After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 172 Objective Factors

“The first time in the forty-sixth scene of “Black and White”, action.”

Zhou Yuanting and Ah Ze hid in the alley with a group of brothers. Ah Ze couldn’t hold on anymore. He was cut twice in the back, and in order to help Zhou Yuanting block the knife, he was also stabbed in the stomach. Blood gushed down his fingers. Ah Ze was sweating profusely in pain, and his veins were visible as he panted.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“No way, I can’t hold on anymore.” Ah Ze leaned against the dirty wall and slowly slid down the wall, his eyes were a little unfocused as he looked at Zhou Yuanting, who watched a brother also getting slashed a few times, yet still had no expression on his face: “Don’t you feel any pain?”

Zhou Yuanting leaned against the other wall and raised his head silently.

“It hurts so much.” Ah Ze clutched his stomach tightly, his whole body tense: “I was most afraid of pain when I was a child, but I ended up being a gangster. Do you know why I rushed to the front every time I fought? Because I was afraid dammit. I felt ashamed when I stepped back, so I could only rush forward. When those people saw that my momentum was so fierce, they would become afraid first.”

As Ah Ze said this, he took another breath, and then heard Zhou Yuanting ask him, “Why?”

“What?” Ah Ze raised his head and looked at Zhou Yuanting. Zhou Yuanting also lowered his head at the same time, and their eyes met. The look in Zhou Yuanting’s eyes was very complicated. It seemed to still be the same indifferent and aloof arrogance, as if he looked down on hoodlums like them. But in the depths of his eyes, there was a bit of uncertainty, gratefulness, and wavering. His eyes were particularly bright in the dark alley, and a drop of blood slid from his forehead across the bridge of his nose, giving him a kind of aura of one who just pretended to be strong but was actually fragile.

“Why did you come here?” There was no change in the tone, no choking, no sadness, but the tone, its naturalness, the shuddering effect that gave people goosebumps when they heard it.

The sense of drama surged all of a sudden.

Ah Ze was covered in sweat from the pain, but suddenly smiled: “I think of you as a brother. I was afraid that something would happen to you.”

In the end, it wasn’t Ah Ting who met with an accident, it was himself: “Sooner or later, those on the streets like us, would encounter this day. Those of us who are just grunts either try hard to hack people or end up being hacked to death by others. I already expected this.”

“Ah Ting!” Ah Ze raised his head and looked at Zhou Yuanting, who held his back straight against the wall even though he was bleeding: “Do you really like elder sister-in-law?”

Zhou Yuanting didn’t answer.

Ah Ze smiled, with the hint of a dreamy look on his face: “Elder sister-in-law is really beautiful. I have slept with so many girls, but none of them were more beautiful than elder sister-in-law. You have a good eye. You are handsome, and girls like you. But you don’t sleep with any of them…..”

When Ah Ze spoke up to here, he suddenly took a few harsh breaths: “But elder sister-in-law, you can’t…..”

Ah Ze’s whole body suddenly slackened, and the hand covering his stomach slowly slid down, lying in the corner without moving.

Zhou Yuanting closed his eyes and looked up at the sky. Then, with his blood-stained right hand, he took out a pack of cigarettes from his trouser pocket and lit one up. The flame flickered slightly, and the cigarette smoldered. Zhou Yuanting leaned against the wall and repeated softly: “Being a grunt, if you don’t try hard to hack people, you will be hacked to death by others.” Even when sleeping girls you couldn’t sleep with the prettiest.

The camera captured the moment from the sky. Outside the alley, the sun was shining brightly, and there was a lot of traffic. A group of extras wielded machetes and iron rods to search back and forth aggressively on the street. In the dark and narrow alley full of debris, Zhou Yuanting was standing, and Ah Ze laid on the ground covered in blood. Several brothers huddled around them anxiously like fearful mice.


Du Ze, who was slumped on the ground like a dead fish, suddenly opened his eyes and gave a thumbs up in Tao Mu’s direction. The family knows their own affairs. Although he had already prepared well, without the cooperation of Tao Mu, Du Ze would not have entered the scene so quickly. His emotions couldn’t have been so complete either.

Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, was also very satisfied. What he liked most about Tao Mu was not how good Tao Mu’s acting was. Tao Mu’s acting was really good. The level was definitely on the top of the line. But what Director Xu admired most about Tao Mu was that he could bring his fellow actor into the scene every time he acted. Instead of only caring about his own performance, only caring about his own screen presence.

Anyway, Director Xu felt that every time Tao Mu’s scenes were filmed, the picture was the most harmonious and the most impactful. Of course also the best looking.

Because of Tao Mu’s high level of cooperation and Du Ze’s own preparations, the filming of this boxed lunch scene went very smoothly. Although it did not take just one shot, there was no NG. Just a lot of extra shots for closeups and the like. Du Ze ran behind Director Xu and watched the video playback, and was very satisfied with his performance.

