After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 168 The Plot Halo’s Counterattack

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“What the hell! This young master of the Shen family is really…..” Du Ze, who had just finished filming a scene with Tao Mu, came over with a boxed lunch. He shook his head and sighed: “But it’s true, if you have money, you can really do whatever you want. We rely on filming to make a living and support our families. While others are just doing it for fun. If they are not happy, they can just run out and let themselves be chased. Does he think he is shooting a Taiwanese idol drama?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu turned around and saw that Du Ze was holding the lunch box and eating it very deliciously: “Didn’t you eat already just now?”

“I’m hungry again after filming a while. It just so happens that there is still a box of lunch left.” Du Ze asked Tao Mu while eating, “You just ate half a box of lunch, are you full? Do you want another box?”

“No need.” Although Tao Mu was a little hungry, with his particular eating habits, he was determined not to eat cold barbecued pork rice.

Li Xiaoheng said by his side: “I just asked my assistant to order takeout. Consider it a bonus meal for everyone.”

Du Ze shrugged his shoulders with a look of realization on his face, winked at Tao Mu, and said with a teasing smile, “I understand. You have someone to cherish you. It’s different from us single dogs. Ai.”

As Du Ze spoke, he shook his head and sighed while putting away the lunch box.

Tao Mu smiled: “You aren’t eating it?”

“I’m not stupid.” Du Ze grinned at Tao Mu: “Of course, if there is a bonus meal, I must eat the bonus meal instead. Who doesn’t know that Mr. Li is always generous. The takeout he ordered must be very luxurious.”

Du Ze guessed correctly. Li Xiaoheng really asked Assistant Jiang to order takeout from the most famous restaurant in Hong Kong.

Shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, pork ribs, roast pigeon, rice noodle rolls, roast duck rice, as well as Hong Kong style milk tea, sago soup, mango pancake, egg tarts, pineapple buns and other snacks for dessert, making sure that those who didn’t eat fully enough to be able to fill their stomachs, and for those who did eat fully, to have desserts and refreshments.

The crew members who were dragged down by Shen Yu and missed their lunch, on top of being forced to watch Shen Yan act arrogantly around the crew, had really accumulated a lot of grievances in their hearts. Now Li Xiaoheng asked Assistant Jiang to order takeout for everyone. Although it didn’t cost much, the sweet and warm refreshments really soothed everyone’s stomach and calmed everyone’s nerves.

Like the saying, ‘after you gain benefit from someone, you will have to return the favor to that person’, many people subconsciously had a more favorable impression of Tao Mu.

Among them, Du Ze was the happiest. Because he was going to get a box lunch at the next scene. (TN: get a box lunch=slang for dying in a film/drama)

Director Xu held a plate of hot roast duck rice with fragrant roast pigeon, and discussed the next scenes with Tao Mu and Du Ze while eating.

The next scene was when Zhou Yuanting rushed into Causeway Bay in a fit of anger, and was discovered by the rival gang, and the two sides fought violently. However, no matter how strong Zhou Yuanting was, his two fists were no match for four. At the critical moment, Ah Ze arrived with his group of subordinates and rescued Zhou Yuanting. But as a result, he died in the melee.

Before he died, he comforted Zhou Yuanting that there was no turning back for those who got involved in gangs, and everyone died sooner or later. It was just that he didn’t expect this day to come so quickly. He asked Zhou Yuanting if he really liked the eldest sister-in-law, and said that she was really beautiful. He also envied Zhou Yuanting for being handsome, and that many girls chased after him. If there was a next life, he also hoped to be so handsome.

In the script setting, if Zhou Yuanting’s discovery of the relationship between Yan Qi and Yan Yu was the trigger for his going dark, then Ah Ze’s death further fueled Zhou Yuanting’s ambition to climb up. Even if he was a gangster, he didn’t want to be like Ah Ze, risking his life every day out on the streets, only to get a little bit of money afterwards. Most of the earnings were taken by the higher ups and the elders.

Zhou Yuanting returned to the bar after Ah Ze died. The big boss directly allocated the place Ah Ze was in charge of to him. Then Zhou Yuanting slept with the eldest sister-in-law in the bar. And after this, there was really no turning back.

“Tomorrow we’re going to be filming an action scene. We need to cordon off the streets ahead of time, and we have to pay greetings to the gangs in Causeway Bay as well. I am not worried about Ah Ze.” Director Xu rambled while eating: “But Tao Mu, are you ready? Do you want to discuss it with the instructor and stunts coordinator in advance?”

