After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 171 Challenge

It’s probably been a bit too smooth-sailing recently. To be more specific, if you have someone to dote on you, you would unconsciously become arrogant. Therefore, even though Tao Mu could clearly see that Lin Rong’an was showing goodwill towards him, he was too lazy to bother with the other.

If this was put in the past, such a thing was absolutely impossible. So long as the benefits were sufficient, even if Tao Mu would be putting himself through grief, he would still respond with a smiling face. But he didn’t think like that now. What his Yao Dad said was right. Life was too short to spend all your days making money. And besides, making money was to improve one’s life. He was not lacking in money now, so why should he make himself unhappy and do business with his enemies in his previous life?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Was it because he had too much time, or because acting was not fun?

But the matter also involved Li Xiaoheng. Tao Mu was not willing to talk to Lin Rong’an, but he couldn’t make decisions for Li Xiaoheng. So he could only answer perfunctorily: “I don’t know much about this. Although I am a partner of Xiaoheng Capital, I do not participate in the specific management of the company. If the Lin family is interested in cooperating with Xiaoheng Capital, you should communicate with CEO Li directly.”

“Oh?” Lin Rong’an raised his eyebrows, tilted his head to examine Tao Mu, and smiled meaningfully: “I thought it would be easier for me to come to you based on the relationship between Mr. Tao and Mr. Li.”

Tao Mu was exactly annoyed by Lin Rong’an’s ambiguous tone. Since the previous life, this person would not speak like a normal person.

“You don’t need to worry about my relationship with CEO Li.” Tao Mu said impatiently, “Are you here to pick a fight?”

“Mr. Tao, please don’t get me wrong. I just…..” Lin Rong’an was startled suddenly. Just what?

The relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, or to be precise, the news that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng burned incense and worshipped Buddha at the Wong Tai Sin Temple to seek their marriage fortunes, had already reached all those well-informed Hong Kong families. Lin Rong’an also heard about it. He hadn’t felt anything before, but now seeing Tao Mu in person, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Why was Tao Mu together with Li Xiaoheng? Was it because Li Xiaoheng met Tao Mu before him?

Lin Rong’an knew his own sexual preference. He never hid it either. Even the Hong Kong gossip tabloid would occasionally publish the gossip scandal that Lin Rong’an dated both men and women. Lin Rong’an never cared, and the Lin family never asked. Everyone knew that Lin Rong’an could handle matters clearly. No matter how wild he played outside, he would get married when it was time to get married.

Therefore, Lin Rong’an misunderstood that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng also had this kind of relationship. Both business partner and bed partner. After all, most of their kind were just that uncaring about scruples.

Lin Rong’an just envied these two people’s luck. No matter Tao Mu or Li Xiaoheng, their appearance, figure, family background were all extremely high-quality. Especially Tao Mu, there was no need to mention that face, just that figure with broad shoulders, narrow back, slender waist, long legs and perky bottom. When standing still, it was just good-looking. But when action scenes started and he got into his fighting pose——swinging a punch, swiping with a blade, and kicking with long legs——it was simply so beautiful that anyone’s mouth would go dry. Lin Rong’an very pathetically got an erection.


Director Xu sat in front of the monitor and replayed Tao Mu’s previous fight scene with great satisfaction.

Probably because he had acted in several martial arts dramas before, Tao Mu’s fighting scenes were particularly beautiful. It maintained the realism of heavy fists punching into flesh, and at the same time, he could make it look smooth and unrestrained. Especially the micro-expressions on his face and in his eyes during the fight, combined with Tao Mu’s fighting skills, the visual impact could not be anymore strong.

“Not bad.” Director Xu nodded slightly. After going through Tao Mu’s fight scene again, he started filming the next scene.

Which was the scene where Du Ze finally got his box lunch.

The makeup artist came up to touch up Du Ze’s makeup, and put a blood bag in his mouth. Du Ze held the blood bag in his hand with disgust: “Wait a while until it’s time. It’s all chicken blood, and it’s disgusting and smelly.”

