After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 164 Triangle & Battlefield

Yao Wenxiao had been having a hard time recently. After the Yao family was expelled from the decision-making level of Sheng’an Group, their status in the Shanghai business community was not as good as before. Yao Wenxiao’s friends and neighbors also saw the wind and set the helm (TN: to be flexible and take advantage of the situation). Before, they were always on call, but now they couldn’t get far away enough.

When Yao Wenxiao had prestige in those days, there was no lack of scheming against people on his part by relying on his family background. Especially those who tried to get close to Shen Yu. Now that the Yao family was down and out, these people knew that while even a dead camel was bigger than a horse, they dared not stand up to Yao Wenxiao openly, but they could do it in secret and make things difficult for Yao Wenxiao’s media company.

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So after the New Year, Yao Wenxiao’s Yuxiao Media had faced a lot of trouble. The contracts that were originally signed were broken one after another, waves of company inspections emerged one after another, and other peers continued to reach out to grab market share, so Yao Wenxiao was really struggling to cope with the wreckage. He finally managed to settle these troubles, and before he could catch his breath, Shen Yu’s birthday had arrived.

When Yao Wenxiao remembered this, it was already the early morning of the second day. Regardless of the time, Yao Wenxiao immediately asked the secretary to book a plane ticket. When he was on the phone, old Mr. Yao came across him, and the two grandfather and grandson had a big fight about it.

Yao Shengan disagreed that Yao Wenxiao should still have contact with Shen Yu. He always believed that the Shen family was behind the Yao family’s fall. If Shen Chen hadn’t deliberately lured his son-in-law into borrowing from loan sharks, and instigated the loan sharks to coerce and induce his son-in-law to repay the money as soon as possible by secretly changing the purchase channel, the Sheng’an Group would never have gotten involved with the waste oil scandal at such a juncture.

If Tao Mu was a just opponent who made it clear he opposed the Yao family, then the Shen family was the kind despicable villain that put a knife in the back while pretending to be an ally. Yao Shengan’s loss to Tao Mu could be accepted and he was willing to admit defeat, but he could never forgive the Shen family’s behavior. So it was even more impossible to agree with his grandson still being involved with Shen Yu.

However, Yao Wenxiao and Shen Yu were childhood sweethearts who had grown up together. He had a deep-rooted love for Shen Yu, even if the Shen family betrayed the Yao family, Yao Wenxiao still could not bring himself to give up on Shen Yu. What was more, Shen Yu was not a true member of the Shen family——he was kicked out of the Shen family by Mrs. Shen.

Yao Wenxiao tried to persuade old Mr. Yao to accept Shen Yu, and even said absurd things like Shen Yu was Shen Yu, the Shen family was the Shen family, and Shen Yu had nothing to do with the Shen family. Old Mr. Yao couldn’t believe that his grandson could deceive himself to such a degree.

“You are always thinking about him, but Shen Yu may have already forgotten you a long time ago.” Old Mr. Yao sneered: “Even if I am an old man who doesn’t surf the Internet very much, I know that Shen Yu and the actor surnamed Yan are getting it on right now. He had been to Hong Kong for so long, but had he even called you once?”

“Even if Shen Yu is not the blood of the Shen family, he was raised by the Shen family. The Shen family is cold and selfish in nature. If our Yao family was still the old Yao family, there might still be a possibility for you and Shen Yu to be together. But now the Yao family is down and powerless. So even if you want to keep the canary, the owner of the canary would not agree.”

Not to mention the hatred between the Yao family and the Shen family, which was practically equivalent to that of killing one’s parents.

Yao Wenxiao didn’t believe his grandfather’s words. He insisted on coming to make up for Shen Yu’s birthday. After arriving at the Hong Kong Hotel overnight, he did not forget to take a shower, put effort into dressing up, and carefully prepared a birthday gift, before hurrying to the crew to visit the set.

He didn’t even bother to eat breakfast.

As a result, as soon as he entered the crew, he met Tao Mu, an enemy on a narrow path. When enemies meet their eyes become especially red. Yao Wenxiao did not dare to be as arrogant as before because of the situation. He could only barely suppress the anger in his heart and asked the assistant director of the crew to take him to Shen Yu’s dressing room.

