to be intimate by wrapping an arm around his shoulders as he lowered his head and said, “When we came out, didn’t I ask you to wear more clothes. You just won’t listen. Now you know it’s cold?” As he spoke, he even moved to take off his own shirt.

Lei Jin was startled at first, what the hell was Xiya doing? Then when he saw him winking subtly at him, he realized that he wanted to use him as a shield. He had done such things before himself, but it was the first time he was acting as a shield for another man. It was unspeakably awkward.

Xiya spoke next to his ear and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Do me a favor, in return I will promise you one thing in the future.”

Kano watched the intimate little gestures of the two, his expression becoming cloudy and uncertain, his eyes lit with fiery embers.

Lei Jin thought to himself that this deal was not too bad. Anyway, he was already mistaken for a female, so adding this time made no difference. Maybe when he was about to leave, he might still need Xiya’s help. So he might as well do an easy favor now for the other.

He was unfamiliar with being teased, but he was very comfortable with teasing others. He took out his usual gestures when he was with his male lovers before, smiled at Xiya, put his hand on his waist and said, “Xiya, who is this person? Won’t you introduce me?”

Xiya was slightly dazed by Lei Jin’s smile, but he quickly leaned into Lei Jin’s embrace and said, “This is the female Kano of our tribe.”

He pointed to Lei Jin and said, “This is our female, Lei Jin.” Emphasizing his words with a sweet, contented look on his face.

Lei Jin’s smile stiffened, not because Kano immediately shot glares at him, but because he was shouting in his heart, Xiya, I’m about to be crushed to death by you. Please don’t lean over anymore.

Lei Jin’s height originally only reached Xiya’s shoulders. People nearby could see that Lei Jin was holding Xiya, but from a distance, Lei Jin was practically half tucked into Xiya’s arms.

“Xiya, why? You know it well, that I…..” Kano bit his lower lip, his gray-blue eyes looking like they were about to cry, which actually did give him an aura that inspired male protectiveness.

“Kano, don’t say it, you know it’s impossible for us.” Xiya tried his best to look troubled.

“I hate you, I hate this female.” Kano cried as he ran away, and several strong werebeasts who had been watching the development of the situation quickly followed.

Facing the starry night sky, Lei Jin silently rolled his eyes, did they think this was a dog blood drama? Just saying ‘I hate you’, what’s the use of that, if you have the balls then grab your man back.

“You seem to have complaints?” Xiya didn’t miss his big eyeroll.

“The females in your world are even weaker than the women in ours. They cry practically at the drop of a hat. A good lotta help that is.” Lei Jin said.

“Then you tell me, what does one do when the object of your affection does not return your feelings?” Xiya’s eyes flashed.

“If you can’t catch their heart, then take it, if you can’t take it, seduce them, seduce them into bed first, and then have the talk again, I don’t believe they won’t feel anything at all.” Men were usually more honest in their lower halves than in their own minds.

“I think this is a good way.” Xiya raised his eyebrows and smiled meaningfully.

“Enough, when are you going to get up?” Half of Lei Jin’s shoulders were feeling sore under the weight.

“Then you can lean on me instead.” Xiya made a gesture to take him into his arms.

Lei Jin slapped him away with quick reflexes and said, “I’m not interested.”

Mingya ran over with a stick of skewered meat in his mouth, tugged at Lei Jin’s trousers, stood up, raised his head, and brought his mouth close to gesture.

Lei Jin patted his head habitually, took it, and asked with a smile, “For me?”

Mingya nodded happily and said, “This is the meat of a young dragon bird, this is the last bunch left, eat it quickly.”

Lei Jin didn’t know what the young dragon bird was, but the scent of the meat was indeed different from usual, much more fragrant. Lei Jin took a bite, the meat melted in his mouth, the taste was very exquisite. After a few bites, he finished one piece, and then he wanted to eat a second piece, but when he saw the little guy who was leaning on him and quietly swallowing drool, he smiled, tore off the second piece and put it in his mouth: ” This one’s for you, eat it.”

Mingya stuck out his tongue and rolled it in. In the process, he even licked Lei Jin’s finger. This was the last piece, and he didn’t get a chance to eat it either, thinking that Mingya’s female hadn’t eaten yet, so he hurried over.

The dragon bird was very large, and its wings and claws were very sharp. The flight speed was also fast and made it difficult to capture them. But the taste of their meat was unusually delicious, especially the young dragon bird, which was even more tender, but the young dragon birds always flew in the middle of the dragon bird flock, which made them even more difficult to catch. Xiya knew that this young dragon bird was the one they had caught while out hunting last time. Seeing that Lei Jin liked to eat it, Xiya secretly noted it down in his heart, thinking that the next time he and Moya went out, he would hunt one back alone. Game that was hunted alone generally belonged to the hunter alone and did not need to be taken out on hunting day to share with everyone.

“What, you want to eat it too?” There were four pieces of meat in this skewer, he ate one, Mingya ate one, and there were two more, so Lei Jin asked naturally when he noticed Xiya staring at it.

Xiya did not bother with niceties. He nodded and came over, even biting a piece directly from Lei Jin’s hand, and then smiled as he said, “It’s really delicious.”

Lei Jin frowned.

Roger and five or six people gathered together to eat barbecued meat and drink fruit wine, but did not miss the scene just now.