After finishing speaking, he told Tao Mu in a worried tone, “Later, make sure you lead me.”

Du Ze meant to have Tao Mu accompany his acting well. It would be even better if he could immerse him into the scene too. That way he could also perform better.

Tao Mu was panting slightly. He had filmed a morning of fight scenes under the hot sun. All were intense action scenes. He had to run, jump, and hack at people, and he had to do all of it with style and aesthetic beauty, with passion and emotion, with layers and layers of undermeaning. So he was indeed tired.

His hair was wet with sweat, and it fell wetly on his forehead. It made Tao Mu’s skin seem even paler than jade. And it was the finest jade at that. Sweat and blood covered all over his body, and the blood-red wounds cut by the machete also contrasted eye catchingly against the pale skin. And as he leaned weakly against the wall at the corner of the street, there was an aura of beauty that inspired sadomasochistic urges.

Tao Mu was so hot, he unconsciously tugged at the neckline of the T-shirt that had been purposely messed up by the prop master, took the mineral water handed over by the assistant, and drank half of the bottle in one go. The rest was poured directly over his head.

Sweat mixed with water droplets rolled down, and Tao Mu squinted at the sun.

“I want to take a bath.” Tao Mu licked his lips. He had no obsession with cleanliness. But no matter how sloppy one was, after running for so long under the 30-degree Celsius sun, sweating so much, and having the makeup artist touch up the fake blood on their faces, they would also want to take a bath.

Du Ze looked at Tao Mu, who was giving off sex appeal in waves, and suddenly didn’t know where to look.

“After filming this scene, it’s time for dinner.” Du Ze coughed lightly, “I just don’t know how many times there will be an NG.”

“It’s alright. I’ll try my best to cooperate with you. Let’s try our best to go through it. Early death and early reincarnation.” Tao Mu reached out and patted Du Ze’s shoulder. But he forgot that the makeup artist had just smeared half a bag of plasma on his hand. The red slap print appeared on Ah Ze’s white T-shirt, and the angry makeup artist screeched.

Tao Mu could only widen his eyes innocently and spread out his hands. He really didn’t mean it.

“You should wear a black shirt.” Tao Mu was particularly uncaring of his image as he sat down against the corner, straightening one leg and bending the other leg. One arm rested on the knee of the bent leg: “We’re the mafia, we have to wear black. What was the prop master thinking? Actually making you wear a white T-shirt. It makes your complexion look particularly dark.”

“But it makes you look particularly handsome!”

While talking, Fang Ruoti’s assistant brought a box of iced dragon fruit to Tao Mu: “It’s from sister Fang.”

“Huh?” Du Ze squinted at Tao Mu, and wanted to ask when Tao Mu got so close to Fang Ruoti. But Tao Mu didn’t give him this chance. He just held up the dragon fruit and asked, “Do you want to eat it?”

“Eat!” Du Ze thought about it, but didn’t bother to ask. After all, Tao Mu’s identity was different from actors like them. He came attached with a halo of capital. Didn’t people see that even the young master of the Lin family was standing on the set waiting to fawn on him. Not to mention actors like him.

Sure enough, after Fang Ruoti was the first to show her goodwill, there were other actors’ assistants who took advantage of the break between the props crew setting up the scene to come over to send warmth——or in this case, send coolness. Zhou Yanqing’s assistant brought a small fan, Wang Jinsheng’s assistant brought a bowl of ice bean soup, and Luo Daming’s assistant brought a cup of sour plum soup that Luo Daming made himself. Even Yan Sheng’s agent secretly snuck over to discuss with Tao Mu his experience in transcribing Buddhist scriptures.

Zeng Yiheng came here after receiving a call from Yan Sheng’s assistant. He didn’t expect that a stable and reliable person like Yan Sheng would make such a big mess for the sake of Shen Yu. He even dared to threaten the director with a work strike.

Zeng Yiheng rushed to the crew as soon as possible, and apologized in front of Director Xu, and directly said that Yan Sheng was possessed by evil spirits, and asked Director Xu not to bother quibbling with him.

