These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 030 Jealousy Part 1

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Lei Jin’s fists were fast, but the speed of the person was even faster. Lei Jin’s hands were firmly held, pressed against his side, and slightly cold lips were pressed down on his own directly, a fiery tongue full of predatory and possessive intent thrusting in to entangle with his own. Rough palms slipped in along the bottom of his clothes hem, stroked back and forth along the waistline, and alternated between kneading lightly or heavily with skill, making Lei Jin’s legs weaken, which sent him deeper into the arms of the person. He wanted to resist, but a man’s body was too easily aroused, and he only had enough time to let out intermittent moans.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

From the corner of the person’s eye, a warning glance was cast behind Lei Jin.

The broad palms slowly moved along the depression behind his waist.

He seemed to feel Lei Jin begin to struggle fiercely, so he soon moved his hand away and just clasped his waist, his tongue sweeping through Lei Jin’s mouth. The saliva Lei Jin did not have time to swallow slipped down and disappeared into the collar, leaving silvery traces behind and under the moonlight, it looked especially obscene. Lei Jin didn’t know how much time passed but when the person finally let go of his lips, Lei Jin could only gasp for breath without being able to utter a word. Just letting the other’s lips and tongue slowly kiss and lick along the silver traces.

One of the knots on his shirt was loosened by the person, and Lei Jin finally regained some strength, clasped the person’s hand, and said in a hoarse voice, “Enough, Moya.”

Moya’s familiar low and magnetic voice sounded, without a trace of guilt, but rather full of interest: “When did you find out that it was me?”

Moya’s dark green eyes radiated the luster of emeralds. Lei Jin had been amazed when he saw them for the first time. Although he was in a hurry just now, it was still enough for Lei Jin to recognize him. He subconsciously felt that this person would not really disregard his wishes.

But Lei Jin didn’t want to say this, so he just glanced at him sideways. Because of his performance just now, he didn’t seem to have much ground to scold the other, so he only said coldly, “I just found out.”

Moya’s eyelashes drooped slightly, hiding the smile in his eyes. Only then did he pursed his lips and didn’t put up any more fight. He knew when to stop before going overboard, and anyway, he had already taken a lot of benefits.

Over the past few days, he had been hunting alone on the grassland far away from the tribe. He had wanted to calm his mind. At that time, he felt that he could no longer stay at home, facing Lei Jin every day. He was afraid that one day he would really force himself on the other. And if a werebeast wanted to force a female, the female was almost powerless to fight back, but one could imagine what the consequences would be afterwards.

Although he was not here during the past few days, there was never a moment when he did not miss him. His thoughts would be filled with the first time he saw him and how his agile skills were different from ordinary females. How every time when he beat his little brother, his hand would be raised very high, but when it landed it did not have much force to it. He would also think of the food he cooked, how delicious it was, and also of his lustful eyes staring at him, of his lack of female self-awareness, passing by his room naked every time, and even of his irritable temper.

Moya never thought that one day he would fall this hard for someone. He originally thought that because of his cold and indifferent temperament, it would likely be difficult for him to develop feelings for a female in this life. Maybe when the time came he would just find a female who liked him, and like the other werebeasts, pass his days in an ordinary and dull manner. But then he met Lei Jin, sometimes volatile as fire, and sometimes cold as ice, he was really powerful and beautiful.

He went home this evening and found that there was no one at home. He then remembered that today was the hunting day in the tribe, so he put down the hunted game in the yard. As soon as he came here, he saw him leaning intimately into his older brother’s arms and later sharing meat skewers with his older brother and younger brother.

Later, he became even more daring, and even dared to wander alone in a place where all the werebeasts were. Although most of the werebeasts knew that Lei Jin was a taken female with mates and would not provoke him easily, but firstly they had not held a formal ceremony, so it was not considered an official mate contract, and secondly, today was hunting day. Many werebeasts have drunk fruit wine and were drunk, and it was difficult to guarantee that they would not do excessive things with their inhibitions lowered.

Seeing that he didn’t speak for a long time, Lei Jin asked, “Why did you go crazy just now?” Just grabbing and kissing a passerby.

“You have to remember, the werebeasts here don’t know that you are not a real female. You running around like this, if it was someone else, do you think you could have gotten away easily today?” Moya said mildly.

“Then I have to thank you, too?” Although he knew in his heart that what Moya said was reasonable and he also vaguely felt that someone was following him just now, causing him to also accelerate his pace. But thinking about it now, if it wasn’t really Moya just now, he might really be in trouble. But did he have to kiss him to prove his point?

Moya seemed to pick up his unspoken accusation, so he added uncaringly, “This way they will know that you have a werebeast mate.”

“Isn’t it Xiya?” Lei Jin asked back. In fact, what he meant was that Xiya had already said that he was his female in front of other people more than once, so wasn’t it just okay to pretend to be Xiya’s female? Why did he have to let people see that Moya was his werebeast mate as well.

