Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 064 The Mountain Range Congregates, The Human Heart Rages

Feng Qingxiu had a dream, and the things in the dream were quite wonderful, but it was not so wonderful when he woke up.

Logically speaking, cultivators need to guard their essence from spilling before entering the Golden Core Formation stage, to preserve the original yang in their bodies, as refining essence into energy was not just talk.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The cultivators all believe that essence was the essence of heaven and earth, the beginning of life, and was very precious, so unless they were evil cultivators or double cultivators, most cultivators remained celibate and chaste. Moreover, fleshly desires decrease after cultivation, which directly led to the scarcity of descendants among cultivators.

Compared with ordinary people who liked to have two children every two years or even one a year, a cultivator couple were more likely to have two children in a span of a hundred years.

So when Feng Qingxiu faced his erection after waking up one morning, he could only recite a heart purifying mantra to have it go away.

How could he have such a dream?

Feng Qingxiu was puzzled. Cultivators were usually in a state of restraint, and there were few dreams. And the dreams they did have were usually reflections of certain things…..Could it be that he had peach blossoms in his future?

After pondering for a few breaths, he shook his head, he had no need for peach blossoms, his current business was to follow at Shizun’s side and cultivate well! How could he be distracted by some fox spirit from nowhere.

Without thinking any more of it, Feng Qingxiu got up and went to take a bath, and then he packed up and went to his flying peak.

Shizun had granted him a fifteen-day vacation yesterday.

“Shizun, I’m going ahead!” Feng Qingxiu said to Ji Yunlai.

“Go early, come back early.” Ji Yunlai, who was trying to calculate the heavenly secrets, also replied casually.

Feng Qingxiu carefully closed the doors and windows and summoned his invisible sword energy.

Flying with one’s sword was the standard for cultivators, but Kun-Lai was not limited by the mode. There were many people who flew on things like the abacus, chessboard, calligraphy and painting scroll. So Feng Qingxiu using his invisible sword energy to fly, other than being a little faster, there was really nothing out of the norm about it.

His target mountain peak was on the sixth section of Kun-Lai Mountain. It took about two hours flying from Zhaoyue Peak.

“When the Sect Leader came to the Western Continent, the mountains surrounding Western Continent had their own names. The highest mountain in the south was called the Main Mountain, the east was Lotus Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Zhaoyao Mountain, and the north was called Jiuqu Mountain and Sky Mountain. The Sect Leader said there was no auspiciousness in these names, and all these names were abolished. The entire mountain range on the periphery of Western Continent is now called Kun-Lai Mountain!” You Jia, who accompanied him, chatted with him casually, “I think it’s more like the Sect Leader felt that so many names to remember was too troublesome, so it is all called one name.”

Feng Qingxiu didn’t answer, but nodded secretly in his heart, thinking it was very possible.

One must know that at the time of the establishment of the sect, the entire Kun-Lai Mountain range from north to south was like a horseshoe curve, which was divided into nine sections by the Sect Leader, named from Kun-Lai 1st Section to the Kun-Lai 9th Section. The Kun-Lai Sect was located in the central part of the range on the 5th Section. Haijing was on the 7th Section in the south, and the other sections were guarding strongholds, which were guarded by various sects taking turns guarding.

Baishui Palace had already issued the license plate of their flying peak, the name was Flying Peak No. 113.

This meant that it was already the 113th Flying Peak of Kun-Lai to be created.

Looking at Shizun’s naming style, one could see that he really didn’t pay attention to minor details such as naming at all.

Their speed was both very fast, chatting all the way, and soon they reached the mountain peak.

There was already a lot of spare earthwork piled around the valley around the entire mountain peak. According to the calculation, nearly a quarter of the mountainside had already been hollowed out.

And in several entrances of the mountainside, there were pangolins and giant termites of various colors moving back and forth.

Of course, it was impossible to directly dig a large space in the center of the flying peak, but was instead relying on the rocks to build a space like a peak nest, and at the same time leave room for ventilation and rune carvings, so both digging and building occurred simultaneously.

