These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 034 Trouble Is Coming

Xiya swore that he really just wanted to get some water so that Lei Jin would wake up earlier, but after taking off his shirt and seeing the clearly visible traces left by Moya on his chest, he felt envy, jealousy, frustration, and all kinds of emotions. And it was also rare to see the always alert and strong female lying here so well-behaved, motionless, at his mercy, that his suppressed thoughts were like cracking of the ice surface of the lake in early spring, little cracks becoming big cracks until all the ice was completely melted, unable to be stopped even if he wanted to.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xiya used a claw to carefully untie the knots on Lei Jin’s clothes. The shirt was parted to both sides, and the two swollen cherry reds were naturally revealed. The wind in the wilderness blew through, and caused them to become a little bit more erect. Xiya motioned to the side for the jumping little fox to be quiet and not wake up Lei Jin. With four paws pressed on either side of Lei Jin, he couldn’t help lowering his head, his rough tongue licking and bringing with a scorching heat, from top to bottom, stopping at Lei Jin’s belly button where it gently licked in circular motions. Just as he was about to continue, he heard Lei Jin groan softly.

“Hmph, didn’t I say already, he’ll wake up eventually, yet you still play around.” If the little fox could also make human expressions, it could probably be called a smug face at this moment.

No matter how much reluctance he felt, Xiya could only stop.

When the little fox saw that the werebeast got up, he jumped on Lei Jin excitedly, and said, “It’s finally my turn.”

Xiya wanted to swipe it down immediately, but seeing that Lei Jin’s brows were already wrinkled and was about to wake up soon, and this little fox didn’t seem to mean to hurt Lei Jin, he took two more steps back.

The little fox’s soft little paws stepped on Lei Jin’s chest, and he also stretched out his little tongue to lick it, only to see Xiya’s eyes turning green, a low roar in his throat rumbling in warning.

Lei Jin woke up slowly from the coma. The first thing he felt was that he was a little dizzy. He raised his hand and pressed his temple, struggled to open his eyes, and sat up from the ground. Only then did he see his short open wide and his chest bare with a hint of wetness. Lei Jin thought of something, and his face changed slightly. The moment Lei Jin got up, the little fox slid onto his lap, where it smacked a kiss on his waist.

It was only then that Lei Jin noticed the little fox on him. Recalling what had happened when he had fainted suddenly just now, and that it must be the doing of the little fox, he grabbed its big tail, narrowed his long and narrow peach eyes, raised his hand, and threw it away.

The little fox drew a graceful parabola in the air. Head down, face-planting into the bushes on the side.

“Ah! My face is disfigured…..” The little fox wailed.

“Come here and help me up.” Lei Jin closed his clothes and glanced at Xiya with a half-smile.

Actually, Xiya wanted to see if Lei Jin knew what happened just now? Although he was not as afraid of being beaten as his youngest brother, he felt it was best to learn how Lei Jin acted before he could think of a countermeasure. At this moment, seeing that Lei Jin was no different from usual, he came over and lay next to Lei Jin. Beside him, Lei Jin used Xiya’s body to try to stand up. Although he still couldn’t exert his strength on his legs, he was almost back to normal after taking a few steps.

“What was that just now?” Lei Jin asked.

“It’s the illusion fox, it may be small, but many werebeasts are afraid to come across it. The mist that spews out from the tail of this little thing could knock out an adult male werebeast. If you see this little thing in the future, remember to stay away. Don’t fall for its trap.” Xiya explained patiently, knowing from Lei Jin’s personality, he knew that he was not the kind who could stay at home and wait for the werebeasts to bring prey home. It was very likely he would go out in the future many times, so giving him a warning now was not a bad idea.

“Then can it become a human?” Don’t blame Lei Jin for thinking wildly, since he knew that this world was full of werebeasts, and also personally saw Mingya transform from a little furry guy to a male werebeast, whenever he saw Qi Luo family’s pet dog, Ah Huang, he couldn’t help but look twice, wondering if it would suddenly become a werebeast one day.

Xiya laughed and said, “No, the fox clan cannot shift. After you have been here for a longer time, you will know that there are only a few ethnic groups that can shift into a human form.”

Lei Jin thought to himself, he was not interested in these shape-shifting races at all, so long as he could find a way back. He was just asking casually.

Xiya proposed to pick some wild fruits before going back, and Lei Jin naturally did not object. Xiya was very familiar with the terrain and led the way in the front while Lei Jin picked the fruits he said were edible. Turning around a few big trees, the trees in front were visibly more sparse, the weeds were no more higher than a person’s knees, and the grass had brown branches spread amongst it. Lei Jin saw a leaf that seemed very familiar, bent down and pulled up a vine. A bunch of purple and green fruits hung between the branches and leaves, it actually turned out to be some wild grapes and this place also turned out to be a field of wild grapes.

Lei Jin picked a full purple one, wiped it casually, and put it in his mouth.

Xiya looked back and seeing this, hurriedly shouted, “You can’t eat this.”

Lei Jin smacked his lips twice, and said in disagreement, “It tastes really good.” It was quite sweet. This Xiya was making an overly big fuss, becoming shocked so easily, sooner or later he would be frightened sick.

Xiya was still a little worried and said, “Are you really all right? I haven’t seen anyone else eat this kind of fruit before.”

“You haven’t? Roger should like it.” Lei Jin didn’t dare to put the grapes in his clothes pocket. If it broke accidentally, the juice stains wouldn’t be able to be washed out.