But in Moya’s ears, that was not the case. Could it be that Lei Jin had already acknowledged his elder brother’s mate status while he was away? And also when he just took Lei Jin into his arms, he had smelled his little brother’s scent. Could it be that he had already been intimate with his little brother?

The emotions in Moya’s heart became complicated for a while. He didn’t expect that earth-shaking changes would take place in the few days during his absence. Thinking of Lei Jin’s gaze that avoided him like the plague at that time, and thinking of the relationship between him and his brothers now, Moya’s eyes dimmed.

“You…..” Did he say something wrong? Lei Jin was about to ask when he heard someone call him.

“Lei Jin, Lei Jin, where are you? It’s Mura, answer if you hear me.” Mura was preoccupied with playing just now, and only now seemed to notice that Lei Jin had been gone for a long time. He had originally thought that he had returned to Brother Xiya, but when he looked from a distance, he was not there, so he was very anxious and brought a few werebeasts with him to look around for him.

“I’m here.” Lei Jin glanced at the silent Moya and replied aloud. Suddenly remembering something, he raised his hand and wiped it on his lips.

Moya’s eyes flashed, and without saying a word, he clasped the back of Lei Jin’s head and kissed him deeply again. The cluttered footsteps approached, and when everyone could see the situation in front of them, whistles rang out instantly.

Only then did Moya let him go. Lei Jin narrowed his eyes, raised his hand and gave him a punch, and this time Moya didn’t dodge.

Everyone who had been heckling was stunned.

Moya licked the blood on the corner of his mouth carelessly, and said softly: “Don’t make trouble, next time I go out, I will definitely come back early.”

It was only then that everyone suddenly realized that the female was annoyed that his werebeast mate had come back late, and the two were arguing.

“Lei Jin, only if Brother Moya goes hunting will you have more food, so don’t be angry with Brother Moya.” Mura smiled and took the initiative to come over and said, “Let’s go, I noticed you didn’t eat much tonight, I jisy saw that the bird eggs are almost finished being cooked, let’s go eat them.”

Lei Jin didn’t want to fight with Moya in front of everyone, so he nodded and agreed, and left with Mura. Lei Jin didn’t want to admit it, but when Moya’s eyes suddenly dimmed, it made him feel that he had done an awful thing.

Lei Jin just walked out not far when he heard a voice say: “I say Moya, you sure have a really tough female.”

Lei Jin subconsciously wanted to know how Moya answered, and his steps slowed down a little, and the still indifferent voice drifted over, “I like his toughness.”

Mura covered his mouth and snickered, and said, “I think Brother Moya really likes you. I’ve never seen Brother Moya admit that he likes someone.”

Lei Jin declined to comment and walked over to the bonfire first.

“Hey, Lei Jin, wait for me.” Mura laughed and chased after him.

The night was getting darker, with a creeping hint of coolness, and a lot of people around the bonfire had already dispersed.

As soon as Lei Jin and Mura sat down, they saw a tall figure passing by with a person on their shoulders. They stopped and said, “Lei Jin, Mura, you haven’t gone back yet?”

Lei Jin heard the words and looked up, it turned out to be Ivey who he had just met not long ago, so the one on his shoulder could only be his female, Aki.

They all exchanged hellos.

Aki saw the two of them, and under the reflection of the bonfire, it was obvious that his face was red and flushed. He patted Ivey on the shoulder and said, “Put me down, Ivey.”

Ivey raised his hand and patted the plump bottom twice with a smile: “What are you shy about? Isn’t everyone like this?”

Lei Jin then found that as expected, many werebeasts were carrying their own females on their shoulders and were planning to go back.

But Aki insisted: “No, let me down.” Because he saw Moya coming, and although he didn’t have much feeling for Moya now, after all, he did once like him and didn’t want the other to see him like this.

Don’t know what Ivey was thinking, but he just wouldn’t let go, and his hand even touched Aki’s inner thighs suggestively, as he said with a smile, “Aki, if you struggle again, I won’t be able to hold on until we arrive home. We haven’t been in the woods nearby for a long time.”

Aki’s face turned red, and he couldn’t say another word.

Ivey felt that Aki no longer struggled on his shoulders, so he smiled and greeted Moya and the others: “Moya, long time no see, when you are free come and visit the shop.”

Moya nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ivey then carried Aki away.

Aki raised his head quietly, and saw Moya in the middle of putting the shirt he had taken off himself on Lei Jin instead. Aki closed his eyes and clung on to Ivey’s back.

Ivey seemed to impatiently run two steps forward, came to a tree with dense branches and leaves, took off Aki’s trousers, slipped in his thick fingers for a bit, lifted one of his legs, and then pushed in heavily. Aki let out a low moan, and the two hugged tightly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He had just rejected Xiya’s shirt before, but now Moya was here again. Although it was indeed a bit cold, Lei Jin felt that he had not yet reached the point where he needed a man to take care of him.

Seeing that he refused, Moya didn’t force it, and just pulled him closer to the bonfire.

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