And outside the construction site on the mountain, there were already people waiting.

Qingnu and Huang Wei were both looking at the blueprints, while Ying An continued to be a sidekick with his cowlick on the side.

“By the way, how about calling this flying peak the ‘Great You Jia’ this time?” You Jia asked while hooking an arm around his shoulder.

“This,” Feng Qingxiu said directly, “no way.”

“Yes, the name ‘Qingnu Mountain’ is more suitable for the beautiful scenery here, isn’t it?” Yimeng Qingnu walked over gracefully, her eyebrows raised slightly, and she smiled at him.

“Although the scenery is good, the name is less than domineering. Now, the ‘Great Golden Crow’ has momentum, and it gathers more auspiciousness as well. The influence of a name on a spiritual mountain should not be underestimated. It’s better to call it the ‘Great Golden Crow’.” Huang Wei replied with a smile.

“If we still can’t agree.” You Jia chuckled and stretched out a tentacle, “We can settle it with a fight.”

“Agreed!” Qingnu nodded.

“Supported!” Huang Wei smiled.

The three rays of blue, white, and gold light pierced straight to the sky!

Instantly, the sky and clouds oscillated endlessly for a while.

Ying An shrugged and continued to surf the Net.

The spiritual demons who were doing the digging didn’t even spare them a glance, but Feng Qingxiu who saw this straightforward style of jumping into fights, couldn’t help missing his days in the outer sect.

Seeing that there were no troubles, the disciples of Taiyi Peak directly invited Feng Qingxiu inside.


Qingdi Peak.

When Bai Liu received the new news, he just silently put it aside.

The young man next to him looked indifferent, neither speaking or moving, like a ghost.

“This is too much!” Bai Yue said with an angry expression, “Father, you went to Taiyi Peak in person last time. He said that he would come to repair our flying peak. Now great, simply reneging on his word, who does he think he is!”

“Say no more!” Bai Liu shook his head slightly, “My things can last for a while, but if it really doesn’t work, then let them go.”

“Father!” Bai Yue was stunned, as if she had not recovered her senses, she asked, “What did you say?”

“If it really doesn’t work, forget it,” Bai Liu said with a pale face and looking a little weary, “Qingdi Peak no longer has anyone left, and it is useless to remain, the above is still unwilling to issue Ling’er’s Dao Disc.”

“Why, wasn’t it said that as long as you can enter the Demigod stage, you can be a law enforcement disciple of Kun-Lai? Although you need a recommendation, Father, you are an elder of the Synthesis stage, why is it still not possible?” Bai Yue’s face turned pale.

“That was something from many years ago, but now, how is Kun-Lai still lacking disciples of the Demigod stage.” Bai Liu was not surprised, this was expected, “I will go to Taiyi Peak again about the flying peak.”

“Don’t act so inferior to them!” Bai Yue said angrily, “You are also the master of an inner peak. You are not inferior to him. Isn’t it just an expedition? Didn’t you plan to not let us go?”

Bai Liu just sighed, but turned to the young man: “Ling’er, do you know why I insist on going on the expedition?”

The young man was silent for a while, and then slowly said: “The circumstances have changed, before, Yimeng Qingnu was still here, and the disciples up and down the Qingdi Peak were united, so naturally there was no problem. Now, nearly nine out of ten disciples of the Qingdi Peak have moved to Qingnu Peak, so Qingdi Peak’s vitality is severely damaged, and it costs a huge amount to retrain a new generation of disciples, which would naturally cost more resources. If we do not attend the expedition, it is likely that Qingdi Peak’s vitality will not be recovered without a hundred more years.”

“Exactly.” Bai Liu nodded and looked at his daughter, “Do you understand, it is what it is, that Yan Ling could understand this, I feel a lot more at ease.”

“Peak Master!” Suddenly, a terrified cultivator walked into the hall, “It’s not good, there’s something big happening over at Senior Brother Guan’s!”

