After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 170 Deviation

“I don’t want to.” He had never been treated so coldly by his family before, and instantly Shen Yu burst into tears. He looked at the Shen family’s father and son pair with teary eyes. It was not that he was sad that he couldn’t play the role of Yan Yu. But that he was in a car accident, and even if he wasn’t injured, it wasn’t on purpose. He was already miserable, why were there still people who think it was his fault?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Chen would never reason with Shen Yu. Because it was impossible. Therefore, his method was also very simple and crude when dealing with Shen Yu: “Just be good. It’s not a major role. If you really like acting, after returning to Shanghai, let Wen Shijin help you choose the script. You can play the lead role.”

“That’s different.” Even if Shen Yu’s brain was not very bright, he could clearly distinguish the difference between a dog-blood idol drama and a big movie production directed by Xu Musen: “I want to act. Eldest Brother, please help me talk to Director Xu. I will definitely act well, and I will never think filming is hard work again.”

Being watched by Shen Yu’s tearful eyes, the Shen family’s father and son pair could only feel a headache.

“The children in our family are ignorant and spoiled by us.” Even though he was annoyed, Chairman Shen did not ignore Mrs. Lin, who was sitting on the side, and smiled wryly: “You’ve seen something ridiculous.”

Mrs. Lin smiled and patted the back of Shen Yu’s hand, saying warmly: “Every family has their troubles. Whose family does not have naughty children. I think Xiao Yu has a good personality. And he is also innocent and cute. It’s just that he has experienced too few things, so he was misunderstood by certain people.”

Hong Kong was so small, and the gossip was so fast and abundant. Even if Mrs. Lin was hospitalized, she could still hear some gossip. What was more, the incident of Shen Yu’s car accident was actually a big deal on the Internet. Those little nurses and young doctors all had FlyNews accounts. Listening to their gossip, Mrs. Lin could also know all about it. And she had personally communicated with Shen Yu, and she could naturally see that Shen Yu was not such a scheming person.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s a good thing to discuss it. Since the child likes acting, it’s rare to have such an opportunity. So don’t leave any regrets.” Mrs. Lin said with a smile: “Xu Musen is a very talented person, and talented people will inevitably be proud of their talents. They like to judge others based on their own subjective impression. But I believe that your son must not be the kind of person with deep scheming. But if you let Xiao Yu leave the crew like this, wouldn’t the falsity become a truth?”

When the Shen family’s father and son pair heard what Mrs. Lin said, their expressions turned slightly better. They were blinded by concern, and they did not think about this layer. Of course, the main reason was that they didn’t expect Shen Yu to have gained such affection from the old madam Lin.

It seemed that the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best. (TN: idiom for a blessing in disguise)

Chairman Shen laughed and was about to make some chit chat about raising children being a difficult task, when he saw a very handsome young man in a suit and leather shoes, holding a bunch of lilies.

“Eh, grandma, you are actually chatting with others?” The young man put the lily bouquet in his hand into Mrs. Lin’s arms, and asked with a smile, “Then I’m very curious, who is it that could coax my grandma into such a happy mood.”

Mrs. Lin patted her precious grandson and made introductions with a smile, “This is the head of the Shen family in Shanghai. This is his eldest son, Shen Chen, and this is his adopted son, Shen Yu.”

She then turned to the Shen family and said, “This is my grandson Lin Rong’an.”

As she spoke, Mrs. Lin did not forget to remind Lin Rong’an: “…..Isn’t your relationship with Xu Musen very good? Tomorrow, you will take Xiao Yu to the crew to visit the set, and by the way, explain various misunderstandings.”

Following Mrs. Lin’s introduction, Lin Rong’an smiled slightly: “It turned out to be Chairman Shen and CEO Shen, I have heard of your names for a long time.”

Shen Yu was ignored.

Lin Rong’an was also of the younger generation, so he naturally saw the turmoil on the Internet. In his opinion, even if Shen Yu had no scheming, it did not mean that he was pure and good either. What was more, he managed to ingratiate himself with his grandma as soon as he entered the hospital, and made his grandma so happy. Such that even in front of the Shen family’s father and son pair, she overstepped her bounds and stood up for him.

Lin Rong’an expressed that though he had never seen such a man like this before. But he had seen a lot of similar women. This Shen Yu was quite skillful indeed.

Lin Rong’an disapproved, but he would not disregard old madam Lin’s wishes. The next morning, he really took Shen Yu to the filming location in Causeway Bay to visit the set.

