After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 173 Your CEO Tao

In order to catch up with the progress, Director Xu had been filming from morning to night until all the scenes were filmed. Only then did he have no choice but to film Shen Yu’s plot scene.

It was the scene where Yan Yu, who was patrolling the streets with his colleagues, saw the news being broadcasted on the shopping mall LCD TV about the gang fight in the Causeway Bay area. Instantly, he was stunned.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He still remembered that this hoodlum was locked in the police station holding cell because he was involved in a gang fight, and wasn’t released until noon today. However, in less than a few hours, that hoodlum died in an alley in Causeway Bay. Ah Ze and Zhou Yuanting left together. Ah Ze was dead, so what about Zhou Yuanting?

Yan Yu watched the news and realized for the first time that Zhou Yuanting’s environment was not as simple as he had imagined before. In addition to gang fights, watching the territory, picking up girls, people really could get killed.

This plot scene should show Yan Yu’s empathy, and Yan Yu’s shock at realizing that life could really pass away so easily. It reflected Yan Yu’s concern and worry about Zhou Yuanting, and laid the groundwork for the plot point of Yan Yu’s guilt after learning the truth of Zhou Yuanting’s involvement in the mafia, and finally resolutely dying in Zhou Yuanting’s place.

It could be said that this scene was an important turning point in Yan Yu’s psychological state. If it was an actor with very delicate and superb acting skills, he could handle it very well with just one expression and one look from the eyes.

For example, the look Zhou Yuanting gave Ah Ze during the filming that noon. The charm of actors lay in this, many things did not need to be verbalized, just one look and one gesture could very fully convey an emotion to the audience.

But in terms of Shen Yu’s current acting skills…..even if it was just to make a shocked expression, there was really no need to widen your eyes, open your mouth, gape like a fish, and almost burst into tears, right? Yan Yu was a policeman, not an idol drama heroine who had never seen the world!

Director Xu, who was sitting in front of the monitor, shook his head expressionlessly. He didn’t bother to pay anymore attention to this piece of rotten wood, which was not talented enough and didn’t work hard enough. He casually called “pass” and told everyone to call it a day.

The depressed and lethargic cameramen, lighting engineers, and props engineers had already prepared to NG 180 times. But they didn’t expect Director Xu to pass it after one take——the scene just now, anyone with eyes could see what kind of acting Shen Yu had done. Director Xu, who had always had high standards and strict requirements, actually passed it on the first take?

It couldn’t be? Were they hallucinating?

All the camera guys looked at each other, and even the lighting engineer holding the lighting board was stunned.

“What are you doing, pack up!” Director Xu got up from the director’s chair impatiently and told everyone to call it a day.

Even Shen Yu himself felt something was wrong. He asked anxiously, “Director Xu, but I don’t think I did well just now——”

“You also know that you didn’t do well?” Xu Musen snorted coldly and interrupted Shen Yu rudely: “Like Tao Mu, you have been in the police academy for several months, right? In the face of emergencies, how should a policeman act at that time? Even if you have not seen a policeman you should have seen your instructor right. Ever heard of knowing how to run like a pig without eating pork? What kind of sh*t performance did you just give us?”

Shen Yu didn’t expect Director Xu to be so mean, and immediately burst into tears: “I’m sorry, I know that my poor acting skills are a drag on everyone——”

“Is this an issue of poor acting skills?” Director Xu had sat in front of the monitor for an entire day of filming, and his butt was numb. Now seeing Shen Yu’s tears, he suddenly became extremely irritated: “Do you even have any intention of acting? Everyone was filming for a day, but you stood there for a day without doing anything. If you have the heart, you would at least think about how you want to act, right?”

“But then again, I can understand it. You are the young master of the Shen family. So what if you are not good at acting? Anyway, it’s not like you rely on acting to support your livelihood. So you can just act casually and do whatever. You must be having a good time.”

Unfortunately, while you may be having a good time, we don’t have the energy to play with you. Director Xu sneered and asked loudly, “What are you still doing? Call it a day and go home!”

Director Xu’s remarks towards Shen Yu were precisely what the crew members wanted to say but didn’t dare to say after hearing what Shen Yan said. Now that Director Xu said it in front of everyone, even those who heard it felt vindicated.

The entire crew responded with a roar, and even the action of packing up became something to be done with elation.