“What happened?” Bai Liu suddenly got up and asked angrily.

Qingdi Peak had two lines, medicine and acupuncture. The medicine line was mainly dominated by Qingnu, and had already left together with Qingnu. But Guan Yuli, the head of the acupuncture line, did not leave because his shizun was a direct disciple of Bai Liu. For the sake of his shizun, he temporarily stayed, and as a result, a group of acupuncture disciples also remained. They had been temporarily appeased by him, so how could something happen so suddenly.

How terrifying the pressure of a Synthesis stage cultivator was, the cultivator who brought the word immediately knelt down and almost trembled, “It is second brother Xiao and the others who took a fancy to senior uncle Jin’s green bamboo needles, and when grabbing it they injured senior uncle Jin…..”

Before he could finish speaking, Bai Liu had already rushed out.

That senior uncle Jin was Guan Yuli’s shizun, the head of the acupuncture vein. Guan Yuli had always been on good terms with Qingnu and was essentially her right-hand man. This time, the reason they didn’t leave together was because his shizun was attached to Qingdi Peak and didn’t want to leave, so he stayed temporarily. And Ah Jin, if it wasn’t for the serious injury he attained in the battle a hundred years ago, how could he just remain at the Golden Core Formation Stage and be injured by a few disobedient boys!

Was he usually too indulgent with those boys?! Even robbing their elders!

In just an instant, he was already in the hut on the peak where the blood bank was built.

The sons of his old friends had all fallen to the ground, with countless fresh bamboo branches sticking out of their bodies, groaning in pain, making his heart tighten.

Their cultivation levels had actually all been abolished!

“Guan Yuli!” Bai Liu was instantly furious, and with a flick of his fingers, he destroyed all the bamboo branches and gave them medicine, “You went too far!”

The handsome young man who was supporting a middle-aged cultivator and treating him with acupuncture raised his head, nodded at him, and said coldly: “Greetings to Peak Master Bai, if I came even a moment later, they would have urinated on Shizun’s body, the fact that I didn’t kill them is already the sign of the greatest restraint.”

“What did you say?” Bai Liu couldn’t believe what he heard, and looked at the young people on the ground: “Is this true?”

“Uncle Bai!” A naive-looking boy cried and said aggrievedly, “We just want to share your worries. We heard that the shopkeeper here has a set of green bamboo needles, which can automatically find acupoints for acupuncture, warm and nourish the blood, and can help people easily achieve masterhip of the Dao, that’s why we asked him for it. But he didn’t give it, and even said that we are dragging you down, insulting us and calling us lazy, and only then in a moment of pique we, we did a stupid thing…..”

The young man applying acupuncture needles smiled and said indifferently: “Although my green bamboo needles can automatically find acupoints and apply acupuncture to warm and nourish the blood, it is not something that such wastes of space like you could learn. Even the best brush will not be able to paint a good picture in the hands of trash.”

Becoming a divine physician with just a set of good needles?

The dozens of male and female disciples around the young man also sneered. This group of idiots had quite the imagination. If it was so, why would they still need to memorize Taiyi Nine Needles and other techniques, and how would they still need to graduate from practicing acupuncture on bronze figures before moving to real people, and even go as far as sticking each other with needles to practice for decades?

Did they really think their abilities were dropped in their laps by the wind?

“But that didn’t mean you had to abolish their cultivation base!” Bai Liu felt a great pain in his heart. The cultivation base of these children was accumulated from medicinal pills, but the human body had its own limit. The more medicinal pills were taken, the less effective they would be. In the end, the body couldn’t bear the strain, and might explode and die. Now that their cultivation base had been abolished, even if their ​​​​dantian was repaired, it would be nearly impossible to use medicinal pills to accumulate cultivation again.

Originally, they had a life span of hundreds of years, but now it was difficult to say whether they could even pass another hundred years.

