These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 035 A Solution

“What the hell is going on?” Lei Jin fed the grapes he had rinsed to Mingya, who came over, and finally couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s a long story.” Xiya said.

“Then keep it simple.” He wasn’t interested in listening to stories being told slowly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay, I’ll try to keep it simple. It’s like this. The place where our Leopard Tribe is located is very rich in rain and has many water sources. It’s a rare and good place. Although it is the rainy season on the grasslands now, this year’s precipitation is abnormally low.” Xiya gave him a slightly helpless look.

Lei Jin nodded and motioned him to continue. Thinking about it, there was indeed not much rain this year. He had been in this world for nearly two months, and he had only seen it rain once when he was in the cave.

“We are fine here, but the grasslands in the south have begun to dry up in large areas, and many rivers have also begun to dry up. Many animals on the grasslands have begun to migrate north, and must pass through here. In truth, I have not seen this personally, only heard it from the elders in the tribe that there would be herds of wild elephants, rhinos and large antelopes that would rush into the tribe, and it was very difficult to drive them out. Everytime they left, the tribe settlement would be destroyed and it took a long time to rebuild.” Xiya crossed his legs and rubbed his brows, a headache building.

“Every year?” Lei Jin asked.

“No, it would only happen once every twenty years, which is called the cyclical year.” This time Roger replied, he had seen it once before. He happened to come across it the year he came to this world, but the impression it left was very deep. Herds of animals came in like a tide, and the people in the tribe had to move to a few large caves in the jungle to live a cave life until these animals were willing to retreat.

“Once in twenty years?” Lei Jin frowned slightly and repeated, “So regular?”

Mingya licked Lei Jin’s fingers, signaling for more, and the little fox also scooched over, trying to get a share, but Mingya’s paw slapped it into the corner unceremoniously.

“En. But we don’t know what’s the cause.” Xiya agreed, and got up to see that the rain outside seemed to be getting smaller again.

“The sea is on the south side of this continent. Every year during the rainy season, there is more southwesterly wind, and during the dry season, there is a northeasterly wind. In normal years, even in the dry season, animals in the southern grasslands migrate further south across the continent, because there would be an opposite season in the south, but every 20 years, animals in the southern grasslands would migrate northward uncharacteristically. Although a large number of animals would die on the way, those that arrive here should not be underestimated.” Roger explained clearly. Although he didn’t quite understand the reason for this, he always felt that there was an inexplicable connection with the forbidden area in the jungle, because everything was too coincidental, every twenty years without change.

“There’s no way to stop it?” No matter what, he lived here now, and he didn’t want to share a bed with a group of wild elephants and rhinos, so that’s why he also had to figure out a solution for this matter.

“There are just too many. The strength of the werebeasts in the tribe added together is not even strong enough to resist. The tribe also tried to resist back a long time ago, but there were many casualties.” Xiya replied.

Mingya lay down obediently and stopped eating grapes. Lei Jin knew from his look that he must have heard this before as well.

“The rain has stopped.” Roger said calmly.

“It seems that what should come can not be escaped. I originally thought that there would be heavy rain this time, and the drought in the grasslands in the south could be relieved, and they would not migrate to the north.” Xiya’s brows were furrowed in a rare trace of worry.

The dark clouds that seemed so thick quickly dissipated, and the northeast wind blew again.

An Sen asked someone to bring a message back, saying that they would not come back for dinner tonight, so they only made something casually for dinner. After eating, Xiya also went out. Lei Jin threw the little fox and Mingya on the same bed and let them get along with each other while he went to take a bath in the creek. Although the rain was not heavy today, the water in the creek was quite cold, and he washed quickly.

Looking at this situation, Moya and the others might not come back tonight. Lei Jin was used to sleeping naked, so he stripped himself off, wrapped himself in a blanket, and slept on Moya’s bed.

Lei Jin woke up from the heat. One side of the blanket had been lifted. In the darkness, only a shadow could be seen licking the cherry red on his chest. Lei Jin immediately straightened his back.

Reaching out and pushing him away, he asked hoarsely, “Moya?”

Moya’s mouth was quite busy, and only took a brief moment to respond.

“Get up, Moya.” Lei Jin said in a low voice, taking into account the presence of Xiya and Mingya on both sides of this room, and his hand grabbed and pushed at Moya’s shoulders.

But what answered him was the deliberately increased force on his chest and the rough friction he felt on his lower half.

“Damn it, what do you want to do, Moya?”

The rhythm of Moya’s hands was also getting faster and faster, Lei Jin’s forehead prickled with sweat, he arched his neck, closed his mouth tightly, and tried his best to control the moans from slipping out, his vision and thoughts gradually falling into a blurred state. Moya suddenly grabbed the front end, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Does it feel good?”

Lei Jin gritted his teeth and scolded him: “F**k off…..ungh…..” But because of Moya’s sudden letting go, he instantly found release.

