Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 061 To Punish Without Teaching, Is Knowingly Performing Cruelty

For his daughter Ji Mingyu, Ji Yunlai’s feelings have always been complicated.

Whether in his previous life or in this life, he never thought that he would have a child. In his heart, it was a very despicable thing to deceive a woman who he would not love to give birth to children for the sake of having a descendant.

But now he already had a daughter, and the mother was unknown as well…..This made him feel under a lot of pressure.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was very worried about how to explain when his daughter asked “Father, who is my mother?” He can’t just say that he didn’t know, right?

How much hurt would be dealt to his daughter if he did that.

So he had been mentally preparing himself this whole time.

Later, while accompanying his disciple to see the Dragon and Phoenix Selection, he carefully observed his daughter and found that he was really thinking too much.

Although Mingyu was a bit willful, she could hold the bottom line in important matters, and had no problem in distinguishing right from wrong. Although the Ye Han she had recruited was very much of an idiotic disappointment at the beginning, she did not abandon him directly, but persuaded him to be better and even took the initiative to guide him. It was through her efforts that he put away that kind of selfish arrogance, and the overall effect was not bad. Although Ye Han was still a little colder when he interacted with people, he had stopped looking at people with his nostrils.

His daughter was not a weak and delicate flower. In the years when she was not cared for by her father, she had already developed her own sound three views——this kind of realization made Ji Yunlai feel a little bit disappointed, as he actually also hoped to have a little loli he could teach and bring up well, as well as dress up beautifully, to be envied by others. But he hadn’t even had a chance to see a little loli before she had already become a big loli. It made it look like he was quite a failure.

In addition, recently, the fact that his daughter often met with Ye Han after school at his place made Ji Yunlai feel melancholic.

It was not that his daughter couldn’t date others, he was not a domineering parent, but shouldn’t it be Ye Han who went to his daughter’s place?

Daughter, how could you be so active, be careful about having no status at home in the future!

So Ji Yunlai directly waited for her on the path his daughter would take to go to Ye Han’s residence——landing directly in front of her or looking for her would make him look weak.

On the outer sect road, the dew was heavy in the early morning, and the rocks were slippery.

There was still a cold chill in the mountains, but the mountains were already full of peach blossoms.

Ji Yunlai only waited a few breaths, and there were already many petals falling down in the whirl of the cold wind. Several flowers wanted to land in his hair, but they were automatically repelled by the faint spiritual energy humming around his body.

Speaking of, the scenery at the outer sect was acceptable.

Ji Yunlai was thinking about that when he saw Ye Han arrive first.

And his daughter was still on the road behind——she was aware that she was still at the outer sect, so she did not use any flying technique, and only used a weight-lightening technique. Her figure was like a forest spirit, her white robe like ethereal figments of imaginations as they left behind only faint shadows among the trees.

Towards Ye Han, his daughter’s friend (attendant?), Ji Yunlai didn’t know what attitude he should use for a while.

So he looked at him and said nothing.

However…..Ye Han, who was approaching, was stunned when he saw him, and then there was a faint red flush on his face.

“Mingyu, you came here so early?” Ye Han stepped forward, stretched out his claws to put it on the other’s hand, his ears reddening, “The way you wear men’s clothes today is very different from before, your aura has even changed.”

Ji Yunlai was amazed at his daring for a while, and even forgot to shake off his hand.

Do you know what you are doing, brat?

“You think I’m Mingyu?” Ji Yunlai asked in an indifferent tone, pondering, could such a blind idiot really protect his daughter?

“Mingyu, don’t make trouble, where do you think we should study today? The recent exams have been really difficult. How about we go to the little mountain lake?” Ye Han was thinking about where to study together, when he heard a roar.

“Ye Han——!!!”

Along with the roar, a rushing sword energy almost cut a deep ravine into the bluestone ground, slamming Ye Han several feet away.

Ji Mingyu’s hand that wielded the sword energy was trembling with anger.

