These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 032 A Bit Of Tenderness

Lei Jin frowned, intuition told him that there was something not right with Xiya’s attitude, but when he wanted to look more closely, the feeling of oppression just now disappeared suddenly. The Xiya in front of him had his usual intrigued smile.

Lei Jin was still sitting on the bed wrapped in a blanket. Mingya grabbed the blanket with his claws and was about to move forward. Lei Jin reacted and wrapped himself even tighter. The expression on his face was inexplicably a bit suspicious, and he said, “Don’t make trouble, Mingya.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He wasn’t wearing anything under the blanket, and…..

“Lei Jin, get dressed quickly, let’s go eat.” This time Mingya bit a corner and tried to pull the blanket off.

“You go ahead first, I’ll follow later.” Lei Jin coaxed while holding on tightly.

“Let’s go together, Mingya wants to go with you.” Mingya continued to pull, claws and mouth together. Lei Jin could take care of this side, but he couldn’t take care of every side, so the blanket on the right slipped down, and most of his bare shoulders were exposed.

“Let go, Mingya, I’m really going to be angry.” Lei Jin hurriedly pulled it back again. As if he would give in, if he was seen, he would be laughed to death.

Xiya was watching with interest on the side, learly with no intention to help at all. He just took a bench to sit down and cheered, causing Lei Jin’s teeth to grind irately.

“Why are you wrapped in the blanket anyway? Lei Jin, get up.” Mingya had decided to fight with this blanket to the end.

Seeing that words did not work, he planned to act directly. He held the blanket close with one hand and stretched out the other hand to grab Mingya’s ear. Of course Mingya saw that Lei Jin was making for his ear again, and suddenly retreated. With the big step backwards, he jumped directly from the bed, with the blanket in his mouth.

Lei Jin’s body was now completely without any covers. Under the bright morning light, the marks on his body were fully exposed. The two cherries on his chest were already a little red and swollen, and the bite marks around them were also clearly visible. Lei Jin felt Xiya’s gaze, and suddenly felt that the place where Moya had bitten started to ache again. He wanted to raise his hand to cover it a little, but he felt that this action was too girly, and it was not like he was a lady afraid of people seeing him naked? Last night, don’t know what craziness Moya was under but originally, Lei Jin just regarded it as two men helping each other out. After all, he had seen such a thing before, but Moya helped him with his mouth, which was indeed a bit too much. But he did enjoy it, however towards the end, Moya was helping him with his hands, but he was also biting on him with his mouth, especially around his chest area which was licked and bitten by him. Lei Jin never even knew men could be so sensitive there.

Lei Jin tried hard to keep his composure. However, Xiya’s scrutiny from top to bottom was too hard to ignore. He had to lean down and try to pull the blanket up, but in a rare observant moment, Mingya saw the abnormality on Lei Jin’s chest and threw the blanket to the side while jumping back into the bed.

“Lei Jin, what’s wrong with your chest?” As he said that, furry paws were also about to touch it.

Lei Jin raised his hand to block it, Mingya persevered, and Xiya continued to examine him.

Just as Lei Jin was about to really blow a gasket.

Moya arrived just in time. Seeing this scene, he said mildly, “What are you guys doing instead of going to eat?”

“Second Brother, Lei Jin’s chest…..”

Before Mingya’s words were finished, Xiya walked over a few steps, picked him up, interrupted him, and said, “You’ve been lying here since you woke up, and don’t even know to wash up. Let’s see if Ah Ma will let you eat?”

“Eldest Brother, I wanted to go with Lei Jin.” Mingya widened his eyes and struggled twice in his brother’s arms, wanting to come down.

“No.” Xiya refused, and despite his objection, he turned around and went out.

When he passed by Moya, he gave him a playful look.

Only then did Lei Jin fish up the blanket from the ground.

Lei Jin thought Moya seemed to be in a very good mood today. Don’t ask him why he knew, it had been almost two months since they all began living together, and towards Moya’s little quirks, although no matter whether he was happy or unhappy, his face was still cold all the time, but he could still differentiate a bit of it. When he was in a bad mood, his eyes were almost ink black, and when he was in a good mood, there was a touch of clear green. And today it was practically a spring green full of vitality.