“Third young master Lin.” Xu Musen immediately understood what was going on when he saw Lin Rong’an and Shen Yu visiting the set together and could not help but smile bitterly in his heart. He just announced to the crew yesterday that he was going to kick Shen Yu out, and Shen Yu brought in the third son of the Lin family to put pressure on him. Sure enough, people with backgrounds were just that willful.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Lin Rong’an shrugged: “It’s my grandma’s order. She likes the son of the Shen family very much, and she thinks there is a misunderstanding. Just discuss it clearly, there’s no need to drive people out.”

These words were spoken quite straightforwardly. Clearly, Lin Rong’an didn’t like Shen Yu well either.

However, Shen Yu didn’t hear the underlying meaning, and still looked at Lin Rong’an with a moved expression.

The entire crew subconsciously looked at Yan Sheng. Knowing that Director Xu was going to kick Shen Yu out of the crew, Yan Sheng rushed back to the hotel overnight to intercede on Shen Yu’s behalf. Seeing that Director Xu insisted on not withdrawing his decision, Yan Sheng even threatened to stop being part of the film in the end. Everyone was not happy. Director Xu also lost face.

Everyone didn’t know what was wrong with Yan Sheng, why did he want to protect Shen Yu so stubbornly. They were even worried for Yan Sheng. As a result, Shen Yu came back with the rich son of the Lin family in the morning.

Everyone knew the status and influence of the Lin family in Hong Kong. Xu Musen dared to offend the Shen family because the influence of the Shen family was far away in Shanghai. But he would never dare to offend the Lin family. What was more, the head of the Lin family had done a favor for Xu Musen back then.

With the Lin family coming forward, Shen Yu obviously couldn’t be gotten rid of. Everyone just felt bad for Yan Sheng. After a night of trouble, his influence was not even as good as a word from the young master of the Lin family. This face must hurt so much.

Obviously, Yan Sheng himself knew all the subtleties as well. His expression was very ugly. He was willing to invest his feelings and time for Shen Yu because he really liked Shen Yu and wanted to protect this little person from the bottom of his heart.

But this did not mean that Yan Sheng was willing to throw in his dignity. No man would like to see his lover relying on another man.

Shen Yu begged the Lin family to intercede for him. Although he didn’t mean to hurt Yan Sheng subjectively, he did slap Yan Sheng in the face. And it was a very painful slap.

The atmosphere of the crew was a little strange for a while. Everyone worked silently. Setting up lights, cameras, and tracks. Everything was done methodically.

Tao Mu, Du Ze, and a big group of actors were all waiting on the side. Today was the scene where Du Ze got his lunch box. He also had a monologue before his death. Logically speaking, after so many years of filming, Du Ze shouldn’t be nervous. But the first time he was filming a scene opposite Tao Mu, Tao Mu managed to suppress his screen presence to the point he didn’t even have the slightest bit of shine. In the past scenes, it was Ah Ze who set off Zhou Yuanting’s role. Although Du Ze felt a bit uncomfortable, it didn’t really matter. But today’s scene was different, he was the protagonist in today’s scene and he would definitely not let Tao Mu steal his limelight——

Admiration was admiration, but on the matter of acting, one must not easily admit defeat. Supporting roles also possess dignity.

In order to perform better, Du Ze nervously pulled Tao Mu to practice lines.

When Lin Rong’an saw Tao Mu’s figure, his eyes lit up. The corner of his mouth hooked up, and he walked to Tao Mu at the same pace of a peacock displaying its feathers. He stretched out his hand, and introduced himself: “Hello, Mr. Tao, I’m Lin Rong’an. I like your very much. It’s so cool. I didn’t expect that the creator behind it would be even cooler.”

Tao Mu frowned. Because of the memories of his previous life, his impression of Lin Rong’an was not very good. So his expression was inevitably a little cold: “Hello, Mr. Lin. We have a very heavy task of filming coming up. If you don’t mind, we have to practice lines first.”

Meeting a mild rebuff, Lin Rong’an retracted his hand sheepishly but he didn’t take it to heart. He often accompanied his father and eldest brother to receive businessmen from the mainland. He knew that many people in mainland China were very reserved because of their different growth environments. However, he did not expect that someone who could create a website as fashionable as, and could manage it so well, actually also had such a cold personality.

But he really looked very pretty. Lin Rong’an subtly looked at Tao Mu’s facial features, and suddenly felt that it was a little familiar: “Pardon me for my presumptuousness, but has anyone said that you look a lot like CEO Shen?”