Of course, he was most thankful towards Tao Mu’s cooperation. If Tao Mu’s acting skills were not so contagious, Du Ze thought he would never have gotten into the scene so deeply. Especially the line he recited before his death made even his own nose sting.

“It’s time to eat!”

Director Xu did what he said and let everyone off to eat lunch after filming the scene.

Du Ze hurriedly ran to the script supervisor to get two boxes of lunch, and hurriedly ran back to Tao Mu. Then he gave Tao Mu the chicken drumsticks in his lunch box. Thanking Tao Mu for helping him act so seriously.

Because of his good performance, and being recognized by his colleague, Tao Mu, who received chicken drumsticks, was also very happy. Because he liked to eat chicken drumsticks. Especially the special braised chicken drumsticks in Hong Kong which were really delicious.

He should find some time to learn the recipe. When he returned to Beijing in the future, he could make it himself whenever he got a craving.

“I heard that Tao Mu’s cooking skills are also very good.” Fang Ruoti said with a smile: “I wonder when you could let us have a taste?”

“There will definitely be a chance.” Tao Mu was in a good mood: “When you come to Beijing, I will definitely be the host. I will cook a good meal at home to entertain the distinguished guests.”

As soon as these words came out, the several bigwigs were very satisfied. It didn’t matter if Mr. Tao’s words were sincere or he was just being polite, everyone was very satisfied with this attitude.

As he was talking, he saw several black cars being parked on the side of the street. The doors opened, and a row of men in black got out of the cars menacingly. One of them opened the rear door of the car in front, and an old man in his sixties in a dapper suit stepped out of the car with a smile. Behind him was a young man in his twenties who looked very handsome.

“What a pompous entrance.” Du Ze leaned over to Tao Mu and explained quietly, “It’s the gang leader in Causeway Bay. But don’t worry, he’s not here to make trouble for the crew. He likes acting. Our crew wants to film in Causeway Bay. For the location shoot, they help close the streets and maintain street order. The only requirement is to make a cameo.”

The cameo appearance was still a mob boss. After the death of Ah Ze, Zhou Yanqing’s mob boss negotiated with the mob boss of Causeway Bay.

Du Ze bumped Tao Mu’s shoulder with his own and whispered, “Don’t be afraid.”

Tao Mu chuckled: “I’m not afraid.”

What was there to be afraid of, Hong Kong had returned to the mainland for many years now. Even if he was a mafia bigshot back then, he had to do proper law-abiding business now. Didn’t people see that bigshot smiling politely when he saw Yan Sheng?

Tao Mu paid more attention to the young man behind the boss. Because that person was the white paper fan who liked Shen Yu in his previous life——what was he called again?

Seemingly noticing Tao Mu’s scrutiny, the young man also turned his head. After pondering for a moment, he walked up and stretched out his hand: “Hello, Mr. Tao. I’m Liang Shuwen.”

“Hello.” Tao Mu nodded, shook Liang Shuwen’s hand briefly, and said, “Tao Mu.”

“I know you.” When Liang Shuwen said this, he suddenly smiled: “Your employees are very impressive.”

Ah? Tao Mu was a little bewildered. Why did the conversation suddenly involve his employees?

Liang Shuwen explained: “I went to a bar last night. When I came out, I was entangled by two reporters. They claimed to be expatriate reporters from and asked me to do an interview so that I could talk about the car accident.”

He paused briefly, and as if afraid that Tao Mu didn’t understand the context, Liang Shuwen explained considerately: “The reason why the actor named Shen Yu in your crew had a car accident was that he accidentally collided with my car. I saw him crying quite fiercely at the time, and I thought he was injured. So I sent him to the hospital. I didn’t think it would bring so much trouble to Mr. Tao because of this.”

“Because of my fault, Mr. Tao’s family was scolded by netizens. Although I have explained it clearly in the interview, I still feel very sorry.” As Liang Shuwen spoke to here, he suggested very seriously: “But Mr. Tao can be rest assured, we have already resolved the complaints from the Hospital Authority and the hospital in question.”

Now what was this about the Hospital Authority and the hospital complaining?

When Liang Shuwen saw that Tao Mu was really ignorant he continued explaining.

According to the laws of Hong Kong, it was illegal for a reporter from to bribe a doctor to directly reveal Shen Yu’s medical case. So after the news of the fake car accident broke out, someone brought their complaints about the hospital to the HA. The hospital also sued the irregular operation of

Liang Shuwen felt that this matter had something to do with him, and he also felt that he should not offend and Xiaoheng Capital for the sake of a stranger. So he asked his father to come forward and push things down. Not only had the HA been settled, but even the gossip tabloids have been suppressed.