“Peak Master.” The middle-aged cultivator who had not spoken this whole time finally spoke up. His robes were neatly arranged by his disciple, and he didn’t look very disheveled, but what happened to him just now couldn’t be clearer. He said slowly, “Thinking about it, I am also your disciple, and Yu Li is also your direct grand-disciple.”

Bai Liu was dumbfounded for a while, he naturally knew that.

“You are willing to face the entrustment of the dead, yet you are not willing to face the living people like us.” The middle-aged cultivator’s tone was calm and slow, “The acupuncture line was personally handed down from you, but you haven’t cared about it for a long time——the last time was almost a hundred years ago, when I accepted Yu Li as my disciple, you said that he was of the spiritual demon bloodline and should not have entered Qingdi Peak. I still accepted him in the end, but you never came to see me again, even afterwards when you had me collect spiritual demon blood and send it to your precious disciple, you only sent a disciple to relay this order. It was also what my apprentice said. The money for buying the spiritual demon blood was also paid by my disciple, otherwise, with my meager savings, it really wouldn’t have been enough to afford the amount your precious disciple needed.”

“Ah Jin…..” Even with his cultivation at the Synthesis stage, it was difficult for Bai to restrain his anger for a while, “How could I be someone who would renege on the money owed to you!”

“I won’t say anymore. When one is old and dying, one often thinks about the past. When I was being stepped on on the ground, I was just thinking, it’s okay for a bag of old bones like me to lose face, but I can’t drag my disciple down,” the middle-aged cultivator patted his disciple’s hand comfortingly, “Yu Li, I heard that Qingnu has been waiting for you for a long time, let’s go together.”

“It should have been this way a long time ago.” The young man put away the thin needles, his refined face showing no joy or anger. He only turned his head to look at the disciples under his command, “Go back and pack up, we will meet at Qingnu Peak.”

The young men and women behind him cheered at the same time and scattered.

Bai Liu was silent, watching Guan Yuli help his shizun up and walk towards the door.

Just when the two sides brushed past, Bai Liu closed his eyes deeply, and then slowly said: “After injuring my people, do you really think you can just leave?”


Yimeng Qingnu fought with the other two for a day, but to no avail.

So they went back to Feng Qingxiu to drink tea.

“Senior Sister Qingnu, you just ascended the mountain, shouldn’t you be very busy?” Feng Qingxiu asked suspiciously, why do you still have time to run around every day?

“Now this, you don’t know.” Huang Wei smiled and said, “Her wife didn’t come with her, without him, Qingnu would not be able to take care of the internal affairs, so now she is hiding from the group of Qingnu Peak people looking for her to make decisions on matters.”

“After he has persuaded his shizun to come over then he’ll leave. He has already made plans for Qingnu Peak from top to bottom. Those trivial matters will be solved after he comes over. In any case, it’s not like they’ll die if forced to wait a few more days,” Yimeng Qingnu said easily, “Ai, it would be nice if he was really my wife.”

“Yes, you deal with the outside while he deals with the inside.” You Jia smiled and said, “It’s just a pity about Xiao An’s unrequited love~”

Ying An looked at them blankly, not knowing what anything had to do with him.

Suddenly, Feng Qingxiu, who was holding his Net Spell, looked up at them: “Is that wife surnamed Guan?”

The four people looked at each other, and the other three l connected their Net Spell at the same time. Only You Jia asked Feng Qingxiu, “What happened?”

There was no other way, You Jia was the one who used up his online hours the fastest, and there was no time left in his Net Spell for today.

“F**k! Yu Li was seized by that idiot Bai Liu.” Qingnu stood up murderously, “Let’s go, you guys come with me!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

You Jia snatched Feng Qingxiu’s Net Spell with a tentacle, and immediately submitted a new post on it.

“Latest News: Fighting for Love——Yimeng Qingnu angrily goes up Qingdi Peak, could she get back her love? Please follow the live news of your Headline King You Jia”

It would definitely hit the headlines in seconds.

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