Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 062 With A Disciple Like This, What More Can I Ask For

“I think it’s better to go with the one on the street corner!” Nightingale stood firmly on the blueprint with his claws, arguing with his brother, “It’s big and spacious, we can live in it and open a small shop, and it can also be used as a warehouse later, add a another wall and we can also use it as a loft so let’s buy the one on the street corner.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“No, I want one on the intersection!” Black Snake refuted, showing his fangs in the heat of the moment. “There are many people at the intersection, and it brings in expensive rent. It is also near the meat market, which is more convenient. What does it matter if it is smaller? How much space can you take up?”

“The one on the street corner is big, there is a forest to turn around in, and there is a small stream on the side. I heard on Qingdi Peak that you can make a lot of money delivering water. There is nothing at the intersection! Besides, do you even have any goods to sell?”

“That will eventually happen. We Daxuan have so many priceless books of magical methods. As long as we copy them down one by one, we will be able to buy that entire street!” Black Snake hissed.

“Daxuan has long since ended! Wake up, already!” Nightingale angrily said, “You can practice the magical methods of other sects, but private transactions are strictly prohibited. Do you want us to be kicked out?”

“Nonsense, then how did you sell the remnants of the Three Lives Three World?” Black Snake said angrily.

“I was in the outer peaks, and they were all a group of out-of-town demons who came to find part-time work. I’m sure Kun-Lai wouldn’t care. You go to the inner peaks and try it out. In less than an hour, there will be a mountain patrol guard showing up to invite you to tea!” Nightingale snorted coldly.

“How can there be such an excessive demand of us!” Black Snake felt that his road to making a fortune was cut off, and he wanted to eat a few more bags of mice to vent his anger.

“Don’t you even know this,” Nightingale look contemptupusly at the stupid snake, “What have you been doing these past few months?”

“Isn’t that because winter is here and it’s too cold?” Black Snake flicked his tail irritably, “It’s such cold weather, raining and snowing, gloomy and chilly, I have to hibernate! Forget it, forget it, a big house then a big house, but it must be a house with a small magical flame array, otherwise I will be a disabled snake when it gets cold.”

“All of our money has been used to book the storefronts on Qingnu Peak that are still on the blueprints,” Nightingale poured cold water, “You should write more books of secret magical techniques. Let’s go sell some for money that we can then use for interior decor. Kun-Lai’s materials are very expensive.”

“Didn’t you say it’s not allowed?” Black Snake felt that his brother was trying to trick him, who just finished hibernation and was not very clear-headed.

“You can’t sell it directly!” Nightingale explained the reasoning to his brother, “The Kun-Lai Sect Leader is a master of innovation. In those days, every time he published any experience or tips on cultivation or a compilation book, he would post it on the Net Spell for everyone to use at any time to study.”

Black Snake nodded. It had been almost a year since he came to Kun-Lai. Of course he knew about the Net Spell. Once, he and Nightingale couldn’t hold back their curiosity and took a month’s worth of spiritual stones to a person who specially sold them two hours on online use.

At that time, Black Snake used it first, but two hours were divided into eight quarters. Black Snake dragged his time on for seven quarters, and finally gave Nightingale the last quarter of an hour to play.

At that time, Black Snake clicked into the spiritual demon cultivation section of the Net Spell, and found the category for spiritual snake demons. As soon as he entered, he was attracted by a spiritual snake demon’s post on life tips. Among them, one talked about shedding skin and how to use the lunar moon to refine and strengthen one’s physique and flesh which was very useful, but unfortunately one must pay to read the rest, and the cost was not high, only one spiritual stone point…..But because the spiritual stone points on this Net Spell was zero, he couldn’t open the following pages.

And Nightingale became fascinated when he saw a section for spiritual bird demon cultivators, only to be kicked off the Net as the time had run out.

Then the two brothers who had lived for several lifetimes together almost got into a fight.

