After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 167 Unkind


Finally, there was a scene that took only one take. Satisfied, Director Xu stroked his hungry stomach and asked the assistant to prepare the meal. Even in the scorching summer, the lunch box would have already cooled after such a long delay. The originally delicious char siew rice was now oily and greasy. However, Director Xu and the group of lighting techs and cameramen still devoured the food, eating especially deliciously.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In contrast, Shen Yu had no appetite. Even if he got off the set early, he didn’t have the heart to eat lunch. Holding the lunch box and picking at the rice, he looked unhappy.

Yan Sheng and Shen Yan gathered around Shen Yu, coaxing him to eat. Shen Yu grimaced and cried aggrievedly: “I’m really useless. I can’t act well, so the whole crew has to accompany me in NG-ing. How can I have the face to eat.”

Shen Yan comforted him: “So what if your acting is not good. Anyway, we don’t rely on acting to make a living. You can just act casually. Why are you so serious and making yourself unhappy?”

Shen Yan only focused on comforting Shen Yu, but didn’t notice it at all how her remarks attracted the attention of everyone in the crew.

Yan Sheng didn’t agree with Shen Yan’s words, but he also didn’t want to deepen the grudge against Shen Yu from the crew members. He couldn’t help interrupting Shen Yan’s brand of comfort: “Xiao Yu, don’t be too anxious. You have only been in the entertainment industry for such a short time, and you haven’t acted in many films either, so naturally you have had no chance to hone your acting skills. I don’t think you need to compare yourself with others. Just ponder the script and figure out your role. Find out the similarities between you and Yan Yu. I believe that as long as you play yourself, you can interpret this role very well. Don’t worry, I will keep you company.”

“I think what Yan Sheng said was very reasonable.” Shen Yan rubbed Shen Yu’s head and comforted: “How old are you, how long have you been in the entertainment industry, and you have barely even made many idol dramas. Why treat yourself so harshly, insisting on comparing yourself against those film kings who have decades of acting experience.”

“But Tao Mu hasn’t acted in many films either. He doesn’t even have as much experience in filming as I do. But he can play the role of Zhou Yuanting so well.” Shen Yu felt so bad his mouth curved downwards: “I just think I’m so bad.”

“No way.” Before Yan Sheng could speak, Shen Yan hugged Shen Yu distressedly, and explained loudly, “You are not bad at all. The reason why you are not good at acting is just because you are simple in nature and has not fully seen the world. Just like a blank piece of paper, you have not experienced society’s taint, naturally you have no way to act convincingly. Unlike some people, who grew up in an orphanage and have been out in society at a young age and has long been accustomed to acting and talking like all kinds of people. With such deep scheming and shrewdness, naturally, they have many faces. Moreover, in this role, they are acting true to character. So of course, it would end up as a good performance.”

“Ai, I say, this little miss, just talk if you want to talk, don’t always make insinuations, okay?”

Liu Yao and the others were standing on the other side of the studio, and they didn’t want to pay attention to these people. However, if someone deliberately started sh*t, getting their Tao Mu involved. Naturally, the most blindly protective of the three family members could not ignore it. Old Mr. Song reasoned with the Shen family with his hands behind his back: “Your little brother’s acting skills are not good, and he is always a hindrance to the crew. You should find a way to improve his acting skills instead of criticizing our family’s Tao Mu for being shrewd and having a bad character. That you can say such words only prove that you are small-minded and jealous of the virtuous. Our Tao Mu acted well, that is all due to Tao Mu’s ability. Even if he has deep scheming and shrewdness, it does not harm others. At least unlike some people, under the guise of being innocent, kind, and straightforward, I don’t see him do much serious business, and instead only see him go around causing trouble to others.”

“How can you talk like that, old man?” Shen Yan stood up angrily: “I’m talking to my little brother, why are you butting in?”

“You speak ill of my grandson, it’s not like I can ignore it.” Mr. Song was replied slowly and calmly.

“How funny, did I mention any names? You keep saying you are standing up for your grandson, who is your grandson?” Shen Yan sneered, and her words were even more scathing and unkind: “Besides, what I said is not wrong. Some people are just very scheming, and especially know how to be grandsons to others. This is nothing really, but they already went and found a grandfather to support them first. Freely being someone else’s grandson, just calling a few “grandpa’s” and they could get the Song Ji brand name. Our Xiao Yu can’t compare with such a skill of bending and stretching.”

Director Xu just finished calling cut, and most of the crew were busy eating and taking a lunch break. The dispute between Shen Yan and Mr. Song immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Hearing Shen Yan’s mean words, someone immediately stood up to speak justice.

“Isn’t Miss Shen going too far to say something like this?” Fang Ruoti, who had always been upright in the circle, especially dared to speak her mind. She took off her sunglasses impatiently: “Tao Mu’s acting skills are better than Shen Yu’s, this is what anyone with eyes can see. It’s also a fact that Young Master Shen’s poor acting skills are a drag on the crew. Young Master Shen doesn’t rely on acting to support his living. But we people still want to make a good movie. Since Miss Shen is so noble, why don’t you take your little brother back and let him stay at home every day and be his young master of the Shen family?”