After hearing what he said, Xiya went to pick a lot of large leaves and came back. Lei Jin pulled the vines up from the grass and picked the bunches with many purple grapes. While picking, he tasted a few more. It turned out that not all of them were sweet, and some were so sour that his teeth stung. Xiya also helped, but his claws were too sharp and the grape skins were thin. The grapes he picked always end up being squished.

“Huh?” Lei Jin was moved, if he saw it right, was that green onion growing in the grass?

“This wild vegetable can be eaten when it is fresh and tender. It’s a bit spicy and tastes good, but now it’s too old to eat it.” Xiya recognized it, and he had seen many females in the tribe picking it.

“You take out its roots.” Wasn’t Xiya’s claws sharp? This was where it came in handy.

Although Xiya was a little puzzled, it was not difficult for him, and he didn’t ask any more questions. He swiped twice with his claws, and the round roots below were exposed.

Sure enough, it was an onion, and Lei Jin pulled it out with all his strength.

Lei Jin and Xiya searched for and found a dozen more in the grass. Lei Jin pulled a tough vine and tied it around the big leaves and hung it around Xiya’s neck.

The two also found a few wild pheasant eggs in the bushes.

Dark clouds gathered, the sky gradually darkened, a few bright lights flashed, and the thunder sounded from far to near.

“It’s going to rain.” Xiya shouted excitedly.

“What’s so surprising about the rain?” Lei Jin rolled his eyes, he had never seen rain before? Did he have to be so excited?

“You don’t know, if the rain is heavy enough, the tribe might be able to escape this catastrophe.” Xiya said happily, his purple eyes full of anticipation for the rain.

“However, I think our top priority now is to go home quickly, right?” Lei Jin looked at the darkening sky, mouth twitching, and asked a very practical question.

The smell of earth in the wind became heavier.

Xiya lowered his body and motioned for Lei Jin to come up. As usual, he used his tail to secure the other. As soon as Lei Jin sat firmly, a white shadow rushed into his arms. It turned out to be the little fox just now, actually following over without him knowing it. Lei Jin no longer appreciated whether it was cute or beautiful now, he grabbed its tail and wanted to throw it out, but the little fox’s claws dug fiereck into his sleeves, and its little head rubbed against his arms.

“Don’t pull…..don’t pull…..I’m afraid of thunder…..” The fox said tremblingly and as the thunder got closer, the little fox’s body also trembled more and more.

LXiya naturally knew that an extra weight was on his back, and thinking that Lei Jin would not like to see the little fox, he said, “Lei Jin, foxes are naturally afraid of thunder. Let’s take him back first, and if you still don’t like it, when it’s sunny, just throw it out.”

“That’s right, when it’s sunny, even if you miss this young master, this young master may not be willing to stay. Everyone loves me so much, the flowers would bloom and even the bees would be attracted when they see me.” Unexpectedly, this werebeast was willing to help him out at a critical time. At most, next time, this young master would help him to knock this female out for a longer time, so that he could do it to his satisfaction. This female’s really too cruel, isn’t it just being knocked out for a little bit? He even threw this young master over and over again, so he deserved to be pressed down. The little fox secretly made up his mind, but the fox was cunning and fickle by nature, how long its determination could last was very debatable.

Seeing it like this, Lei Jin no longer insisted. They went back along the way they came, put the firewood on their backs, and walked out of the woods. Xiya spread his golden wings and flew high.

The dark clouds were very low, and the thunder seemed to roll past their ears. The little fox wanted nothing more than to lift the female’s clothes and burrow inside, but Lei Jin’s hand pressed it down on Xiya’s back, and it was unable to move an inch.

This time, Xiya did not stop at the entrance of the tribe, and flew directly to the direction of home. The small raindrops were already beginning to fall, but the strange thing was that there were many people standing on the street, hugging each other, pointing at the sky, and shouting loudly. Speaking about something, their tone was very excited, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Someone raised their heads and recognizing Xiya, waved their hands to say hello.

Xiya landed at the door, and then changed into human form. The two entered the door, Moya and the others were still not there. But Roger was sitting at the door on a bench, talking about something with Mingya.

Seeing Lei Jin coming back, Mingya jumped up cheerfully, but stopped halfway and stared at the little fox in Lei Jin’s arms.

Lei Jin took the little fox out of his arms, threw it to Mingya and said, “To be your company.”

“How dare you throw this young master again!” Although it shouted indignantly, its body landed lightly and nimbly on the ground.

“Why did you come to my house? And even in the arms of Mingya’s female?” Mingya raised his right front paw and pressed the little fox under his paw, accusing with dissatisfaction.

Lei Jin ignored the two furballs, and took out the grapes he was holding in his arms, and said, “Roger, look what I found?”

Roger’s eyes flashed, and he said happily, “It turned out to be grapes? Where did you find it?”

The two simply brought in a basin of water, put the grapes in, and ate them while rinsing it. Lei Jin told Roger what happened this afternoon, and of course he didn’t forget to mention the green onions.

Roger took it over and looked at it. He had seen this kind of wild vegetable before, and he even picked the leaves and came back to make soup, but he didn’t even know that the root at the bottom was actually an onion. It was not surprising, after all, for someone like Roger who barely ever entered the kitchen, he had only seen the top part of onions, and as for what the underpart looked like, he had no idea.

Xiya went to put away the firewood. When he entered the house, the raindrops outside had begun to get bigger, and it was like a cloud of white fog. There was rain dripping from the eaves, and the voices of people on the street could be vaguely heard.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Papa, it’s raining, our tribe should be able to get through this time safely.” Xiya pulled a stool and sat down.

“That might also not be the case.” Roger frowned while looking at the door, then lowered his head and continued to peel the grapes in his hands.

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