After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 169 The Plot Halo’s Nemesis

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Just as Tao Mu was thinking carefully about how to reveal Shen Yu’s plot halo and protagonist halo to Li Xiaoheng and his family without revealing the secret of his rebirth,’s expatriate reporters were following Shen Yu’s whereabouts to the hospital. And secretly photographed Shen Yu wearing a hospital gown, chatting with other patients in the garden.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the photo, the fair-skinned and slender boy was bathed in the sunlight, chatting happily with another graceful lady sitting on a stone bench, which looked practically like a scene from an oil painting. The reporter who took pictures was very skilledโ€”โ€”he was also a fan of Tao Mu’s photography skills and took his idol’s standard as his goal. When he applied for, because of his superb photography skills and PS skills, he was originally assigned to the publicity department. This time Tao Mu came to Hong Kong for filming, wanted to send two reporters to interview him. He volunteered and PKed out a lot of colleagues in an internal competition. After two assessments, he got the expatriate job.

The situation of the other expatriate reporter was similar to him, but he was one of Tao Mu’s fans who idolized him for his diss and smack talk skills. Although the two fan factions have different attributes, they were still of the same camp. It could be said that they were both diehard fans of Tao Mu.

โ€”โ€”In fact, had only been established for one year. And almost all the industry elites who were able to send their resumes to or directly jump to in such a short period of time came for Tao Mu himself. It could be said that Tao Mu’s charisma propped up the entire

During this period, the war between Tao Mu and Shen Yu, especially the war between the two fanclubs, never stopped. Tao Mu’s fans were full of talents and possessed great fighting prowess, but it couldn’t be helped that Shen Yu’s many brain-dead fans were just too many, and they also happened to love brainwashing others when they talked, and was especially good at pulling other people’s IQ to their level, and then using their rich experience to defeat them.

All in all, the online battle between the two fanclubs was a fierce one. Today you expose my black material, tomorrow I expose your black material. But most of the time, even the people who eat melons had to admit that every time Shen Yu’s side started it first.

This time, the two expatriate reporters learned that Shen Yu had let his family abuse their CEO Tao again. After being exposed by their CEO Tao’s family, he ran out of the studio crying, and also caused a car accident to cause their CEO Tao’s family to be scolded by those idiots who don’t distinguish right from wrong. The two die-hard fans were particularly infuriated.

So they rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. At first, they just wanted to ask Shen Yu to do an interview, and wanted Shen Yu to say personally if he also felt that his car accident should be blamed on CEO Tao’s family. But as soon as they entered the hospital, they realized something was not right.

The person who was supposedly in a car accident could actually still walk around and relax in the hospital garden, even chatting and laughing with other patients. How was there even the slightest bit of an injured patient’s appearance in his speech and behavior?

The two expatriate reporters subconsciously hid in the blind spot of Shen Yu’s line of sight and started taking pictures. The reporter with very good photography skills also adjusted the shooting angle, used the sunset as a natural filter, and used the blooming plants and flowers in the garden as a foil to render Shen Yu’s exquisite looks to be especially beautiful. The most important thing was to make Shen Yu’s complexion look very dewy and healthy.

The other reporter secretly turned on the camera and took a video of Shen Yu walking as usual. In the video, little prince Shen was jumping, skipping, talking and laughing, and it was not at all obvious that he was someone who had just experienced a car accident.

The two foreign reporters from felt that something was wrong. Immediately, conspiracy theories began.

Not to mention that the learning ability of top students was just that strong. When the two expatriate reporters were at the headquarters of, they were just regular employees of the publicity department and reporters who ran news interviews. After arriving in Hong Kong for a few months, they now knew all the cat and dog ways they learned from the notorious Hong Kong gossip paparazzi. They even secretly went to make inquiries of Shen Yu’s attending doctor, and even bribed a hospital nurse to secretly take out Shen Yu’s medical case.

As a result, the so-called car accident injury turned out to be just a false fright. The only wound turned out to be a scratch on the palm. Apparently he was so frightened when the car came over, he accidentally fell to the ground, and his palm was scrapped.