“Are you awake?” Moya walked over to the bed and said with the corners of his lips curved upwards.

This question was so idiotic. Lei Jin glanced at him and gestured, what do you think? Could it be that I am sleeping with my eyes open?

Moya smiled slightly and didn’t care about his attitude. Seeing him wrapped up in the white plush blanket, his heart fluttered like a feather had tickled it. It felt very ticklish, but also left behind a soft feeling, making him want to reach out his hand and touch Lei Jin’s hair. But he just thought about it in his mind. He knew that the two of them took a step with great difficulty, so he couldn’t be too hasty, and only said, “If you’re up then come out of bed. Dad and the others are still waiting for us to have breakfast.”

“Help me bring my clothes over.” Yesterday he didn’t even remember that he didn’t take clothes with him when he entered the room, but he was sure that even if he did, he wouldn’t have the energy to fold them neatly on the table.

Moya handed him the clothes and went out consciously. When he came to the door, he added: “Clear water, salt, and cotton branches are placed on the window sill outside.”

Lei Jin nodded to indicate that he understood.

Lei Jin put on his clothes and came out. The three people were not there and had likely gone to eat next door. There was a large bowl of water on the window sill with a cotton branch on it. The leaves next to it held white salt powder. It was Xiya who bought it from Ivey’s store last time. The branch was very flexible and had the fragrance of grass and trees. It was very good for brushing teeth but also a bit of a waste, needing to be replaced every half a month. After brushing his teeth and rinsing his mouth, Lei Jin went directly to the stream to wash his face, but forgot to bring a towel to wipe his face. So Lei Jin simply lay down on the grass, stretched his limbs, and dried it in the sun.

“Phew…..air without pollution is indeed fresh.” Lei Jin let out a long breath.

In the high sky, a large flock of birds flew by.

“Why didn’t you go to breakfast?” Moya sat down beside him.

“When did you come here, why was there no sound at all?” Lei Jin asked.

“Us werebeasts’ footsteps are inherently light.” Moya looked down at him.

“Okay, let’s go eat.” Lei Jin jumped up from the ground. It was too awkward, having Moya look at him from above, kept reminding him of last night and how he couldn’t break free from under Moya’s body.

“Give me a hand.” Moya stretched out his hand to him.

Lei Jin was slightly stunned.

But Moya still looked at him mildly, his emerald-like eyes shining in the sunlight, his hand held aloft with no sign of wavering.

Lei Jin murmured, “Seriously, it happens every time.”

He gave his hand in resignation, but he didn’t expect that as soon as their hands touched, his hand was held by the other’s instead.

Lei Jin said in a fierce voice: “You still can’t get up? If you can’t get up, just sit here by yourself.”

The corners of Moya’s lips upturned slightly, and he stood up with his other hand on the ground.

The several people finished their meal. Today, the werebeasts in the tribe had something to discuss. All the werebeasts must participate. Even the werebeasts like Mingya who were nominally grown up but actually had not even had their coming of age ceremony.

Only Roger and Lei Jin were left at home. It was the first time for them to be alone with each other like this. Although it was said that they were from the same world, and in principle, they should have a lot of common topics, the two had very clearly different education and cultural backgrounds. Although Roger looked like he was a short tempered and impatient man, Lei Jin found that Roger was in charge of many things at home, and he handled it all in an orderly manner. Moreover, from his modern perspective, Roger looked like the kind of well-born, highly educated person. Which was naturally different from someone like him who had just graduated from junior high school and had not even bothered with secondary school.

Roger intended to take advantage of this time to deal with the game that Moya brought back, with Lei Jin helping.

Roger had obviously done this before. Peeling the fur, deboning, and taking out the internal organs, all in one go, without any sloppiness at all, and the movements were even neater than the guys at the pork stall that Lei Jin saw in the vegetable market before. Lei Jin was dazzled.

Lei Jin’s knife play was also good, but not at animal slaughtering. He wanted to try it, but the fur was ruined by him, yet the meat still hadn’t come off the bones. In order not to spoil things, he had to give up, and helped to wash Roger’s plucked meat in a wooden tub, rub it with salt, and put on a rope to hang it under the eaves.