“Shh, they’re all asleep. Be quieter.” Lei Jin seemed to hear Moya chuckle, and his thin lips that smelled of fruit wine pressed against his, swallowing any response.

The two of them ‘fought’ on the bed silently, pushing and blocking, such that the blanket wrapped around them was kicked to the ground, and neither of them knew it. Lei Jin kicked him with his legs, which just gave Moya the opportunity to raise his waist, and fingers sticky with liquid easily slipped between Lei Jin’s buttocks, rubbing gently at the entrance at the back.

Lei Jin widened his eyes and shouted, “You dare…..”

The lips that had moved behind his ear were back to blocking his again.

“Hnn hnn…..” F**k off.

A finger suddenly entered, Lei Jin gasped, his body stiffened, and he clamped down reflexively.

“Relax.” Moya whispered against his lips.

“Why don’t you try it.” Lei Jin gritted his teeth.

“Hey, did you change lovers tonight?” The little fox jumped on the pillow and swept Lei Jin’s face with his big tail.

“Illusion fox? Where did it come from?” Moya saw the fox suddenly appearing on their bed.

“Take it out.”


“Don’t pretend to be dumb.”

“Oh.” Moya sighed reluctantly, knowing that the time had passed, he had to accept his fate and pull out his finger, and couldn’t help but hate the little fox that suddenly came out to disrupt the situation.

The little fox shrank its head and defended: “Werebeasts are so cunning, it’s clearly your female who won’t let you do it, yet you blame me. Who told you to be so loud? This young master was already asleep but got woken up by you guys. I haven’t even complained about you disturbing this young master’s sleep.” The little fox said as it backed away, turned around and jumped out of bed with a “swoosh”, running back to Mingya’s room.

It was rare for Lei Jin to see Moya so deflated, and his mood finally eased up a little. He felt the scorching heat against his legs, and snorted coldly, kicked the other, and said, “Solve it yourself.”

Picking up the blanket and wrapping it tightly around him, he leaned against the wall and fell asleep, thinking that at least Moya wouldn’t really force him. The other two he couldn’t guarantee, one didn’t want to control himself, and the other couldn’t. So weighing the two, he still felt safer sleeping here.

Looking at the darkness of the ceiling indifferently, Moya sadly had to solve his issue by himself, but the corners of his lips were still raised slightly. Lei Jin was still sleeping here, this should be considered progress, right?

Waking up early the next morning, the weather was still warm and windy. Lei Jin heard the hustle and bustle on the street outside and heard a knock on the door. When Lei Jin went to open the door, he saw Suri and Qi Luo standing outside with a few animal skin packages behind them. Qi Luo was also holding their Ah Huang’s leash in his hand.

“Are Roger and the others here?” Suri asked.

“En, they’re all at home.” Lei Jin stepped aside and let them in.

Roger had just washed his face and just came out.

Suri looked around their yard, and said anxiously: “I say Roger, why haven’t you started packing up? Others have already started moving into the caves? Come, the animal herd waits for no one.”

“Didn’t they say they haven’t seen any trace of them yet?” Roger was not in a hurry.

“Aiya, it will be too late when you see it. It’s been so many years, and every cyclical year they come here once, and every time they come, it’s always during these few days.” Suri was so anxious that he wanted to pack up for him. After Qi Luo’s father died in a hunt, Roger always helped their family from time to time, especially when Qi Luo was young. Every time An Sen and An Luo returned with game, Roger always gave their family a share. Although Roger seemed to have a bad temper, he was very kind to their family, and Suri remembered it all in his heart.

Lei Jin looked outside the door. Sure enough, many people were moving their families and things out. The werebeasts carried the packages, the females led the children, and the street was very busy, just like what Lei Jin saw on TV before of ancient people fleeing from disasters.

“You guys go first. We’ll pack up later. Our family members are many and pack up faster.” Roger saw that Suri had already started packing up for them, and hurriedly stopped him.

“How about Qi Luo stay and help?” Suri still didn’t give up, no matter how he looked at Roger, it didn’t look like he wanted to move at all.

“Look at how many people in our family. We don’t have many things. Alright, you guys go ahead first.” Roger began to chase them out.

“Fine, but hurry up, we’ll go save a place for your family first.” Suri finally left.

“Are we really going to live in a cave?” Lei Jin asked Roger after sending them out and closing the door.

“A bunch of people living in a bottomless cave, like a bunch of rats, I don’t want to go.” Roger said impatiently, eating, drinking and defecating together, even just thinking about it was already enough.

Moya was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, the smoke from the chimney rising out and scattering to the southwest.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin suddenly asked, “Apart from here, are there any other places with water sources?”

“Behind the grassland is a series of tall mountains. The large grassland in front of the mountains is rich in water sources. Besides here, there is a large water source in the west.” Roger replied.

“I think I have a solution. We don’t have to move.” Lei Jin smiled mysteriously.

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