“When the Sect Leader shared his experience, some people followed suit, and also shared their experience on the Net Spell. Which led to just anyone with some experience sharing it online,” Nightingale sighed, “many people were just joining in on the fun, and even shared information that were just predictions and might not be accurate. So there were many who believed and practiced it only for their cultivation to go wacky. During that period, Qingdi Peak’s business soared.”

Black Snake nodded. No matter how careful one was with cultivation methods, one still couldn’t be too careful. The reason why the unaffiliated cultivators had such a difficult time was because they had no cultivation methods and no master’s guidance. Once their cultivation went astray, then their life’s cultivation base would be ruined, those who managed to get away with their life intact was already considered very lucky.

“This incident made the Sect Leader furious, and immediately rectified all the information on the Net, requiring everyone who posted their experience and tips to have ten cultivators with a higher cultivation level to review them, and also specially organized a review team for this purpose. Only those that passed could be put on the Net, and also punished a bunch of cultivators who wrote their experiences with their imagination. The whole thing is now known as the Net Controversy. But after such a storm, many people did not dare to write their experiences. So the Sect Leader changed the reading mode.” Nightingale explained in detail.

“Could it be…..” Black Snake asked in shock, stunned.

“Yes, the Sect Leader implemented a subscription system. Every post you want to see is marked with a different spiritual stone point cost, and those in the Golden Core Formation stage can only see their level’s information. What we got last time was just an ordinary Golden Core Formation disciple’s Net Spell, so what we saw was only some cultivation learnings of the Golden Core Formation stage, but it also had a lot of use for the two of us who turned from humans into spiritual demons.” Nightingale said while combing his feathers.

Black Snake nodded, they were spiritual demons, but their memory of being human could not be forgotten no matter what. As soon as they cultivated their human form, they returned to Daxuan. Later, they were besieged by the cultivation sects and had to close the entrance to the secret realm to survive. So of course they had even less chance of communicating with other spiritual demon cultivators.

“Those who write well can make money. We can write and post those things from Daxuan, and as long as it passes the review, there  will definitely at least be money to surf the Net every month.” Nightingale said happily, imagining the beautiful future.

“Brother, you are really good, but we don’t have a Net Spell.” Black Snake asked the biggest question.

“So we can only ask Kun-Lai’s disciples to help us make the submission. Of course, we have to pay them an agency fee. The spiritual demons who come to work here all do it this way.” Nightingale had obviously been preparing for a long time, “We will be able to have more money then.”

“And that means there will be more bags of Kun-Lai rats to eat…..” Black Snake drooled.

“And I can eat two packets of cloud melon seeds at a time, and I can even invite a few more beautiful birds to eat together.” Nightingale propped his face up with his two wings.

“Yes, I can also invite a few more beautiful snakes on a date.” Black Snake propped his face up as well with his tail.

Just when one bird and one snake indulged in fantasy and couldn’t extricate themselves, they suddenly heard a silver light passing by.

That silver light was extremely sharp, extremely fast and extremely strong, like lightning, and Black Snake instinctively grabbed Nightingale and hid.

“Do you know where this is?” Black Snake hissed.

“What do I care?” The coldly handsome young man on the opposite side scolded, “Since you dare to add water to your blood, you will have to pay the price!”

“Nonsense!” Black Snake and Nightingale shouted furiously at the same time, and Black Snake even pulled out his demeanor of scolding on the battlefield back then, “Your mother didn’t give you a brain when she gave birth to you? Or do you walk while bent over so your brain has spilled out? You ball-less bastard, do you dare to take it out and confront the matter to my face, if you don’t dare then go XX yourself!”

The other obviously didn’t intend to talk to him further. As soon as he threw the long rope in his hand, it moved to tie around the snake and the bird. At first glance, one could tell that it was a very good magic weapon.

Practically in just a blink of the eye, the two sides exchanged at least hundreds of moves, from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, countless sparks jumping from where scales and sword light met. But Blacl Snake was beginning to feel a little out of strength, and couldn’t help but be furious.