The two made casual talk with each other.

“Roger, you say, do you think we are still on earth?” He wouldn’t really have stepped into outer space with just a single step, would he?

Roger gave him a weird look and said, “Why did your thoughts go there?”

“Although I don’t read much, I also know that there seemed to be no such thing as werebeasts on earth, right?” Lei Jin tied the venison in his hand.

“Actually, before humans appeared on earth, there were many civilizations that had reached the height of brilliance, but they all disappeared in the end, leaving few traces and clues, so no one knows who created those civilizations.” Roger had already started dealing with a huge antelope.

“So these werebeasts may also be one of the civilizations that have disappeared?” Lei Jin asked.

“It’s just a possibility, I’m not sure.”

“Have you seen the temple here?” Roger asked again.

“I have seen it, but I didn’t see it clearly at night.” Lei Jin replied.

“You can count the steps the next time you go.” Roger didn’t explain clearly.

Seeing that he didn’t want to talk about it, Lei Jin didn’t ask any more, thinking that he’d just take a look himself next time.

In truth, it was not that Roger didn’t want to explain it clearly, but because he himself wasn’t very clear about it either. Now he had basically determined that the forbidden area in the forest should appear once during a cyclic year which led to the warping of time and space. Lei Jin and he came just one cyclic year apart. So if someone wanted to leave this world, they would have to wait until the next cyclic year, but he also believed that these temples in the tribes might be the key, and there seemed to be some secrets hidden inside. These temples were very similar to the buildings in the forbidden area, and were obviously from the same period; and the strange thing was that every werebeast tribe had such a similar temple. But no one could tell the origin of these temples; it seemed that they had stood there even before the formation of the werebeast tribes.

And the mysterious totem he saw last before he came to this world, which was also surprisingly similar to the totem on the highest floor of the temple. When he said that he would tell Lei Jin the way back he was just deliberately pretending to scare Xiya and Moya, so that they wouldn’t take it too far. In truth, he hadn’t found the way back at all. He wanted to leave many years ago but from the beginning he was just going in blind, giving the forbidden area a try in case he really could go back. The reason he was angry at that time was because An Sen and An Luo were using their children to threaten him and not because they were blocking him from going back to his world. In truth, after that, though An Sen and An Luo thought they were always guarding by his side, they never would’ve been able to dream that he had entered the forbidden area through a secret passage many times, and it was only later that he confirmed that this road was indeed impossible. The arrival of Lei Jin further confirmed his speculation that the reversal of time and space really only opened at a specific time.

The two spent most of the morning, and finally cleaned up all the game, leaving a pile of internal organs and bones. Lei Jin left a few bones and planned to make bone soup. Originally, he also wanted to keep some wild boar liver or something, but Roger didn’t seem to like them, so Lei Jin gave up.

Roger called out twice across the courtyard wall. After a while, a middle-aged female came over with a large wooden barrel. He occasionally came to visit this house. Lei Jin knew him, Qi Luo’s Ah Ma, Su Rui.

The three exchanged hellos.

Su Rui had a few wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, but he smiled brightly and said, “So much, thank you, Roger.”

Lei Jin and Roger washed their hands in a basin. Roger got up to wipe his hands, and said with a smile, “It’s useless for me to keep it. Give it to Ah Huang.”

Ah Huang was a yellow terrier owned by Qi Luo.

Su Rui picked it up from the ground and said, “There are still a lot of good things in there, Roger, why do you never want it every time? I know Xiya and the others are very capable, but it’s not good to waste things.”

Lei Jin originally thought that there was too much food here, so no one was eating these things. But it turned out that Roger didn’t like it, so it was all thrown away.

Roger smiled and didn’t say anything, but after Su Rui finished taking it, Roger brought him some marinated rabbit meat. At first, Su Rui refused, but Roger’s temper was really not good, and soon he was about to lose his temper due to impatience. Su Rui had been his neighbor for many years, and naturally knew this, so he accepted it in the end.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Roger went to the kitchen to boil hot water, and Lei Jin lifted the water to wash off the blood on the ground.

Everyone had a big bowl of stewed meat at noon, but the several people who came back all had frowns and looked preoccupied, and even Mingya was quiet.

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