Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 065 Extra The Days With The Celestial Demon King Part II

Qing had accompanied the Xing Dao Master for a long time.

He had practically been by his side to witness how he achieved the title of the Xing Dao Master since the start.

In the hundreds of years of mutual getting used to each other, Qing felt that he had firmly established the position of the Sect Leader’s virtuous wife.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

And occasionally when Ji Yunlai needed to feel within his sea of consciousness, he would let Qing guard his body——he was not afraid that Qing would dare to take possession of his body, he had enough back-up measures in place.

And Qing actually quite liked the days when he could use a body occasionally.

He could look quietly in the mirror, standing all day.

Then imagine that he and Yun were looking at each other and smiling.

Of course, it was not only looking in the mirror that he did. He would clean up the whole house and plant flowers and other decorative plants in the yard.

They were all easy to maintain flowers and plants that could live well without having to do much maintenance.

He also quietly engraved the names of Qing and Ji Yunlai on the flower seeds.

The white camellias bloomed one after another, like a pure white mass of clouds.


The magical barrier set up by Yun Lai around the entire residence prevented it from becoming dirty or dusty, but it was too monotonous and bland. So Qing would engrave some things to bring more life to the place.

He would watch birds sing in the woods and carve wood carvings of birds.

Carve out a clump of grass with lifelike grasshoppers on it and bees and butterflies on small flowers.

He would extract a variety of colored paints from plants, and spend time applying them exactly the same way.

Then place it in the house as decoration.

But what he carved the most was Ji Yunlai.

He wanted to carve out his happy appearance, but couldn’t.

Since he first met him, he had never seen the other smile or laugh.


Qing quietly discovered that now Yun liked to discuss with him whenever there was something.

He didn’t even notice it himself!

Qing was very excited and worked harder.

The sects in the Central Continent were very hostile, such that Qing even wanted to show the majesty of the Great Celestial Demon King and personally bring hundreds of millions of celestial demon subordinates to their doors and deal with them, teach them a good lesson.

Only for Yun to say that his demonic intent was not fully removed, and locked him in the little black house for a long time.

Qing was very sad, he felt that he would never get used to the little black house.

He could no longer get used to the days when he couldn’t feel the other.


After coming out of the little black house, Qing told Yun very seriously that it was not a demonic intent, but love, the desire to protect, which was born out of love. Yun had wronged him and should apologize.

Yun apologized mildly, and told him that next time he had such thoughts, he would still lock him up.

Qing asked: Do you not believe me?

Yun asked: Why should I believe in a celestial demon?

For the first time, Qing felt that having feelings was also a very hateful thing.


Qing wrote a love poem, but dared not show it to Yun.

So he buried it in the ground. It was just an ordinary stone anyway, and Yun wouldn’t care whether there were words on a stone or not.

Almost every time he was given control of Yun’s body, Qing wrote on a stone and buried it.

Finally one day, the already grown white camellia slapped him in the face with a branch.

It was only then he realized that it was not the first time that he had accidentally dug up its roots.

Burying so many stones that it had to deeply dig its roots into the ground so that it could even eat the soil nutrients…..


After using special spiritual soil to soothe the white camellia, which already had developed some spiritual energy, it finally stopped resisting him from burying stones.

He also made an effort to bury smaller stones.


Yun seemed to have found out something, and he hadn’t come out and also ignored him in recent days.

Qing thought about the various daily life experiences of the human race, and became curious, wanting to feel what human beings felt.

So he tried to cook.

The rice had no flavor.

The taste of the meat was also just average.

On the contrary, pepper, dogwood, star anise, dried tangerine peel, and cumin tasted delicious.

He ate up several large packets of seasoning.


When Ji Yunlai came out, even with his physique of a Human Immortal, he felt a little discomfort in his stomach.

Qing told him he liked the pungent taste of dogwood, but unfortunately he ate up all he could find on Kun-Lai Mountain.

Ji Yunlai was silent for a while, then locked him in his little black house again.


Qing felt so bad he wanted to cry.

He didn’t understand, didn’t people eat more of what they wanted? What wrong did he commit?

So he argued with Yun, saying that punishing without teaching is knowingly performing cruelty. It was wrong to punish him if he didn’t tell him what wrong he committed.

Ji Yunlai felt that this was reasonable.

Then locked him up in the little black house for a few days more.


Qing was stunned when he was finally released.

He actually ate the food made by Yun himself.

One hundred and eight dishes, from cold dishes to main dishes, from soups to desserts, not one less.

He had long heard that when Yun was taking care of the orphaned or abandoned children back then, he specially bought cooking recipes, and cooked for them as a reward. It was actually true!

Using their spiritual energy to maintain the temperature, Qing ate for several days.

He was both frightened and moved to tears.

Ji Yunlai said coldly that he was not allowed to cry with his body.

Qing felt that the body of a Human Immortal was really amazing.

Yun’s cooking was really delicious, and Yun actually cooked for him!

So satisfied, rolling in happiness!

Ji Yunlai did not hesitate to lock him up in the little black house once again.


Qing was locked up willingly for the first time.


After being released, Qing sealed the last remaining fingertip-sized jade cake in amber and buried it in the ground.

Ji Yunlai had long been aware of his habit and didn’t say anything.


Finally, one day, Qing found that his spiritual body began to condense.

Originally, it was just a trace of spiritual presence in the sea of ​​consciousness, but now there was a slight solidness to it, although it was so slight that it could be ignored.

This was a sign that he had been away from the Celestial Demon Realm for too long and had begun to be assimilated into the world.

Qing hid this finding carefully and did not tell Yun.

As careful as guarding his love for the other.


Ji Yunlai found out that Qing didn’t like coming out recently.

Saying that he was researching something that could help him.

After Ji Yunlai looked it over, he realized that it was just a wrong idea, a theory that had gone astray, so he didn’t bother with him anymore.

After exchanging moves against the several Human Immortals in the Central Continent a few times, he had to make preparations.


Qing asked Yun if he was afraid of the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation.

Ji Yunlai thought it was very strange, how could he be afraid of the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation? Qing was the terrifying Celestial Demon King that he had purposely attracted with his promotion to the Human Immortal stage…..No, he was far from recovering his cultivation at that time, he had just used countless Celestial Demon Seals in combination with the danger of entering a higher spiritual level to catch Qing.

At that time, Qing almost broke free from the cage he set.

But after getting Qing, the rest of the tribulations Human Immortals must face had no effect.

So naturally he was not afraid.

If it was an ordinary cultivator at the Synthesis Stage, they would naturally be extremely vigilant and reflect on their body and mind at any time, because the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation was invisible and traceless. When they reach the peak of the cultivation stage, they wouldn’t even feel that the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation had already come, and only become affected by ordinary subtle influences, falling into the grasps of their inner demons and resulting in their cultivation base that had been built over a thousand years to be destroyed in a single moment.

After getting a fearless answer, Qing replied that that was good.


Qing remembered that Yun once calculated the method of rebirth, which he said was specially designed for spiritual bodies.

It was just that the requirements were too high, and there were almost no souls that could use that kind of spiritual method. As long as there was enough blood essence, a complete body of flesh and blood would be born.

Yun didn’t like him using this method.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Saying that his birth would inevitably endanger the world, causing endless calamities.


Yun didn’t like it, so naturally he wouldn’t use it.

In fact, he only practiced this spiritual method just to cover up his more and more solidified spiritual body.


Until the day Yun found out.

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  1. Thank you for your efforts in translating!!!

    This was so beautifully bittersweet. Qing is so adorable. And the carving in the past as in the present is such a sweet touch


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