After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 165 Explosive Scene

Because of this little episode, when Yan Sheng and Shen Yu left the dressing room and arrived at the shooting location, it was already ten minutes later.

Xu Musen had already waited even longer so these ten minutes were nothing. He just waved his hand to signal everyone to take their place.

This scene that was about to be filmed involved the mob boss played by Zhou Yanqing confronting a senior police superintendent played by Wang Jinsheng in the police station. The main lines were all between the two big names, as for Yan Sheng, Tao Mu and Shen Yu, although there were also shots, at best they were just background. Also in the background were Du Ze, who played a small-time gang leader, and a group of actors who played police officers.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Yu was very nervous. Because after this scene, he and Tao Mu would be filming a scene together at the same filming location. The scene where Zhou Yuanting was fired from the police academy. And after joining the mob as an undercover agent, he fought with other gangsters in a turf fight, and was arrested by Yan Yu and other police officers on duty in the police station on the charge of disturbing the security of Hong Kong. This was also the first scene of direct interaction between Shen Yu and Tao Mu after they joined the crew. With so many people watching, and so many people related to him coming to visit the set, Shen Yu didn’t want to disappoint.

Shen Yu’s head had always been relatively simple, and he could only think about one thing at a time. Shen Yu was a little absent-minded when he was filming the first scene because he was thinking about his later scene. When the camera swept over him, Shen Yu always appeared worried and couldn’t control his facial expression. But the look of frowning and unwilling to give up unexpectedly echoed the mood of the script for this scene, of Yan Yu seeing his good brother walking further and further off the right path and wanting to persuade him to change his ways, but didn’t know how to speak.

Xu Musen was slightly surprised. After the filming, he also praised Shen Yu’s improved acting skills. In front of his family and friends, Shen Yu, who was praised by the director, felt very happy. He couldn’t help but walk up to Tao Mu excitedly, asking Tao Mu to practice running their lines in advance.

“It’s been so long since we’ve been in the crew, and this is the first time the two of us will be filming opposite each other. Mu Mu, I’m so nervous!” As Shen Yu spoke, he really did hug the script in his arms nervously. He looked at Tao Mu eagerly: “I heard them say that Mu Mu’s acting skills are very good. And it’s easy for you to bring the other into the mood of the scene. So I will be relying on you in the next scene.”

No matter how much he hated Shen Yu, Tao Mu’s attitude towards filming was still very serious. Immediately, he stood up with a solemn expression and was about to practice lines with Shen Yu.

Shen Yu looked at Tao Mu who was empty-handed with a bewildered face, and couldn’t help but ask, “Mu Mu, where’s your script?”

“I don’t need the script.” Before joining the crew, Tao Mu had already memorized the entire script. Not just his own lines, but the lines of all the actors who played opposite him. In fact, in the entire crew, he was not the only one who could do this. At least Zhou Yanqing, Wang Jinsheng, Luo Daming and Yan Sheng could memorize the entire script. It also helped them better understand the characters and understand the script as a whole.

Actually, before joining the crew, Yan Sheng was also supervising Shen Yu on memorizing the script every day. It was a pity that Shen Yu didn’t persevere. At this moment, he could only look at Tao Mu with admiration: “You are amazing. I can’t do it. My brain is very stupid, and I quickly forget everything I have memorized. So I can only memorize it again l the morning of the scene.”

After speaking, he asked Tao Mu what tips he had for memorizing lines.

Tao Mu had a good memory by nature. In his previous life, he even remembered those boring financial theories and business cases from his textbooks that could only be memorized by rote memorization. So don’t even mention a classic script like “Black and White”. Besides, he had actually played the same role over and over again in his last life. He didn’t know how many times he had analyzed the film alone. Over time, his memory only got better and better. And after being reborn, Tao Mu could memorize any material or lines after reciting it at most three times.

“Recite it a few more times. Especially when reciting lines, try to imagine the plot scene in your mind. You can practice your expressions in the mirror, then find a few cameras to practice your positioning, and repeatedly adjust the details.” Tao Mu said very sincerely.

