His Majesty And Ministers CH 09 His Majesty Becomes Drunk

The two discussed matters in the hall until noon. Ye Gonggong came in and said, “Your Majesty, it’s time for lunch.”

Gu Hong then got up with a smile: “Then this subject won’t disturb Your Majesty’s lunch.”

Though he said so, he just got up and didn’t turn around. His soft eyes looked at the emperor quietly, smiling without speaking.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Gonggong raised his eyes and glanced at the two of them, and knowing the other’s intentions, he clenched his fists and coughed desperately.

Your Majesty! The fox tail is willing to show for you to pull! If now isn’t the most perfect time to make a move then when is! (TN: fox demon spirit in Chinese folklore is a seductress archetype)

“En, qing can go back to your palace for now.” Jing Ye lowered his head and frowned, saying casually while reading the book, “Ye Mao, did you catch a cold at night? Your lungs are almost being coughed out.”

Ye Gonggong: “…..”

Gu Hong smiled helplessly, leaned over and stroked this person’s brow: “Your Majesty…..”

Jing Ye jumped at the touch and raised his head: “Does qing have anything else to discuss?”

“This subject…..although having lived in the palace for a long time, this subject has studied government affairs with my father as a child. In this matter, this subject is quite skilled.” Gu Hong smiled like a white orchid after the spring rain. “Therefore, Your Majesty’s future memorials, this subject can take care of them one by one, and there is no need to specially summon little Lord Feng to enter the palace.”

The young man had elegant eyebrows, and when examined at a closer distance, his flawless forehead and bright red cinnabar beauty mark complemented each other quite well, while his eyes were as soft as autumn water. Jing Ye was instantly captivated by the sight: “Ah?”

“Don’t, don’t…..summon then don’t summon.” Jing Ye turned his face away, took a deep breath subtly, and yelled in his heart, stop, where is your prestige!

“Zhen won’t summon him.”

“It’s not that Your Majesty should not summon him.” Gu Hong simply sat down again, put his arms around the suspiciously red-faced emperor, moved his thin lips closer, and chuckled in his ear.

“It’s that no one should be summoned except this subject.”

And then Gu Gongzi was kicked out.

Ye Gonggong beat his chest and stomped his feet: He actually drove the person away with a reason like ‘it’s lunch time, Aiqing will be hungry, so go back quickly’!

Your Majesty, your state of denial is incurable!

Jing Ye ate a whole plate of eggplants during his meal before he calmed down.

He didn’t understand what these people meant. If it was to sound him out, the result should have come out long ago, so why continue to bother? If this was out of true love, hehe.

He didn’t believe anyone. Originally men with bright futures, only to be snatched into the palace, forced to like a man, and threatened with his family’s life. The perpetrator’s temperament just changed, and now they fall in love with him? Such people who were born to be favored by the heavens, possessing such pride, could never tolerate such a thing.

So what was the reason? His Majesty the Emperor sadly took another bite from his chopsticks. It was not like he was that so and so, who wouldn’t be moved by beauties parading in front of him all day long?


The time limit for governmental affair approval with the blue ink was only seven days. Soon, His Majesty the Emperor had to sit on the dragon throne and discuss (talk) state affairs (nonsense) with a group of quail-like officials early in the morning.

This was the case every morning during the morning assembly. The emperor asked a question, and the officials answered. The emperor looked at the expressions of the officials with cold eyes, and the officials carefully looked at His Majesty’s mood. There were those who couldn’t hold back and wanted to rush out to speak, but their colleagues grabbed the sleeves of their robes and tugged them still fiercely, so nothing ended up being said.

The scene looked very harmonious.

After the noon nap, Jing Ye entered the imperial study as usual, sat behind the desk and corrected the memorials newly handed in by the officials. As he went through the memorials, he suddenly thought of something. He lowered his head and pulled open a drawer on his right, and as expected there was an anonymous letter.

Jing Ye picked it up gently, his fingers stroked the snow-white sealed paper, and turned it to the back. There was a vermilion ink wax seal.


Jing Ye frowned, and immediately opened the envelope to take a closer look. The letter was very short and could be read in a few glances. However, there was another account paper attached, which made the emperor’s heart sink suddenly.

Gu Hong stood outside the door and was about to knock when he heard a clatter, followed by a loud “bang”, which should be the inkstone on the desk hitting the ground.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ye Mao who was standing under the steps. The latter also seemed to be startled, and shook his head to indicate he didn’t know, with a nervous expression on his face.

So he pushed open the door and entered.

The emperor was sitting behind the desk, his face did not show much anger, he just lightly threw the letter paper in his hand back to the desk: “Qing has come.”

Gu Hong bowed and saluted: “Your Majesty.”

“Rise. Zhen…..” Jing Ye pursed his lips and pointed to the desk, “Zhen had them send 300,000 taels to the southwest, but the old Prime Minister Gu wrote in a letter saying that the supplies sent by the capital officials totaled less than 30,000.”

Gu Hong said: “The father of this subject would not deceive the emperor.”

“Yes.” Jing Ye smiled at him, “People say that doing one evil must be repaid with ten good deeds. Zhen is afraid that with this situation, Zhen will never be able to repay it in this life.”

Gu Hong was silent for a while, and then said softly, “Your Majesty, knowing one’s mistakes means one can correct them.”

Jing Ye looked at him for a while, then nodded and smiled, “Thank you.”

Unhappy in the workplace and hopeless in love, Jing Ye could only use wine to drown his sorrows.