Mother fuckin’, this was a fake car accident, right?

The two expatriate reporters exchanged looks, and smartly took photos of Shen Yu’s medical case. Then sent it to as soon as possible.

The concept of was instant communication. That is, many netizens could share the fastest and freshest information in the earliest time possible.

For example, when netizens saw the video uploaded by Assistant Jiang in the afternoon, they were indignant to help Tao Mu to denounce the Shen sibling duo. Within two hours, the news of Shen Yu’s car accident spread online again. So the brain-dead fans of Shen Yu, who were scolded so badly earlier, could finally come out and turn black into white, trying their best to whitewash their little prince.

However, in another two hours, the photos and videos of Shen Yu chatting happily with people in the hospital were posted online again by FlyNews Entertainment reporters, with Shen Yu’s medical case attached.

The two reporters were well aware of the essence of a good eye-catching headline. When filling in the title, the words “Suffering A Fright” were especially underlined and bolded. Looking at it in conjunction with Shen Yu’s medical case, it was indeed truly a case of suffering a fright. The hospital even certified it. There was nothing fishy about it at all.

But the key was that with the vague news of a car accident, the brain-dead fans couldn’t wait to press the heads of Tao Mu’s family and call them murderers. As a result, the medical identification showed that their idol just suffered a fright. The biggest wound on his body turned out to be a scratch on his palm, which was not even caused by being hit by someone else’s car but by himself falling down in fright.

โ€”โ€”To put it in a nasty way, even those scam artists were more professional, right?

When the iron-clad evidence of the two expatriate reporters was uploaded to again, all netizens only felt “slap, slap, slap” to the face, and once again enjoyed the fear of being dominated by a reversal. But this time, the netizens were especially angered.

Although they eat Tao Mu’s melons and as a result could often feel their IQ being conquered by others, and if they were not careful, they would be led by the nose, only to be slapped in the face by Tao Mu’s various reversals. Although their faces were swollen, they enjoyed the feeling of both being sore and refreshed. Because they were already accustomed to Tao Mu’s routine, even when they were eating melons, they were looking forward to the reversal, expecting to be slapped in the face. Especially masochistic.

But Shen Yu was different.

Different from Tao Mu’s shrewdness and high IQ that Tao Mu had always shown, when these netizens face Shen Yu, they subconsciously feel that their IQ must occupy the higher ground. Especially when they were arguing with Shen Yu’s brain-dead fans, they were all used to the stereotyped and repetitive rhetoric. So there was a sense of superiority. Even if they weren’t able to win against the brain-dead idiots, they could comfort themselves that they couldn’t wake up someone who was pretending to be asleep.

Except, now Shen Yu had also come up with a move to pull a reversal and slap them in the face, and it was through creating a fake car accident, leading netizens to accuse Tao Mu’s family of being too aggressive.

The netizens suddenly could no longer bear it. Especially those passers-by who really felt that although Shen Yu had flaws in terms of dealing with people, he definitely had a simple, kind and obedient personality. Immediately, they felt that Shen Yu’s image had collapsed.

For these mama fans, they didn’t care whether Shen Yu was smart/capable or not, or whether Shen Yu was dedicated/hard-working or not. Even if the Internet scolded Shen Yu for being unable to endure hardship by abusing the use of body doubles, they still thought that Shen Yu was a little prince and it was normal for a little prince to have the prince syndrome.

They could accept that the prince was stupid, but no one could accept that the little prince in their minds was not only stupid, but also a vicious drama king.

This was simply consuming their kindness!

The doting heart of a mama instantly shattered. Of course, there was still another part of the brain-dead and die-hard fans who maintained the principle of “I won’t hear it, I won’t believe it”, insisting that there must be a reason for this. Shen Yu was definitely not the kind of person who was stupid, vicious and bad.  Hey didn’t even believe that Shen Yu deliberately made a farce of a fake car accident, just to avoid responsibility.