The opponent was just a kid at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, but he just had to have so many good magic weapons in his possession. While he was injured too badly before, and he also sold his blood a few days ago.

As for Nightingale, he fluttered his wings and screamed loudly: “Help——murder——help——robbery——”

Almost at the same time, an invisible sword energy swept across, and the sword energy was extremely agile, slashing the opponent’s long sword like it had a life of its own.

Soon, a young man walked out of the small courtyard on the side, dressed in white, with his long hair pulled back in a crown, handsome with a gentle aura, making people feel that this was an extraordinary young man at first sight.

“Who is making noise here?” the young man asked.

“Don’t get involved!” The coldly handsome man gave him a stern look, and when he saw that he was a Golden Core Formation junior, he said angrily, “These two spiritual demons sold me fake goods, I just want to teach them a lesson, if you stop me, I will teach you a lesson as well!”

Black Snake was dumbstruck, and Nightingale added fuel to the fire: “Do you know who he is? Do you know who his shizun is?”

“Who cares, get out of the way, kid, don’t mess with my business, otherwise, even if your shizun comes, they won’t be able to protect you.” The man said coldly.

“You said it.” Oh-ho! Black Snake immediately hid behind Feng Qingxiu, and even slapped a high five against a bird claw with his tail tip with Nightingale above his head, “You can’t beat him, call your shizun over here!”

Feng Qingxiu glanced at him quietly, and said gently: “If even for this kind of trivial matter I call Shizun, doesn’t it make me seem incompetent.”

Black Snake was dazed, then trembled: “Don’t, you just entered the Golden Core Formation stage, he is at the height of the Nascent Soul stage, he can beat ten of you with just one hand, don’t be young and reckless, child! Hiss-hiss!”

Back then, this kid had yet to be hurt by him when his shizun’s sword had cut into him, leaving him with an injury that had yet to heal. If he was got hurt even just a little bit, he and his brother would die!

“Senior brother, please leave first.” Feng Qingxiu looked at the hostile young man with a slightly youthful smile of a teenager, “That way is the way down the mountain, if you come any closer, this junior brother will have to be rude.”

“How do you plan to be rude?” The other clenched the hilt of his sword and strode forward.

Feng Qingxiu just spread out the five fingers of his slender right hand, raised it flat up at the level of his chest, and said slowly, “Like this.”

Instantly, all the sounds surrounding them seemed to have gone silent as if they were in a vacuum.

Whether it was the mountain wind or their breathing, whether it was the heartbeat or rushing of blood in the veins.

That terrifying sword energy that even the whole of heaven and earth bowed its head to, invisible, soundless and intentless.

Then, everything went back to normal.

Several strands of sword energy returned to circling those fingertips, combining into one, and tightened as if asking for credit, begging for praise.

Feng Qingxiu nodded. As for the senior brother, he had a terrified expression on his face, retreating with an ashen complexion. Then he turned his head, and saw that the snake and bird had also already run a hundred meters away, and were hugging each other in fright.

“How could he give you this kind of thing.” Black Snake wanted to scream.

“This sword is indeed a bit sharp.” Feng Qingxiu said with a smile, “Just now I had to control it very carefully so that I didn’t hurt that senior brother.”

Black Snake ran away with his brother without a word.

Feng Qingxiu returned to his residence with a smile. Shizun was still waiting for him in the courtyard.

“My disciple, did you have fun playing.” Ji Yunlai asked coldly.

“It’s alright.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, a little shy.

Just now, he had been fierce to his Shizun, only then did he get the opportunity to go out and clean up the trouble.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

How could he let Shizun deal with such a trivial matter?

Feng Qingxiu, who had completed the task, was waiting to be praised.

“Shizun doesn’t feel happy.” Ji Yunlai flipped through his notes in disappointment and continued to give his lecture to his disciple.

He really wanted to hold a combat class..…

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