After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 163 Visiting The Set

Because he woke up earlier in the morning, after breakfast, it was not even seven o’clock so Tao Mu wanted to return to the crew early.

Liu Yao, Meng Qi and Mr. Song had not seen Tao Mu filming before. Since it was rare to come to Hong Kong, they really wanted to go to the crew to visit the set. Of course Tao Mu would not refuse such a request. He also specially drove the nanny car Li Xiaoheng sent him to the studio for fear that his two fathers and grandfather would become tired during the visit.

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The first scene to be filmed today was the confrontation between the mob and the police. So early in the morning, Zhou Yanqing and Wang Jinsheng also rushed over to put on makeup. As top superstars in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong, and also evergreen trees in the Chinese film and television industry. Even to the mainland, the two big names were also very well-known. At least people of the age of Liu Yao and Meng Qi could say without exaggeration that they really watched the movies of these two superstars——to be precise, their action movies——while growing up.

It was the most glorious period of Hong Kong film and television dramas, and it also represented the youth of a generation.

Tao Mu had been hanging out in Night since he was a child, and he had also seen those collectible DVDs in Liu Yao’s bookcase. Of course, he knew his two fathers’ love for Hong Kong superstars. So he took the initiative to ask Zhou Yanqing and Wang Jinsheng for a photo together and autograph. Zhou Yanqing and Wang Jinsheng knew that these were Tao Mu’s family, and of course they would not refuse. When Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and Mr. Song entered the crew to visit the set, they still kept in mind the code of conduct that Tao Mu should not be embarrassed. The main thing was that they must never ask for autographs lest it affect the normal shooting of the crew.

Only to find that Tao Mu took the initiative to bring it up, and Zhou Yanqing and Wang Jinsheng also showed great enthusiasm. So of course they wouldn’t refuse. It just didn’t occur to them that when taking pictures, enemies could meet on a narrow path, meeting Shen Yan and Zhuo Yan who also came to visit Shen Yu’s set.

Shen Yan also didn’t expect that she would actually see these people again on the set. Even more, she didn’t expect that a bunch of old men decided to follow the fashion trend and chase stars. The new hatred and the old enmity added up, and she rolled her eyes on the spot and snorted: “Bunch of country bumpkins.”

Zhou Yanqing, who was taking a photo, frowned and was about to open his mouth to smooth over the mood when he saw Shen Yan’s attitude as if she was the owner of the place, pointing at Liu Yao and the others and said, “Your crew management is too lax. Letting in all kinds of random idle people. How can you still film well?”

Then Xu Musen, who also came over, frowned. As a well-known commercial film director in Hong Kong, Director Xu had a strong desire for control on his set. Although the Shen Group was an investor in the crew, Director Xu still wouldn’t make much concessions on filming. When the Shen family father and son forcibly inserted Shen Yu into the crew regardless of his wishes, Xu Musen was very dissatisfied. Fortunately, apart from this incident, the Shen Group did not participate in the specific management of the crew so the two sides could just barely keep the peace.

Now, as soon as Shen Yan entered the crew, she started to provoke trouble. Although Shen Yan’s purpose was to embarrass Liu Yao and the others. But in Director Xu’s ears, it was clear that the investor was dissatisfied with him as a director.

“Miss Shen said this on behalf of yourself, or on behalf of the Shen Group?” Direcror Xu asked with a sullen face.

Before Shen Yan could speak, Zhuo Yan said with a smile, “Director Xu, don’t misunderstand. What Shen Yan just said was just words of anger. It can’t represent anyone. In fact, we have no way to represent the Shen Group. We came here this time just to visit Shen Yu. It was his birthday yesterday.”

As Zhuo Yan spoke, his eyes fell on Tao Mu unconsciously.

Tao Mu replied expressionlessly: “It’s good that Miss Shen can understand her identity. Since she is here to visit Shen Yu, she is a guest. The proper way of a guest is to adhere to the owner’s rules. Miss Shen should not overstep your bounds.”

“That’s none of your business!” The person Shen Yan hated the most was none other than Tao Mu. Although she didn’t even know why she hated Tao Mu so much: “Our Shen family is an investor in the cast of “Black and White”. Since I am a member of the Shen family, I can be regarded as half the owner of the cast. It’s you who, as an employee, when seeing the boss, has no manners at all. Sure enough, people who have no parents have no family education.”

“It’s not uncommon for me to have no parents and no family education. But Miss Shen keeps speaking of family education so it seems that you are very confident in your family education.” Tao Mu looked at Shen Yan from head to toe, and said without pretense: “Or it can be said that the family style of the Shen family is just unique.”

Of course Shen Yan could hear Tao Mu’s sarcasm towards her: “You——”

“Enough.” Zhuo Yan’s brows were so furrowed that he could clamp a fly in between. He grabbed Shen Yan’s arm and said impatiently, “Don’t make a fool of yourself. If you keep making trouble, you will lose the face of your Shen family.”

Don’t know what kind of hypnosis Zhuo Yan administered onto Shen Yan after they returned. But Shen Yan, who never listened to other people’s advice, saw Zhuo Yan’s face and she really did stop talking. She just snorted coldly: “You just know to scold me.”