According to Tao Mu’s role settings. Before Zhou Yuanting went dark, even during gang fights he only used the fighting skills taught him by the police academy. But after he turned dark, Zhou Yuanting’s fighting moves became more and more ruthless. From fighting skills to killing moves, every knife fight drew blood, every knife fight deadly. So tomorrow’s scene was very important. Because it was necessary to reflect Zhou Yuanting’s inner changes through his martial arts movements.

Director Xu was worried that Tao Mu would not be able to perform that kind of transformation when he was filming this kind of action scene for the first time.

“Tao Mu? Tao Mu?”

“Huh?” Tao Mu came back to his senses. He said apologetically, “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now.”

Tao Mu was really lost in his thoughts for awhile there. Because listening to Director Xu mentioning the Causeway Bay gangs, he suddenly remembered that Shen Yu also attracted two admirers during filming in his previous life. One was rich son from the Lin family in Hong Kong, and the other was the illegitimate son of a gang leader in Hong Kong. He was also the ‘white paper fan’ of the gang. (TN: refers to the position in Hong Kong mafia gangs that manages financial affairs)

Calculating the timeline, in the previous life, Shen Yu and the white paper fan met almost around this time. At that time, Shen Yu was harassed by Tao Mu in every possible way, and Yan Sheng also accused him of inattentiveness in acting, so he ran out of the crew hurt and sad. Because he was crying, he didn’t pay attention to the road, and was hit by the car belonging to the white paper fan. The white paper fan sent Shen Yu to the hospital, and on the way became attracted by the innocent and unpretentious little white lotus. Then, while Shen Yu was recovering from his injuries in the hospital, he met the old madam of the Lin family who also came to the hospital to recover from an illness. Because of his naive and soft-tempered personality, he gained the affection of the old madam, and attracted the attention of the rich son of the Lin family who often came to visit his grandmother.

It turned out that the plot halo was at it again!

Tao Mu touched his chin as he recalled. No wonder Shen Yu ran away from the studio again inexplicably. Sure enough, the pot still had to be carried on his back.

Tao Mu pondered to himself. On, the candid video uploaded by Assistant Jiang also attracted the attention of the majority of netizens who eat melons.

The most annoying thing in the video was of course the gold medal winning brat Shen Yan. The moment her arrogant and domineering face appeared, a lot of netizens, especially Tao Mu’s fans, hated her to the point of swiping the screen. In less than two hours, Shen Yan’s FlyNews homepage was overrun by netizens who eat melons.

The little prince Shen Yu, who had always been immune to all kinds of turmoil and public opinion, didn’t get away from it this time. There was no other reason but because of Tao Mu’s Dads and Grandpa Song’s powerful oratory skills. Such that many netizens began to see clearly the true essence of Shen Yu’s own greed and vanity, and habit of blaming others (mainly Tao Mu) while putting himself on the moral high ground.

The evidence was conclusive and irrefutable. Fans who have always believed that Shen Yu was kind and noble could not find any evidence to prove that Tao Mu’s family’s accusations were wrong, so they could only insist in vain that Shen Yu was definitely not that kind of person. He was not greedy or vain, he was just reluctant to give up the people he thought of as family for 19 years. They also tried to convince netizens by asking them to view it from Shen Yu’s standpoint and what would they have done if they were in his shoes. Could it be that after being raised by your adoptive parents for 19 years, and then finding out that you were not actually biologically related, could you cruelly leave your adoptive parents, cut off the relationship and never communicate again?

If the Shen family didn’t have that much money, and was not a wealthy family in Shanghai. But just an ordinary family or even a poor family. If Shen Yu still insisted on treating the Shen family as his own family, would netizens not have so many malicious speculations and malicious accusations? The essence of the matter was the same, why was it just because the Shen family was rich, people maliciously speculated on the nature of Shen Yu’s kindness?

As for Liu Yao’s accusation that Shen Yu allowed his sister to hurt people with vicious words. Shen Yu’s fans also explained that Shen Yu was soft and weak by nature and never liked to argue with outsiders. Even after being so maliciously speculated by Mr. Song and Liu Yao, he just cried out of grievance, and didn’t try to talk back to his elders. Why must people force Shen Yu to refute Shen Yan’s words?

Shen Yu was Shen Yu, and Shen Yan was Shen Yan. If Shen Yu didn’t refute the accusations of Liu Yao and Mr. Song, he was polite, and if he didn’t refute Shen Yan’s words, he was vicious. Wasn’t having different requirements and standards for the same thing too much of a double standard?

However, even if Shen Yu’s fans tapped the keyboard fiercely and explained passionately on the Internet, many netizens and passers-by still felt that Shen Yu’s personality was incomprehensible. The news of Shen Yu’s abuse of using doubles during filming had lost him a wave of goodwill, and now he was accused of lacking empathy. These netizens who eat melons were alright, but the first ones who couldn’t stand it were the parents who left their DNA in the Lost Children’s Gene Bank.