Only Shen Yu stood there awkwardly, crying out loud in grievance.

Liang Qiusheng came out of the teahouse with his son Liang Shuwen and a group of brothers, and inadvertently saw Shen Yu who was crying particularly hard across the street, and he had some impression: “Isn’t that the son of the Shen family that you bumped into? What happened? “

“It seems that he was scolded by the director for not acting well.” Liang Shuwen replied.

After filming the mafia negotiation scene, the Liang family wanted to invite Tao Mu to dinner. So they simply stayed in the restaurant, waiting for Tao Mu to remove his makeup and change his clothes.

Tao Mu was covered in blood and sweat for filming. His whole person was fishy and smelly so he washed in the bathroom for over half an hour. When he got dressed and came out of the dressing room, he saw that the entire crew had started to call it a day.

Instantly, he felt a little puzzled. He pulled over a script supervisor and asked about it, and then found out that Director Xu couldn’t help getting angry again.

Tao Mu didn’t want to comment on anything related to Shen Yu. Cinoming to a stop in front of Liang Qiusheng and his son, he smiled warmly: “I called CEO Li. CEO Li said he is free in the evening. I don’t know where we should go to eat.”

Liang Qiusheng immediately smiled and said, “I’ve already booked a place. It’s my honor that Mr. Tao and Mr. Li are willing to give face.”

“Mr. Liang, please don’t say that.” Tao Mu said politely: “For the Hospital Authority and the media, it is all thanks to Mr. Liang’s help. Otherwise, would be in trouble.”

“Mr. Tao is too courteous. Even if I don’t take action, with’s status and influence, there would be no trouble in facing this kind of accusation. After all, the news media has the right to report the truth to the public.” Liang Qiusheng also expressed humility. Because he knew that this favor was originally something that was done with little effort.

Because they both know that this complaint could not shake’s status in the news media industry. If the matter really became serious, they could just make an apology in the newspaper at most. Anyway, it neither hurt or itched, and many Hong Kong newspapers did this.

However, Liang Qiusheng deduced that with Tao Mu’s temperament, even if he really faced charges, he would not apologize. After all, paid the money used to bribe the doctor and nurse to take the initiative to break the news, rather than sneaked into the doctor’s office to take pictures and steal.

So the Liang family father and son really didn’t take this matter to heart. Of course, there was no intention of exacting any favors for it. However, it was still very cost-effective to be able to use this matter to show goodwill to Tao Mu, and even befriend Li Xiaoheng.

Knowing that Tao Mu liked to eat at tea restaurants, the restaurant that Liang Qiusheng booked was the most famous one in Hong Kong with antique decoration style. When it was time for dinner, the hall was very lively. Liang Qiusheng booked a private room on the second floor, which was very elegantly decorated. There was also a musician playing the guzheng.

When the three of them arrived, Li Xiaoheng had not yet arrived.

Liang Qiusheng deduced that Tao Mu must be hungry after filming for a day and ordered a few tiers of refreshments. Among them was Tao Mu’s favorite shrimp dumplings.

Tao Mu also did not bother with courtesies, he could eat five tiers by himself. He just felt like he couldn’t get tired of eating it no matter how much he ate.

When Tao Mu finished eating the five-tier shrimp dumplings, Li Xiaoheng also arrived. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Tao Mu sitting at the dining table, eating with bulging cheeks that moved like a hamster’s.

Li Xiaoheng smiled: “You eat so many shrimp dumplings, what about dinner later?”

Tao Mu expressed fearlessness: “We martial arts people have a big appetite. And I’m only nineteen years old.”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly. He stretched out his hand and said with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Liang, I’m Li Xiaoheng.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” The father and son of the Liang family stood up. Liang Qiusheng reached out and shook Li Xiaoheng’s right hand slightly. This statement was absolutely from the heart. Even without mentioning the identity of Li Xiaoheng’s father, the huge profit that Xiaoheng Capital raked in when he was shorting the Hong Kong stock market last year was enough to make people look at him with admiration.

The two sides met, and after a few words of greetings, Li Xiaoheng sat down beside Tao Mu.

Liang Shuwen took the initiative to pour tea for Li Xiaoheng but was stopped by Tao Mu. He poured a cup of hot water for Li Xiaoheng. Tao Mu explained: “Mr. Li has a bad stomach, so he doesn’t drink tea at night.”