In fact, everything had already been settled and done with. Liang Shuwen came over this time just to show his goodwill. After all, he had done all the hard work, so he had to let the other know. Lest the wink was aimed at a blind man. (TN: pointless endeavor)

Tao Mu was a little intrigued. He felt that what Liang Shuwen said was very interesting. Saying that Shen Yu collided with his car, wasn’t the subject and object of the sentence switched?

But recalling that Liang Shuwen was also a top student who graduated from Hong Kong University. Tao Mu felt that Liang Shuwen would not be that stupid.

However, Tao Mu was very curious about what kind of stimulation had provoked this Liang Shuwen. In the last life, until his death, he regarded Shen Yu as the only light in the darkness, the only salvation in his tragic life. Nothing had happened yet in this life, but Shen Yu had already turned into a scam artist in his eyes? He also actively contacted the Hospital Authority and local media to help FlyNews employees deal with the aftermath.

Why didn’t Tao Mu know that Liang Shuwen actually had such a helpful side?

He was puzzled in his heart, but it didn’t delay Tao Mu saying his thanks in person. Because of this little episode, Tao Mu also stepped forward to thank Liang Shuwen’s father.

Liang Shuwen’s father smiled and invited Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng to dinner. Tao Mu pondered a little, and only said that he would contact Li Xiaoheng. He did not give a definite answer in person. He could make decisions for himself, but he didn’t want to make decisions for Li Xiaoheng. Although the two had already begun to date, Tao Mu’s head had always been very clear.

Father Liang didn’t mind either. After chatting a bit more, he began to actively discuss how to act in the next scene——he really did come to make a cameo appearance with sincerity. He was a bigshot who liked to act very much.

The only regret was that he was limited by his identity. After so many years of acting, he did not even get a nomination for the best supporting actor.

On the other side, Shen Yu also recognized this helpful person who knocked him down and sent him to the hospital. He smiled and greeted: “So it’s you? Why are you here?”

“Second young master Shen.” Liang Shuwen nodded at Shen Yu, expression and tone ndifferent.

Tao Mu was affected by his previous life and thought that Liang Shuwen’s performance was very strange. However, he forgot to consider the objective circumstances.

In the last life, Shen Yu was the young master of the Shen family, and he had always had a good reputation in the circle. Because Tao Mu made things difficult for him, he ran out of the crew in a fit of pique. The result was that he ended up colliding with Liang Shuwen’s car. Although not injured, he was indeed frightened. And because Liang Shuwen sent him to the hospital, Shen Yu intuitively believed that Liang Shuwen was a good person. No matter what outsiders say, Shen Yu always insisted on standing by Liang Shuwen’s side and defending him.

It was the first time Liang Shuwen met a person like Shen Yu. He felt that Shen Yu, who was carefully cared for and raised by the Shen family, was a delicate white lotus in a glass bottle. Isolated from the filthy real world, his whole body exuded a holy light from heaven.

However, in this life, before Liang Shuwen even met Shen Yu, he had already seen all kinds of black materials about Shen Yu on the Internet. Later, because of Shen Yu’s involvement, he almost offended the powerful Xiaoheng Capital and, which had a huge public opinion influence. To him, Shen Yu was practically equated with trouble.

In addition, broke the conspiracy theory that Shen Yu staged a fake car accident to guide public opinion——even if Liang Shuwen indeed lacked love and yearned for the light, he would never have fallen in love at first sight with this scandal-ridden person when they meet for the first time.

The objective conditions that could affect Liang Shuwen were gone. And if Liang Shuwen could still subjectively fall in love with Shen Yu at first sight. Now that would be a weird thing indeed.

Liang Shuwen was the white paper fan of the gang, that is, the military advisor and think tank of the gang. Although part of the reason was the influence of his background and the help of his father. But Liang Shuwen’s head was absolutely working fine.

And the reason why he liked Shen Yu so much in his last life was not only because Shen Yu showed a pure and kind side, but also because of Shen Yu’s connections, which facilitated the cooperation between the Liang family and the Shen family, and also promoted the whitewashing process of the Liang family. This was actually the most important reason.

Liang Shuwen felt that it was Shen Yu who dragged him from darkness into light. Coupled with the admiration that comes from an unrequited love mentality, the mutual fermentation of interests and feelings was an important reason for Liang Shuwen to devote himself to Shen Yu.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was a pity that in this life, Tao Mu’s constantly broke the news of Shen Yu’s black material. Shen Yu’s biggest bargaining chip to attract admirers was gone. Therefore, the drama of love at first sight would naturally be a rare if not obsolete occurrence.

AN: Small skit——

Plot halo: if love at first sight won’t work, then there is still falling in love over time. I will never die that easily _(:з」∠)_

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