There were even conspiracy theorists who thought that this must be fake news created by FlyNews Entertainment. After all, Tao Mu was the founder of and the big boss of FlyNews Entertainment. The big boss was caught in a scandal, and the sycophants must naturally find a way to solve the problem for the boss. So all this must be because the reporters from FlyNews Entertainment deliberately poured dirty water on Shen Yu’s head.

The news uploaded by did not necessarily mean the truth just because they included pictures, it was also possible that the pictures were taken misleadingly.

However, this kind of desperate rebuttal soon became untenable as the two reporters found Shen Yu’s attending physician and the perpetrator for interviews.

Of course, no matter what the netizens thought about this. Tao Mu, who was still in the center of the vortex, didn’t know anything about this at all.

After the filming of that day’s scenes, Tao Mu returned to the hotel with Li Xiaoheng and his family members, and hesitantly explained the existence of Shen Yu’s protagonist halo and the plot halo. Of course, in order not to reveal the secret of his rebirth, Tao Mu didn’t say it that specifically. Just mentioned that Shen Yu was very lucky, and every time he encountered something, he could always turn bad luck into good luck. And every time he had been in contact with people for a long period of time, it would always affect the people around him to like him inexplicably, or to hate him even more, causing them to act with low IQ. The most important thing was that people who hated him or targeted him, even if they acted rationally, would eventually become unreasonable people inexplicably.

He took himself and the actor Yan Sheng as examples, trying to convince his family that this was true, not his imagination.

Li Xiaoheng still remembered that when Tao Mu first came to Hong Kong, something was really wrong for a while. He also dragged him everywhere to pray to gods and worship Buddha, and now he was copying Buddhist scriptures and Daoist mantras, and even carried his photo around to ward off evil spirits. After making contact again this time, Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and Mr. Song accused Shen Yu of being unkind. As a result, Shen Yu ran out crying and had a car accident. Sure enough, the public opinion reversed, and the three men became the unreasonable ones.

“I tried several times. It’s better when I’m not targeting him. Every time I’m targeting him, especially when he’s at a disadvantage, something inexplicably happens to him that would benefit him. In the end, even if I’m in the right, I will become the one who is aggressive and harassing.”

When Tao Mu said this, he couldn’t help but think of various experiences in his previous life and felt any interest waning: “I don’t care about it myself. I’m used to it anyway. I just hope you don’t pay him any attention in the future. I don’t want you all to be entangled in this kind of bad luck because of me.”

Tao Mu’s words were firm and logical. And looking at it with what happened before, at first glance, it did make some sense.

But Liu Yao disagreed: “How could it be as mysterious as you said? Right and wrong, black and white, they must always have a reason. Instead of deciding who is more reasonable based on who is weak. Even if someone believes that the weak are more reasonable, it is a fallacy. You don’t need to bother with this type of person. They can’t even figure it out for themselves, and yet they want to fight the lawsuit for others. Do they even have the head for it?”

“Ah Yao is right.” Meng Qi nodded and echoed Liu Yao’s words: “We must do things with integrity. We don’t take the initiative to bully others, but neither do we let ourselves be bullied. Since Shen Yu dared to have his sister scold you, we dared to scold him back. Don’t say that he ran out crying because of this and got into a car accident. Even if he is killed it is the perpetrator who is the one legally responsible. It also depends on whether Shen Yu obeyed the traffic rules at that time, right? Did he not see the car and just rushed out on his own? Or could it be that just because he is mentally fragile and can’t listen to others trying to reason with him, we have to suffer grievances and endure his sister’s scolding? There is no such thing in the world. “

“Isn’t that the truth?” Mt. Song snorted: “Even if he is the emperor, there are still imperial censors to scold him in court. Could it be that this Shen Yu is more noble than the emperor and only he is allowed to scheme and stir up trouble, while we are not even allowed to reason with him?”