Li Xiaoheng laughed. He smiled and looked at Tao Mu. Tao Mu also turned his head and glanced at Li Xiaoheng casually. As soon as the eyes of the two met, the Liang family father and son sitting on the other side of the dining table immediately felt a kind of atmosphere.

The Liang family father and son looked at each other subtly. Then Li Xiaoheng turned his head and nodded solemnly: “Yes, I don’t drink tea at night.”

His appearance the image of utter obedience.

Liang Qiusheng muttered “henpecked” secretly, and then smiled: “I didn’t expect CEO Li to start focusing on maintaining good health at such a young age.”

Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly and raised his tea cup: “Although I don’t drink tea, I will still use water to toast instead of tea. Thank you Mr. Liang for your careful advice and help towards in dealing with the aftermath.”

Liang Qiusheng also drank the tea in his cup with a smile. When Li Xiaoheng said this, it was clear that he was standing on the same line with Tao Mu. Liang Qiusheng also understood that if it wasn’t for the Liang family’s help in handling the aftermath for, with Li Xiaoheng’s status, he would never have agreed to Liang Qiusheng’s invite.

During the meal, Li Xiaoheng chatted and laughed, his words humble. At the dinner table, his attitude seemed friendly and polite but in actuality it was also a way of maintaining distance. But Liang Qiusheng didn’t mind. Even the Hong Kong families might not be able to have much respect for his background. What was more, Li Xiaoheng was from the mainland. Liang Qiusheng knew very well that the rich and wealthy in the mainland liked to be red-topped businessmen, and least liked to be too involved with people like them. But he was also a proper businessman in his own right now.

No one talked about business at this meal. Just casually chatting about the customs of Hong Kong and the changes in the mainland, and then Liang Qiusheng and Tao Mu discussed acting, which turned out to be quite a fun chat.

After the dinner, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng returned to the hotel. In the car, Tao Mu said apologetically, “Actually, you needn’t have come here.”

He was worried that the father and son of the Liang family would take the opportunity to cling to Li Xiaoheng, so he was reluctant to let Li Xiaoheng come forward. Only to find that Li Xiaoheng warmly took over the dinner table, and pushed him, the protagonist, to the back.

Hearing this, Li Xiaoheng said with a smile, “Why not? The Liang family’s father and son pair invited the two of us to come, which shows that they see us as one. If I didn’t come I wouldn’t have known that the food in this restaurant was also this delicious. Much better than the tea restaurant we went to last time. We should bring Uncle Yao, Uncle Xiao Qi and Mr. Song together tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Tao Mu nodded, leaning on the co-pilot’s seat tiredly.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help but slow down the speed of the car: “Aren’t you very tired from filming today? Go to sleep for a while. I’ll wake you when we get there.”

Tao Mu hummed and simply put the seat down to lie back.

That night, after returning Tao Mu to his room, Li Xiaoheng walked into the study and called Assistant Jiang: “I remember that Liang’s logistics company had always wanted to enter the mainland market. It had also bid for the logistics channels of online shopping platforms before.”

“That’s true.” Assistant Jiang gave a positive answer: “But Mr. Li, you said before that the logistics channels of the online shopping platform were all set up by ourselves. Even if we have to sign cooperation agreements with other logistics companies temporarily, the Liang family’s logistics company is only based in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. They also do not meet our bidding requirements.”

To be able to cooperate with Li Xiaoheng, even suppliers and distributors must have the strength to establish business outlets nationwide. A provincial logistics company that was not even the most powerful logistics company in the province, there was really no need for cooperation.

“Then give him an opportunity.” Li Xiaoheng said directly: “You contact him directly. Sign a one-year contract first. Tell our people to keep an eye on it. It’s fine if he does well, if he doesn’t do well then there is no need to continue the cooperation.”

He had already given the opportunity. Whether it could be grasped or not depended on what the Liang family did.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I see.” Assistant Jiang paused slightly and asked, “Is it because of the matter related to Mr. Tao’s”

“Is there a problem?” Li Xiaoheng said in a deep voice, “Your CEO Tao is originally one of the shareholders of the online shopping platform.”

The logic might be this. But Assistant Jiang was just curious, what kind of appellation was ‘your CEO Tao’?

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