These parents who have lost their children for various reasons and spent most of their lives looking for their children, they truly did see the Lost Children’s Gene Bank as the only hope to find their children. And under such a mindset, they also superimposed their hopes on the spokesperson of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank and saw him as their own child. They hoped that their children could meet a kind family like the Shen family after they had gone missing and that their children could also be treated like Shen Yu had been.

But they couldn’t imagine their children becoming like Shen Yu. In the eyes of all parents, their children were the best in the world. They were willing to attribute all the noble qualities and virtues to their children. Even if they clearly knew that these could only be fantasies. In truth, it was very possible that after their children were lost, they were likely to be infected with bad habits because of a hard life and difficult childhood conditions. Maybe they were even no longer a part of this world.

But they always have to hold some illusions in order to make it through life.

When Shen Yu was the promotion ambassador of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank, he didn’t do much proper business, while negative news broke out one after another. These parents have long been dissatisfied. Now there was a lot of indignation on the Internet, and these parents even signed a joint letter, imploring the Shen Group to replace Shen Yu as the spokesperson. Even if you really want to find a celebrity for promotion and endorsement, you must at least find a celebrity with a good image and no negative news.

The trouble that Shen Yan and Shen Yu caused once again affected the business plan of the Shen Group. The Shen family father and son pair were simply speechless. Sure enough, children were born to collect debts from you. Especially those with stupid brains, there were literally no end in how they dug pits for their father and older brother.

In a fit of anger, the Shen family father and son pair flew to Hong Kong in person, wanting to bring Shen Yan back and educate her well. As for Shen Yu and his confused brain, he must also be given a hard reminder. When filming, just film well and stop stirring up so many other things.

However, as soon as the Shen family father and son pair arrived in Hong Kong, they got a piece of news——Shen Yu had a car accident.

Because he was accused by Liu Yao and Mr. Song, he ran out of the studio hurt and sad. In a daze, he could not see the road clearly and was hit by a car.

Seeing this, the Shen family father and son pair could only rush to the hospital. As soon as they entered the hospital, they found that Shen Yu did not stay in his ward obediently, but was sitting in the garden chatting with an old lady. The old lady’s demeanor was graceful and elegant, and at first glance, one could tell she was of high birth.

When the father and son pair of the Shen family found out that the old lady was actually the old madam of the extremely rich Lin family of Hong Kong, they were speechless.

And on, the brain-dead fans who learned that Shen Yu had a car accident finally had something to say. They ran to Tao Mu, Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and Mr. Song’s FlyNews to write comments, accusing them of being unkind, actually forcing Shen Yu into a car accident.

“If Shen Yu really died in a car accident because of this incident, you are the murderers.”

“What do you guys want? Even if Shen Yu didn’t stop Shen Yan in time, he had already paid the price. Do you really want to kill a nineteen-year-old child?”

“It’s shameless for three grown men to besiege a child.”

“Tao Mu was just scolded, but our Shen Yu got into a car accident and almost lost his life. Isn’t that enough?”

Probably because the timing of Shen Yu’s car accident was too appropriate. The netizens who were originally infuriated suddenly fell silent. Even if Shen Yu’s words and deeds were indescribable, the Chinese people’s perception was that human life was greater than the sky. In the face of a life, any mistakes were forgivable.

What was more, it wasn’t a big mistake that Shen Yu had committed. It was just that he couldn’t stop others from scolding Tao Mu, and his character was unfortunately under a prince syndrome. In the final analysis, it wasn’t that Shen Yu personally talked bad about Tao Mu. On the contrary, it was Tao Mu’s family who gave Shen Yu a scolding.

In the face of the car accident, the three men, who originally represented the side of justice, also left an aggressive impression because their words were too sharp. Just as Shen Yu’s fans said, it was too shameless for three grown men to force a nineteen-year-old child. Even Mr. Song, who had always had a good image, had some fans turning into antis. They ran to the official FlyNews of Mr. Song and Song Ji to leave comments, expressing their disappointment.

In the crew, Li Xiaoheng, who was swiping through, was expressionless, but his unhappy mood was undoubtedly clear to all with eyes.

Tao Mu touched Li Xiaoheng’s head comfortingly, but he was already mentally prepared. He just didn’t expect that under the counterattack of the plot halo, these people who stood up for him would take the blame again. This made him feel very sorry for his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, Grandpa Song, and their Boss Li who tried everything to help him out.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sure enough, the more they tried to suppress, the more powerful the counterattack?

Tao Mu stroked his chin thoughtfully. Thinking about whether to disclose some information to Li Xiaoheng and his family, lest their Boss Li and others always attack Shen Yu unprepared, and then suffer inexplicably.

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