It was night, and the rain pattered loudly outside the window. It was top quality wine poured from a small bottle made of white porcelain. The bottle was slender and elegant. A few green bamboo leaves were drawn by a master on the front, and then lightly dipped in ochre that faded towards the top, becoming a treasured masterpiece and heirloom in the palace.

Jing Ye held the wine cup and dozed while drinking.

Outside the hall, two little eunuchs stood guard at the gate of the Ping An Palace, looking at the pouring rain in front of them and talking.

“Look at this rain, so heavy like this, why don’t we go report back to gonggong first and close the palace gate.”

“Gonggong can’t get away.” The little eunuch motioned inside, “His Majesty is still drunk. Although His Majesty’s temperament is much better now, if you leave your post without permission, see if Teacher won’t give you a good lesson.”

The little eunuch who asked the question sighed, turned his head, and suddenly saw the two figures with sharp eyes: “Aiyo, someone has really come.”

The two hurriedly stood at attention. The two figures slowly approached with umbrellas, and when the two little eunuchs took a closer look: “It’s Lin Gongzi! Quick, go in and tell Teacher.”

One of them immediately turned around and ran in.

Lin Xiaosheng walked to the gate of the palace, Mo Yan closed the umbrella and said to the little eunuch: “Go and report to His Majesty the Emperor, our Gongzi requests an audience.”

“Ai, ai.” The little eunuch bent over, “Someone has already entered to report.”

On this side, Ye Mao was dragging the emperor to the dragon bed with all the strength of his slight frame. At this time, the little eunuch came to report, and he couldn’t help but pause: “Lin Gongzi?”

In this moment, the strength in his hands loosened. Jing Ye immediately slid down and sat on the ground, just sitting there with his head down.


Ye Mao trembled at the call, “Ai, Your Majesty.”

“Zhen doesn’t want to sleep alone.” The young man still had his head lowered, his black hair falling around him in curtains, and he spoke in a very childish manner, “Zhen doesn’t want to be a great magician wu wu wu…..” (TN: slang for virgin)

Ye Mao: “…..”

“Then Your Majesty.” Ye Mao raised his hand and signaled the little eunuch to lead the person in, then leaned down and said softly, “This servant will invite someone to accompany you?”

Jing Ye heard the words and raised his head: “Is he hot?”

This should be a word to praise the handsomeness of a man, Ye Gonggong thought for a while: “Hot.”

Jing Ye nodded wildly.

“…..” Ye Mao covered his face, Your Majesty, you are revealing your nature thoroughly enough.

Lin Xiaosheng stood quietly under the palace gate, and soon, the little eunuch came to invite him into the palace.

When entering the bed chamber, Ye Gonggong personally greeted him: “Lin Gongzi.”

“Ye Gonggong.” Lin Xiaosheng smiled, “Lin came to ask His Majesty for medicine.”

“Then this servant will be blunt.” Ye Mao raised his hand and escorted him into the hall, “Gongzi’s medicine is in the treasury, and only His Majesty can give permission.”

“Is that so?” Lin Xiaosheng’s smile did not change, but there was a gloom in his eyes. “In this case, this subject must obey the divine orders.”

The door was quietly closed by the palace servants instructed by Ye Mao. Mo Yan stood outside the door holding an umbrella, his brows furrowed.

Ye Gonggong glanced at him and threw the whisk from left to right leisurely. What’s up with being so nervous, it was not like this was the first time.

Inside the hall.

Lin Xiaosheng slowly stepped forward, while shaking his sleeves, he wiped the rain off his body.

Then raised the bead curtain.

The emperor had his head buried in the crook of an arm, lying on the low wine table carved out of green jade, with a pot of fine wine in his hand, and several wine cups carefully placed by Ye Gonggong.

Lin Xiaosheng walked in front of this person and stood silently for a while. Seeing that the emperor still had his head buried, he leaned down and put his hand on his shoulder: “Your Majesty?”

No response. The corners of Lin Xiaosheng’s lips drew a slightly sardonic angle. Was this a new trick? He simply knelt down and took hold of the emperor’s shoulders, and slowly helped him sit up.

“If Your Majesty doesn’t move, this official will leave.”

Jing Ye began to feel his head spinning, so he sat and laid his head down. Who knew that as soon as he closed his eyes and then opened them again in what seemed a second later, the person next to him would change from Ye Maomao to an annoying person he had never seen before.

“Your Majesty…..”

Jing Ye angrily opened his eyes, stared at the person in front of him for ten seconds straight, his throat bobbing hard. He felt dizzy once again, but this time he seemed to be floating on a cloud.

At this time, the corners of his eyes were slightly slanted, blushed a little crimson, but they were not overtly garish, but rather made him look quite endearingly naive. With long eyelashes drooping and thin lips pursed lightly. Although he was angry he looked like he was smiling, and when he looked at him with anger it came across as affectionate. Lin Xiaosheng was struck into a daze.

The two just stared at each other in a daze for a while.

The wheels in Jing Ye’s turned for a long time, and finally he remembered——

Wasn’t this the hot guy Ye Mao sent to sleep with him!

After confirming the target, things were much easier to understand. His Majesty the Emperor proudly tore open the layers of robes, revealing delicate and beautiful collarbones and chest, and then with the standard position of an Australian koala hugging a tree trunk, he hugged the beautiful beauty in front of him tightly with both hands, long legs soon also following.

“Aiqing, Zhen has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Lin Xiaosheng: “…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He tried to move a bit, raised his hand to put it on the emperor’s back, and immediately touched an expanse of cool, silky long hair.

Jing Ye rubbed his face into that shoulder with his eyes closed, his lips pressed against the other’s neck, inhaling and exhaling as his chest rose and fell with his breaths.

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