Director Xu really didn’t care much. If this matter of Yan Sheng was put on other occasions, even if Director Xu didn’t voice it, he would still feel a slight grudge in his heart. But today was really different. Who asked Yan Sheng to make a fuss to help Shen Yu plead for mercy, only for Shen Yu to bring the young master of the Lin family to support him right after.

Because of this slap to the face, Director Xu not only was not angry with Yan Sheng, but even felt some pity and sympathy for him.

However, there was no need to voice this kind of private emotion.

Even so, Zeng Yiheng felt a special headache. Right after he gave Yan Sheng a good scolding, he immediately came to Tao Mu to ask for a good way to ward off evil spirits. Who let Tao Mu to always come out on top when going up against Shen Yu!

“If it really doesn’t work, please lend me one of your photos, and I’ll put it in Ah Sheng’s wallet to ward off evil spirits.”

“Why not a condom while you’re at it as well!” Tao Mu rolled his eyes at Zeng Yiheng irately. They were the official CP, intimate, lovey-dovey, with the power of absolute true love. So what’s the deal with stuffing his picture in the guy’s wallet.

Even if Yan Sheng didn’t mind, he himself felt disgusted. Not to mention that crybaby Shen Yu, he could just imagine him turning into a clingy pest, pestering him every day and accusing him on the Internet!

“Aren’t I being forced into a corner by a certain someone? So I was just grabbing at straws.” Zeng Yiheng explained with an ingratiating smile, “Please don’t mind me Mr. Tao, I really don’t mean to stir up trouble and slander you.”

Tao Mu angrily took a mouthful of sour plum soup. He didn’t notice that in the corner of the studio, Shen Yu was currently looking at him enviously.

Even if the white lotus flower had a bad head, he could still pick up on the fact that the entire crew did not want to see him at this moment. He waited on set all morning and no one spoke to him. Even Yan Sheng, who had always doted on and listened to him, ignored him. When he had no scenes, he would rather get into his nanny’s car and read his lines than talk to him. He took the initiative to go over, but big brother Yan actually sent an assistant to stop him.

Shen Yu could sense that the entire crew looked at him strangely. But he didn’t know what he had done wrong. He was the one who almost got hurt, wasn’t he?

No one paid attention to him, so Shen Yu was very sad. But Tao Mu had been filming all morning and had barely rested for a few minutes when groups of people came delivering fruits and iced drinks, meticulous in their care and attention. Big brother Yan’s agent even ran over to chat with Tao Mu. He could see the two talking and laughing.

With such a contrast, Shen Yu lowered his head even more sadly and hugged himself tightly. So aggrieved he wanted to cry.

Lin Rong’an stood beside him and observed with interest. Looking at Shen Yu for a while, and then looking at Tao Mu for a while. He found that Tao Mu’s personality was not bad. It seemed that it depended on the person when he coldly pushed people thousands of miles away.

As for the division standard! Lin Rong’an glanced at Shen Yu subtly.

Noticing Lin Rong’an’s gaze, Shen Yu, who had been left out for an entire morning, came over like a puppy who finally met a kind person, and asked timidly, “Third brother Lin?”

Because Lin Rong’an accepted old madam Lin’s entrustment and brought him back to the studio, Shen Yu naturally developed a trace of trust in Lin Rong’an.

Lin Rong’an looked at Shen Yu who seemed to have a habit of calling brother whenever he met anyone, and hooked up the corner of his mouth meaningfully.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If only the wild leopard with particularly sharp claws could be as easily reeled in as this domesticated cat in front of him. But then again, those who were too easy, coming and going when they were called, without any temper or personality, posed no challenge at all.

Lin Rong’an regretfully suppressed his active thoughts. It was a pity that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng were still going strong. If he were to make a move now, it was likely that he would offend Li Xiaoheng. It was better to wait another year and a half, he didn’t believe that with the status of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, they could be so lovey-dovey forever?

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