This was Shen Yu’s first birthday after leaving the Shen family. Yao Wenxiao always paid attention to Shen Yu’s situation, and knew that after Shen Yu was driven out of the Shen family mansion by Mrs. Shen, life was not easy for the other. The flattering sycophants around him either sqw the wind and turned the helm or threw rocks down the well. Shen Yu didn’t even have Yao Wenxiao’s ability, so naturally he could only take all the negative stuff passively.

Yao Wenxiao felt distressed for Shen Yu, and while he was mired in trouble himself, he did not forget to help Shen Yu vent his grievances. For example, all the people who targeted Shen Yu in his previous crew were taught a lesson by Yao Wenxiao. The female No. 2 who bullied Shen Yu the most was even caught by the official wife of her bankroller and had coffee poured on her in public.

This time, when he came to Hong Kong to make up for Shen Yu’s birthday, Yao Wenxiao originally wanted to give Shen Yu a surprise. So he didn’t notify Shen Yu, and just came over.

However, as soon as he entered the dressing room and saw the situation inside, Yao Wenxiao’s heart sank. In Shen Yu’s dressing room, he actually saw another man with a naked upper body and in the middle of changing clothes.

The man’s appearance was very handsome, tall, with wide shoulders and long legs. He was wearing a pair of jeans, his hair was still wet, and his body still emitted hot water vapor. It looked like he had just taken a shower.

With Yao Wenxiao pushing the door open, Shen Yu and the man were also stunned. A trace of surprise flashed on Shen Yu’s face, and then he stood up happily: “Wen Xiao, are you here to see me?”

Yao Wenxiao glanced at Zhuo Yan with scrutiny, and then replied with a smile: “En, I came to make up for your birthday.”

Yao Wenxiao said, handed the carefully prepared gift to Shen Yu, and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m late.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Yu smiled and took the gift: “It’s good that you have the heart.”

“Who is this person?” Yao Wenxiao gestured at Zhuo Yan with his chin: “Also an actor in your crew? Don’t you have a separate dressing rooms in the crew?”

Although Yao Wenxiao was jealous, he didn’t disregard everything and just went and lost his temper——if it was before the Yao family fell into disrepair, Yao Wenxiao might be reckless and let his temper go as he pleased. But the experience of the past six months had made him deeply understand the truth of how much difficulty seemingly unimportant people could pose. Therefore, Yao Wenxiao didn’t want to garner enmity with anyone unless it was necessary.

Of course, all of this must be guaranteed on the premise that this man did not have any bad intentions towards Shen Yu.

Hearing Yao Wenxiao’s question, Shen Yu smiled sweetly. He subconsciously hooked Zhuo Yan’s arm and introduced, “His name is Zhuo Yan, he is my sister’s boyfriend. He is also my future brother-in-law.”

Zhuo Yan frowned, pulled out his arm calmly, and stretched out his hand to Yao Wenxiao: “Hello.”

It turned out to be Shen Yan’s boyfriend. Yao Wenxiao was relieved, and subconsciously felt that there was a wall between homosexuality and heterosexuality. Moreover, with Shen Yu’s simple, kind and noble character, he would never get involved with his brother-in-law. So Yao Wenxiao immediately laid down his vigilance. He also smiled and stretched out his hand: “I’m Yao Wenxiao, Shen Yu’s childhood friend.”

While he was talking, someone knocked on the door of the dressing room again. This time it was Yan Sheng and the crew’s script supervisor.

“Big brother Yan!” Shen Yu’s eyes brightened, and he rushed into Yan Sheng’s arms: “Why did you come to find me?”

“The director is calling for us.” Yan Sheng rubbed Shen Yu’s hair with a smile and pulled him into his arms: “Brother Yu called me first. I just finished styling, so we came over together. Are you all ready?”

It had only been less than an hour since they parted, but Yan Sheng missed Shen Yu very much. He didn’t want to be separated for even a moment.

Shen Yu’s face turned red from how hard he smiled. Looking up at his big brother Yan full of admiration, he nodded and said, “En. I’ve also done my styling. I’m just waiting for big brother Zhuo Yan to change his clothes. Then we’ll go out together.”

