These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 033 Good Brothers

Lei Jin originally wanted to ask what happened, but seeing that Roger didn’t ask he felt that as an outsider, he should not overstep his bounds. So it was a meal that passed by in a rarely quiet and solemn manner.

After the meal, Lei Jin heard them say that it was best not to go out for the next few days. There should be enough firewood and food at home. There was still a lot of food and so only the problem of firewood remained. Xiya suggested that he would go out to collect firewood and Lei Jin also wanted to go out for a walk as well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The firewood they used for cooking consisted of dry branches and split wood. There was a big pile of firewood outside the kitchen. Originally, Xiya and Moya should have gone a few days ago already, but then there was such a stall in the middle. It didn’t work out, and it seemed that the firewood was not enough now.

Since Xiya was with him, Roger naturally didn’t worry, so he agreed, but told them to come back earlier, don’t stay out too late.

An Sen, An Luo and Moya had to go to the tribal leader’s place again. Before leaving, Moya specially looked over in Lei Jin’s direction but Lei Jin pretended not to see it. Roger didn’t seem to be worried at all, and directly took Mingya with him to use as a pillow for a nap.

Xiya picked two long ropes coiled together from under the eaves, and went out with Lei Jin.

When passing through the entrance of the tribe, he noticed that the number of werebeasts patrolling increased significantly. Lei Jin saw that some of them seemed to have just returned from far away. As soon as they landed and closed their wings, some companions handed over water jugs. Xiya had Lei Jin wait for him under the tree on the side before stepping forward to ask a few questions.

Lei Jin only vaguely heard things like “It should be far away” and “Haven’t discovered”. He guessed that it was related to the tribal gathering they went to today.

“Let’s go.” Xiya came back after asking.

Since Xiya didn’t say anything, Lei Jin didn’t ask either.

As soon as they left the tribe and came to an open place, Xiya said, “It’ll be too far by foot, I’ll take you there in my beast form.”

Lei Jin nodded and took a few steps back consciously. He had never seen Xiya’s beast form before, so he was very interested to take the opportunity to have a look.

Actually pure golden wings? Xiya turned his back to him, his wings spread out, and it was four or five meters long in wingspan, as if absorbing all the sunlight, brilliant and dazzling like a rosy brocade.

When Xiya turned back, he was a mighty adult leopard with golden fur and purple eyes.

Sure enough, it was much prettier than Qi Luo’s beast form.

“Buddy, you don’t look it but your beast form’s actually quite cool.” Lei Jin grinned wickedly, and threw an arm around Xiya’s neck while giving his fur a good petting.

The werebeasts who had returned to the tribe in the air gave the two a strange look.

“Come on to my back.” Seeing the expression of admiration in Lei Jin’s eyes, Xiya couldn’t help but wave his tail proudly.

Xiya’s fur was smooth and thick, and when Lei Jin finally managed to climb up with both hands and feet, another tragic thing happened. He found that he couldn’t sit steady on it at all. So long as Xiya moved, he would slip everywhere. Xiya was also feeling a bit hot and provoked by him. Just imagine how many male werebeasts could endure their female rubbing against them as if having gone into heat, how could they still be calm? In any case, he couldn’t, but so what if he couldn’t, he still had to endure it.

Fortunately, the Leopard Tribe’s tails have always been long and tough, so Xiya directly wrapped his tail around Lei Jin’s waist, fixed him on his back, flapped his wings, and rose into the air.

At the moment of taking off, Lei Jin couldn’t help but tighten his grip on the fur under him.

Because of Lei Jin, Xiya didn’t dare to fly too high, and only kept his height just a bit higher than the tree tops. Lei Jin had naturally taken a plane before. But it was the first time in his life to fly in the open air without any barrier. If he hadn’t fallen into this inexplicable place, he wouldn’t have a chance to experience it at all. The wind was blowing fiercely, causing his face to prickle a bit. He felt that this feeling was much more refreshing and freeing. Lei Jin tugged at the fur on Xiya’s neck and said, “Hurry up. Don’t just dawdle around.” It was estimated that he had directly taken Xiya as his horse.

Xiya was a bit depressed. From the experience gained from his seniors, wasn’t it said that females were weak and fragile, so when carrying them, one must fly as low and slow as possible? So why was he being shown contempt?

Lei Jin didn’t know what Xiya was thinking, he just kept calling Xiya to fly faster. Xiya didn’t doubt at all that the fur on the back of his neck would definitely go bald after carrying Lei Jin a few more times.

Lei Jin estimated that it was just a quarter of an hour before they arrived at the destination. After Xiya landed, Lei Jin slid down.

This was not the original dense jungle that Lei Jin came from, but a mountain ridge behind the Leopard Tribe. The forest on the mountain was not very dense, but the trees were also tall. One could see the shadows of sika deer and elk as well. Wherever they passed, there were pheasants and flocks of birds fluttering in the bushes from time to time out of being startled.