“Who kind of thing are you?” Shen Yan looked at the beautiful Fang Ruoti, and sneered unceremoniously: “You’re just an actress that sells sex appeal in movies. What qualifications do you have to talk to me?”

Fang Ruoti was almost angered into laughter: “Then what kind of thing are you, Miss Shen?”

Before Shen Yan could explode, Fang Ruoti sneered and scolded: “You’re just a nouveau riche from the mainland. Do you really think that the power of your Shen family can cover the sky with only one hand? This is Hong Kong, not Shanghai. I suggest that Miss Shen think about it first before you speak.”

Hearing Fang Ruoti say this, Yan Sheng’s face suddenly changed. Just as he was about to open his mouth to smooth things over, Zhuo Yan, who had been standing by the side with cold observant eyes, stood up first: “Miss Fang is right, you acted too uneducated.”

Zhuo Yan frowned, subconsciously looking at Tao Mu, who had just walked out of the set and was watching the farce coldly: “Shen Yu’s poor acting skills are his own business. Since he chooses to be an actor, he should hone his acting skills. Instead of every time when filming a movie, he drags the crew down, and then lets his family criticize his colleagues who are good actors.”

Shen Yan was furious: “Zhuo Yan, which side are you on?”

“I don’t stand on either side. I’m just telling the truth.” Zhuo Yan said indifferently: “You should apologize to CEO Tao. You should also apologize to Miss Fang. It was you who hurt people first with your malocious words.”

Shen Yan glared at Zhuo Yan hatefully. Of course she was not willing to apologize. She lifted her chin and said, “I’m not wrong. But you are quite good at being tender to fragrance and jade. It’s a pity that no one appreciates it.”

Fang Ruoti sneered, looked at Zhuo Yan deliberately and asked: “I think you are a man who can tell right from wrong, and you are also quite handsome. How did you end up with this kind of shrew?”

“What did you say?” Shen Yan turned to look at Fang Ruoti: “Don’t try to sow discord.”

“I don’t think this Miss Fang is trying to sow discord.” Meng Qi smiled at Fang Ruoti. At this elegance and sexiness of a mature man, even a great beauty who had seen countless people couldn’t help but be moved. She now seemed to understand just where Tao Mu’s small tricks to seduce people come from.

It really was a deep family education.

Meng Qi didn’t pick up on Fang Ruoti’s fantasies. He walked to Tao Mu’s side, couldn’t help but hugged his precious son distressedly, and said warmly, “With Miss Shen’s upbringing and family education, don’t mention this Mr. Zhuo, even if it is any other man being with you, if it’s not for the sake of money, then they must definitely be suffering a grievance.”

“Also, just now, Miss Shen said that my son iz very good at finding a grandfather for himself, and your little young master Shen cannot compare. But I don’t think so, in fact it is quite the contrary. I think that your little young master Shen is even more capable than my son in this regard.”

“That’s the truth.” Mr. Song picked up the topic, patted Tao Mu’s back, and analyzed slowly, “Although this grandson of mine only recognized me as grandfather halfway through, he was already apprenticing in Song Ji. Miss Shen probably doesn’t understand the rules of our profession. Logically speaking, since Tao Mu learned to cook under me, I recognized him as this generation’s direct disciple of our Song Ji. Back then, for the sake of Song Ji he went and got justice from the Yao family, contributing much energy and effort. Later, he also helped Song Ji build a culinary school. It can be said that the most important reason why I passed Song Ji’s brand to Tao Mu was not that he recognized me as grandfather but because of his efforts that really brought hope for Song Ji’s inheritance and development.”

“In comparison, your little brother is not as simple as he seems. He is clearly not the biological son of the Shen family, but he can contently enjoy the treatment of the Shen family’s children. With the support of the Shen family, he doesn’t have to go out to make a living, so no matter what he does he is unwilling to work hard. Of course, as the sister, you are not so ordinary yourself. You could replace your own little brother with your own hands, and even managed to keep it from your family for 19 years. I have to say that the two of you might not be related biologically but you are definitely siblings.”

When Shen Yu, who had not said a word this whole time, heard these words, his face turned pale. His body began swaying, as if he couldn’t hold up against such vicious words.

“This old grandfather, why are you like this?” Shen Yu looked at the Mr. Song with tears in his eyes: “I have never offended you, how could you speculate on me so viciously? I’m not, I’m not like that.”

“Whatever you are it has nothing to do with our family.” If there’s going to be a fight, all family members must do it together! Liu Yao patted Tao Mu’s shoulder hard, looking like a protective mother hen. He was not at all afraid of outsiders saying that they were bullying others with more numbers: “As the old saying goes, don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to yourself. Since you know how bad it feels to be speculated on maliciously, don’t let your sister maliciously speculate on others. Aren’t you pure and kind? If you don’t even have this bit of empathy at all, then just how are you pure and kind?”