“I also read those remarks on the Internet. Some people can’t tell what is right or wrong and are just unreasonable. You don’t need to pay attention to this kind of person. Standing and talking won’t hurt one’s back after all. What did that comedian say, you have to put a distance between yourselves when you meet this kind of person. Lest lightning strike him one day, and then jump to you as well.”

He frowned and looked at Tao Mu: “Don’t be so wishy washy. I remember that you used to be a decisive kid. Why are you so hesitant and timid now? You don’t dare to talk back when they scold you, and you even have to think about whether they are happy or not. How come I didn’t know that you have such self-restraint?”

“That’s right!” Liu Yao nodded in agreement: “Not at all like the cub I raised.”

Liu Yao always believed that if he came across those who dared to take the initiative to provoke them and were unable to be reasoned with, the way to go was to face it head-on and hit back ruthlessly. Let the other side know what toughness was, and only then could they restrain themselves next time. Otherwise, they would always think that you were easy to bully and would come to provoke you every three days.

“You’re just too tolerant of that Shen Yu. If you dealt with him like you did with the Yao family, this kid’s balls would have shriveled up long ago. If nothing else, at least when he sees you he would know to keep his distance.” Liu Yao had also been in the streets before, and his eyes were very sharp. He had already seen that Shen Yu was just a bully who picked on the weak, and his courage was estimated to be only the size of a grain of rice. If Tao Mu had shown his vicious side earlier, this kid would have been scared away a long time ago.

Tao Mu shook his head and smiled bitterly. He didn’t know how to explain to his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song, how could it be so simple when it came to the plot halo and protagonist’s halo!

Tao Mu thought of this, and subconsciously looked at Li Xiaoheng, who had not spoken much. He was now relying on this bigwig’s ability to ward off evil spirits, narrowly avoiding the influence of the plot halo, and barely able to maintain a life like this.

On the other side, noticing Tao Mu’s complicated eyes, Mr. Li, who had been swiping through, let out a chuckle. Turning the computer screen to Tao Mu, he tapped on the freshly released gossip news and said warmly, “Maybe what you said makes sense. But even if Shen Yu has a halo of luck, and he could always turn bad luck into good, when it comes to you, it doesn’t seem to work all that effectively. You have to believe that you are his halo’s nemesis.”

Otherwise, how should it be explained? Every time Shen Yu encountered Tao Mu, no matter how hard he jumped around, he would only end up in bad luck or worse.

Tao Mu was stunned when he saw the latest gossip news released by

How come? This had never happened in his previous life? Obviously, the plot halo had been working hard to follow the plot, and he was also sure that the key events of the plot all came about. Moreover, in the previous life, Shen Yu was only slightly scratched and frightened, and did not even delay the filming. But people didn’t think of the fake car accident conspiracy theory back then and he still had to take the blame for this, and even endured the constant scolding from Shen Yu’s fans and netizens?

In a flash of insight, Tao Mu suddenly thought of something. He turned his head to look at Li Xiaoheng.

Maybe Li Xiaoheng was right. The reason why everything went wrong in Shen Yu’s life may indeed be because some special person had weakened the influence of the plot halo. But even if the plot halo has a nemesis, that nemesis was not him, Tao Mu.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Li Xiaoheng’s eyes flickered. He didn’t know what Tao Mu was thinking, his eyes were too bright and his expression was too excited. It made him look even more delectable. However, in front of several elders, Li Xiaoheng did not dare to act recklessly, even if he was eager to make a move.

“It’s nothing.” Tao Mu smiled relievedly. Like all the dark clouds were swept away to reveal a clear sky: “I just feel that it is my greatest luck to meet you in this life.”

Words of love that hit them over the head unguarded. The three elders immediately clutched at their chests and their congested hearts.

Handing out dog food without even a heads up or something. Made one really want to kick over something. They were clearly just talking about business, what was this now!

“I’m tired, I have to go rest.” Meng Qi stood up expressionlessly. Liu Yao followed closely.

Mr. Song also left silently.