Afraid that Tao Mu was confused, Lin Rong’an added: “It’s Shen Yu’s older brother. CEO Shen of the Shen Group. If I hadn’t known the identity of CEo Tao, I would have thought you two were brothers.”

Tao Mu’s expression became slightly cold: “Since you know how presumptuous you are being, Mr. Lin shouldn’t talk nonsense.”

Lin Rong’an had an account on, and of course knew Tao Mu’s relationship with the Shen family. Putting aside the others, Tao Mu had absolutely no affection for Shen Yu and Shen Yan.

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Tao. I’ll apologize, alright?” Lin Rong’an chuckled and said meaningfully: “I didn’t mean to offend when I said this. I just feel that with Mr. Tao’s genius, those online people actually compare the canary raised by the Shen family to you. It really tarnishes your efforts and abilities. Our Lin family absolutely admires Mr. Tao’s behavior. If there is a chance, I would really like to cooperate with “

Tao Mu looked at Lin Rong’an suspiciously. This guy’s style was not right.

“I heard that Mr. Tao and Mr. Li of Xiaoheng Capital are business partners. Xiaoheng Capital wants to acquire several companies in Hong Kong, but there has been no progress. If there is anything you need help with, please just ask.” Lin Rong’an gave a gentleman’s bow politely.

Xiaoheng Capital possessed strong capital, but had no foundation in Hong Kong. Coupled with the fact that during the previous financial crisis, Xiaoheng Capital chose to short the Hong Kong stock market. While the benefits were absolutely high, it also invariably offended the entire Hong Kong business district. This was also an important reason why Xiaoheng Capital had the strength and sincerity, yet several acquisitions were still progressing so slowly.

——Those old companies couldn’t see the situation clearly, they were waiting for Xiaoheng Capital’s money to save their lives, but they also felt that it was very shameful to easily agree to Xiaoheng Capital’s acquisition. Therefore, they were preoccupied with quibbling on all kinds of minutiae details. But in order to prepare for the online shopping platform and further expand Xiaoheng Capital, Li Xiaoheng had to acquire these companies so ge could only be patient with them.

But if the Lin family acted as a mediator, he might not dare to guarantee anything else, but at least it would be no problem for all parties to get along and make money.

This was also an important decision that Lin Rong’an made after he went home and discussed it with his father and brother.

Showing goodwill to Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu, and befriending Xiaoheng Capital and was much more cost-effective than befriending the Shen family.

Before, the Lin family already had the intention to strike a good relationship with Xiaoheng Capital, but there was no right opportunity. This time, he took advantage of sending Shen Yu back to the crew to establish a connection with Tao Mu. The relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng was unknown to outsiders, but the well-informed upper class in Hong Kong was all aware.

So long as Tao Mu could be persuaded, it was not difficult to get Li Xiaoheng’s approval. What was more, Tao Mu himself was also a person worthy of friendship.

The Lin family’s abacus sounded merrily, actually wanting to make friends with Tao Mu through Shen Yu. They didn’t have any scruples about the Shen family at all. One had to pity the father and son pair of the Shen family who were still celebrating the fact that Shen Yu got lucky and managed to climb the big tree of the Lin family. In the hotel, they were still thinking about how to befriend the Lin family and take advantage of the situation to turn into a business cooperation.

One must know that the Lin family, as an old family in Hong Kong, enjoyed a noble title among the peerage of Great Britain. Back then, old Mr. Lin’s father was even awarded the title of Justice of the Peace by the royal family. It could be said that the Lin family had a very large influence not only in Hong Kong, but also in England and Western Europe.

If the Shen Group could cooperate with the Lin family to expand their business to England and Western Europe, it would definitely be a crucial step for the company’s development strategy. Of course, in return, or in other words a cooperative transaction, the Shen family was also willing to help the Lin family gain a firm foothold in the mainland.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was a very good idea. It was a pity that the Lin family didn’t take a fancy to the Shen family, but instead took a fancy to Xiaoheng Capital and the Li family’s influence in the international financial market and the mainland. They even took a fancy to’s influence on mainland young people and white-collar executives.

Obviously, in terms of a powerful alliance, no matter how one compared it, the combination of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng was more valuable than the Shen family.

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  1. Based on what Tao Mu said before, Lin Rong’an should be entranced by Shen Yu? Could it be that his protagonist halo is waning, at least to some extent? The God of Plot works hard, but Li Xiaoheng works harder


  2. Still quirky enough of that Hongkong big shot to think his action of bringing the nemesis of his business partner back under his nose will score well in their future possible partnership….regardless if it’s the granny doing her willful thing or not


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