Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 063 Each Walk His Own Way, Each Has His Own Dao

The core of the flying peak was easily solved by Ji Yunlai.

The rest of the shell needed Feng Qingxiu to find a mountain that was pleasing to the eye by himself——Kun-Lai occupied the Western Continent, and there was nothing more than mountains here.

So the disciple went to choose the mountain, and was even accompanied by those new friends of his.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Yunlai originally wanted to accompany him with his divine consciousness as protection, but a thought arose in his heart, and he suddenly changed his intention.

This was just like voyeurism!

Was he caring too much about his disciple?

That kind of care had even surpassed that between a father and son and more like between boyfriend and girlfriend——although he had never had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

He must be careful…..

Ji Yunlai went to the top of the mountain to let the wind blow on him, and began to reflect. He had never heard that he had liked a person during the past six hundred years.

So he had been single for at least six hundred years.

Even if he didn’t mention the thousand years he had no memory of, just the memories in this life and the last life added together, he was still a bachelor in his 50s.

How terrifying!

Ji Yunlai recalled the past. In his last life, he was born in the late 1970s. Before university, because his home country at that time was not tolerant towards homosexuals, he had been very careful to hide his sexual orientation. Later, when he went to study abroad, because of the difference in thinking and culture, he didn’t make many friends, and because of his obsession with cleanliness, he was very displeased with the chaos in the gay circle, so he just devoted himself to work, and then later he died.

After being reborn, needless to say, there was no boyfriend in sight during the first sixteen years.

In truth, it didn’t matter to him, he could live well by himself.

Thinking about this, he thought that he should still be more careful with Xiao Qing in the future. He was still a child, so he couldn’t mislead him.

His body now as a Human Immortal had long been perfected and was as pure and clear as glass, without any mortal needs troubling him, so as for love and dating, he’ll just leave it up to fate.

Raising his hand, he looked at his slender and fair fingers, and gently crushed a stone beside him.

Recently, he was feeling a little confused. After inheriting such an enormous sect, he felt a little constrained and didn’t know what to do.

A few days ago, he asked Yan Zhao, what other enemies were around?

This junior brother immediately knelt down and begged him to stay in the sect and be the leader of the sect and let them do the menial work instead. If a sect had reached the point where the leader of the sect had to go out every day to fight for life and death, then Kun-Lai should have closed shop long ago. Now, the great sages around were thousands of miles away, so it’s fine if you just stay at home, it’s fine!


He took out the Main Net Spell again, which had penetrated into every aspect of the life of an official Kun-Lai disciple for hundreds of years. As soon as he left Kun-Lai, it would be half paralyzed.

Ji Yunlai even wanted to find a certain Professor Yang, ah no, Elder Yang, who was good at using electric shocks in the Law Enforcement Hall.

But the trace of unease in his heart told him that the current situation was far less calm than the surface appeared.

This was not an illusion. It was said that the Xing Dao Master was an incredibly learned man, and possessed an even more terrifying power in deducing the strings of fate and heaven’s secrets than his martial strength. However, now looking at the information on the Net about the practice of deducting heaven’s secrets, Ji Yunlai found that it was missing some key things.

Before he lost his memory, some things were deleted by him, so he could not learn those parts for the time being.

It seemed that on the practice of heavenly deduction, he had to learn and make up the missing parts for himself.


Feng Qingxiu came back after selecting the mountain peak, and this time it went very smoothly. The several partners had already selected more than a dozen peaks with suitable peak shape, volume, and structural rock formation, and just had to determine the final choice together.

The rest just remained the issue of hollowing out the peak and carving in the runes for strength and toughness on the mountainside. The foreign spiritual demons looking for work were professionals in this field, especially the pangolin spiritual demon clan. They were Kun-Lai’s veteran flying peak engineering team. The mountain peak they went through was flat and thin, as well as most convenient for Taiyi Peak to add runes to it.

But because the blueprint was a new blueprint from Feng Qingxiu’s shizun, there would definitely be people watching the process on the side.

On the way back, Feng Qingxiu was thinking about going to the flying peak to stay and oversee it for ten days to half a month, and he had to ask Shizun for leave.

Though he felt a little reluctant to leave Shizun.

When he passed the courtyard, he saw the blooming white camellia again, and his shadow had also already taken the initiative to move over and wrap around it.

He stepped forward and grabbed down his disobedient shadow. He was a little angry: “What the hell are you looking for?”

The shadow jumped in his hand and pointed to the ground directly below the camellia.

“This is Shizun’s place, you can’t dig it casually.” Feng Qingxiu flicked it back, “I won’t allow you to move around any more if you continue to make trouble.”

Since his cultivation level had deepened, he had been able to control this disobedient shadow.

So the shadow didn’t move anymore.

However, Feng Qingxiu was still a little curious, so he went to Shizun.

There was no one in Shizun’s room, and the door was not closed, so he wondered where he went.

In a moment overcome by curiosity, Feng Qingxiu couldn’t hold back and ran over to the camellia, carefully removing a layer of soil under the bush. Soon, he found a smooth pebble, gray in color, with a line of small characters engraved on the back.

Nothing I want to have,

No one I envy,

A lifetime’s love, what I want is already there, what I never asked for is still given.

The love is shallow but the bonds of fate are deep,

My life is limited.

Unrequited love,

Dark green together, clouds returning.