When Yan Sheng heard the words, he also glanced at Zhuo Yan. Zhuo Yan smiled and took the initiative to say thanks: “Thank you for borrowing me your clothes.”

Zhuo Yan’s own clothes were stained with prop paint and he didn’t want to wear the crew’s clothes. In the end, Yan Sheng came forward and gave Zhuo Yan a set of jean and shirt from a brand that he had never worn.

It was just that Zhuo Yan was half a head taller than Yan Sheng. The jeans that were originally just the right length turned into cropped trousers on his body and bare ankles were exposed. It made his legs look even longer.

“You’re welcome.” Yan Sheng pointed to Zhuo Yan’s shoes and said with a smile, “I see some paint on your shoes. What size shoes do you wear, I’ll ask the assistant to buy a new pair for you.”

“No need. I’ll just wipe it and it’s all good.” Zhuo Yan shook his head with a wry smile: “It’s really an unlucky disaster.”

Zhuo Yan came to the crew for the first time and did not understand the normal operation of the crew. Seeing that the studio was full of people and disorder, he didn’t doubt at all that there was actually anything tricky about his experience.

But Yan Sheng noticed. However, he didn’t point it out either. In the final analysis, after Yan Sheng and Shen Yu got together, they turned into love fools under the radiation of the plot halo. But in matters other than Shen Yu, Yan Sheng was quite normal. He had always made sure to be amiable to others, and didn’t like trouble that could be avoided. Therefore, on the matter of Zhuo Yan, it was also wise to keep silent.

Yao Wenxiao watched from the sidelines, and kept feeling that he was a little out of place. Originally, he came to make up for Shen Yu’s birthday with enthusiasm. But at this moment, seeing Shen Yu and Yan Sheng’s sticky appearance, his heart also froze over for the most part.

“Xiao Yu. Are you and Yan Sheng…..” Yao Wenxiao couldn’t help but ask.

Script Supervisor Yu, Yan Sheng’s assistant, and Zhuo Yan were all in the dressing room. Zhuo Yan and Yan Sheng’s assistants were their own people from a certain point of view, and it didn’t matter. But Script Supervisor Yu was an outsider no matter from what standpoint.

That Yao Wenxiao asked such a sensitive topic in front of outsiders, even though the relationship between Shen Yu and Yan Sheng was basically already a tacit secret in the crew. But Yan Sheng still felt unhappy.

Shen Yu didn’t think that much. However, he always kept in mind what Wen Shijin told him before he left that he must not expose their relationship. Hearing this, he subconsciously said, “Brother Yan is the main protagonist of our crew. He has helped me a lot. He is also my best friend.”

With that said, Shen Yu hugged his arms around Yan Sheng’s arm and pulled him over to introduce Yao Wenxiao: “Big brother Yan, he is Yao Wenxiao. He is the best brother I grew up with. You two have met before.”

When Shen Yu was filming in H Town and Shanghai before, no matter how busy Yao Wenxiao was, he would always try his best to find time to visit Shen Yu on set. So Yan Sheng and Yao Wenxiao did meet but did not have too much contact. Because Yao Wenxiao subconsciously didn’t think that the Shen family would agree to Shen Yu being with an actor. Even if the actor was a famous one.

But now, Yao Wenxiao looked coldly at Shen Yu’s hands that wrapped possessively around Yan Sheng’s arm. Sure enough, he was careless. Perhaps he should investigate Yan Sheng more fully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhuo Yan, who was now fully dressed, looked at the three people standing in front of him with an expression of interest. Finally, his eyes fell on Shen Yu’s seemingly innocent and delicate face.

Zhuo Yan was also very curious, whether this Shen Yu was really a Silly White Sweet, and didn’t realize the thoughts of the other two men at all; or was he deliberately ignoring the undercurrents between the two men. Or maybe, Shen Yu was simply enjoying the feeling of having two men infatuated with him and felt jealousy of each other over him?

TN: bonus chapters for WG and VCF to be updated on 5/27, 5/30, 5/31 to tide you guys over until we see again on June 6!

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