Unexpectedly, when Shen Yu heard these words, who knew what point had tickled his funny bone, but he giggled and laughed: “Isn’t that the same as fantasizing? It sounds like what a lunatic does!”

The several celebrities who were still on the set frowned at the same time. Yan Sheng, who had been paying attention to Shen Yu’s every frown and smile, smiled warmly and said, “Actually, being an actor can also be a very neurotic profession. In a single work of film, you need to fully experience the life of a stranger. You need to get to know him. Understand his emotions and desires, and be familiar with his thinking and logic. Analyzing the person’s words and deeds from the inside. This is not an easy task so a good actor needs to know a lot.”

If you want to act convincingly, you must have the deepest understanding of the character image. So good actors were also masters of life. Literature, history, philosophy, psychology, law, and social sciences, so long as there was a need, they must be able to have some knowledge in all kinds of professions and careers.

For example, Yan Sheng himself, his most serious moment was following along with intern doctors in a hospital for more than half a year, just to play the role of a doctor well. He even followed into the operating room, taking rounds of internships with a group of medical university interns. By the time the filming was over, Yan Sheng could even qualify for a nursing license himself.

Actually, Shen Yu was with Yan Sheng practically every day. If Yan Sheng practiced acting with him, Shen Yu’s acting skills would improve very quickly. It was a pity that Shen Yu himself had no willpower, and Yan Sheng was also reluctant to force him. When the two were together, more time was spent on meaningless sappy stuff. Especially after they got together officially, the two had even less scruples when they were in private.

This had caused Shen Yu’s acting skills to remain stagnant——not even at the level it was at this time in the previous life.

After all, in the previous life, there was Tao Mu, the vicious villain, who suppressed him in all directions in a mad dog-like manner for ten years straight. Even if it’s just for the sake of overcoming the difficulties Tao Mu threw his way, Shen Yu had to be patient and work hard to improve himself. So the food chain between the three had always been Tao Mu oppressing Shen Yu, Shen Yu crying to Yan Sheng, and Yan Sheng trying to suppress Tao Mu and avenge Shen Yu.

But in this life, Tao Mu, who was reborn, was enlightened and didn’t want to follow the plot. So he just onesidely retreated like this, and the motive force that had been responsible for driving Shen Yu in the original plot disappeared, and Shen Yu himself was not a person who worked hard of his own initiative. So naturally, he just continued his days passively and went with the flow.

So it was not unreasonable to say that comfort makes people degenerate, and hardship makes people stronger.

Of course Shen Yu knew Yan Sheng’s good intentions. But he always thought he didn’t need to work so hard. The reason why he joined the entertainment industry in the first place was because he thought being an actor was fun. He liked the feeling of being idolized by fans after he became a star. But he only liked the bright side of being a star. If you asked him to pay the price, for example, try to get him to roll in mud for the sake of filming, soak in cold water in the winter and NG over and over again, or even be like some actors who took so far they ended up being hospitalized after being injured in an accident during filming. Shen Yu was unwilling to do so.

Just like how teenagers love to play video games. Even if their parents and teachers try their best to stop it, if there was a chance, they would sneak to the Internet cafe. But if you ask them to take a break from school to become an e-sports player, hone their basic operational skills day after day, check the strategy review videos in the hopes of improving even just a fraction of their score, and stay up all night to fight bosses, they would not be willing.

Shen Yu was also in this state of mind now. Without the oppression of Tao Mu, the vicious villain, the little prince lived a particularly content and stable life. Although his career made no progress, the fans supported him and his love life was happy. The only regret was probably that Mrs. Shen still refused to forgive him and let him go back to the Shen family.

Then there was Tao Mu. The other still did not agree to be friends with him.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu couldn’t help but feel a little moody. When filming the next scene, he brought this little bit of emotion into the plot.

“Why did you become like this, Ah Ting?” Yan Yu was wearing a police uniform, holding a transcript and a pen in his hand, and looked at Zhou Yuanting, who was handcuffed to a chair, with a look of disappointment.