Zhuo Yan ignored Shen Yan, but looked at Tao Mu apologetically: “Mr. Tao, please don’t stoop to quibbling with her——”

Before he could finish speaking, Zhuo Yan was doused with red paint from head to toe. It turned out that an employee of the props team was passing by carrying a paint bucket, and accidentally bumped into Zhuo Yan. The top paint bucket was overturned, and all the paint inside was spilled.

“What’s the matter with you guys!” Shen Yan, who was standing beside Zhuo Yan, didn’t escape the paint bath either. The hem of her expensive dress was dyed with a large amount of paint, and she looked particularly disheveled.

Shen Yan jumped angrily: “In such a big place, where could you not walk instead, but you just had to go this way. Did you do it on purpose?”

The staff of the props team also felt particularly wronged: “We are going to set up the set. Of course we have to go this way. It’s you, in such a big set, you just had to stand in the middle to block the way.”

“You actually dare to talk back? It’s obviously you who——”

“Enough!” Zhuo Yan grabbed Shen Yan who was screaming and about to go crazy. He deeply felt that he had lost face for finding such an unrestrained girlfriend: “Director Xu, please find a place for us to change our clothes.”

Xu Musen shook his head and said directly: “Since you are here to visit Shen Yu, go to Shen Yu’s dressing room to change your clothes, and also take a shower by the way.” As for Shen Yan, she was naturally arranged in Fang Ruoti’s dressing room.

Shen Yan disliked that the clothes the crew’s props had were not good enough, and even asked Shen Yu’s assistant to go to the downtown business district to buy her new clothes.

Before leaving, she also didn’t forget to give Tao Mu a vicious look. Shen Yan felt that she and Tao Mu were incompatible, so every time they met, she would always meet with misfortune.

This Tao Mu was definitely an unlucky curse to her!

Tao Mu looked up at the sky innocently. He waited until Shen Yan and Zhuo Yan left in embarrassment. Only then did he secretly look at Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng raised his eyebrows and signed with his eyes: Didn’t you say you didn’t want to see some certain people?

Tao Mu couldn’t help laughing.

Xu Musen looked at the two prop masters with an exasperated expression: “What are you doing, do you think the set is not messy enough?”

The two props masters knew that they were wrong, so they put the paint buckets on the car in a disheartened manner. But they were not afraid. Not mentioning that Director Xu had always been protective of his people, the price that Li Xiaoheng gave to bribe them was enough to cover their salary working in the crew.

Director Xu also knew that the reason why the two prop masters were so daring must be because someone was their backer. But he didn’t want to bother with it, he just looked at Tao Mu with some exasperation: “Some netizens took pictures of the conflict between you guys in Victoria Harbour last night and posted them on”

Director Xu let out a long sigh: “I know you young people have tempers. But don’t make it too difficult for me. At least in the crew, filming should be done well. Any grievances should be resolved in private.”

One side was the crew investor, and the other side was the capital tycoon worth tens of billions. He couldn’t afford to offend anyone, and he didn’t want to offend anyone. He just wanted to finish filming the movie smoothly.

“Don’t blame me. I never cause trouble.” Tao Mu spread his hands innocently: “But if someone deliberately jumps in front of me to find fault, you can’t let me swallow it down, right?”

Director Xu had nothing to say. He could only call the script supervisor with a look of irritability: “Why haven’t Yan Sheng and Shen Yu come yet? Go over there and have a look, urge the styling and makeup, must everyone wait for the two of them?”

At this moment, Director Xu was very fortunate that today’s first scene was a group scene. And Shen Yu’s role was also included. At that time, he would NG a few more times, driving these people to the point of exhaustion, then they won’t be able to have any energy left to cause trouble.

The script supervisor was implicated, so he could only jog to Shen Yu’s dressing room to call them.

Director Xu pressed his temples at the oncoming headache. Before he could return to the monitor and sit down, he saw the assistant director lead a young man over.

“Director, he said his name is Yao Wenxiao, and he came to visit Shen Yu.”

Compared with more than half a year ago, Yao Wenxiao at this time looked a bit down on his luck. This did not refer to Yao Wenxiao’s clothing and appearance, but his aura. The young man who used to be proud and arrogant became much depressed after the heavy blow. There was a bit more gloom in his eyes than before. Seeing Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng standing beside Director Xu, very obvious hatred and hostility flashed in those eyes.

It could be said that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng caused the Yao family to fall to this point. So it was no wonder that Yao Wenxiao had an attitude of seeing his hated enemy as soon as he saw the two of them.

Director Xu only felt his head hurt even more. He also couldn’t figure out whether Shen Yu and Tao Mu were just born with energy fields they simply couldn’t mesh. Anyway, the relatives and friends of these two people were definitely like ice and fire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You can take Mr. Yao directly to Shen Yu’s dressing room.”

The filming was about to take place, and Director Xu didn’t want to have any more troubles so he just separated the two sides. The assistant director also knew the situation here, and nodded immediately: “Mr. Yao, please come with me.”

Yao Wenxiao took a deep look at Tao Mu before turning around and leaving.

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