Tao Mu saw the three elders out of the room in a bit of a confused daze. Just as he was about to turn his head to talk to Li Xiaoheng, Li Xiaoheng eagerly closed the door and then pushed him back on the door panel.

It was time for today’s kissing practice again. The duration to be an hour, starting now.

At the same time, the Shen family’s father and son pair also arrived in Hong Kong, came to the hospital, and saw Shen Yu who was chatting with a certain old lady in the garden.

Unlike Shen Yu, who was a Silly White Sweet and acted without considering the consequences, the father and son pair of the Shen family immediately thought of the news of the so-called car accident and the possible follow-up reactions of netizens when they saw Shen Yu.

“Didn’t you have a car accident?” Shen Chen sullenly suppressed the irritability in his heart: “Since you are injured, why aren’t you lying down in a hospital bed.” This guy who only knew how to do it halfway!

Shen Yu was taken to the hospital in the afternoon, and then saw his father and brother before it even got dark. Naturally, he was very happy.

And Shen Yu really had no intention of putting up an act. He immediately retorted: “But I’m not injured?”

Shen Yu blinked a pair of big doe-like eyes, and said innocently: “I was just a little frightened. The doctor said that it would be fine to observe in the hospital for two days. I can be discharged if everything is fine.”

When the father and son pair of the Shen family heard these words, a mouthful of blood got stuck in their throats: “Since you were not injured, why didn’t you publish your situation online. Do you know what’s going on on the Internet? It made me and your older brother put aside the company’s affairs to come over. Do you know how worried we were?”

Shen Yu was stunned: “What happened on the Internet? Aren’t they all scolding me? I didn’t want to see them scold me, so I stopped going online.” He didn’t want to abuse himself, so why would he read those mean words?

Shen Chen’s face suddenly changed. He immediately took out his mobile phone and clicked on FlyNews.comโ€”โ€”but it was too late, because of FlyNews Entertainment’s revelations, now the conspiracy theory that Shen Yu faked a car accident, deliberately shed the responsibility, and led netizens by the nose to accuse Mr. Tao’s family of being aggressive had spread.

“Do you have any brains at all!” Father Shen looked at Shen Yu, this waste of space that was even more of a failure than a failure. For the first time, he felt that their Shen family really didn’t need to spend so much effort on this waste.

“Dad?” Shen Yu, who had never had a harsh word uttered his way by his family, was immediately stunned. He didn’t understand why his father was so angry: “What’s the matter?”

Before Chairman Shen could speak, Shen Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

The call was from Director Xu. Director Xu also saw the news on the Internet. Towards Shen Yu who lacked acting skills, but had a huge case of prince syndrome, and was also very full of drama outside of filming, he had already reached the limit of his tolerance. Especially after Shen Yu frequently broke out various scandals during filming, so even if jist for the sake of the script, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

โ€”โ€”When Shen Yu was still a Silly White Sweet, even if he had prince syndrome and his acting skills were not good, Xu Musen could at least persuade himself, or to be more precise, to hypnotize himself, that Shen Yu could just act himself. But looking at Shen Yu’s image now, it had almost become synonymous with ‘scheming b*tch’. His acting skills were not good but if Director Xu said that Shen Yu was cast as Yan Yu because his character matched his film role’s, wasn’t that an utter joke?

Call it his insistence on the artistry of the script! Call it his willfulness as a director! He couldn’t take it anymore! He must replace Shen Yu’s role!

Shen Chen hung up the phone and looked at Shen Yu with deep eyes: “The call just now was from Director Xu. He suggested to me that since you received a fright from the car accident, you should rest in the hospital. As for the role of Yan Yu, he will find someone else to replace you.”

Shen Yu was stunned for a moment: “But I’m obviously fineโ€”โ€””

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You are not!” Shen Chen interrupted Shen Yu’s words: “Didn’t the doctor say that you received a fright? Then you can stay in the hospital to recuperate. After recuperating, fly back to Shanghai.”

One should at least keep a piece of cloth to cover one’s modesty. Otherwise, there will be no face left for their Shen family, let alone Shen Yu.

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