“With your ability, even if you can’t be a policeman, you could still do other things. You are so smart, you would always be the first in the police academy assessment. We said at the time that you would be a good policeman in the future when you went out into the field. But look what you look like now? How many times have you come in this year? You actually mix with those gangsters and hoodlums. Have you ever thought how sad your parents would be when they see you now? And Xiao Wen? She loves you so much, how sad it would be to see you become like this——this recognizable—— unrecognizable——”

“Cut!” Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, shouted.

Shen Yu immediately stood up and bowed apologetically to everyone: “Sorry, I NG-ed.”

Xu Musen waved his hand and said nothing: “Once more.”

Shen Yu sorted out his emotions. He sat in front of the camera, reciting the lines righteously: “Zhou Yuanting, how could you become like this now——”


“I’m sorry.” Shen Yu took a deep breath and continued to recite: “Ah Ting, how could you become like this…..Do you know how sad your parents would be——”


“Sorry.” Shen Yu rubbed his head. It was summer, and the temperature was very hot, and the lighting at the shooting scene was even hotter. Shen Yu slumped on the chair and let the makeup artist come forward to touch up his makeup.

Shen Yu’s acting skills were originally at the bottom of the crew. He was filming opposite with Tao Mu, and even though Tao Mu didn’t say a single line, Shen Yu still felt uncomfortable. When saying his lines, he would always pay attention to Tao Mu’s expressions and movements. Then he would be intimidated by Zhou Yuanting’s hostility. Leading to stumbles and mistakes when he spoke his lines. And coupled with the strict requirements of Director Xu. With just a few lines, he managed to NG more than ten times.

The lunch boxes were delivered.

It was like this every time, as soon as Shen Yu was the one in front of the camera, there would be NGs.

Director Xu frowned. He felt that Shen Yu’s emotions were not bad now and they should continue to film. If he waited until lunch was over before resuming, he was afraid that Shen Yu’s emotions wouldn’t be able to keep up, and it wouldn’t even meet the current standards.

But if the filming continued, Director Xu was not sure when Shen Yu would pass. The key was that Tao Mu was also hungry. He had accompanied Mr. Song and his two fathers to have morning tea in the morning. He woke up very early and didn’t eat much. So he was already a bit hungry after ten o’clock in the morning, and even hungrier now at half past twelve that his stomach started growling. It could even be heard clearly on the sounding device.

Now this was a bit funny.

Director Xu couldn’t make up his mind. At the critical moment, Tao Mu said, “Give me some food first.”

In the spirit of not sacrificing his own benefit, Tao Mu asked to change the script: “Anyway, the script did not mention the time when Zhou Yuanting’s gang was arrested and brought to the police station. So take it as it being lunchtime, and Yan Yu specially prepared a lunch box for Zhou Yuanting when he came to record his statement. It also makes sense in terms of details. After all, when the two were in the police academy, they were good brothers from the same dormitory.”

This idea…..seemed like a good idea! And it could also reflect Yan Yu’s personality from the details.

Director Xu discussed it with the screenwriter and finally decided to add such a scene.

So when the filming started next, there was such a scene.

Yan Yu entered the interrogation room with a lunch box and handed it to Zhou Yuanting: “Eat first.”

Zhou Yuanting, who was handcuffed to the chair, stretched out his legs and sat indolently, raising his handcuffed hands: “How am I to eat, Ah Sir.”

Yan Yu shook his head and released Zhou Yuanting’s handcuffs. Zhou Yuanting rotated his wrist, pulled apart the convenient chopsticks, opened the lunch box, and lowered his head to eat.

Tao Mu was really hungry. Therefore, Zhou Yuanting ate very deliciously in front of the camera. His face still had bruises and wounds left from the fight, and as he practically shoveled the food down his throat, it caused even Director Xu and the cameramen to swallow their excess saliva.

Yan Yu sat across the table and shook his head: “You still have the heart to eat, even I haven’t eaten yet.”

Zhou Yuanting kept his head down while eating without saying a word. He devoured the food in big mouthfuls so much so that he almost choked. Yan Yu hurriedly handed over a bottle of mineral water.