“Father!” She walked to Ji Yunlai’s side, slowly restraining her anger, and quickly turned from a valkyrie to a gentle docile dove of a girl.

Ye Han, who had finally stopped after crashing through several tree trunks, was crawling up while clutching his chest. But after hearing this title, he slipped and fell again.

“Father, why didn’t you tell me you were coming.” Ji Mingyu blushed slightly, took her father’s hand, and asked softly.

“You are my daughter, so naturally I want to come see you.” Ji Yunlai nodded slowly, “It’s been a long time since I have seen you, are you getting used to the outer sect?”

“Yes, I have learned a lot of things, but Ye Han’s head is a little dull, aren’t I coming to tutor him every day?” Ji Mingyu glared at the idiot angrily, causing said idiot who was about to get up to shrink back down to the side, “Fortunately, although he is a little bit dull headed, he has worked hard. There is something to be said about serving up a sea of exam papers to salvage an idiot.”

“I see,” Ji Yunlai nodded and asked, “Is there anything you don’t understand?”

“No…..” Ji Mingyu was about to say no to show that she was very powerful, but then she thought about it, if she said no, with her father’s temperament, he might turn around and leave, she won’t allow that! So she immediately took out the questions she prepared to ask a few elders, “There are many, father, let’s talk about it in another place.”

Certainly not here, this was not the place to discuss.

So they went to Ye Han’s residence, which was kept very clean——Ye Han also skillfully made and served tea. Both the tea set and the tea itself was of fine quality, and it was obvious at a glance that it belonged to Ji Mingyu.

Ji Mingyu asked a few questions one by one, and Ye Han was allowed to sit and listen in on the side.

As for Yuan Lie, who was studying in the corner and froze up when he saw Ji Yunlai’s appearance——no one paid any attention to him.

After solving a few problems, Ji Yunlai took out a few exam questions and asked how much his daughter could answer.

These were the exam questions that Taiyi Peak requested to add. The outer sect’s Time Immemorial Nine Calculations, Nine Level Math Classics, Six Clause Linking Technique, and Spherical Numbers Classics all involved these exam questions.

His daughter only looked at three, and her face turned aggrieved, looking at her father with a ‘how can you be so cruel’ expression.

Ye Han, who was on the side, looked at two questions, and his body, which was originally sitting close enough to squeeze into Mingyu’s space, quietly shuffled two steps back.

“Okay, I understand.” Ji Yunlai nodded lightly, somewhat understanding why there were so few Taiyi Peak disciples.

So these exams should be regarded as Taiyi Peak’s entrance exam questions. Given the fact that even his daughter was troubled despite her eagerness to learn, there may not be many people who could pass it.

Speaking of, he seemed to have experienced the days when he was dominated by advanced calculus. There were many more graduate slaves failing because of advanced calculus than because of foreign languages, so much so that when they saw a paper lantern hanging on a tree, they would exclaim that this time they would definitely fail advanced calculus (TN: ‘paper lantern hanging on a tree’ sounds like ‘failing advanced calculus’ in Chinese).

Ji Yunlai took these exam questions back: “If that’s the case, I won’t add them.”

Ji Mingyu jumped into her father’s arms excitedly.

Ji Yunlai didn’t refuse, it seemed that it was indeed quite nice to have a daughter.


When he returned to Zhaoyue Peak, Ji Yunlai suddenly felt whimsical and did not go back directly, but followed the mountain road and slowly ascended the mountain by foot.

It was a good thing to stop and take a look once in a while.

On the way, he saw a snake and a bird discussing plans to move tomorrow, and also saw many Taiyi Peak disciples who came and went and exchanged information.

If he didn’t want people to see him, no one could see him.

When he returned to the courtyard, he found that his disciple was looking at the white camellia in the courtyard with a confused expression on his face.

“How is it progressing?” Ji Yunlai asked slowly as he approached his disciple.