Shen Yu couldn’t say a word in response to Liu Yao’s choke inducing assessment. He just felt embarrassed and a loss of face. Covering his face and sobbing, he ran out of the studio.

Yan Sheng looked at everyone with a conflicted expression, then looked at the direction that Shen Yu ran away, and finally worriedly followed.

Shen Yan was worried about her little brother, and she couldn’t say anything to refute Mr. Song and Liu Yao, so she also left in a huff.

Zhuo Yan glanced at Yao Wenxiao who had not said a word from beginning to end, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Aren’t you going to run after him?”

Wasn’t this guy here to make up for Shen Yu’s birthday? It seemed that he should be particularly concerned about Shen Yu. So why didn’t he say anything when Shen Yu was verbally choked just now, and now Shen Yu even ran off, yet he still didn’t move. Instead, he was just staring at Tao Mu with a complicated expression?

Yao Wenxiao’s heart was indeed feeling really complicated. He hadn’t seen Shen Yu for half a year. For half a year, while he was struggling to solve his own troubles, he thought about Shen Yu in his heart. Originally, he thought that this time he came to Hong Kong to visit Shen Yu on set, that Shen Yu would definitely be very happy.

But the result was that Shen Yu didn’t react as he expected. His mind seemed to be all on Yan Sheng. Even this Zhuo Yan received more attention than him. Yao Wenxiao thought he would be very sad and hurt. However, he was stunned to discover that, with Shen Yu being repeatedly suppressed by Tao Mu on the set, Yao Wenxiao suddenly came to the terrifying conclusion that “Shen Yu may not be as good as he thought”.

Especially after Liu Yao pointed out that Shen Yu might not be so innocent and kind, Yao Wenxiao’s mood became more complicated. He couldn’t help thinking of what his grandfather had told him before he came.

The Shen family was naturally cold and selfish, and so was Shen Yu who was raised in the Shen family. In the past six months, Shen Yu had never contacted him out of his own volition. Yao Wenxiao could understand Shen Yu’s current situation. After his birth secret was exposed, he was driven out of the Shen family by Mrs. Shen, and his life was not going well. But Shen Yu clearly knew that after the Yao family fell, his, Yao Wenxiao’s, life was not any easier either. So why did he never give him a call to ask him how he was doing?

Thinking of this, the expression on Yao Wenxiao’s face became more and more ugly. He didn’t want to admit that Shen Yu, who he had liked for so many years, was actually such a person. But he couldn’t convince himself either. So Yao Wenxiao could only avoid it all. He left the set in a state of embarrassment and instead of looking for Shen Yu, he went straight to the airport.

“Are you alright?” Li Xiaoheng stuffed the freshly frozen mung bean paste soup into Tao Mu’s hand. When Mr. Song and Liu Yao were rebuking Shen Yan before, he didn’t say anything to help. However, he had Assistant Jiang film the scene of the dispute just now and uploaded it to

Especially the part where Liu Yao accused Shen Yu of being unkind. Li Xiaoheng was also very curious, how would the fans of Shen Yu, who always like to brainwash others of how their idol was especially kind and noble, explain these words.

——Don’t blame CEO Li for being petty and childish. It was really all because Shen Yu’s group of brain-dead fans were just too disgusting. When Xiaoheng Capital sued the netizens for spreading rumors about Tao Mu’s drug use, Shen Yu’s brain-dead fans were jumping around, crying that Li Xiaoheng and were too ruthless, heartless, and unkind.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Xiaoheng was a busy man, so he didn’t bother to quibble with the mentally retarded who possessed brains that weren’t fully developed. But that didn’t mean that Li Xiaoheng didn’t hold grudges. There was no opportunity before but now that he found an opportunity, of course revenge must be taken. It would be even better if he could serve them their own medicine.

So when Assistant Jiang uploaded the video to FlyNews, CEO Li also reminded him that he must bold the word “unkind” in the video title.

This move was really…..too unkind!

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  1. I love our family, but I didn’t like bringing out the fact that SY is not Shen’s biological child… It was really low blow :/ I like SY in some way (even if I often don’t have patience for him) and I really liked how author portraying him till now, but if it goes on like this, he’ll be pushed into the role everyone expects of him – scheming false beach =.=
    Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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    1. I don’t think it’s intentionally low bow. It’s more like Shen Yu being outerworldly absurd and proved time and time again that normal reasoning procedure won’t work on him. It’s just that with Shen Yu’s self-entitled and self-centered attitude that make him always ignore fact when people try to reason with him nicely. So if you want your word to be able to crack in his skull, you can only make the word harsher than normal standard. So he will finally be able to acknowledge that ‘see, you yourself don’t like being pointed out that you’re not blood-related to your family, right? then why you still let you sister run around demean and ridicule people for being orphan?’

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