Zhou Yuanting unscrewed the bottle cap and raised his head to drink. The water bottle was tilted down in midair, and the collar of his clothes got wet when the mineral water splashed down. The camera moved down from Zhou Yuanting’s lips, and followed the path of those water droplets as they slid down his chin and over his neck and Adam’s apple. It gave him a kind of desperation that was deliberately concealed.

Yan Yu looked at Zhou Yuanting’s current appearance and rebuked lamentably: “Ah Ting, how did you become like this? Even if you can’t be a policeman, you can always do other things. You are so smart…..why do you want to mix in with those gangsters and hoodlums? Have you ever thought how sad your parents would be when they see you now? And Xiao Wen? She loves you so much, how sad it would be to see you look this unrecognizable now——”

Zhou Yuanting, who had been eating with his head down, heard the name Xiao Wen and gave a slight pause. He interrupted Yan Yu gloomily: “Are you and Xiao Wen together now?”

Yan Yu gave a slight pause: “Xiao Wen and I only got together half a year after you two broke up.”

Zhou Yuanting put down his chopsticks, poked his inner cheek with his tongue, and sneered with his head down.

Yan Yu frowned: “Ah Ting, don’t do this. Don’t you believe me? We were good brothers——”

“Good brother?” Zhou Yuanting leaned back on the chair and raised his eyebrows with the air of a proper hoodlum: “Have you ever regarded me as a brother?”

Before Yan Yu could speak, Zhou Yuanting asked again, “What’s your relationship with Yan Qi?”

Yan Yu’s face suddenly turned ashen, and he said angrily, “I don’t know this person. Our Yan family doesn’t have this person either.”

“That’s your family’s business.” Zhou Yuanting shrugged his shoulders and twisted his neck to loosen his muscles and bones: “Yan Yu, the reason why you can sit here in a police uniform today is not because you are better than me, nor because you are more on the side of justice than I am. But because your fate is better than mine. You have a good big brother who desperately covered for your ass. So why don’t you cut your crap about righteousness in front of me. Everyone in this world has the right to accuse me, Zhou Yuanting, for willingly corrupting myself, only you do not.”

Next, it was time for Shen Yu to speak his lines. But at the critical moment, Shen Yu made the old mistake of forgetting his words again.

Seeing that the scene was about to NG again, Tao Mu, who was slumped on the chair, glanced at Shen Yu and suddenly exploded. He raised his hand and flipped the rest of the lunch box on the table. Shen Yu was instantly stunned. Director Xu in front of the monitor was also stunned. The entire crew was stunned.

“Good brother? The good brother who robbed me of my future and slept with my woman? What right do you have to stand here and lecture at me?” Zhou Yuanting stood up suddenly, full of anger, pointing at Yan Yu and roaring: “From beginning to end, you don’t know anything, you just stand here and pretend to be innocent. We were both police officers, yet you were able to pass the examination despite having a big brother who is a higher up in the mafia, while I just went out to the club for one night, only to be expelled decisively. Why is this?”

“It’s because my fate is not good. I, Zhou Yuanting, was unlucky. But I’ll tell you now that I, Zhou Yuanting, won’t bend over for fate. You want to mess with me, it won’t be so easy. Sooner or later, I, Zhou Yuanting, will take back everything that belonged to me.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As Zhou Yuanting finished his declaration, he kicked at the chair in the interrogation room. The chair was kicked into the corner and bounced back, and the smashed armrests flew in all directions, to finally land on the ground, spinning for a while before stopping.

Shen Yu was frightened stupid. The whole set was terrified. They didn’t expect Tao Mu’s explosive scene to be so scary.

The whole set was so silent a pin dropping could be heard. After a long time, Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, came to his senses and shouted “cut” in a daze.

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  1. This character really portrays Tao Mu’s emotions in his previous life, his performance can only be explosive. Also, this chapter brought me from the “he’s so stupid it’s pitiful” to the “someone shut this demented idiot up forever” end of my Shen Yu-Spectrum. It keeps on going back and forth, but can Shen Yu just keep quite as a general rule? Stay silent and look pretty, please, you ruin everything when you open your mouth.
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