May there be someone in the next life to accompany him in my place.


This handwriting was actually the same as his own! The! Very! Same!

Feng Qingxiu beat up his shadow with a cold face! Making sure to hit very hard.

Damn, how dare you use his handwriting to write and bury this kind of thing, making it look like he had some inappropriate thoughts towards his Shizun, and what “my life is limited, I hope someone in the next life will accompany him in my place” I am still living well! I am a cultivator who plans to reach the Synthesis stage, and I will definitely live for thousands of years!

And what “a lifetime’s love, what I want is already there, what I never asked for is still given”?

Am I the kind of person who doesn’t fight for what I want?

What if Shizun saw and misunderstood? What if Shizun thought he liked him, even though he did like——

Feng Qingxiu got stuck for a moment, and seemed to be recalling whether there was anything wrong with his way of liking towards Shizun. How could there be anything wrong? He just liked to engrave some mini-Shizuns in different poses to collect and make some small clothes and accessories!

It was only natural that the disciple liked the master!

And even wanting others to accompany Shizun, go die, it’s enough for Shizun to have only me here!

After giving a good beating, Feng Qingxiu wanted to destroy the stone, but the invisible sword energy wouldn’t listen to him.

Feeling helpless for a while, Feng Qingxiu didn’t dare to carelessly throw it away either. If it was picked up by others, even if he had 10,000 mouths he would still be unable to explain his way out of it, so he put it in a pile with the small carvings he treasured, closed the box, and decided to find a way to deal with it later.

Then he went to beat up his shadow again.

Shadow was extremely aggrieved.

At this moment, a figure walked out of the void, and it was Ji Yunlai who came back.

Shizun looked at him suspiciously.

Feng Qingxiu was feeling a little guilty, he lowered his head and let go of his shadow, and his hands now empty, she pretended to be a good and obedient boy.

Ji Yunlai chuckled and shook his head: “Did you find a peak you liked?”

“I found a very good one.” Feng Qingxiu nodded, and naturally pulled Shizun’s hand forward, wanting to leave the crime scene, “It’s getting late, let’s talk inside, Qingnu gave me the new spring tea from the tea garden, you will definitely like it.”

Fortunately, Shizun didn’t see the stone.

Heprayed it won’t be seen in the future either.


Taiyi Peak

At the “fiercely working month” selection meeting, the most outstanding rune masters from each team came forward enthusiastically, each displaying strong means, wanting to apply for this flying peak construction task.

Taiyi Peak didn’t judge based on the level of cultivation, but on the attainment of runic formation, and for a while all kinds of insubordination and disrespecting superiors occurred.

“Peak Master, can’t we take turns like last time?” After a melee battle, still no one could convince each other. A disciple took out the expensive healing salve of Qingdi Peak and began putting it on the bruises on his face.

As the group with the fewest numbers in Kun-Lai but the highest income (monopoly), these disciples did not want to give up this opportunity.

Money and materials were the things that were the least lacking for them. Those who could go to Taiyi Peak were your standard academic tyrants, and the Sect Leader was the god of academics in their hearts, the pinnacle of Kun-Lai’s runic Dao. If they missed this opportunity, they would regret it for their lifetime.

“This time it’s officially starting construction, how can we take turns? If something goes wrong and the Sect Leader becomes angry, what should we do?” The peak master said coldly, and then forcefully added his name to the first spot on the list, and then slowly said, “Also, let me warn you all, don’t disturb Ah Fu’s Seclusion, if he really comes out, none of you will have a chance!”

“Uh, Peak Master, if we don’t notify Senior Brother, he will tear us apart when he comes out.” A disciple piped up timidly.

“Let him tear you up, anyway, didn’t we buy half of the property at Qingnu Peak, so there is plenty of space to live there.” The peak master said lightly, “Besides, can you even decipher the Seclusion rune array around his dwelling?”

Very reasonable. Sure enough, the older the ginger, the spicier it was, and all the disciples worshiped him one after another, completely forgetting that so long as the array was triggered, their senior brother would be awakened and could come out himself.

Anyway, their senior brother was also one of the seven Kun-Lai Elites, and there was no shortage of opportunities to show his face to the Sect Leader.

“Then can more people go this time?” Another disciple asked.

“Of course.” The peak master was not able to win against his junior brothers after all. And indeed, an elder from Taiyi Peak said, “If you have passed the second level of the array, you can go, and those who have passed the first level can also go watch on the sidelines.”

Instantly, there were countless cheers from top to bottom. The study of runes were divided into nine levels, the second level was basically entry-level, while the first level was still learning, and by the third level one could already participate in the construction of the flying peaks, though just on the less important parts.

However, this was based on Kun-Lai’s ultra-high standards. A disciple of the seventh level of the Kun-Lai Rune Formation was already considered a “Rune Dao Grandmaster” and in the Central Continent, sects would come kneeling at their doors for help in constructing their mountain protection formations.

“But what about the other flying peaks under construction?” A disciple asked. If everyone went, then who would work on the more than a dozen flying peaks on the waitlist? They have to be shipped on time after all.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“They can wait!” The peak master dismissed contemptuously, “If they don’t agree, then they can build it themselves.”

The disciple tucked in his neck, others would misunderstand if they did this!

No one would provoke the Sect Leader, but that Senior Brother Feng would at least be beaten up in dark corners hundreds of times by angry people from other peaks.

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