In the woods, one could vaguely see some small trail paths. Though he called them paths they were only covered with sparser grass than the ground next to it. It was likely that the path was naturally worn by those who came to collect firewood. Xiya walked in front and broke off some dead branches on the trees. Lei Jin was mainly responsible for gathering them and tying them with ropes.

There was a lot of firewood in the woods, and within a short time, the two of them packed up three big bundles.

“Xiya, when are you going to the jungle?” To be honest, Lei Jin was a little disappointed. He originally thought that Xiya was going to chop wood in the jungle, and he was thinking, since he came from there, maybe a clue to go back could be found around there. The troublesome thing was that the distance was too far for him, otherwise he would have gone back and forth several times already.

Xiya naturally knew what Lei Jin meant, but he did not show it on his face, and said, “The jungle is the territory of the Tiger Tribe, and the territory of our Leopard Tribe is on the grassland, and we generally don’t go to the jungle easily.”

In fact, this was not exactly right. It was an unspoken rule among the tribes, but it could not stand up to careful study. After all, there were no clear regulations. Over the years, the tribes have been peaceful and the food was relatively sufficient. No one would start a conflict over such a minor thing, otherwise Mingya and Lei Jin would not have escaped so easily when they met the Tiger Tribe’s werebeasts last time.

“Tch, why so stuffy, it’s not like you’re smuggling abroad?” Lei Jin habitually ruffled his hair, and said a little irritably. Speaking of, his hair was another reason for his irritability. He had been here for almost two months, and his hair was growing so fast that it was almost shoulder-length now.

Although Xiya was determined not to let him go, seeing him like this now, he couldn’t bear it. After all, he really liked Lei Jin, and thinking about it again, it would be nothing to take him to the jungle once. With him by his side, he might not necessarily find the location of the forbidden area, so he said again: “Next time, next time I will take you for a walk in the jungle.”

“Then it’s decided, turns out it’s not such a waste for me to treat you as a good brother.” Lei Jin patted Xiya on the back shamelessly in a buddy-buddy manner. Although many times Xiya said that in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he only needed to pretend to be his female in front of outsiders, Lei Jin vaguely felt that Xiya’s attitude towards him was not that simple. Unlike with Moya, Lei Jin did have some lewd interest towards Xiya from the beginning, but that belonged to the instinct of a man who naturally wanted to hook up when he sees a beauty. Now that he knew that there was no hope of being on top, any lewd thoughts were naturally cut off.

Xiya smiled bitterly to himself, who the hell wants to be your good brother. Even though it was both Moya and I who found you together, when Moya pressed you, biting and licking, you tossed and turned under him excitedly, but when it’s me, I just become your good brother.

“Hey, is this a fox? It’s really beautiful.” It jad pure white fur, only a touch of red on the tip of the tail and the tip of the ears, and when it saw Lei Jin approaching, it was not at all afraid, and proudly fluttered its big fluffy tail.

“Don’t go there, Lei Jin.” As soon as Xiya came back from his own thoughts, he saw Lei Jin walking towards a illusion fox, and when he realized the fact, it was already too late.

The gas spewed from the tail of the illusion fox made Lei Jin’s vision go dark, and he immediately became unconscious.

Xiya stepped forward quickly, stretched out his claws and turned over, allowing Lei Jin to fall onto his soft stomach, all the while glaring fiercely at the little fox in front of him.

The little fox jumped away nimbly, rubbed his little black nose, and said, “I am just teasing him because I thought he was pretty, but if he was ugly, I wouldn’t have even bothered. If I really wanted to be ruthless, he wouldn’t just be knocked out.”

Xiya was not Mingya, so naturally he didn’t know what the little fox was saying. He was just trying to detect Lei Jin’s breathing, which was very even, seeming to have just fainted. He also understood that there was no malice in the fox. One must know that the illusion fox’s best ability was to release a gas-like substance from its tail, making the prey directly unconscious, allowing for its sharp claws to cut the throat and enjoy its meal slowly.

Xiya carefully turned over, circled Lei Jin with his tail, and threw him gently on his back, carrying him to the stream in the forest. The little fox didn’t seem to have any intention to pay this werebeast from the Leopard Tribe any attention, and disregarding the dislike of the other, also jumped and followed along without any self-awareness.

Xiya placed Lei Jin on the thick grass, carefully put away his sharp claws, separated Lei Jin’s shirt, and with a few leaves in his mouth, dipped it in the stream and sprinkled the water on Lei Jin’s face and neck.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The little fox had nothing to do, so it put its tail in front, and slowly began to comb its fur, not forgetting to roll its eyes at Xiya, and say, “What’s to be anxious about, he’ll wake up naturally later.”

The little fox jumped up with an “aiya” sound, as it had bit its tail accidentally, widened its eyes, and said again and again, “No way? No way?”

Because he saw the male werebeast, the golden leopard, slowly taking off the female’s clothes…..

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