“I’ve already engraved the structure of the core runes, and now I have to fill in the inside. I’ve prepared the blueprints, I want to show them to Shizun again.” Feng Qingxiu came back to his senses and replied immediately.

“Is there something wrong with this flower?” Ji Yunlai asked directly, not caring about those minor details.

“No, this flower is very beautiful, I just wonder why this tree only has this flower blooming, and why it is always in bloom and doesn’t seem to wilt.” What Feng Qingxiu didn’t say was that he kept feeling like there should be bloodstains on the camellia, a thin stain of blood, like a scratch on a beauty’s face.

“Is that so, this tree is faintly developing a spiritual awareness. Only waiting to become a spiritual demon, so of course it could naturally bloom at will.” After saying this, Ji Yunlai also seemed to feel that there was blood on the flower, but he seemed to have very carefully collected the blood, the flower going back to look like how it was originally.

Feng Qingxiu expressed that he understood, took out his own drawings, and showed them to Shizun for review.

Ji Yunlai cast a cursory look, took his disciple back to the room and taught him to fix the bugs. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that his disciple’s shadow was quietly gathering around the flower, as if it was looking for something.

Feng Qingxiu asked the next question, and Ji Yunlai stopped paying attention to it.


There were very few people on Qingdi Peak.

The huge Qingdi Peak was almost like an empty city at this time.

After the successful ascent of Qingnu Peak, the sound of the mountain bell had been heard all over Kun-Lai, and almost all of the disciples on Qingdi Peak had submitted requests for transfer at the same time.

No matter how Bai Liu persuaded it was useless, and in the end, he could only let go——Baishui Yuanjun was looking on the side, and he couldn’t do anything.

“Now that’s how it should be.” Bai Shuixian’s expression remained unchanged, “It should have been this way a long time ago, having wasted so much time in vain.”

“Shizun,” Bai Liu looked at her with a bitter smile, “You are still so cruel.”

“You are also one of the first batch of disciples I taught back then, and who knew things would become like this now. I was the most optimistic about you.” Bai Shuixian shook her head, “Forget it, this matter should end here. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help, but don’t make trouble.”

“Am I that kind of person?” Bai Liu sighed.

“You’re not, but you’ve always been too gullible, and it would be easy to be instigated by the people around you, isn’t that so?” Bai Shuixian snorted softly, “Your disciple who came back from the dead, you really don’t see any problems?”

“…..It’s not a body possession.” Bai Liu whispered, “It’s just that the two souls are now in one body, his soul originally had been too weak, so that remnant soul makes up for the deficiency, the two souls having become one can be seen as resurrection, and he won’t wake up again.”

He was the Peak Master of Qingdi Peak and was also a master of the Dao of medicine, so how could he not see it?

Even if only half of him survived, at least he still existed.

“It’s good that you know.” Bai Shuixian said lightly to him and turned to leave.

She had said many things many times, but if the others wouldn’t listen, she could only do so much.

Bai Liu nodded and returned to where his daughter was.

Seeing that the two of them were obediently remaining confined in the water pavilion, he left again. He had a lot of things to do now. Since he wanted to leave Qingdi Peak to them, he couldn’t let it fall to ruins in his hands.

Seeing her father leave, Bai Yue looked at her senior brother who had returned from the dead.

The once inferior and cowardly senior brother was now incomparably cold and handsome, and his physique had also changed from the previous thin and weak to tall and mighty.

He was like an entirely different person.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Her senior brother looked at those eyes which spoke of starry-eyed infatuation, sneered, and ignored it. He remembered that when he liked this woman, she had always ignored him.

A drop of blood floated in his palm, which turned into a shadow of a snake under the circulation of his magic.

It will be him, a spiritual snake demon of the Demigod Stage who was seriously injured and had only a Nascent Soul cultivation base. The direction was due north, he’ll go to hunt the demon tonight to get his core, swallow it, and finally he could break through to the Demigod Stage!

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