“They seem to be in a good relationship,” said the red-haired Zhu Xi.

Roger smiled and didn’t speak. He only raised his cup and drank the wine. An Luo took another skewer of grilled meat and handed it to him.

“After all these years, An Sen and An Luo still loves Roger so much, which is really enviable.” Zhu Xi sighed.

Roger glanced at him with a smile and said, “Could it be that An Bu treats you badly, you are now the female partner of the tribal leader, do you still have time to envy others?”

Zhu Xi lowered his head and added a few more pieces of wood to the fire, thinking to himself that the reason he could become An Bu’s mate was because Roger had rejected An Bu back then. Although most of the male werebeasts in the tribe wanted to have their own mate to themselves, sometimes, in order to maintain the unity and strength of the family, it was not uncommon for brothers with close blood to have the same female partner. It was just that An Sen and An Luo didn’t agree. He also saw An Bu privately meeting and begging Roger, but was still rejected by Roger. Only then did he and An Bu got together.

It was just that all of this was in the past for so many years, and he didn’t intend to bring up these things again, so he raised his head and smiled, “No envy, no envy, by the way, when will Xiya and the others hold the ceremony?”

“They’re going to wait a while, Lei Jin has just arrived, this matter is not in a hurry.” Whether this ceremony would even be held was another matter.

“Your family’s Lei Jin is really lucky, Xiya and Moya are needless to say, even Mingya, I see that he will also become a strong snow leopard when he grows fully into an adult.”

“I hope so.”

“Ah Ma. Uncle Roger, what are you talking about?” A young man with red hair and chestnut eyes came over and leaned on Zhu Xi’s shoulders.

“Mura, why aren’t you playing over there?” Zhu Xi sat down beside him and stroked his hair, this was his only son.

“I don’t like any of them.” Mura sat down on the ground.

“Then what kind does Mura like?” Roger asked.

“En, let me see, I like someone like Brother Moya, who is beautiful, strong, and doesn’t spin around females every day.” Mura tilted his head for a while before saying.

“It’s a pity, Moya is your brother, he can’t be your mate.” Xiya and the others came over, coincidentally hearing what he said.

“Brother Xiya.” Mura turned his head and saw the three of them, and when his eyes fell on Lei Jin, they brightened obviously. He immediately got up from the ground.

“Ah, you must be Lei Jin, right?”

Lei Jin jad just walked around with Xiya, and the biggest gain was probably that he could basically distinguish between werebeasts and females now. Werebeasts were stronger and taller, with animal patterns on their bodies, while females were relatively slender with softer features. The one in front of him was undoubtedly a female.

Lei Jin smiled and nodded.

“I’m your cousin, Mura.” Mura pulled Lei Jin’s arm familiarly.

“My cousin?” When did he get a female cousin? However, Lei Jin immediately understood that this was Xiya and Mingya’s cousin.

“Let’s go over there and have a look.” Mura pointed to the other side, where young people were concentrated, and there was constant laughter and noise drifting out, the very lively indeed.

“Mura, don’t fool around.” Xiya saw that there were many females there, and where there were many females, there were many male werebeasts. He didn’t want Lei Jin to go over and let people look him over.

“What are you afraid of? Lei Jin just came to our tribe, so he should go around to take a look.” Mura answered naturally.

Lei Jin also thought this was a good idea.

Lei Jin agreed, so Xiya didn’t object. He wanted to follow, but he was stopped by a look from Lei Jin. He finally got the opportunity to walk alone. This Mura also seemed to be an easy-going person so Lei Jin didn’t want Xiya to follow and put a downer on his fun.

Mingya also obediently stayed behind.

“That’s right. I’ve always wanted to know, what is hunting day?” Lei Jin first picked a less important topic at the beginning.

“Our Leopard Tribe’s hunting day is held once a month. Every time the werebeasts go out to hunt, they will save some prey. When hunting day arrives, everyone will go to the temple and light a bonfire to barbecue and eat together. Pay our thanks to the Earth God for giving us the prey.” Mura knew that Lei Jin had just arrived, but he didn’t mind explaining things clearly, pointing to the huge building behind him and saying, “That’s our temple.”

It turned out to be a temple? Lei Jin glanced at the huge building hidden in the shadows.

As soon as Mura and Lei Jin came over, they immediately attracted a lot of attention, especially that of the male werebeasts. The few werebeasts who were sparring with each other at the beginning now fought more fiercely. While some shifted into their beast forms, flapping their wings and circling in mid-air, trying to attract their attention.

Kano, surrounded by a few werebeasts, snorted heavily when he saw Lei Jin coming.

Lei Jin didn’t feel anything, just ignored it.

It was just that he had sat here for a while, but he didn’t find any useful information at all, and only ended up attracting a few werebeasts to come over. Although there was no ambiguous behavior, Lei Jin still felt a bit uncomfortable and couldn’t help but think, if I am really a female then there are already three beauties at home waiting for me to bestow them with my favor, so why would I still need you?

Seeing that Mura was having a good time, Lei Jin signaled to Mura that he was going to relieve himself, and planned to take the opportunity to slip away.

Mura nodded and told him to come back soon.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If he went straight, there were still many werebeasts ahead so Lei Jin intended to go around to Roger from behind the tree on one side.

But as soon as he walked to the tree, Lei Jin felt pressure tighten around his wrist and then he was heavily pressed against the tree.

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